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If ever there was an individual who could be defined by the term, renaissance man, it would be Vardell Curtis, because he is indeed a person with many talents and areas of knowledge.As we sat in my home studio and Vardell told his life story, it was easy to see why Vardell has many friends. It’s not simply his love of life, family, Harley’s, softball, music, side-by-sides, real estate, and his religion; he’s just a good dude. Take the time to listen to Vardell’s story and you’ll see how family, faith and friends helped mold Vardell into the man he is today.  
I knew my time to talk story with Kalehua Krug needed to fit into a tight window. We had arranged a Zoom meeting at 1:30 in the afternoon as Kalehua is the principal of Ka Waihona o ka Na’auao, a Hawaiian charter school and thus, one busy dude. Though our actual time discussing his life story would be brief; I knew I would have plenty of music to include as my first introduction to Kalehua came from the band Hi’ikua. The band had released Ala I Hi’ialo in 2011 and Kalehua was one of its three members. Though he’s a pretty good-sized guy, (was a lineman on the University of Hawaii football team), he has a beautiful falsetto voice which you hear clearly in their music. I think it’s important to point out that Kalehua composed the songs we will hear today with the exception of Ka Pili Oha. I’m including the cover picture from Ala I Hi’ialo because when I first held this CD, I was moved by the picture of a tattooed Kalehua holding his son Ka’ula. As Kalehua tells his story, he explains why the tattoos are such an important piece of who he is. Kalehua is an advocate for the promotion of the Hawaiian language and teaching young children culture and language. He believes a well-balanced understanding of the world these children live in needs to be balanced with the contextual history they come from.Music has always been important to Kalehua. On occasion he still plays with Hi’ikua, but throughout his career, he’s always sung songs with his children. In the past year or two, they have taken this love of singing together to another level and now perform as Ohana Krug. I have included one of their songs, Ola I Ka Wai which is about connecting with and loving the land.   P.S. If you enjoy music by Hawaiian bands, you will for sure enjoy the life stories of Wade Cambern from the Hawaiian Style Band, as well as my interview with Henry Kapono. Both of these episodes have great music! 
When Dennis "Wowie" Rosales talked about bodybuilding and pretty much being on a diet for thirty years, well it just blew my mind.  The dedication to living a healthy lifestyle in a world of fast food is commendable, but Wowie wanted to be a competitive bodybuilder and that's what it took. As Wowie talks of growing up in Gallup, NM and joining the Navy right out of high school, he mentions regrets (like not staying in the Navy), but also his accomplishments (wonderful wife and kids, successful businesses, staying in great shape) that have come to him on his life journey.  
Jonathan Living Seagull was a 1970 book with a theme centered around a spirit of self-determination through transcendence of the body and discovery of the limitless nature of mind and spirit. Jonathan, a seagull who was bored with daily life and squabbles for food, became passionate for flight, and pushed himself to learn everything he could about flying. As he was determined to chart his own path, his increasing unwillingness resulted in his expulsion from the flock. In this episode of the Nobody Knows Your Story podcast, Melissa Hamlet tells her story and it’s a story of an unwillingness to conform. “At the time I read Jonathan Living Seagull had an impact on me, but I didn’t realize its full impact until much later in my professional life.”Melissa’s work ethic was formed by working in her parent’s country store. She stocked shelves, waited on customers, and learned a lot about people. The experience taught her a lot about marketing, sales, and responsibility and most importantly, how to work with others.These became valuable tools in Melissa’s work career, a career that’s allowed her, like Jonathan; to chart her own path.
Growing up in the Southern part of the United States, Sam Smith wanted to get into radio. For a while, he kind of did. But as many do as they age; life takes them down different roads. With his radio days behind him, Sam's road took him to Arizona, and he got into the airline industry, a relocation to Alaska and eventually a job with the FAA as an Air Traffic Controller. As my wife worked with Sam in the airline industry, I thought I knew about the "goings on," but I learned quite a bit as Sam told his story.As Sam recalls his life, he talks about these events, lessons learned, and hobbies like axe throwing and travel. Part of that travel would include a couple of trips to Hawaii.
