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May is Mental Health Awareness Month! While we should do this year round, now is an excellent time to remember to reflect and take action to improve our minds not only for ourselves but for those of us around us who support us. In honor of that, Casa DeConfidence is excited to welcome Tina Kocol!I first met Tina, in my friend Corinne Crabtree's NoBS Weigh loss group. (You can check out that episode here). Tina is an incredible young woman, as the author of the newly released book The Perfectionism Journal: Guided Prompts and Mindfulness Practices to Reduce Anxiety and Find CalmIn her book, she gives you insightful prompts that allow you to process your perfectionist tendencies. Many times it is the unprocessed crap in our life that create the thoughts and feelings that bring us down and create the negative emotions we struggle with. Tina is an experienced therapist with specializations in trauma recovery, EMDR, group therapy, addictions, and transforming high-conflict relationships. She brings her unique style to every client interaction and loves to infuse therapy and workshops with her love of nature. Tina utilizes horticultural therapy and is working as an anxiety therapist with beekeepers this summer. When she's not working with clients she's working on becoming a Master Gardener and is excited about growing her own wedding flowers this summer!Do you want to connect with Tina? Check her out here:- Website- Facebook- InstagramIn this episode, I also encourage you to check out Peaceful You! My mindfulness course that we released back in August of 2020. You can find a link to the workbook hereMeditation and mindfulness are great tools to help you build a healthy mindset. It is one of the tools that has allowed me to decrease stress and be more at ease during difficult times. Don't forget to share this episode with someone who you feel can benefit from it. Support the show
Today I celebrate my mom and all the moms that I love. Motherhood is a job that comes with no manual or training. Today can look different for all of us.  I hope, dear friend, that you remind yourself that having a happy day is not about the cards, the gifts, or even the actions of others. "Happy" can come from how you choose to think today. Perhaps you are missing your mom, your children are not with you, or like me, you don't have children who call you mom. I want to remind you to choose to focus on what you do have. Every day is an opportunity to find joy, live in gratitude, and be intentional with what you want to feel. Like many who don't have children, I began to feel that mix of emotions that can come from a day like this one. A day where you can feel everyone celebrates the accomplishment of motherhood, and yet you seem to be left out. As I began to allow my crazy emotions to rule my day, I began to think about the incredible opportunity for me to be the best auntie, the best coach I  want to be, and most importantly, a woman with a message, a podcast host. It has been my goal since I launched Casa DeConfidence to share the inspirational stories of others. I have desired to normalize that our stories are the bricks that pave the way to our dreams and living the life we want. I hope that rather than comparing yourself, the stories from our guests inspire you, motivate you, and help you in your journey of confidence. Yes, I know that missing someone you love is hard, and not having the child you wanted for the most is hard. However, we all still have this day, and there is always a wonderful blessing waiting to be found. I wish you a joyous day no matter what. Join me today as I share about my mom.  Today I want to share about her with you. We all have a story. Please check out her journey and how it made me who I am today. If you want to read more about other phenomenal stories of incredible women, you can do so here. Support the show
We are excited to welcome Benjamin Yeh to the Casa DeConfidence podcast this week! I met Ben through SPI Pro, which is my mentor Pat Flynn’s community. We connected through our shared interest in coaching and podcasting, and now we get to feature him here. A little bit about Ben. He is a Business and Transformation Coach. His passion is helping others gain clarity in discovering their 'True North' through his coaching and Boom Vision Podcast, a show designed for driven professionals and entrepreneurs seeking clarity, purpose and happiness! Through Boom Vision, Ben shares his unique vantage points, holistic practicality in business & life, and action steps on how people can bridge the gap between outer success and inner happiness. Ben's core values are to inspire, love and impact and his career has evolved from being a real estate consultant, investment officer for a family office where he invested over $1 billion dollars, a serial entrepreneur, a father, advisor/coach and a student of life. Tune in to learn more! Do you want to connect with Ben?- Website- Instagram- LinkedIn- Apple PodcastMusic that moves your soul: If you want to feel more confidence, healing energy, or high energy, subscribe to Ben's Boom Vision community via his website to get access to his personally curated music playlists!Support the show
