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Consequence of Habit Podcast explores how habits relate to happiness and success, or lack there of. I pull the curtains back on my own habits, good and bad, and talk to others who have made massive changes in their lives by changing their habits. hope you all can join me on the journey.JT
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How do I describe this week’s guest, Wes Hurt? Anyone paying attention over the past seven years could use words like innovator, entrepreneur, philanthropist or founder of the highly successful beverage company, CLEAN CAUSE. Now, if you go back prior to the last seven years, words like drug addict or alcoholic could have been used to describe the same Wes Hurt.  See, the reality is that all of these words accurately describe Wes Hurt and WHY he developed CLEAN CAUSE, a company that has created a sustainable source of funding to combat addiction. Wes is a self-described prior drug addict and alcoholic who was fortunate enough to obtain sobriety 7 years ago. Shortly into his sobriety the idea of CLEAN CAUSE was born, a decision that would not only alter his own life, but the life of countless others. The concept behind CLEAN CAUSE is a simple one. Sell a high quality, great tasting, caffeinated beverage and donate half of the profits to help individuals recovering from addiction and alcoholism (CLEAN CAUSE has donated over $1,218,000 so far). Now to be clear…this isn’t a nonprofit that raised this money from donations, this is a successful for-profit company providing a high quality product all while providing vital support to the addiction community. I had a great conversation with Wes about his journey and how he continues to find his truth and meaning in life. For more information about Wes and CLEAN CAUSE, ago to, or checkout their below social media links.  Instagram: If it’s your first time ordering use the promo code COH25 to get 25% off of your first order.  
Today is International Overdose Awareness Day, and before we get into the weeds about what that actually means, I want you to take a second and really contemplate these facts: the US alone has experienced a 30% rise in overdose deaths in 2020, with more than 93,000 recorded in a 12-month period…the highest ever on record. Mental health challenges exacerbated by Covid-19, combined with an increase in lethal synthetic drugs like fentanyl, has created a perfect storm that continues to ravage our country and the world with no signs of slowing down. In honor of International Overdose Awareness Day, I sat down with SAFE Project Founder, Ret. Admiral James “Sandy” Winnefeld and Ret. Captain Bill Pinamont. SAFE Project stands for Stop the Addiction Fatality Epidemic and was co-founded by Admiral Winnefeld and his wife Mary Winnefeld shortly after losing their son Jonathan to an accidental overdose of fentanyl. Soon after Jonathan’s death, the Winnefelds immediately took action, dedicating themselves to do whatever they could to help prevent other parents from experiencing the same unimaginable grief. Joining Ret. Admiral Winnefeld is Ret. Navy Captain Bill Pinamont, Sr. Director of Veterans Programs at SAFE Project. Bill and the team at SAFE Project have established veteran-specific programs designed to support military veterans and their families who have experienced substance use disorders and mental health challenges. Some of the topics covered in my discussion with Admiral Winnefeld and Mr. Pinamont include:      · Working collaboratively with communities, campuses, workplaces, and active-duty service members, veterans and their families to bring non-partisan effective solutions to the overdose epidemic.      · Fighting stigma associated substance misuse and mental health issues, both for the veteran and civilian community.      · Building SAFE Veterans programs: Unpacking Your Emotional Ruck, Veteran Wellness, and Virtual Veterans      · Sharing resources if you or a loved one is experiencing addiction or mental health issues. For more information about SAFE Project, be sure to check out or their social media links found below.   Instagram:
