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Author: Marina Stoichkova

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Life in The Flow is a show dedicated to personal development and well-being. You will learn how you can heal and transform your inner world so that you can create the life of your dreams. Your host is Marina Stoichkova - an astrologer, psychologist, and GSR Expert Pro. Learn more at
51 Episodes
In this episode we will discuss what is Karma and what techniques and modalities  we can use in order to transform and heal.You will learn:1. What is Karma2. The different types of Karma3. How can we heal Karma
We focus on too many things. We either want to solve a problem or we want to achieve a certain goal. Either avoid pain or gain pleasure. There are a lot of things that we are affected by and the great thing is that we can work on that and change it.You will learn:1. What is causing the difficulty to a achieve a goal2. Types of energy problems3. How resolving the energy problems can improve our life
We all have our traumas and blockages that keep us from fulfilling our potential and living our dreams.GSR is a system for self-development. This is the most revolutionary, transformational method which can help you get anything you want in life. You will learn:1. What do we call problems and goals2. The importance of ancestral influence3.  What is GSR and how it works
Unhealthy Family Loyalty is a very deep and important theme.This applies to unhealthy and repeating patterns, scenarios in your life  which are repeating an experience that one of your ancestors have had.You will learn:1.  How to recognize an unhealthy family pattern2. Why ancestor patterns are generational3. Why is it important to untie the unhealthy knots
In this episode we will talk about the spiritual wisdom which comes from the civilization of the Toltecs. This is a concept called "The 4 Agreements" and it's author is Mr. Don Mugel Ruiz. He is a Mexican spiritual teacher that created this system by using the wisdom of the ancient Mexican civilization of the Toltecs.You will learn:1. What are the 4 different agreements2.  How can they benefit our life3. How to apply them successfully4. What actions you need to take
Holding Space

Holding Space


"Holding space" is not literal, it's a metaphor we use when we are supportive in an energetic and emotional way with ourselves and others.Listen to this episode to find out more about the DOs and the DONTs when it comes to holding space.You will learn:1.  What is NOT holding space2.  Different ways in which we can hold space3.  Why is holding space helpful
The Monkey Mind

The Monkey Mind


The "Monkey Mind" is a metaphor that we use . This is a condition in which we feel restless, our mind just cannot stop. This expression is usually used when you try to meditate, take a rest or sleep. On the other end, the monkey mind can get in our way when we need to focus and be productive.You will learn:1.  Why do we call it "The Monkey Mind"2. What is a typical "Monkey Mind" behavior3. What are the solutions
This podcast is for those of you who constantly take on new responsibilities or you already have too many. This is a pattern that feels overwhelming. We will discuss what is the core reason for the need to take on more and more responsibilities. You will learn:1. What are the real causes for this pattern2. The connection between responsibilities and control3. Why the core reason can be in your childhood
In this episode we will talk about the small traumas.  As adults we tend to underestimate their impact on our life. But as a child we perceived things in a slightly different way. Sometimes we might have a negative filter and see things worse than they actually are.Listen to this episode to learn more about the formation and impact of small trauma and what tools we can use to heal.You will learn1. The difference between big trauma and small trauma2. The importance of our inner child3. The psychology of a child
Perfectionism is the tendency and desire to be flawless. But is there such thing as a healthy perfectionism? What kind of people get into perfectionism and why?Listen to this episode to find out why we use perfectionism and what are the psychological causes behind it. You will learn:1. What is perfectionism2. What drives us to be perfectionists3. Practical suggestions of how to overcome perfectionism
In this episode we will explore where does it all starts? Why so many of us are afraid of being criticized and judged by other people. What are the secondary gains - what are we getting out of these situations and patterns?You will learn:What are the historical causes for the need of approvalThe difference between reasonable criticism and an unhealthy oneWhat is the solution for this pattern
Don't worry, not everybody is born and raised with a positive mindset, but the good news is that you can consciously change that!  What does it mean to have a positive mindset and how it can improve your wellbeing? Listen to this episode to find out!You will learn How you can create a positive mindsetWhat might stop of block youWhat are the benefits of having a positive mindset
How you can recover from an eating disorder and what you have to address? This podcast will help you if you already have an eating disorder as well as prevent you from emotional eating.I am going to share with you practices and  techniques that can assist you in your recovery and health improvement.You will learn:What are the steps to take to deal with an eating disorderHow to analyze yourselfHow to indicate the repeating patterns Emotional reasons for over or under eating
Binge-Eating Causes

Binge-Eating Causes


If you are regularly overeating, or impulsively eating, you need to listen to this podcast.There is a direct link between overeating, emotions and not satisfied needs.You will learn:What are the impulses that make us overeatEmotional causes of binge-eatingSubconscious psychological causes of binge-eating
What Causes Anorexia

What Causes Anorexia


In this episode we will talk about anorexia and what causes it.Anorexia is usually more common with teenagers.What are the issues from a holistic point of view?You will learn about some of the main causes for anorexiaControl issuesPerfectionism Conflict that cannot be digestedDesire to escape
In this episode we'll talk about why we get into the archetype of a Hero.You will learn:What is an archetypeWhy is our ancestral history importantWhat is the "Hero" archetype
Stress and Distress

Stress and Distress


In this episode we talk about the difference between stress and distress. You will understand how your body is supposed to release the stress and why you shouldn't be afraid of that. We also explore the huge impact of distress, how to recognize it and why it's so important to address it.  You will learn:why stress isn't something badwhich are the most distressful situationshow to handle with distressGet the full show notes here
In this episode we'll talk about the different things that we tend to get attached to. We'll describe the difference between healthy desires and attachments. Some of them are quite obvious and usually we recognize them easily, but there are attachments that we may not even realise we have. You will learn:what is an attachment and how it can control your lifethe most common things you can get attached tohow to set free from the slavery of attachmentsGet the full show notes here
In this episode we talk about the importance of time. We discuss a very interesting example of how things may change on an energy level but it will take some time to SEE the change with your eyes in the material reality. You will learn:A positive reframing of time Why it takes time to experience a positive change How you should also be open for quick breakthroughs Get the full show notes here
In this episode we’ll talk about the importance of your own reaction towards the emotions you experience. This is especially relevant to habitual feelings, which you don’t like but they seem to be coming regularly. You will learn:why your own frustration with your feelings is making things worsewhat’s the best reaction when you struggle with negative emotions how get out of the vicious circle Get the full show notes here
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