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Author: David Thomas

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On our best days, we grab a glass to celebrate. On our worst, we grab a glass to take the edge off and relax. 'Grab A Glass' with David Thomas is a space where no matter the circumstances of the week, we have an open, honest & considerate conversation about our world over a glass of something special. Cheers.
61 Episodes
On this episode of 'Grab A Glass', DT has a conversation with Ryan Danley, a modern day renaissance man. Ryan is a Human Resources and Talent Development professional for a Top 100 Auto manufacturer, the host of the Danley & Friends podcast, and Co-Founder of Ohio Drip amongst many other things.After suffering a spinal cord injury in January 2019 in a snowmobiling accident, Ryan made it his mission to create a world that is fulfilling for all people by starting in his community. He believes effective communication, exposure to different ideas, and engaging with different people is key in the process of growth and fulfillment. DT & Ryan talk about their similar upbringings & how they made it to college, Ryan’s fortitude & perseverance after his injury, and how he created Danley & Friends to be one of the most thoughtfully led discussion podcasts in the game.Ryan Danley | @danleysworldOhio Drip |
On this episode of ‘Grab A Glass’, DT shares some advice he got from an elder, celebrates Paul Mooney & treats NBA fans, Tennis media, and the NFL.
On this episode of 'Grab A Glass', DT has a conversation with Veronica Thomas, Senior Digital Director at iHeartMedia. Veronica oversees digital for over 20 of iHeartMedia's markets and over 100 radio stations. A formally educated and trained graphic designer, she coupled that background with completely self taught animation, photography, & videography making her one of the most unique digital leaders in the country.DT & Veronica talk about her transition from growing up in a small town to running large markets, fearlessly seeking and jumping into better opportunities, getting on YouTube and learning a skill from scratch, & how she's paying forward the advice she got from her mentor.Veronica Thomas | @veronicasuebt
Speak On What You Know

Speak On What You Know


On this episode of ‘Grab A Glass’, DT details a big MOVE, discusses the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and how allies and outsiders should operate as we watch from afar.
On this episode of ‘Grab A Glass’, DT has a conversation with Adam Small, CEO of ADS Music Partners. Adam has stamped his name across the Billboard charts as one of the premier A&R executives to know. With hit singles from industry leading artists Saweetie, Nicki Minaj, Megan Thee Stallion and Mulatto under his belt, Adam is making it a point to carve out more lanes for the fastest growing segment of musical artists, female rappers.DT & Adam talk about being fearless & forging your own path, Adam's rise from intern to CEO, how his team works to empower artists to live out their dreams, and his place in Detroit's long legacy of legendary music.Adam Small | @wosslifeADS Music Partners | @ADSMusicPartners
DT shares a quick synopsis on what Grab A Glass is all about.
On this episode of ‘Grab A Glass’, DT celebrates his mother & all the mothers out there, tells the story about how he forced his wife into the arms of R&B superstar Trey Songz, and cautions his people not to normalize BS behavior.
Pay That Homage

Pay That Homage


On this episode of ‘Grab A Glass’, DT tells stories about his mother putting him on game early on, details the importance of sharing who your influences are when creating, and issues a challenge to fans of the TV show, ‘Friends’.
On this episode of ‘Grab A Glass’, DT addresses OUR issue with police in America and OUR expectations of them.
On this episode of ‘Grab A Glass’, DT celebrates his marriage to Veronica, 52 weeks of podcasting, and all the special people that made the Big Day one to remember.
On this episode of ‘Grab A Glass’, DT send talks about the EWF & Isley Brothers Verzuz & his love for nostalgia, celebrates the life of Earl Simmons bka DMX, and gives Hubert Davis some spirited advice.
That 50 Piece!

That 50 Piece!


On this episode of ‘Grab A Glass’, DT reveals a new element to the pod, celebrates 50 episodes & details what it has taken to reach that milestone, and details an issue with the coverage of the Derek Chauvin trial.
On this episode of ‘Grab A Glass’, DT sends his condolences to the victims & families of the Colorado Grocery shooting, salutes one of his heroes, Issa Rae, and delivers an ode to the one & only Rogers Park neighborhood.
The Fight Must Go On

The Fight Must Go On


On this episode of ‘Grab A Glass’, DT recaps the Grammys & reactions to the WAP performance, takes a look back 50 years to the Fight of the Century, and demystifies the mystery of motive in the Atlanta murders.
On this episode of ‘Grab A Glass’, DT talks about a symbolic scene from The Sopranos, condemns Meyers Leonard’s anti-Semitic remark, and reveals what he once had in common w/ Piers Morgan in the wake of the Meghan and Harry - Oprah interview.
Room To Grow

Room To Grow


On this episode of ‘Grab A Glass’, DT shares his gratitude for something we all take for granted, explains why he’s rethinking not being a fan of Billie Eilish, and questions WTF is going on in the South.
On this episode of ‘Grab A Glass’, DT recaps the D’Angelo Verzuz, talks about setting up friends with friends romantically, Zlatan & LeBron, and condemns all Anti-Asian rhetoric (again).
Real Cold World

Real Cold World


On this episode of ‘Grab A Glass’, DT talks about the winter storms in Texas, the Student Loan Crisis, Chicago’s COVID-19 relief funds and the one thing they all have in common.
On this episode of ‘Grab A Glass’, DT hollers out #FreeBritney, explains why Valentine’s Day should be a little more private, and recaps the Super Bowl.
I am a MAN

I am a MAN


On this episode of ‘Grab A Glass’, DT shouts out The REGIME, breaks down what James Baldwin might have had to say about Morgan Wallen, and discusses his interest in Super Bowl LV.
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