Having to make over one thousand phone calls in 18 months to social services and various community organizations will humble anyone. But Agape Garcia was persistent.As a single mother, a thousand miles from home with zero family and friends, Agape had one thought that drove her when everything around her was falling apart. That one thing, her daughter. Agape was determined her daughter would grow up in an environment different than the one she had. Listen in as Agape recalls the steps she undertook to create a better life for her small family.Website: 
Yo Kenny! Ken Cardita was born in the Bronx, NY into a devout Catholic home. In this episode, Ken describes his time in the Bronx as a time when it was safe to play in the streets, walk the neighborhood without fear, and hang with friends until the inevitable call of “come to dinner”.Though he was an altar boy, attended Catholic schools, and even had weekly home spaghetti dinners with the family Priest; when he hit his teen years, he began to question his family religion. This led to a change of religious views later. His passion from a young age was music, specifically playing guitar. This passion spilled over into playing in several bands throughout his teens, and sporadically throughout his adult years even to this day.Ken recalls meeting wife Shanna, and their forty-two years together which includes a move out west and eventually raising their five children in Gilbert, AZ. He also discusses how Shanna has gracefully dealt with Alzheimer’s for the past eleven years. Through this shared experience, Ken felt prompted to help others who might be dealing with Alzheimer’s and recently began the Surviving Alzheimer’s Podcast.  Note: Shanna and Kenny have been good friends of Judy and I for more than thirty years. This will be evident as Kenny and I discuss his life, and I’m grateful for him agreeing to share his story with you, my Nobody Knows Your Story listeners. Contact Ken: Ken@ascending-minds.comThe Surviving Alzheimer’s Podcast
From cult victim to advocate, Briell Decker re-wrote the story of her life. She grew up in a Fundamentalist Mormon sect (FLDS) in a family with 14 children and two mothers. She became the 65th wife of the prophet Warren Jeffs. After years of abuse and torment from Jeffs and his followers, Briell escaped by climbing out of a window and running barefoot to safety. After escaping the FLDS, she applied and was granted Warren Jeffs 28,000 sq foot home in Colorado City, AZ where she once lived as a wife. Briell and husband Stevan stopped by my home studio this past week, August 2022. We talked about Briell’s life, and she recalled some of the traumatic events she encountered while a part of the FLDS. We also talked about the visit to Hawaii she and Stevan were able to take in 2021.This episode will be impactful. Some may have desired more detail on various aspects of Briell’s life, but this was her story and she talked about things that she was comfortable discussing. For the most part, we kept things light and shared several laughs. But make no mistake, Briell; through her example, continues to inspire everyone, showing that anything is possible in life. She’s created hope, and refuge for other women and children leaving the FLDS.You can follow what’s going on with Briell by visiting her website:   
It's always fun to make a new friend and that's what Dave Klaproth is to me now, a friend. Dave's story is one not unlike many that have been shared on my podcast. Good times, times of difficulty but overall; a wonderful life journey.From Dave's website: As a merchant marine officer for more than 30 years, I have been fortunate to live a life of adventure. From sailing around the world, to living in faraway places like Hawaii, Japan and the Virgin Islands.That life that I truly enjoyed though, suddenly took a turn in another direction. I was diagnosed with cancer and the doctors gave me months to live. Well, my attitude has always been carefree and easy going so I stayed as positive as I could and took the fight to my cancer. During my treatment, things were mentally tough and between the pain and depression, my doctor recommended a hypnotherapist to me. That was the start of a life changing event. After a few sessions, the pain and depression became nearly non-existent. I credit my recovery to my family, friends and hypnotherapy. The power of positive thought and the feeling I had after hypnotherapy continued to help drive my recovery. I was amazed by that feeling and I remember saying to my doctor, "the hypnotherapy was amazing! Why isn't everyone doing this?!"Spend an hour listening to Dave's story and I guarantee you too will feel like you have made a new friend. I just love positive people.  ​​​Dave's contact information is below.​David Klaproth, CHtdave@klaprothhypnotherapy.comwww.TheHypnotherapySolution.comUSA: 512-221-2299Japan: 080-4356-2320 via WhatsAppFacebook: @KlaprothHypnotherapyInstagram: klaprothhypnotherapyBlog: Page:
Un-con-trol-la-ble definition… Christine Herbert😊As Christine and I talked, it became clear that she and I are very different. I like being in control, Christine, yeah; not so much.Because of her personality, Christine has had quite a few extraordinary experiences, like spending twenty-seven months as a Peace Corps volunteer in Zambia. Or managing a non-profit in Nepal. After thinking about it, maybe we’re not that different. I did deliver Amazon for awhile.Christine’s interview was fun and there’s a number of “life events” that we shared a laugh over. Her college experience was, well different. Great education, but no dancing. She got a degree in biology, but her career was mostly spent as a massage therapist. She talks about that too.But a big part of her story was her Peace Corps experience. She recalls her Zambia time in her new book, “The Color of the Elephant”. She explains the title and it does not have anything to do with an elephant
As I met with Shane and listened to his life story, I was struck by his resilience and how he reacted to the life experiences he encountered. Like many, Shane spent much of his life searching for meaning, for answers. There were times he thought he had found the answers to his questions but eventually concluded his questions were only partially answered. Or just maybe these partial answers brought about new questions.So where did Shane's questions take him? Well, that's part of his story because, over time, he knew that he needed to question everything, and when you question everything, you eventually question the unquestionable. So, has Shane found the answers that eluded him again and again? Listen in and find out. Visit Shane's blog:
Marijuana. Many use it daily and it's becoming more and more acceptable, BUT, for Anze Tominsek, it became a problem.In my interview with Anze, we talk about his upbringing in Slovenia, his move to the UK, a brief job in America, a move back to the UK, and how he ended up in Spain. Of course, there was a lot that went on and we talk about these things, as well as his relationship with marijuana and how he decided he needed to end his weed habit. We also talk about what he's doing today to help others who too have had, or are having a problem with marijuana.
In this episode of Nobody Knows Your Story I visit with Tess Scott. Here is a brief bio from her Amazon book page which gives a pretty good introduction.Tess Scott, former black sheep turned “Jesus Girl” is mom of 8 boys and spunky “Grami with a heart above the i” to a whole slew of adorable grandkids. She began the Listen Sister- Encouragement for Women ministry in 2020 where you can find her blog posts at and her Listen, Sister pages on Facebook and Instagram. She continues to live her life of hilariously awkward moments in Sarnia Ontario to the ongoing embarrassment of her family.As you listen to Tess discuss her life, she does include a few hilariously awkward moments. We also discuss her new book, Listen Sister! FINDING HOPE IN THE FREAKSHOW OF LIFE
Welcome to season three of Nobody Knows Your Story. In episode one, I talk with Jeremy Runnells who shares his life story which contains some great Hawaiian memories. He actually sent me a list of three of his favorite Hawaiian songs by the great Maui singer and chanter, Keali'i Reichel and as luck would have it, I had all three.Jeremy's story is unique in several ways, but most certainly because of Jeremy's issue with hearing. He talks about gradually losing his hearing around age three, getting hearing aids around age five, and eventually cochlear implants in his twenties. We discuss what it's like to have to question issues we thought were unquestionable, and the importance of being kind and understanding of the problems everyone has to deal with.  Jeremy also talks about the love he has for his family and of course, we talk about Hawaii and what the aloha spirit means to us.  
From Romania to Canada, Andrea Petrut has lived an interesting life. Her first eight years of life were lived under Communism, yet she said her life was good. Here's how she describes her life now."Impossible is just a word for me and I'm where I am because of the mindset I chose to have and feed since I was little.  I had two amazing role models, my maternal grandmother and my mother, wild resilient women. Yet, this hasn't released me nor protected me from having suicidal thoughts, divorce, behaving like I never wanted to but couldn't help because of too much stress, endure humiliation and anything that came my way. I've learnt many things on my own and I trained myself and with others to be of service to others I can fully understandmentally, emotionally, spiritually." We talk about Andrea's life, and about a book she's working on and her podcast, "Healing Through Oneness".This is the final episode of season 2.