This week I’m joined by Chad Pregracke, the Founder of Living Lands & Waters and author of the book "From the Bottom Up." Chad is a lot of things…he’s the 2013 CNN Hero of the Year, an author, an environmentalist, and an entrepreneur. But the word I think best describes Chad is “Rebel”. Chad has rebelled against the notion of what we can, and cannot achieve.  At 19 Chad decided he was fed-up with the amount of trash in the Mississippi River, so in true “Rebel” form he created an "industrial strength" not-for-profit river cleanup operation like no other in the world. Since then, Chad has gone on to rally over 118,000 volunteers, and built a fleet of five barges, three towboats, a crane, excavator, six workboats and coordinating up to 25 work vessels. Chad and his crew have removed 10 million pounds of garbage from our Nation's great rivers.Not convinced Chad is a rebel yet? His most recent project, named “Bison Bridge'', aims to convert an old abandoned bridge into a bison and recreational crossing connecting the Illinois and Iowa river fronts on the Mississippi River. His vision of “Bison Bridge” is to introduce a small herd of wild bison, with approximately 100 acres of grazing land on either side of the river. Bison Bridge project will provide a space for reclaimed prairie and the opportunity to grow the wild bison population. Click here for more information about Bison Bridge, or go to To join Chad and his crew at Living Lands & Waters, or to donate to his organization, visit
This weeks’ guest, Tyler Hamilton, is a former professional cyclist who has reached the highest pinnacles of the sport, and felt the harshest of consequences when it was discovered that he and many of his teammates took part in an extensive doping program. He and many of his teammate’s stories have been well documented, and although we cover part of it, it’s not what this interview is about. This conversation is about what you do when everything you’ve worked for professionally is now gone. Tyler discusses the fallout from his 60 Minutes interview, the tough conversations with close friends and family members, and how he went on to rebuild his life personally and professionally. To read more about Tyler’s story be sure to check out his book The Secret Race: Inside the Hidden World of the Tour de France, or his Adventure Audio Podcast.
I’m extremely proud to say that this is episode 50! This week I sit down with 25 year Navy veteran, Wellness Advocate, Mindfulness Coach, and ultra-runner, Chris Norris. Chris and I go deep into the connection between actions and the emotions associated with them. We discuss his history with addiction and the tipping point that sparked the fire of change within him. Chris describes how he initially found sobriety and how that path has changed throughout the years with the help of mindfulness training and Buddhism. Chris is extremely open about his own demons and how he not only went about tackling them, but also how he continues to be of service to others trying to make a positive change in their own lives. August 6th, Chris will be running 31 Miles in Memory of Extortion 17 to benefit The Honor Foundation through. Please support him by donating to the campaign here. Also check out Chris’s LinkedIn profile to learn more about him and his mindfulness practices here.  
As CoH closes in on 50 episodes I am consistently amazed by the awesome people that hosting this podcast has allowed me to come in contact with, and this week’s guest is no exception. This week I sit down with best-selling author, special operations veteran, and mental skills coach, Andy Riise. Andy’s accolades are extensive to say the least: Eagle Scout, West Point graduate and football player, multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, and current Mental Skills Coach for the Cincinnati Red’s Baseball Team. With that being said, these accomplishments are not what Andy likes to dwell on, it’s his failures and the times he’s missed the mark that he went into detail about during our conversation. To learn more about Andy check out his LinkedIn profile at Andy Riise, or on Instagram at Coach_Riise. You also learn more about his mental skills and leadership coaching at Mission Six Zero. 
This week I sit down with JB Hager, co-host of the massively popular podcast, The Move. Originally, I thought this conversation would be about how JB used his extensive radio experience (30 years) to help Lance Armstrong launch The Move, a podcast breaking down the individual stages of the Tour de France. That in itself would have been a fascinating story, especially since at the time Armstrong had been somewhat absent from the sport of cycling since the turmoil surrounding his admitted use of performance enhancing drugs. Ultimately, how I thought the conversation would go, and what it became were two completely different things.  JB describes how five years ago he found himself unemployed and unsure of his professional future, all while his daughter was experiencing some serious health issues. He recounts a phone call from Lance asking if he could co-host a podcast. He tells JB, “Oh by the way, you’ll need to drive 1,000 miles to Aspen and we’ll need to find a place to record it.” Ten million downloads later and The Move has become one of the most successful sports podcasts and has gone on to add former USPS Teammate George Hincapie, and former USPS Team Director Johan Bruyneel to the co-host team. Huge thanks to JB for coming on and sharing his story.
