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Between the Data - NVivo Podcast Series
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Between the Data - NVivo Podcast Series

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Qualitative research has the power to positively impact people’s lives. Join Dr. Stacy Penna, NVivo Community Director as she talks to qualitative researchers to discover their innovative research methods, applied practices and passionate insights. Whether you are a student, new to qualitative methods or a published qualitative researcher, this is the podcast for you.
28 Episodes
In this podcast, Dr. Reem Doukmak, Honorary Research Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Study at Warwick University and Paul O'Donnell, Associate Artist at Birmingham Repertory Theatre and Theatre Absolute discuss their Coventry Creates project – Reintegrate. Reem and Paul are collaborating on using art to explore the re-integration experiences of refugees and their host community into the social ‘normalities’ under Covid-19. They will be keynote speakers at the upcoming NVivo Virtual Conference on September 22, 2021, link to conference registration  
In this podcast episode, we will be speaking with Dr. Lynn Butler-Kisber, Professor of Education in the Department of Integrated Studies at McGill University, focusing on her work around past, current, and future perspectives within arts-based inquiry from her book Qualitative Inquiry, Thematic, Narrative and Arts-Based Perspectives, published by SAGE Publishing.
In this podcast episode, we will discuss research focused on academic motherhood with Dr. Anna CohenMiller, Assistant Professor at Nazarbayev University in the Graduate School of Education. Anna is a Co-Founding Director with the Consortium of Gender Scholars and Founder of the Motherscholar Project, 
In this podcast episode, we will learn how using NVivo can support student supervision both for the supervisor and the student with Dr. Helen Marshall, who is an honorary associate in the Social and Global Studies Centre at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, plus Helen facilitates the Qualitative Interest Group and offers NVivo support to researchers.
In this podcast episode, we will discuss how a long-term education program evaluation study changed over time to accommodate the growing need to collect and analyze qualitative data in a more collaboratively and systemically with Holly Bozeman, a Senior Study Director and Valerie Orellana, a Research Associate from Westat, a US organization, that offers innovative professional services to help clients improve outcomes in health, education, social policy, and transportation.
In this podcast episode, we will learn how a participatory bilingual research team developed a six-stage process to collaborate on their research study focused on Latinx/@ Immigrant mental health outcomes with three of the team’s members, Julia Meredith Hess, Co-Investigator - Immigrant Well-being Project at the University of New Mexico, Department of Pediatrics and Cirila Estela Vasquez Guzman University of New Mexico, Department of Sociology New Mexico Voices for Children. Register for their webinar on May 14 in Spanish Análisis de Datos Bilingüe Participativo Innovador con Inmigrantes Latinx/@: Lenguaje, Poder y Transformación Register Here  
In this podcast episode, we will discuss with Nicole Eva, a Librarian at the University of Lethbridge the pros and cons of posting articles in an institutional repository versus academic social networks like or ResarchGate and the results of her study comparing these methods of archiving publications.
In this podcast episode, we will discuss the current research Dr. Liesl Nydegger, Assistant Professor and the Director of the Gender Health Equity Lab in the Department of Kinesiology and Health Education at The University of Texas at Austin is developing and conducting on theory-based interventions to prevent HIV/STIs in regard to violence among women of color. Register for her - April 23 Webinar on Hard to Reach or Hardly Reached?: Using Community-Based Research Strategies to Improve HIV Prevention Outcomes among Black & Latinx Women
In this podcast episode, we will be discussing the research approach the Academic Technology Design Team uses at the University of Colorado, Boulder with Dr. Namita Metha, Learning Experience Designer and Lauren Barrett, Academic Experience Specialist by focusing on one of their current research projects, The Learning Spaces Project.
In this podcast episode, we will discuss three lessons on how to manage a team-based coding efforts (1) establishing a strong and supportive management structure; 2) building skills gradually; and 3) developing detailed reference materials to guide the coding team with Lindsay Giesen, Senior Study Director at Westat, who works in program evaluation and policy research.
In this podcast episode, we will discuss the research progress of the 2020 QSR-IIQM Early Career Researchers Grant winner, Nicole Corley, Assistant Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, School of Social Work, based on her research through collage making with black mothers. Follow the Dr. Corley’s research project, by visiting 
In this podcast episode, we will be discussing a research design framework for online talk based on the book Looking for Insight, Transformation, and Learning in Online Talk, written by Dr. Trena Paulus, professor in the Research Division of Family Medicine, Quillen College of Medicine at East Tennessee State University and Dr. Alyssa Wise, Director of the New York University Learning Analytics Research Network (NYU-LEARN) and Associate Professor of Learning Sciences & Educational Technology at New York University published by Routledge in 2019. 
In this podcast episode, we will be discussing how to conduct Rapid Qualitative Research, with Dr Cecilia Vindrola from the Department of Targeted intervention, at the University College London, in the Rapid Research Evaluation and Appraisal Lab (RREAL), focusing on  one of her team’s recent articles in Qualitative Health Research published by SAGE Publishing, Carrying out Rapid Qualitative Research During a Pandemic: Emerging Lessons from COVID-19. 
In this podcast episode, we will be learning how to address complex topics and foster social change through qualitative visualizations with Lydia Hooper, a hybrid design professional, and a data storyteller. For an example of Lydia conducting a real time graphic recording, visit this link 
In this podcast episode, we will be discussing the practices and perils of qualitative data reuse with Dr. Cheryl Poth, Professor and award-winning instructor and author at the University of Alberta.
In this podcast episode, we will be discussing participatory research methods and how participants use identity boxes, photographs and LEGOS with the research conducted by Dr. Nicole Brown, a Lecturer in Education, the Academic Head of Learning and Teaching in the Department of Culture, Communication and Media at the University College London, Institute of Education and the Director of Social Research & Practice and Education Limited.
In this podcast episode, we will be discussing how The Strategy Unit part of NHS Midlands and Lancashire commissioning support unit used qualitive approaches to support rapid cycle reporting on healthcare during the early months of COVID 19, with Abeda Mulla, a Managing Consultant at The Strategy Unit. Find The Strategy Unit's publications here 
In this podcast episode, we will be discussing evidence-based solutions for mission-based organization following the Research in a Box framework developed by my guest – Mousumi Sarkar, founder of Well World Solutions, LLC. Ms. Sarkar brings more than 20 years of experience conducting both qualitative and quantitative research with international organizations.
In this podcast episode, we will be discussing the hybrid mixed methods process Stephanie Battista, Design Director and Founder of Humanity Innovation Labs uses to systematically investigate and understand how people ideally could use technology to improve or impact human performance for  developing products in the emerging world of wearable technology.
In this podcast episode, Dr. Philip Adu will be discussing the art of coding and the stages of qualitative coding, based on his recently published book A Step by Step Guide to Qualitative Data Coding. Philip is a Methodology Expert at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.
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