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Happy Podcast New Year!

Happy Podcast New Year!


We know, we know, we've been away for a whole year, but we're back! In this episode we talk about where we're both at in July 2022, and the major things that have happened in celebrancy and at the Celebrant Institute in the last 12 months: new forms released 1 September 2021 changes to compulsory OPD new Cert IV in Celebrancy released new PD options released amazing meeting with the Marriage Law and Celebrants Section - email with your examples of why being able to witness signatures on NOIMs over Zoom should be made permanent We're hoping to release more regular episodes in the coming months - let us know if there's anything you think we should talk about! --- Send in a voice message:
We're tired, and we know you are all tired too. In this episode we catch up on each other's news, and chat about value (and how it's difficult to articulate!) and how OPD is going in 2021. --- Send in a voice message:
After a six month break from podcasting because our world's got crazy and busy, we talk about what was keeping us busy. Namely, reschedules and postponements and cancellations of weddings, and how that's affecting the whole industry. Plus we go over our 2021 OPD - ongoing professional development - program in great depth. You're going to love it! Go to to see the whole offering. --- Send in a voice message:
It's time to life up our heads from managing, or surviving, in our wedding celebrancy business, and to actually lead our businesses to a place where they bring us joy and happiness again. This episode of the podcast is with someone who helps people like us do things like that, Heidi Thompson from Evolve Your Wedding Business. Heidi is hosting the Wedding Business CEO Summit later this month and Josh is speaking at the summit on automating your customer journey. Celebrant Institute members and Celebrant Talk Show listeners get a free ticket to the summit by clicking here! --- Send in a voice message:
After meeting with the Marriage Law and Celebrants Section of the Attorney-General's Department, Josh and Sarah bring you all the updates to marriage forms, OPD in the years ahead, signing NOIMs online, plus we've got some helpful tips on social media content and live streaming wedding ceremonies. --- Send in a voice message:
Sarah chats to Tasmanian celebrant Kathleen Pavlic-Ryan about the brand new online registration system available through Births, Deaths, and Marriages Tasmania!x --- Send in a voice message:
After five months of fighting for wedding vendors affected by COVID-19 lockdowns, cancellations, postponements, delays, booking fees, deposits, contracts, and the wasteland that is the wedding industry in August 2020, Kathryn from Hallet Law joins the podcast to talk about it all, and about her new service contract product which you can get from --- Send in a voice message:
Preparing for the aftertime

Preparing for the aftertime


In today's Celebrant Talk Show podcast episode recorded Saturday August 1, 2020, we talk about how branded face masks should in no way be a thing, giving terrible advice to couples about COVID-19 lockdowns, preparing for the aftertime, how to make a customer journey, our new Celebrant Institute membership software (Memberful), and can celebrants act as a JPs in their community? --- Send in a voice message:
It’s been 7 weeks since marriage equality finally became a thing.  Australia has figured out that all people are actually just people…So what is the LGBTTQQIAAP alphabet soup? Today S & J take a detailed look at CRM systems and processes and hash out the customer journey they take their couples on. There are heaps of tips and hints that may add some value for you and your clients. Feel free to steal, and if you have any further tips suggestions or questions email or send a recorded voicemail message to: --- Send in a voice message:
Luna's debut on the podcast

Luna's debut on the podcast


Legal help, cancellations thanks to COVID-19, OPD over Zoom update, how to become a travelling celebrant, and how to get audio to videographers, all in this podcast episode with Sarah and Josh. --- Send in a voice message:
Recorded on April 21 in the year of COVID-19, live on Facebook and here in the podcast. Talked about how OPD has moved to webinar, how business is in the era of the coronavirus, do we need business cards any more, and what to do if you're now doing a small wedding instead of a big wedding. --- Send in a voice message:
As everyone else in the world is doing, this episode we're talking about the coronavirus, aka COVID-19. How is it affecting the wedding industry? How is it affecting us specifically? Get in touch if you want to tell us how you're feeling: --- Send in a voice message:
I'm a CEO now!

I'm a CEO now!


Thank you again for listening! This episode we chat about: • Sarah's exciting news • Privacy implications of hiring a virtual assistant • That old chestnut: thoughts about charging for travel and how to do it As always we welcome your thoughts and feedback at!. --- Send in a voice message:
Do not murder

