DiscoverWalking a Path to Live the Life of Your Dreams
Walking a Path to Live the Life of Your Dreams
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Walking a Path to Live the Life of Your Dreams

Author: Dr. Kimberlee Woods

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This podcast is to tell people a little bit about who I am, my background and training, and the overall theme of the podcasts which is to help people know who they are, why they are here and how to walk a path that is in alignment with that.
12 Episodes
Working with Angels

Working with Angels


Angels are all around us, wanting to work with us and guide us. In this podcast, you will learn various ways angels try to connect with you as well as ways to call them in for guidance.
Dealing with Darkness

Dealing with Darkness


Sometimes we encounter darkness and don't know why or what to do with it. Very specific examples are given about why this may occur and what you can do to feel immediate relief.
Experiencing various struggles or traumas in our life can close our chakras. Dr. Kimberlee Woods discusses what struggles may show up with each chakra and gives several exercises to help heal and clear closed chakral points.Dr. Kimberlee WoodsMysticalAwakeningsInc.comMysticalAwakeningsInc@gmail.com562-208-2248
Dr. Kimberlee Woods discusses what chakras are, why they are important and how to open them to allow in the maximum amount of light.Dr. Kimberlee WoodsMysticalAwakeningsInc.comMysticalAwakeningsInc@gmail.com562-208-2248
Powerless to Empowered

Powerless to Empowered


Dr. Kimberlee Woods addresses the times we feel like we have no choice, like we are boxed in with limited options. Those times lead to feelings of powerlessness and victimhood. Remembering that we always have choice, that we are creator Gods, and have the power to create the life we want, is that which is needed to find empowerment.Dr. Kimberlee WoodsMysticalAwakeningsInc.comMysticalAwakeningsInc@gmail.com562-208-2248
Taming the Ego

Taming the Ego


Dr. Kimberlee Woods talks about ways to align the subconscious and conscious aspects of the self through the understanding and taming of the negative ego. Letting go of the masks of personality to find the true you within is the only thing that leads to true freedom.Dr. Kimberlee WoodsMysticalAwakeningsInc.comMysticalAwakeningsInc@gmail.com562-208-2248
This podcast talks about the importance of knowing and organizing your energy field so that it functions in a way that is efficient and effective, so that it works for you and all that you want to accomplish.
This podcast talks about energy in general as your life force, that which gives you vitality and rejuvenation.
This podcast talks about the auras and why they are important in terms of maintaining our energy. I talk about ways we poke holes in our aura and how we can mend and heal those tears or rips.
The only way past victimhood and to empowerment is through self-love. If we can love ourselves, we no longer need another to fill a void within, to make us feel safe, or tell us we are okay.
This podcast encourages people to take a new perspective regarding the global pandemic that looks at it from the highest vibrational point of choice rather than victimhood. It is a new perspective.
This podcast shares with people who I am, my background and training, and the primary focus of the other podcasts. I have gained many tools over the past several years studying the ancient knowledge of two different mystery school traditions. I share this with people to help them know who they are, why they are here, and how to walk a path that leads to an empowered life.
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