I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica in Tampa not all that long ago. When I heard about her business, I was inspired and couldn't help but falling in love with her message. Therefore, in honor of Mother's Day, we are welcoming Jessica Santander to the Casa DeConfidence Podcast.  Jessica Santander designs is a female-founded, demi-fine, and story-telling jewelry brand with handmade designs created to inspire you to be the change you aspire to see. Growing up, Jessica held utmost fascination with colors of life, with her cultural roots from Brazil and Colombia, and innate beauty of fearless women who are challenging the status quo. With a deep passion for theatre and the fashion industry, she wanted to create and share the goodness that this industry has to offer. Jessica is inspired by the sacrifices and life lessons from her parents, who left their home countries at 18  to have the means of providing educational opportunities for their family. As such, she believe that life and humanity is grounded on connections and making a difference however way we can and with our jewelry pieces. So what does this have to do with Mother's Day. Jessica's pieces each tell a story, and she is offering a special discount to all those looking to celebrate their mothers this season. If you want to surprise your mama with a stunning piece of jewelry, this is the perfect place to search. Would you like to connect with Jessica?- Website- Store- Blog - Facebook- Instagram- PinterestSupport the show (
In honor of it being (almost) Earth Day, we are excited to welcome Crystal Dimiceli of Forces for Nature to the Casa DeConfidence podcast! Crystal was that little girl who loved animals and brought home strays whenever her parents would allow it (that may still be her M.O.!). She was that teenager who watched a show about pollution and vowed to stop it when she grew up. But, she’s also that woman that loves to travel to far-off places on fossil fuel-guzzling airplanes while wearing leather shoes. She may not be the perfect example of how to do eco- and animal-friendly 100% “right”, but she makes every effort possible. Her biggest desire is to help other people also make practical choices for a healthier and more humane world. That is why Crystal now runs a podcast and online community of hope and action for animals and the environment. Leave the doom and gloom at the door because she's all about spreading hope through action!Want to connect with Crystal?- Website- Apple Podcasts - Spotify- Instagram- FacebookGrab her free guide: Becoming a Force for Nature!Support the show (
Let's be honest; no one really talks about what happens when you reach "midlife." We all hear about having a "midlife crisis," but a lot of that can be blamed simply on lack of education as to what happens physically, mentally, and emotionally to us when we reach this stage in our lives. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be that way anymore! In this episode of Casa DeConfidence, we are excited to have Gail Scott of Midlife Moxie joining us. Gail is one of the creators of the MIDLIFE MOXIE™ podcast, and co-founder of a new community where they are dedicated to supporting women in making the middle part of their lives one of their best seasons. Whether you are struggling with getting older, empty nesting, hormonal changes, societal expectations and labels, this incredible group of ladies comes together to share their experiences, support one another, and walk this season out together. Man or woman, young or midlife, this episode is worth your time! Check it out today! Want to connect with Gail? - Website- Blog- Podcast- Instagram- FacebookSupport the show (
I am incredibly excited to announce that my good friend, Nando Rodriguez, is joining us today on the Casa DeConfidence podcast! As a quick back story, Nando has lived a fascinating life from the get go! I won't delve into the details, but instead focus on how he is creating a change in the world right now. Nando is a breakthrough coach who helps people overcome imposter syndrome. After working in HR for many years, he saw a core problem that needed to be addressed.  What started as something small has blossomed! He, as of right now, has grown over 40k followers on TikTok and is popular across other social platforms for his whimsical style and meaningful life advice.I was fortunate enough to meet Nando in the Amigos Club on ClubHouse and we hit it off! Now, as one of my business buddies, we have formed a trio with our other partner, Jorge, to run a weekly meeting on ClubHouse called Business Besties! Want to connect with Nando, check out his links here:- TikTok  - Instagram- Facebook- Twitter- YouTube- Podcast- LinkTreeP.S. I am so excited to announce that I am now a part of KS Media Group's new app as a leading practitioner! In this app, you get FREE access to the World's Best Influencers, Speakers, Coaches, Healers, Authors, & Entrepreneurs as well as their FREEBIES! I encourage you to join today (it's free)! Check it out by clicking HERE!Support the show (
Welcome back to the Casa DeConfidence Podcast! Are you ready to empower yourself, enhance your well-being, and build psychological capital? If you answered yes, this episode is for you! Today, we are so excited to welcome Dr. Karen Doll. Dr. Karen is a licensed psychologist, consultant, coach, and author! She specializes in strategic plans and programs for high-achieving professionals to maximize their performance. With over 25+ years of experience, Dr. Karen has helped her clients achieve new professional heights that they never thought was possible. Now is the optimal time to tap into post-COVID growth and takes the next steps in your professional career! Tune in today to learn more!Want to Connect with Dr. Karen?- Website- Facebook- Blog- Buy her upcoming book, Building Psychological Fitness: How High Performers Achieve with Ease. Support the show (