We’re Back! This week I sit down with a career firefighter, Stoic philosopher, and the founder of The Functional Man, Ben O’Brien. Ben reached out to me after hearing some prior episodes dealing with stress and trauma, and the effects it has on first responders. And Ben’s insight on the topic is vast, both through his role as one of his departments peer support officers, but even more importantly as someone who’s personally suffered the consequences of not properly dealing with the stresses associated with trauma. Ben talks openly about the impact this had on his own life and how he eventually came to a point where, in his own words, “I didn’t like the person I had become.” This realization is what sparked the fire of change! A change that would include living a more purposeful life, and with the help of Stoicism, a life guided by principles. We talk about identity, ego, and ways to break the stigma associated with mental health issues. For more on Ben and how to live fulfilled through purpose, be sure to check out his website The Functional Man.
This week on the podcast we welcome Jared Shaw, founder of Recovery Strong. The idea behind Recovery Strong was born 6 months into Jared’s own recovery process and is based on a sober and healthy lifestyle branded towards individuals either in recovery, or affected by the disease. Jared’s desire to affect change within the recovery community doesn’t stop there…he also owns a contractor business with approximately half of the employees in the recovery process. I’m always extremely impressed when someone makes an honest assessment of their life and does the necessary work required to become a better version of themselves. What I find even more impressive about Jared’s story is his desire to motivate and empower others to make the same positive change. Jared does this first by talking openly about his own battle with addiction and all the consequences it had in his life. He then demonstrates the power of change by living a healthy and examined life, while empowering others in their own battle with addiction. An example of this was when he and his team recently supported past guest Taylor Spike as he ran the absolutely absurd Cocodona 250-mile ultra-marathon, with Jared joining Taylor for 40 miles to help pace. Both of these men are shining examples that we are capable of amazing things, no matter how dark our pasts may look. Please help support Recovery Strong by purchasing some of their gear at
This week I had the opportunity to talk with teacher, professional mountain guide, adventure athlete, Stoic philosopher, and all-around motivational guy, Jason Hardrath. I initially asked Jason to come on to discuss his goal of completing 100 Fastest Known Time (FKT) records, but as you’ll hear, our conversation wanders into topics much deeper. We discuss the effects of ADHD in our lives, the habits that’ve facilitated his success, Stoicism, and how a car accident almost ended everything. To learn more about Jason and his FKT attempts, check him out at and on his IG at 
Joining us this week is Brian Walton, a highly decorated cyclist and three-time Olympian. Brian raced professionally for fourteen years on Team 7-11, Motorola Cycling Team and Team Saturn, as well as for the Canadian National Team. During his cycling career, he achieved a great amount, such as a silver medal at the Olympics and three Pan American gold medals. In 2006, Brian was inducted into the British Columbia Sports Hall of Fame for his many accomplishments. After his racing career, he pivoted to coaching, where he developed Team Snow Valley into one of the top-ranked amateur teams in the US. His efforts earned him the USA Cycling Developmental Coach of the Year award in 2003. After that, he went on to coach other teams and athletes, from Olympians and US cycling teams to U.S. Marine Corps National Triathlon and Marathon teams, utilizing his talents to propel them to excellence. In 2012, Brian co-founded Walton Endurance, which is an organization that specializes in building trust, teamwork and cultural change by facilitating cycling events that provide a once in a lifetime experience. With Brian’s leadership as CEO, they seek to change the dynamic of corporate culture and facilitate team bonding through fostering collaboration and improving employee morale, all while coaching their clients to a higher level of fitness. Listen along, as we discuss Brian’s cycling past and what he’s up to now. Our conversation gets pretty emotional towards the end while we talk about his wife’s diagnoses. For more about Brian and his work, visit 