Do not murder


It's our first episode for 2020, and in this one we chat about: • the Celebrant Institute's new partnership with Pod Legal • the pros and cons of leveraging the bushfire crisis (or any other charitable cause) for business purposes • what happens when a party changes their name before the marriage but after the NOIM has been lodged • a reminder that celebrants are not the police or the immigration department or anything other than celebrants As always, let us know if there's anything you'd like us to chat about on a future episode! --- Send in a voice message:
It's a month until Christmas and here we are again with another episode of your favourite podcast! This episode Josh and Sarah chat about the latest newsletter from MLCS, our thoughts about OPD into the future, our obligations in an online environment, not stressing too much about the smaller details of the marriage paperwork, and how to bring the magic to every single ceremony. --- Send in a voice message:
On todays episode, we discuss our seat at the big table with MLCS, caping celebrant numbers, and the new survey that was written to coerce celebrants into doing less OPD, the implications for the industry and what you can do about it. We also look at the celebrants obligations in an online environment and we finish the episode discussing the inclusion of children at ceremonies.   1.30 Preshow banter 6.23 MLCS inclusion for Celebrant Institute 15.55 Capping celebrant numbers 33.46 The survey that was written to elicit a response 45.27 Recap of electronic environment questions 50.27 Children at weddings --- Send in a voice message:
A wide variety of celebrant chat in this episode! Celebrant Institute turns one (happy birthday!). We recap our first year and what we have accomplished. We discuss Glenn’s feedback from our previous episode plus general discussion on industry updates. 0.40 Sarah’s nicknames 4.00 Global Climate strike 8.50 1st year anniversary for Celebrant Institute! 14.11 Sarah is now training through CI 16.37 Community over competition and raising the industry standard 24.57 LGBTQI Awareness 27.17 Are we still mad at Glenn for his feedback? 29.11 Signing the certificates 41.06 Can we have the rings please? 45.05 High heels for presence 48.56 Continue to develop 51.15 CoCA update 62.38 Say yes to all the things and be a good human --- Send in a voice message:
Today on the podcast we're super lucky to be joined by Glenn Mackay, who is an award-winning wedding MC and DJ in SE Queensland. He's seen hundreds of wedding ceremonies while he's been playing the ceremony music, and we're delighted to have him talk to us about his thoughts about what celebrants can do better. Remember: this is only Glenn's opinion! We're not suggesting anyone has to do anything Glenn says. But it's always good to be open to new ideas and new ways of thinking, so we hope listening to Glenn will at least make you stop and think about what you do and why you do it. Glenn talks about the MarBecca method; you can find out more about that here: You can connect with Glenn here: Let us know if anything Glenn says resonates with you, if you've changed the way you do something because of something he said, or if you're completely offended and hate every word that came out of his mouth! We always want to hear from you at :) --- Send in a voice message:
Hello everybody! Thanks for joining us for another episode of The Celebrant Talk Show! This time Josh and Sarah chat about the annual registration fee (pay yours now!), the review of the marriage forms, the epic funeral course Sarah went on (, and the new fact sheet about celebrants’ obligations in an online environment, plus an exciting announcement! As always, shoot us an email at if you have any questions or topics you’d like us to discuss in an upcoming episode! What a time to be alive!  The Marriage Act 1961 has finally aligned with the Electronic Transactions Act (thanks Josh)! and this ep chats about what this means for us. Paying your Annual Registration Fee and why pricing yourself out per hour or perhaps why you can’t are also discussed in this episode. Other awesome content re the MLCS fact sheets and Sarah has some wonderful advice for funeral celebrants. You can’t miss this one! 03:00 – Sarah’s fav podcast. This podcast will kill you. 04:10 – Why it’s impossible to price yourself out per hour. 12:40 – Why do you have to pay your Annual registration fee?  Why such a big deal? 19:15 – What do the MLCS do with the funds from the Registration Fee? 27:45 – MLCS Fact sheet regarding Celebrant obligations in an online environment 28:25 – Accepting the NOIM, Date and place of Birth electronically! -  What a time to be alive! (Thanks Josh)! 30.20 – Sighting evidence of identity electronically. 33:40 – The Electronic Transactions act 34:07 – What is a Commissioner for Declarations? 36:15 – Children of previous marriages – Australian Bureau of Statistics 41:50 – Conference chat - DJ Alliance of Australia 52.22 – Doing the Cert IV with Sarah and Lifeskills Training 59:00 – Silver Celebrant Funeral training – Robyn O’Connell --- Send in a voice message:
Sarah is pretty riled up

Sarah is pretty riled up


Hi everyone and thanks for tuning in once more! This episode we chat about: • funeral training and why Sarah continues to attend it, even with her level of experience • funeral photography: • • • outcomes from the May meeting between the Marriage Law and Celebrant Section and representatives of celebrant associations • the disaster that is the Victorian BDM marriage registration system, and what's currently going on with it • why join or stay in an association? • • what advice would you give to an aspiring celebrant? Wow! This episode really explains all the things! To join an Association OR why you possibly wouldn’t….. ? J It will have you counting your blessings you are a member of the Celebrant Institute and thanking the universe there is now an RTO lead by one of the best! Lastly, valuable advice to aspiring celebrants.  So much gold in this ep!  You’ll love it! 04:35 – Why would an experienced celebrant attend training? 07:38 – John Slater – Sydney Funeral photographer 07:38 – Why would you have a funeral photographer? 12:30 – Silver Celebrant Funeral training – Robyn O’Connell 14:30 – More on why would you attend a Training Seminar? 16.57 – The second you make the statement that you are at the top of your game, that’s the direct indicator that you haven’t.   Dunning Kruger Effect 20:30 – Forms review chat 23: 45 – Celebrants working in an Electronic Environment 24:54 – Why do we still need to sign two copies of the Marriage Certificate plus Form 15 when we upload the MC to BDM thus not requiring two copies of the MC? 33:57 -  Victorian BDM online – RIO Software   This is the part where Sarah gets riled up re delays in registration! (In relation to the VIC BDM System) J 46:10 – Data entry changes in RIO (VIC BDM) 49:15 – Celebrant Associations – What is their purpose?  Why we ARE or ARE NOT a member of an Association. 49:54 – Is the Celebrant Institution an Association? 50:06 – What is the Celebrant Institution and what do you do? 52:00 – AFCC Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants 53.50 – AMC Australian Marriage Celebrants 55.23 - International College of Celebrancy Association of Alumni and Friends – ICCA 56.35 - Association of Civil Marriage Celebrants Victoria 59:43 - AFCC Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants 64:14 – AFCC Training strategy– The main reason Sarah was riled up this episode! 69:48 - Considering becoming a Celebrant?  Advice for aspiring Celebrants --- Send in a voice message:
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