Confident Women Build Legacies.On this week's Casa DeConfidence we are featuring Judith Gaton. Judith is a stylist, Master Certified life coach, author and former lawyer. Through her signature course Style Masterclass, she teaches her clients that thought work is the key to a lasting makeover.As she says, "I teach women to look stylish and feel confident in the body they are in so they can show up ready to conquer & slay."Have you ever felt awkward trying on clothes. When you look at the brands that you admire, everything looks and feels so effortless. However, feeling awkward about yourself blocks the blessings in your life because you end up holding your dreams and body hostage. Stop telling yourself “some day when I drop a size, I will…” When style and confidence are dialed in, women can go do the work they were created to do in the world. Through her confidence coaching and mindset work, Judith helps her clients to see that they can dress and love the body they are in right now.Want to connect with Judith, click here:- Website- Instagram- Facebook- YouTube- Pinterest- Podcast- Free Style ClassWant to Connect with Casa DeConfidence? Please join us on:- Facebook- Instagram- WebsiteInterested in Julie's coaching? Please book a consultation with her HERE!Support the show (
Do you struggle to eat a healthy diet? I feel you! It can feel like a never-ending time-sucking task to learn about healthy foods, go shopping, and prep the meals! BUT….What if I were to tell you that there is an easy resource waiting for you to utilize? Well, there is! On this week's Casa DeConfidence Podcast, we are featuring That Salad Lady, Nina Franklin. Nina has created a blog and business designed to make healthy eating habits easy to learn, understand, and implement into our lives with fun, easy to create meals. It is uncomplicated and unpretentious! Nina's goal is to create a community where her readers are comfortable and confident in their ability to pursue optimal food and life choices. If you would like to hear how she got this amazing blog and business going, her goals for the future, and incredible tips on how to create a healthier life for yourself and your family, please tune in to this newest episode! Want to connect with Nina? You can find her at her:- Website- Facebook- Twitter- Instagram- PinterestWant to Connect with Casa DeConfidence? Please join us on:- Facebook- Instagram- WebsiteInterested in Julie's coaching? Please book a consultation with her HERE!Support the show ( the show (
What do you do when your friends turn out not to be real friends? This is what happened to Marissa, our newest podcast guest. The story goes that a young gentleman overheard a group of girls conspiring to exclude their friend, Marissa, from a birthday party. He made a video on TikTok detailing the plan and asking TikTok users to help him find Marissa. The video actually made it back to the right Marissa, and she found out that her friends weren't true friends at all. It stung, but Marissa turned it into an opportunity with a follow-up video. There was a massive outpour of support from TikTok users all over the world, offering to be her friend even if it was just online. Marissa ran with it and hosted a picnic in the park with an open invitation to anyone who just wanted to hang out and make new friends. What she thought would be a 20 person max event turned out to be 200, which sparked a movement. Today, Marissa is running the No More Lonely Friends movement, where she hosts these open picnics worldwide. Countless true friendships have been made, and she is just getting started.  Want to connect with Marissa? Check her out at her- Website- Instagram- TikTok- Facebook GroupSupport the show (
Be honest for a moment; are you feeling burnt out and still want more career success?You likely entered your line of work because you wanted - A career with HIGH IMPACT.- A career that CHALLENGED you.- A career that not only paid well, but that MATTERED, both personally and professionally.  Unfortunately, it isn't always sunshine and rainbows. Often times, stress goes with the territory. Stress can be good to a point…but there is a line when it is just stress! Luckily, today we are welcome Dr. Nicole Fredricks Jackson, JD, EdD to the Casa DeConfidence family! Nicole has designed LEAD'R™ Coaching, a solution to balance your career and your personal life! If you have reached the point where the tension between your career and your personal life is too much and pay is no longer the primary source of your fulfillment, you will want to tune in! Don't worry, she isn't going to tell you give up your career ambition or "just eliminate stress." She has real-world, actionable advice that you can utilize to create harmony and joy in your life and career. You can connect with Nicole at the following:- Website- Facebook- Instagram- LinkedInTake Nicole's Burnout Quiz!Support the show (
