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Author: Larry Camp

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A podcast that is centered around the life story of the podcast guest.
45 Episodes
Yeah, so what can a couple of kids from  Generation Y have accomplished, and what could they know about life? As it turns out, quite a lot.Courtney and Cody Cowley tell their own stories of growing up, meeting in high school, professional dance, a state championship, long distance dating, eventual marriage, traveling the world, and being in the midst of medical school. They talk about what they learned from their world travels, and how their views on what's really important in life were shaped in part by these experiences.If you're an older listener, you're going to be impressed by this dynamic couple. Like me, you'll gain a greater appreciation of what the younger generation can do for us as we head on down the road of life. Well, at least the younger generation who share an appreciation for living a fun fulfilling life, and understand that helping their fellow humans along the way, needs to be an important part of the equation.   
Jim Low is all about family. I've been lucky enough in life to have known Jim and his family since we were kids. It's been a desire of mine to have Jim tell his story on my podcast since I began last year, and I finally got him to agree; or wore him down. Our Zoom visit covers Jimmy's life with humorous recollections at every turn. We talked about his love for his wife Lori and his three daughters. He talks about his Mom and Dad and how losing them in 2020 was a hard blow considering how close he was to them.We've lived a few doors apart, worked together, played A LOT of softball together, spent a lot of time together as families and I feel super lucky to count Jimmy as one of my close friends. Take a little time out of your day and enjoy the  life story of Jim Low.   (Mid podcast song is "My Hawaii" by The Green, a Hawaiian Reggae band from Oahu.)
From Coventry, England, to Canada, to Singapore to the United States' Well, these are just the countries he's lived in but he's traveled to over 90.In our chat about his life, Malcolm not only talks about how he got interested in travel, but also about his favorite travel destinations. We talked about some of the pitfalls of travel, places he would still like to visit and surprise, surprise; Hawaii.
I’ve known Joe Kaspari for over twenty years and know him to have a great sense of humor, passionate about music and always pushing himself. At times, Joe’s been his biggest critic. But even when he’s doubted his ability to achieve a goal; he’s pushed through and reached it. Joe is an insightful guy. His life story has been defined by his relationships and as a guy who values these relationships, he now better understands how his family and friends have contributed to who he is. And who he is, well he’s a guy who practices mindfulness through yoga, meditation and some serious contemplation. So hey, take a load off and listen to the season two opening episode of the Nobody Knows Your Story podcast.
Linda and Steve Stay have a unique story. As they give us a glimpse into their lives, we’ll hear of their meeting, and eventual marriage, a bit later in life. They will talk about their lives growing up, previous relationships and what now motivates and moves them.Look, anytime you “blend” a family there are hurdles to overcome, and this has been the case for Linda and Steve. They’ll talk about how their decisions have not always been uniformly endorsed by their family; (like being part of the documentary "8: The Mormon Proposition") but it’s their blended family that has given their lives purpose and direction. I’m also including a couple of humorous songs performed by Steve. He’s been a lifetime rock n’ roller and now goes by the handle of, Crazy Grandpa Steve on Facebook. You can also find him at, the last episode of season one is one that I believe will have the listener question their own views on subjects, that they just might not think they needed to question. Or, maybe it won't.      
Eric Almeida’s life took an unexpected turn when he suffered a panic attack two years ago. As a way of dealing with the resulting agoraphobia that took over his life, Eric underwent Emotionally Focused Therapy. Practicing EFT put Eric on a path of self-betterment and gave him a desire to help others by becoming an EFT practitioner. I invite you to listen to Eric’s life story and the events that led up to his panic attack. We’ll also discuss just exactly what Eric’s EFT technique involves and how this therapy just might be right for you. 
