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Author: Rita & Salima

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Hello and welcome to the Schmooze and Booze podcast! We are Rita and Salima and we are cousins who meet up once a week to talk about life while enjoying a glass of wine/booze. Each conversation will focus on one specific topic; we share our experiences, our thoughts and, on occasion, invite guests to share their expert opinions. Every other week, we include an episode about how to read the Tarot cards and develop our intuitions.
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We all  feel it: an inexplicable burn out. A lack of motivation and inspiration. A need for more rest, and hesitation when making plans for future. This is the pandemic fatigue we are going through. In light of this, Salima and Rita are giving themselves a little break and the Schmooze and Booze podcast shall return in December 2021. 
Rita got married in August 2021 and she had a tiny wedding ceremony. This beautiful small ceremony allowed her to really focus on her connection with her husband and the family and friends who came to celebrate. Many couples decided to have small weddings during the COVID19 pandemic and this is definitely a growing trend as it costs less and allows the bride and groom to enjoy their special day in a relaxed, stress-free manner.  Do you prefer big wedding parties or small intimate receptions? Let's get schmoozing! Instagram:    
Online shopping has increased by almost 50% in the last two years thanks to the COVID19 pandemic. Salima has been an avid online shopper for many years while Rita started buying things online mainly during the pandemic. We share our perspectives, our favorite online shops and whether or not we prefer the good old brick and mortar experience. We also touch on where we are at with "the new normal" and the opening of the economy. Finally, Salima's taken the bold step to starting therapy and is sharing how she felt after her very first session. Let's get schmoozing!  Instagram:  
In our opinion, the most important quality to look for in any relationship is support. Especially when it comes to selecting our romantic life partner, we must know how to recognize a supportive partner from a non-supportive one. As Salima puts it: when you are in a non-supportive relationship,it's an early death sentence! Let's get schmoozing :) Link to article: Instagram:  
By performing the same activities in the same order every night, your brain comes to see those activities as a precursor to sleep. In this episode we discuss our routines and our bad habits before going to bed.  We share tips on how to structure our evenings to helps our brain relax and enhance our sleep. Link to article: Instagram:  
Summer is our favorite season! We get to hang out outside, swim, camp, spend time at the local farm markets, attend weddings, and work on our tan.  We realized through our conversation the importance of feeling good in our clothes during the summer to not confuse fashion errors with body insecurities. Listen to our conversation on summer fashion to brainstorm ideas about what's still in our closets and what's gotta go! As always, we discuss the three astrological signs of the season: Cancer, Leo and Virgo. Listen in to know how to tap into the energy of the zodiac in the coming months. Let's get schmoozing! Instagram:
Moving is an excellent way to let go. Let go of stuff, let go of bad habits, let go of energy that doesn't suit us anymore. Most of the time we move because we've outgrown our current space, maybe not always physically, but at least conceptually. We want to achieve different life goals and that includes a new home, a new city or a new country altogether! Salima and Steve have moved to a new home. But really it's an old home! Just turning 100 years old. It's also the home where Salima grew up as a child. Lots of things need to be re-painted, re-organized, repaired, etc. The list is endless. How are they coping with it all? Listen to this week's podcast to find out. Instagram:
Salima got her two vaccine shots and she is ready to travel! Let's plan together and day dream about her exciting trip to Hawaii. After a long pandemic, the loss of her father and the move to a new state, Salima is ready to step out of her every day routine and explore the island life for a few days. Since Rita is a travel expert, she shares a mountain of tips on how to properly pack, how to decide which activities to do and something about a magical tea that helps you poop better!¡! This is the first of many travel episodes, so let's get schmoozing!Instagram:  
Our current culture is constantly pressuring us to see "the positive side of things". In theory this sounds like an encouraging advice,  however, an overload of positivity can invalidate our more difficult feelings like sadness, deception or fear.  When we do not have the space to express these negative emotions, we start feeling inadequate. We may even feel guilty that we are not being "positive enough". The social media tendency to only post our "happy moments" also creates a skewed reality that does not reflect the full spectrum of human emotions and life's inevitable ups and downs. We can easily start feeling like our lives and our feelings are not as positive as those of others. This is what is referred to as toxic positivity. While taking time to acknowledge our hard , negative feelings, is important for our health, it's also necessary to know how to get out of these lower emotional vibrations when we feel ready for joy again. Rita shares one of her favourite tips to help our brains develop a positive outlook on life once you feel ready for it! Article on toxic positivity: Instagram:
**ALLEGEDLY** The Kardashian Curse is a phenomena by which all men who get involved with a Kardashian sister end up going crazy. They go crazy because they fall in love and then they just can't handle the intensity of the K-Family.  On another note, who has lived through Bridgerton this winter 2021? How hot is the Duke? Who wishes ball seasons were still a thing? We praise the author Julia Quinn and the Netflix series producer Shonda Rhimes for putting together a story that completely elevates female emotions and sexual perspective. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we are NOT impressed with The Bachelor's racist tendencies--#BLM, get it together!! Another non-impressive situation: the College Scandal. I guess all we need to do now is photoshop a picture of ourselves playing marco-polo and send it to a corrupt coach to get into an Ivy League? The alternative is simply paying 10 M to the institution and that will also seal the deal.  This is just scratching the surface of our current pop culture. Why do we care so much about actors, singers, and reality TV? Is there something to learn through this? Pop culture does establish cultural trends and shapes the way we perceive our society, our standards of beauty and our values. Let's get schmoozing about pop culture! For our schmoozers who want to learn Tarot reading, click here to get your Rider Waite Tarot Deck. Instagram:   
The spring equinox is here! If you missed the boat on your "New Year's resolutions", we suggest that you make spring your new "New year". and start from scratch. Spring 2021 is not easy as the pandemic is still affecting our lives so we share some tips on how to feel better by going out and enjoying nature. At the very least, we can find comfort in the world of fashion by letting go of the thick winter coats and  playing mix and match and layering with different items. Of course, as in every season episode, we go over the three astrological signs: Aries, Taurus and Gemini and explain how you can take advantage of their energies to make the most of your spring season! Let's get schmoozing :)Instagram:  