Do you ever feel lonely, angry, or disconnected with your spouse? What if I told you that most days could feel like you're on your honeymoon again? How could this be? Today, I am happy to announce that we are featuring Dr. Jackie Black on the Casa DeConfidence Podcast! Jackie Black, PH.D., BCC is a Relationship Expert, Marriage Educator, and Board-Certified Coach to Couples. Her focus is different from other relationship professionals. Rather than finding the blame with one partner or another, she is an the advocate for your relationship.For the last 35 years, Jackie has helped over 1,000 couples in 8 countries learn, grow, thrive, and have fun together. Once distant couples now experience deeper, more meaningful connections and intimacy. They feel loved and loving, again.If you would like to hear Jackie's insights, I encourage you to check out this podcast episode! It's one that you aren't going to want to miss! You can connect with Jackie on her:- Website Support the show (
Does your marriage ever feel rocky? Let's be honest; sometimes our significant others can get on our last nerves. That doesn't mean that we don't love them; it's a natural part of marriage. Unfortunately, misunderstandings, lack of confidence, or dissatisfaction can create a cycle of miserable marriage.  Today, I am so excited to share with you a solution, Lesli Doares. Lesli has been a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist since 2004 and has been married for over thirty years. However, Lesli is different!  “Unlike many other marriage counselors, I don’t just take the woman’s side. Even though I’m a woman, I am a champion for men to feel understood, to express themselves, and to build the confidence that empowers their relationship and cultivates connection.” - Lesli Her goal with the Hero Husband Project is to not only provide men with a practical blueprint to a successful and satisfying marriage, but to empower men to be true to themselves & step into being the hero in their lives. I encourage you to join us today to learn more about Lesli, the Hero Husband Project, and how you can achieve a happy, long-lasting marriage. Learn more about Lesli at her:- Website- Facebook- Twitter- Facebook GroupSupport the show (
Have you noticed that as we get older there is less information available for our demographic that isn't riddled with ads or promoting solely botox or other “age erasers?” Jacqueline (Jack) Perez noticed and was sorely disappointed as she was still living a vibrant life filled with adventure. So, she decided to make a change. Jack is redefining midlife for women through curated content and women-driven brands through her website, Kuel Life. She delivers relevant, ad-free, content to women 45+. Her and her audience share and empower each other with expert advice and stories from real women; women who are their friends, neighbors, colleagues, and family. Women to whom we all can relate.  A virtual space where women come together in community and share their voices and experiences.I hope that you will join us by tuning into this week's Casa DeConfidence Podcast episode with Jack. Oh and btw, did I mention that Jack's passions include: spending time with her son, traveling to exotic, off-the-beaten-path places such as; Cuba, Jordan, Zambia, Bolivia, and Zanzibar. AND she is an endorphin junkie! Jack is an avid jump roper, Peloton-fanatic, and a third-degree black belt in Taekwondo.Connect with Jack below:Website: www.kuellife.comFacebook: Newsletter SignUP: the show (
I am so excited to share with you this week's podcast guest, Rita Goodroe! Rita is a professional speaker, business strategist, and sales coach who helps business owners and sales teams make more money with less effort by focusing on the meaningful relationships and opportunities that truly drive success.  She does this all by showing you how to turn KNOW into NO - so you can go all-in on what matters.I, and Rita's clients, love how she uses humor and storytelling to break tough topics down into practical, easily implementable, actions…hence why she has coined the phrase "Rita made me DO it!" to celebrate their many successes.  Prior to becoming a full-time entrepreneur, Rita worked for 13 years as a business attorney.  In 2015, she founded “The All-in Entrepreneur,” a free, global, community that provides education and community events to entrepreneurs.  In June 2016, Rita was selected as a change-maker by the United State of Women Summit convened by The Obama White House.You can connect with Rita in the following:- Website: The All-in Entrepreneur Facebook Group: Instagram: Clubhouse: Plus, make sure to try her quiz to find Your Next Right Step: the show (
“90% of professionals have what they need to take control and pivot their career in a way that makes sense for what they value in this season of life.” Powerful, isn't it? That quote comes from our newest podcast guest feature, Julia Toothacre! Julia is a coffee lover, planner nerd, and dog mom who has spent the last 10 years, working with hundreds of clients to help them find clarity in their career path and develop action plans to take the steps necessary to get them where they want to go in their career. She started this journey in a counseling-focused master of science program where her “back then” passion was working with college students. She spent 8 years working in higher education in various roles within university career offices as well as coaching and creating career programs. It is with that experience that she was able to create a career management and advancement program that is everything you need to get where you want to go. Take a moment to see if you resonate with this:  “Most professionals fall into their career through a well-meaning mentor or connection only to realize years later they hate what they do. They keep climbing the corporate ladder and wake up one day to the realization that they have lost control of their future.”  Is that you? Julia found her niche and passion working with new and mid-career managers who have lost their way, are in toxic environments or are so high-achieving they don't know where they fit in the working world.  I highly encourage you to join us for this week's episode! It is one that you don't want to miss!Connect with Julia! - Instagram- Facebook- LinkedIn- Podcast - WebsiteDon't forget, I am also offering a my Q1 Masterclass on Tuesday Januray 25 at 7:00 p.m. .You can learn more here. Support the show (