Terry McDougall is an Executive and Career Coach and author of Amazon best-seller Winning the Game of Work: Career Happiness and Success on Your Own Terms. Before becoming a full-time coach, she spent her career as a marketer and still has an enduring passion for all things marketing and works with many leaders in the marketing, advertising and communications fields. Terry has recently started her own podcast, Marketing Mambo which is a fun and fast-paced conversation with bright and fascinating marketers from around the globe.Terry and I have much in common from our love of music and attending concerts, to Hawaii. Yep, we talk about Terry’s family vacation to Maui and how the visit left a lasting impression.Here’s a link to Terry’s website:
Singer/songwriter and guitarist Wade Cambern is a Hoku Award-winning producer and composer for Hawaiian Style Band. His original songs "Love and Honesty," "Let’s Talk Story," "Live A Little, Hawaiian Style," "Rhythm of the Ocean" and others continue to resonate with listeners in Hawaii and throughout the world. Along with Israel Kamakawiwa’ole and Bryan Kessler, they wrote the song “Living in a Sovereign Land” that has been a standard bearer for those advocating for the rights of the Hawaiian people.During a musical career spanning decades, Wade’s voice and music have also been recorded in many radio and television advertisements, and he now directs the Contemporary Service Music Ensemble at Central Union Church in Honolulu.But where did he grow up? What did his parents do and how did this influence him? Which member of the Adams Family tv show did he go to school with? How did he end up in Hawaii? How did he meet Bryan Kessler, and Rob Burns, and get started with the Hawaiian Style Band? How did Robi Kahakalau join the band? The band was conceptualized as a revolving band, a collaboration of more than fifty musicians, that included Hawaiian music notables Israel Kamakawiwa'ole; Bla, Cyril, and Martin Pahinui; Fiji; Teresa Bright; Del Beazley; and the Ka'au Crater Boys.Well listen in, hear some great music, and hear the life story of Wade Cambern (and a bonus song at the end if you listen all the way). And yes, you’ll find out who that Adams Family cast member was.  
In episode 37, I sit down and talk with my younger sister Barb and her wife Cindi. They discuss their upbringings, when they knew they were different, and how this difference effected their lives. We also talk about how my beliefs that were taught to me by well-meaning family, friends and church leaders were well; just flat out wrong. And how admitting I was wrong is ok. So how are things different in 2021 than they were in 1981? Do Cindi and Barb feel accepted in their community, in their families and in their religion? Spoiler, not so much in their religion.Oh yeah, here’s one more reason to listen in. Whatever your thoughts might be when it comes to a loving, caring relationship, you will appreciate the love shared by these two. Being there for the good times is easy, but showing up when things are in the crapper; to me this is an example of a couple committed to “being there” for each other. And being there for each other, well there's no better example of this than Barb and Cindi.  
Asha Grigg grew up in Perth, Australia. Her first 17 years of life were much like her friends, until she received a medical assessment that would turn her world upside down.Listen to Asha's story of how her biggest turning point, was mastering her mindset, and identifying the importance it would have on her life. 
My first Nobody Knows Your Story podcast interview of 2021 is with lifestyle mentor Dai Manuel. Dai discusses growing up in Eastern Canada and how a significant event at age nine changed his life; but it also propelled him later to become who he is today.  Spend and hour and learn a bit about the life of Dai Manuel, and just how he became so interested in fitness. Interested enough to, well; to write a fitness manifesto. 
Cheryl Ray grew up in the small town of Price, Utah. So just how did she end up as a sex crimes instructor with the FBI? And that, well that's just the beginning.Take the time and listen as Cheryl talks about going from being a drum majorette, to a Mom, to a very interesting twenty-seven-year career with the FBI. Some of her assignments took her to Nigeria, Italy, Iraq, Australia, Afghanistan and more.As one might imagine, she’s not at liberty to discuss all that she did, but some of the stories she tells are absolutely mind boggling. (In the podcast picture, that's Cheryl standing in a bombed out building in Baghdad.)
Rob Schafer has worked for Francis Ford Coppola for a dozen years and has edited a number of his films including a re-edit of "The Godfather III" released just this past week. The re-edited film was given a new name as well; The Godfather, Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone.Rob talks about growing up in California, and his learning to play the guitar by spending hours each day at practice. All the practice paid off as Rob played lead guitar in a successful band with older brother Ryan while Rob was still in high school.We also chat a bit about Hawaii and the trips we spent there as family. Yeah, we spent a number of vacations together on Oahu because you see, Rob is my nephew.