Clarissa Burt is an internationally acclaimed award-winning media personality/producer/director, writer, author, public speaker and former supermodel and winner of the Celebrity Survivor show! With hundreds of television and film credits to her name, this “Who’s Who” of International and American Women brings over 35 years of entertainment industry experience in both International and American markets.Clarissa is the Founder and CEO of In the Limelight Media, a multi-media platform consisting of TV/video, a podcast and a digital magazine, and she recently came out with a new book, The Self-Esteem Regime.Clarissa has graced the cover of over 250 fashion and beauty magazines and has walked the runway for many major international clothing designers. She worked as a television personality in Italy where she lived for 30 years. Among her many film portrayals, Clarissa can be remembered in the award-winning Warner Brothers release, The Neverending Story II where she played the mean queen, Xayide. You could say Clarissa has led a pretty interesting life and, in the podcast, today, she tells her story.  And yes, that's Clarissa on all of those magazine covers.
Daniel Sih not only has had some great life experiences, but he's also made a conscious decision to "share his life". Listen to his story and find out just exactly how he made this decision and just exactly what he's sharing.
Amy (Field) Misbach grew up in Issaquah, WA with three brothers and two sisters. She had a very normal upbringing until age eleven when she started feeling pain in her joints. From that time until now, Amy's life has been punctuated by repeated hospital visits and a myriad of health issues.As Amy recalls her life, a central theme is one of family support and love. Amy has an optimistic approach to life and though she has had dark days, she has always rebounded and tackled whatever challenge has come her way.The story Amy shares though difficult at times to recall, is indeed one of resilience as Amy has chosen to not dwell on the cant's but focus on the cans.    "I've never met a strong person with an easy past."ATTICUS 
Next month, Nobody Knows Your Story hits the two-year mark. From pretty much the moment I started this podcast, I’ve been asked when I was going to talk more about why Hawaii is such a big part of my story.This episode is me talking about why I feel the way I do about all things Hawaiian. If you’ve been a listener of this podcast, you know that my story will include some mele, (music) from some of my favorite Hawaiian artists.As I get asked from time to time about who does a particular song, I’m listing the songs contained in this podcast at the bottom of my episode notes.In my 2017 memoir, Nobody Knows, They Just Want You to Think They Do; I talk a bit about Hawaii. In my updated 2019 edition, I include an entire “bonus” chapter related to Hawaii. This bonus chapter, “Everything You Wanted to Know About Hawaii and Then Some” isn’t so much about my feelings related to Hawaii, but more of a history lesson. I do however take a bit of my Hawaii story from the pages of my book.  Songs Included in this Episode:Highway In the Sun by Cecilio & KaponoRhythm of the Ocean (Live version) by the Hawaiian Style BandKa Uluwehi O Ke Kai by HapaE Komo Mai by the Barefoot Natives 
According to the American Heart Association, 50,000 Black women die from heart disease every year. Barbara Pamplin was nearly one of them. In the fall of 2017, Barbara survived an aortic dissection (which is 99% fatal), 3 open heart surgeries, and 3 deaths and resuscitations. The road that led her to the operating room, and nearly the morgue, was paved with inter-generational trauma from the effects of slavery and racial stereotypes. Fueled by gratitude and joy for living, Barbara decided to go beyond surviving to use her experience to help others through inspiration, storytelling, and education. As part of that process, she wrote a memoir and self-help book, From Fat, Black, and Unlovable to Beautiful Powerful Love. In this work, Barbara writes about her experiences, and documents the many behaviors and toxic beliefs that formed in her youth and persisted throughout her life. Her story is as remarkable and unique as it is familiar to many Black women. Want to find out more about Barbara, go to her website;
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