This week’s guest, Freddy Shegog, is a man of excess. For the past couple years that excess has been in positivity, compassion, education and motivation to help the community around him…but that hasn’t always been the case. There was a time in Freddy’s life when the excess was in alcohol, drugs, and symptoms associated with mental illness. The consequences of these excesses left Freddy homeless and a shell of his current self. That is until Freddy got the help he desperately needed, and over time developed the tools and mindset that has allowed him to turn his story into one of hope. He has gone on to become a keynote speaker, helping others understand the power of change. The quote below demonstrates the power of Freddy’s words. “I no longer count the days, I make the days count. I attack life with hunger and determination to spread hope. We are each unique with special gifts to offer. I realize my identity will forever change but only in an upward climb as I build upon the foundation of my truth. Like a student who achieves the highest level of education with more degree titles to his name, I want an identity with multiple initials indicating I have helped to change the world in an extremely positive manner.” – Freddy Shegog For more about Freddy, check out 
CoH Episode 42: Pat Cunnane

CoH Episode 42: Pat Cunnane


One of the things I enjoy most about hosting a podcast is that sometimes I get the opportunity to interview people who’ve found something they're passionate about, and they turn that passion into a career. This week’s guest, Pat Cunnane, is a prime example of someone who’s done just that. Pat and I have few things in common, we both love bikes, and we’ve both spent our formative years turning wrenches as bike mechanics at a local bike shop (not the same bike shop). What we don’t have in common, is how we envisioned our future working in the bicycle industry. Where I never saw much of a career path, Pat saw an opportunity to build a career doing something he absolutely loved. And that vision took him from a poorly paid bike shop mechanic, to president of arguably one the biggest bike companies in the world. Pat has played an interracial part in the world of cycling and was an absolute pioneer in the development in modern day mountain biking. We discuss Pats' rise through the ranks in the cycling industry and some of the trials and tribulations, personally and professionally, along the way. For more information about Pat’s is current project, check out Yuba Bikes.
This week we welcome back a CoH OG, Taylor Spike! Taylor revisits the podcast to discuss his sobriety, future plans to honor his son at K2, and why the hell he would want to enter a 250-mile foot race.  Taylor’s first episode (episode 6) is one of the most downloaded episodes for a reason. The man has battled with depression, addiction and tragedy and doesn’t shy away from sharing lessons learned along the way…no matter how good, bad or ugly that may look. He’s turned obstacles into motivation and hopes to inspire others to do the same. Next week Taylor embarks on his newest adventure, the Cocodona 250. This ultra-marathon is a 250-mile foot race from The Rock Springs Café in Canyon City, Arizona to Heritage Square in Flagstaff, Arizona. And in case you’re wondering if the course is flat…the estimated cumulative elevation gain is 42,313”! For more about Taylor Spike check him out on IG @tspike2, and be sure to listen to our first conversation at CoH Episode 6: Taylor Spike.  
This weeks’ guest is Retired Major General Gregg F. Martin, US Army, and he’s undoubtedly changing the way mental illness is viewed within the military ranks. Gen. Martin didn’t set out to be an advocate for soldiers, airman, and marines suffering with mental illness, and it certainly wasn’t a position he could have imagined himself in prior to mid-July 2014. That is until he was forced out of his position and subsequently diagnosed with bipolar disorder. In 2014 General Martin was serving as president of the National Defense University in Washington DC. In mid-July General Martin was summoned to his boss’s office, then chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, General Martin Dempsey. Upon arrival, Gen. Dempsey hugged Gen. Martin and said “Gregg, I love you like a brother … but your time at NDU is done. You have until 1700 today to submit your letter of resignation to me or I will fire you. Is that clear?” What came next was a personal two-year war in which the enemy was Gen. Martin’s own mind, and it’s one that almost cost him his life.It was an absolute honor to sit down with Gen. Martin and discuss his journey with bipolar disorder, and how speaking openly about his experiences is helping other men and women of the armed forces avoid the stigma associated with mental health. For more about Gen. Martin’s story please see his opinion piece in Task and Purpose.