Ya know, with the life I've lived and the joy I get from conversing, I fancy myself as a modern day raconteur.  But damn, when it comes to recounting a life well lived, Bob Hollowell's the man!In part two of Bob's interview, he recalls some interesting life events such as riding across the country on a tandem bike with wife Carol. He also recounts working the oil fields of North Dakota, and his eventual career as a pilot after flying for fun, most of his adult life.After getting to know Bob, it's clear he and I are aligned in many ways, even down to our love of Jimmy Buffett. Towards the end of this talk story session, we discuss what's really important as we're living and dying in 3/4 time.
Yes it's true; Bob Hollowell started milking cows on the family farm in Oregon and has flown planes as an airline pilot.Oh, that's not the half of it. Listen to part one of Bob's story in episode 30 of Nobody Knows  Your Story where he really doesn't even get to his airline pilot experiences. What a tease, right?He does talk about his early life, meeting wife Carol and what it's like to experience the highs and lows of running your own business.There's a bit of parrothead talk as Carol and Bob are followers of Jimmy Buffet. 
Cindy McDonald is a devoted wife, mother, stepmother and grandmother and I’ve known her and husband Mel for many years. So, when I say devoted, let me tell you what I’m talking about. You see, Cindy wrote a book, The Least Likely Criminal, and in it you get an in depth view to her devotion as she reveals the things she did to help her son Bennett, who was injured in a terrible accident.   In today’s episode of Nobody Knows Your Story, Cindy talks about her life, and the tragic events that led her to repeatedly break the law as she helped Bennett in his fight to survive.   
In today’s Nobody Knows Your Story episode you’ll be hearing the life story of Lark Dean Galley. She recounts her early life which involved moving many times, living in difficult circumstances and how these experiences drove her to want a life of structure and order. Lark has had her share of struggles. On March 21, 2019, Lark experienced a devastating loss—the unexpected suicide of her 19-year-old son. Having already endured her father’s suicide five years earlier, this second death hit especially hard.Like many, Lark has had to learn to cope with loss and we’ll talk about her book, Learning to Breathe Again: Choosing to Heal After Losing a Loved One to Suicide. Life’s experiences have led her to look at things differently. She’s more reflective and less aggressive and when it comes to situations that once required promptness and deadlines, she’s adopted a believe that “things will all work out”.  
"Honey, I've got to  go out of town on business. I'm heading to Honduras, be back in a couple of weeks." Chuck Hagen joined the Army after High School but not directly. He worked a bit and over time decided he wanted to take his life another direction. His eyesight kept him from becoming a pilot but when a recruiter suggested being a helicopter mechanic Chuck thought, why not?Listen as Chuck recalls growing up in Milwaukee, dealing with the divorce of his parents, realizing his Dad was less than perfect but following his advice to do something more with his life. Doing something more is what led Chuck to the Army, eventually marriage, and a career in aviation all the way out in Arizona.Oh yeah, and some not so typical business trips.     
After six months of weekly podcasts, I felt that I needed episode 25 to be an explanation of how Nobody Knows Your Story will be every other Wednesday starting next week.But hey, I couldn't just do an episode without a story and a few songs so that's what you'll get when you listen to this abbreviated episode.Aloha,LarryYes, I called the guy and Judy and I ended up sitting right next to Charles's wife. (This will make sense once you've listened to the episode.)
Karen Christoffersen has worked as a producer of television, radio, film, and print advertising for 40 years. She's coordinated book production, including writing, editing, design, and printing for BookWise Publishing authors since its inception in 2006. Karen lost her husband Al in a terrible accident more than ten years ago and is the mother of three adult children. In today's episode, Karen talks about growing up in North Carolina, and the decisions that led her out to Utah where she met Al. She describes the difficulty of losing your best friend but how her belief in one day being reunited keeps her going. Hawai'i? Yeah, she talks about that too. 
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