In this episode we discuss what self-care means to us. It starts with listening to your body and your mind when it tells you: "I am tired, please stop whatever you're doing." That message is important to recognize, especially for overachievers, workaholics or busy moms! What activities are considered self-care? Sometimes it means cooking the food you feel will be nutritious, sometimes it means going to the spa. Salima and Rita share some of their self-care routines such as how to have fabulous hair, how laser hair removal makes you feel like a goddess, and what in life is a vampire facial?!?Let's get schmoozing :)Instagram:  
We all get uncomfortable with the word "sensuality". Why is that? In this episode we discuss the importance of building a sensual lifestyle to feel more confident, reduce anxiety and stress, and have harmonious relationships. Join us in this conversation to gain a completely new outlook on sensuality, one that is totally separate from sexuality and that has everything to do with waking your senses up to all the beauty and joy in your own life.Instagram:  
We had no idea there was such thing as a sun sign, a moon sign and an ascending sing! If you're also scratching your head and wondering what this is about, welcome to the world of astrology! We are welcoming  the Pisces season by diving right into the zodiac and our special guest, Jhandra Castellanos, explains to us how to fully understand ourselves based on the three zodiac signs that shape our personalities based on the day, location and hour that we were born. Knowing which three signs influence our personalities gives us a clear indication of where our strengths and weaknesses lie and how to make the most of it. We also discuss what numerology is by finding out what our life path number is. Listen to this episode to be able to calculate your own life path number! Let's get schmoozing :) Instagram:
For Valentine's weekend we offer you a conversation on love with our significant others. Get in a romantic mood with us by  taking note of the questions we ask in this podcast to have a deep and loving conversation with your significant other too! Steve and Julio tell us how they felt when they first met us, what personality traits they love most about us and in which ways we enhance their lives. Stay tunes till the end because both Salima and Rita drop some major news bombs when sharing where they see themselves in the next 5 years!  Grab your drink of choice, for Valentine's we recommend bubbly Rosé or red Malbec, and let's get gitty with this episode dedicated to love. Instagram: 
We're kicking off 2021 with a pleasant conversation that touches on the  season of winter, the power of mediums, and the energy of astrology.  Since most of us are still practicing social distancing and spending many hours in our homes, we go over a list of activities that can be fun to do indoors, either alone or with our core bubble. We also ponder on the meaning of winter in our yearly cycle. Have you ever noticed how things seem to go into an "automatic routine" type of rhythm in the first 3 months of the year during winter? How can we make the most of this energy? Well, let's see what the stars have to say about that! Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces are the zodiac signs that  represent this season and we explain how to tap into the energy of these signs to plan your activities alongside the universe's power. Remember that we lost a very important person a few months ago? Well, Salima tells us about her new curious interest into "mediumship" as she reads the books of a famous medium, Ms. Laura Lynne Jackson. This episode is to ease ourselves into 2021, to forget a little bit about all the noise in the news, look within and treat our minds to listen to a sweet conversation. Let's get schmoozing! Instagram: Laura Lynne Jackson: 
Everyone has experienced the terrible feeling of sadness that comes from having your heart broken. It may have been due to a romantic relationship that ended, a friendship that went sour, a fight with a family member or even a project falling apart. In this episode Salima and Rita discuss their experiences in heart break and the lessons they learnt from them. Why it is important to take the opportunity to reflect about the lessons we can learn through heartbreak and mainly: how to continue living happily after with your new self! Is there a time-limit to how long a heartbreak should last?  Are there magical ways to feel better quickly and start living your life again with joy? Find out in this juicy conversation and continue schmoozing about it with your friends! Instagram:  
Birthdays are a time to rejoice and celebrate. But what about the people who feel stressed out, awkward or flat out depressed on their birthdays? After all, it is a day that marks our aging and a reminder that time is piling up, making us stress about whether or not our lives are "on track". In this episode, we share our ideas about how to overcome these feelings of pressure and aging by defending the importance of celebrating life and self-love on birthdays. Let's get schmoozing! Instagram:  
In this episode we explore what spirituality means to us and how it guides our lives. We discuss beliefs such as Buddhism, reincarnation, past lives and organized religion. We also dive into the practice of meditation and how it can help us in our every day lives in having better control of our emotions, feeling more calm and grounded. We also share some tips for meditation-starters! Instagram: 
TRUMP vs. BIDEN election of November 2020!!! We've all seen the drama unfolding, and although it makes for great entertainment, this theatrical display of political wars is in fact distracting us from looking at the tragic demise of the world's most militarized nation. The USA has been an almost uncontested world power since the second world war, and is traditionally seen as a world leader in quality of life, technology, scientific advancements, and what we all know as "The American Dream". But some might think this dream is turning into an nightmare! With climate change, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ right, COVID19, a growing gap between rich and poor, how does it really feel like to live in the USA in 2020?  Today we're schmoozing with two American citizens to find out. Let's get schmoozing! Instagram: 
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