I would like to introduce you to our next Casa DeConfidence Podcast guest, Melissa Slemp. She is a wife, mom, type 1 diabetic, certified health coach, and personal trainer. How did she get on this path, you ask?Melissa was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at just 14 years old. As I am sure you can imagine, managing diabetes as a young teenager was a struggle. However, Melissa didn't let that slow her down. She took the time to learn about her body and what it needs. After finding her balance, she wanted to share that with other busy working women.   ​So, Melissa created the S.H.R.E.D. Framework, a foundation of 5-Key Intentions, easy steps to build your core health strategy.  Practicing these steps consistently has helped her thrive through diabetic retinopathy, menopause, empty nest, and life's curve balls, all while balancing blood sugar.  Here is what she said, ​“I have lived with insulin dependent diabetes (type 1) for 39 years. Through personally understanding the daily challenges of this chronic disease, I decided to specialize in this area to help other women achieve full health. I love to support clients in balancing their nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle routine, in this crazy journey called life!”I encourage you to join us on this week's podcast episode to learn more about balancing health and happiness, whether you are challenged by diabetes or not. Her words of wisdom and methods is suitable for all levels of health and wellness, diabetes or not. P.S. Her Low Carb Snack, Date Nut-Butter Bites, look amazing! I can't wait to make them for myself!Connect with Melissa:- Website- Twitter - Facebook - Instagram- LinkedIn- PinterestSupport the show (
In this week's episode of the podcast, Julie chats with Tara Geraghty. Over the last 23+ years, Tara has been building community and developing leaders. She is a sought-after Top 5 Ted Ex speaker, author, and media contributor to Good Morning America, MSNBC, and Reader's Digest to name a few. With a degree in Theater and a background in Improv Tara always assumed she would pursue a career in the arts. However, after starting a direct sales business at 20 years old she found herself immersed in the world of personal development. She quickly rose to the top of her field, earning numerous accolades, company awards, and soon began teaching, mentoring, and coaching women from around the country on how to build successful businesses. Then in 2008, Tara found herself in the midst of a Domestic Violence Divorce. Just when she thought she hit rock bottom she found herself in an emergency room a short nine months later with her only child and a High-Risk Stage 4 Childhood Cancerdiagnosis.Tara chose to rise above her circumstances to face cancer with fun and found gratitude in the process. She made sure her daughter never stopped fighting with a “Jersey Girl” survivor spirit.   Tara now shares those powerful tools, tips, and secrets to help parents navigate the scary world that is childhood cancer.In the last year, using her skills in community building, she and her sister Carolyn Co-Founded The Hey Girl You Can club in Clubhouse. Hey Girl You Can is a global community of over 38,000 women. Tara says that the club is founded on two guiding principles. "That every interaction with HGYC leaves a woman feeling elevated, uplifted, inspired, and believing a little bit more...that she can! And that our community is a platform to give a woman space for her voice to be heard and honored. We are a community where women can find support, encouragement, friendship, and be reminded how significant and valuable they really are."This week on January 14th, 2022 we will be celebrating the Club's 1st Anniversary. Make sure you join all the fun. Please make sure you follow Tara on Instagram on Facebook to be inspired. Follow the HGYC community on Clubhouse here Check out the HGYC Website and make sure you sign-up for the blog hereIf you want to join the club, send Julie a message on Clubhouse so that she can nominate you. Support the show (
Welcome back to the Casa DeConfidence Podcast! This week, we are incredibly excited to have Natalie Kime joining us. Natalie is a financial wizard! No, she isn’t waving a wand around, but she is a financial coach at Wealth Wave and is involved with How Money Works! Both of these businesses work to educate and aid individuals in their financial goals, including retirement. Wouldn’t you want to retire knowing that you have enough money to make it through the rest of your life easily? Tune in today to learn more about how money works, why it should be a part of your normal day-to-day, and about how Natalie is helping others make their wealth dreams a reality! Do you think you understand how money works? I challenge you to take her short financial literacy test! Plus, take a quick stroll through history and why finances are no longer what they once were with their informative video! the show (
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