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Is AI a threat to motion design? Wait, what is motion design? Is it becoming increasingly ubiquitous in our world? Is its own lexicon? What parts do education and community have to play? Attempting to answer these questions, our guest today is Justin Cone, the foundational motion design enthusiast, collector of sparkly pixels, and unabashed technology addict. Oh, and if you're listening to this in 2033, let us know if you're still using mobile phones, ok? This is a ⁠RevThink⁠ podcast hosted by ⁠Joel Pilger⁠. Join our community at ⁠ --- Support this podcast:
Reputation, personality match. vulnerability - are all definitely part of the decision process when we choose who to work with. This episode's guests are two people with whom our team would choose to work with over and over again. Ed Rhine, Owner and Executive Creative Director at SPILLT, and Mitch Monson, Executive Director of Partnerships and Creative at Sibling Rivalry. This is a RevThink podcast hosted by Joel Pilger. Join our community at --- Support this podcast:
Are you struggling with setting boundaries with bully clients? Do you find yourself constantly trying to please insatiable clients who demand more and more, even when the project is technically complete? If so, this episode of RevThoughts is dedicated to you. In this special edition episode, Tim Thompson shares a powerful parable that illustrates the importance of setting boundaries and maintaining confidence as a service provider. Curious to learn more? Connect with us: --- Support this podcast:
On this episode of the RevThinking podcast we give you a taste of our RevThink Weekly Briefing series. In this particular Weekly Briefing, we discuss recent studio layoffs, how to navigate budget struggles without laying off team members in your studio, as well as the DOs and DON'Ts of the current financial season. Every Wednesday at 5 PM ET, Tim Thompson and Joel Pilger go live and discuss insights, trends, and advice to creative professionals and creative business owners, providing them with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in this rapidly evolving industry. And the best part? It's free for all. Join via this link: See you every Wednesday, at 5 PM ET! --- Support this podcast:
For those hungry to learn, there are plenty of resources available to the business owner…But not for CREATIVE business owner. So where does a studio or production company owner go for help? In this episode, Tim asks Joel about his experience running his own studio… and how that story plays into the genesis of Studio Accelerator. Join via this link after listening to the episode: --- Support this podcast:
Meeting the entrepreneurs where they are and helping them achieve their bigger goals - that's the motivation beyond the Accelerators we're currently putting together at RevThink. The goal is to help creative entrepreneurs find the right questions for their business and give them a roadmap of where they should be heading. Apply to join Studio Accelerator™: --- Support this podcast:
In our latest RevThinking episode, Joel Pilger and Paul Mikhaylenko (a.k.a. Mikhay), the CEO of, discuss the startup principles of a creative business. If you're a creative professional looking to start your own creative business, this is the episode for you! We dive into the principles that lead to success, moving from a staffer to a freelancer and to opening up your own studio or production company.  Looking to streamline your business operations and book more projects? Check out, the ultimate CRM for creative professionals.  When you subscribe, use code REV for a 30% discount --- Support this podcast:
In this week's snackable conversation we talk about the often overseen difference between finding and handling growth in your creative business. Our hosts Joel Pilger and Tim Thompson found ways to navigate through the ups and downs of scaling hundreds of creative studios.  Whether you're just starting out or you've been in business for a while, press play.  Want to engage with Tim ad Joel directly? Join RevCommunity today.  RevCommunity is the gathering of owners running the world’s leading studios.  Apply to join: --- Support this podcast:
Turning an impromptu discussion into a podcast episode? Right away! Matt Guastaferro, ECD and Founder at HUGO and Joel Pilger dive right into HUGO's delectable twist on the most iconic SuperBowl commercial ever.  Their smart playfulness celebrates wit and irony, but also... starts up a meaningful dialogue. Ready for 2023? Click here to watch. --- Support this podcast:
Today, we're joined by two incredible entrepreneurs who had a dream and went on a journey for it.  Literally. Meet: Roberto Maia - Partner at AevoTech and AevoStudio and Felippe Silveira - Co-Founder and Executive Produce at MOWE Studio Inspired and want to join Jumpstart? Accelerate your creative business in just 6 weeks. See all the details at --- Support this podcast:
Animation… broadcast design… motion graphics… mograph… motion design… Looking back over the past 30 years, our field has exploded, regardless of what you call it. In this veritable tour de force, I’m joined by futurists John LePore (formerly of Perception NYC) and Ryan Summers (IF, DK, Spillt) who argue convincingly that we are just getting started. Hold on for the ride as we lift the veil, break down walls, and help you make sense of our rapidly evolving industry. It’s the end of the beginning for motion design, folks.  And that’s a very, very good thing… So put on your shades, because the future is super bright. Enjoyed this conversation? Join RevCommunity for more! RevCommunity is the gathering of owners running the world’s leading studios. Apply to join: --- Support this podcast:
In our last Weekly Briefing of 2022, join Joel and Tim as they take a trip down memory lane and reflect on the wide array of topics we covered this year. What topic made the biggest impact on you? What are you looking forward to discussing in 2023? Let’s look back and plan ahead. Watch the video version here: --- Support this podcast:
In this episode Ricardo Roberts and Hung Le at BIEN introduce the concept of "inclusive motion design".  They are taking a research-driven approach to understanding human behavior and challenging existing prejudices and biases through their work ethics and motion design work. So join us as we explore what sets them apart from the rest, how you can be part of their cause, and shake up the status quo!  Tune in now for this enlightening conversation! Connect with BIEN here. --- Support this podcast:
FOMO is big and we all need to learn how to snap out of it. Think about it: you’re afraid if you focus on THIS, you might miss out on THAT. So you spread your bets. You play small. You put a little energy into a lot of different projects, opportunities, and problems because... You’re not confident which will actually pay off. It’s ok. No judgment. I do it. We all do it. So the question is: what if we could focus on just a few things with CONFIDENCE? P.S. Did you know we're in the top 10% most shared globally podcasts? Follow us and we promise to feed both long format and shorter bites of wisdom and motivation (such as this one here).  P.P.S. Wanna be part of our tribe? Join the RevThink community of creative entrepreneurs: --- Support this podcast:
We hope you're listening to this podcast before things slow down in your creative business, so we can help you anticipate the future.   If you're already noticing that the market is less responsive, though - reach out to us. We'll build a set of reports and routines that will prepare your business to identify slowdown indicators before anyone else. --- Support this podcast:
At one time or another we’re all at a loss for words. That’s when you lean into an expert like Brittany Grinham… to find your voice. Or help your client find theirs. With a pedigree including brands Netflix, Apple, Target and agencies TBWA, Deutsch, and Saatchi… What else do I need to say so you do NOT to miss this episode? Ok then, what if I told you Brittany will be leading us through a mini version of her Brand Therapy workshop? --- Support this podcast:
Pitching for free is passé… Charging for your time is dead… Getting paid for your thinking (strategy) is the future… You know what this feels like? Our industry evolving. We’re growing up. Together. This RevThoughts is a snippet from one of our Weekly Briefings. Watch the full "Be More Agency" Weekly Briefing here: --- Support this podcast:
This week we had a chat with our long time friend Nate Watkin. We spoke about how production became a major paint point in his creative career. that triggered him to create Assemble - a tool that might be the solution you need to run the production instead of letting it overrun you. Have a look here: --- Support this podcast:
Having a Calling

Having a Calling


RevThinking: Having a Calling by Joel Pilger --- Support this podcast:
The Factors Method: this simple idea will revolutionize your business. --- Support this podcast:
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