This week I had the opportunity to sit down with Danielle Cook Kawash and Simon Matthews from First In Wellness. FIW is a wellness program specifically designed to help first responders manage their physical and mental health by improving their physical fitness, nutrition, mental agility and sleep. Addressing the issues facing our first responders is WAY overdue, and I was extremely excited to sit down with Daniel and Simon to discuss how they and their team are serving those who serve us.Danielle Cook Kawash is the founder and nutrition expert at First In Wellness. She has a diverse background in health as a university educator, published author, personal trainer, and clinical dietitian. She co-developed and participated in wellness programs with the Berkeley Fire Department and Santa Clara County Fire Department. Specializing in Functional Medicine, Danielle uses this integrated, preventative approach as the foundation for the First In Wellness program development. Danielle has a master’s degree in Nutrition and Food Science, along with a Board Certification in Health and Wellness Coaching. Simon Matthews Simon is certified in Health Coaching and Lifestyle Medicine. He’s the CEO of Wellcoaches® Australia School of Health Coaching. Simon is also an Adjunct Lecturer at Avondale College University Lifestyle Medicine & Health Research Centre and is on teaching faculty with Wellcoaches USA. He’s the Chief Psychologist and Director of Program and Learning Development for Likevekt Helse, the Director of the US not-for-profit Global Positive Health Institute, and the Director of the Australian not-for-profit Practice Excellence Institute. Simon consults and presents nationally and internationally in the areas of health coaching, behavior change, positive psychology and lifestyle medicine. Simon has extensive experience working with first responders and ex-military personnel to assess and treat PTSD. For more about FIW please check out 
This week I welcome EAT LOOK FEEL founder Dan Hyman to the podcast. At first glance, it’s clear to see that Dan has a profound understanding of fitness and nutrition; it’s what helped him become a highly successful male model. Dig a little deeper though and you’ll find that Dan’s understanding of fitness doesn’t end there. He approaches fitness from all angles, training, nutrition and especially mindset.  His passion for all around health is what motivated him to start EAT LOOK FEEL, an online coaching platform that inspires and motivates people towards creating a healthier lifestyle in a realistic and sustainable way. Dan and I also discuss habits and his deep understanding of how habit stacking relates to productivity and achieving goals. For more about Dan and EAT LOOK FEEL check him out at or on IG at @dan_hyman.
This week I welcome to the podcast my childhood sports hero, three-time winner of the Tour de France (1986, 1989, and 1990), two-time winner of the Road Race World Championship (1983 and 1989), and one of the greatest cyclists of all time, Greg LeMond. I tried my best to play it cool during this interview but truth be told, this interview was a very big deal for me. As a young cyclist in the early 90s, I absolutely idolized Greg LeMond, so to have him on the podcast was an unbelievable experience. Greg and I discuss his most recent project LeMond Bikes, his success in the world of cycling at an early age, and the ups and downs of his career on and off the bike. Please check some of the unbelievable bikes Greg and his team at LeMond Bikes are bringing to the market.
This one is a first! Prior to my interview with this week’s guest Spencer Ploessl, I knew very little about him or his story. I usually put a fair amount of time into researching my guests’ backstory prior to inviting them on the show….but this week I’m trying something new. This time around, my research started and ended with me stumbling on a picture of Spencer along with a caption of him celebrating 365 days alcohol free.  There was something about this picture that I felt drawn to and within a few minutes and a couple instant messages, we had a date to record the interview. With that being said, I couldn’t be happier with the way our conversation went. Spencer and I discuss what it’s like to be a craft beer connoisseur yet refrain from drinking alcohol. We examine the connection between our identity and drinking, and all of the opportunities made possible by changing our relationship with alcohol. Please check out Spencer’s LinkedIn page for more about this wild man
This week I sit down with the co-author of Under Our Roof: A Son’s Battle for Recovery, a Mothers Battle for Her Son, Harry Cunnane. Harry co-authored this book with his mother, Congresswomen Madeline Dean, and it describes the ugliness of addiction through the eyes of both the individual struggling with this disease, and the subsequent pain felt by parents as they try desperately to help their child towards sobriety. I really appreciated Harry’s brutal honesty when describing his battle with addiction and what his path was to sobriety. Harry and his mother wrote this book with the hopes that their story will inspire and inform other families experiencing a similar struggle. Please check out more about Harry on Instagram @harrycunnane, and his mother Congresswomen Madeline Dean at Under Our Roof: A Son’s Battle for Recovery, a Mothers Battle for Her Son can be found wherever books are sold.
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