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Author: Angie Wells

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Diving into topics that improve your horse's health and explore all the ways horses make almost everything in life better. If you're passionate about horses and living the equestrian life join us on the next episode of the Better With Horses Podcast.
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The root cause of most health concerns is linking to inflammation...In this week's episode, I'll reveal a major accumulating underlying cause of inflammation in your horse.Join us live for our weekly topics inside the Equine Wellness Group -
If you're spending money on probiotics for your horse, you'll want to check out these 3 reasons it could be a waste...Join the Horse Health Naturally Show Live inside the Equine Wellness Facebook Group -
The anxious horse is trying to express imbalance and in this episode, we dive into the #1 misunderstood contributing factor that makes horses fractious or spooky.Is your horse anxious?Is your horse expressing any of the 10 Tell-Tale Signs of Dangerous Digestive Problems?Grab our free PDF and see for yourself...
There are no limits or restrictions on who can utilize this surefire hack to improving horse health!Enjoy this episode and I hope to see you live inside our Equine Wellness Group -
You're likely spending a lot of money on feeds and supplements that promise to be complete and balanced nutrition.When you don't see the results you want or your horse is still experiencing health problems it's common to get hair analysis or other forms of testing to pinpoint where your horse might be deficient or toxic...In this episode, we dive into what to look out for as you explore this option. As what you don't know about nutrient analysis is costing you money and blocking your results!Join the next live Equine Wellness Show -
Whether your worried your horse could contract EPM or your horse is experiencing symptoms... these are the top 3 most common mistakes to avoid when caring for your horse.Join us live for our next topic inside the Equine Wellness Group -
Coming into the New Year we often set resolutions, goals, and intentions, but the reality is your intentions don't simply "happen" because you have them or because they are possible. In this episode, I share 3 simple actions you can take to set more effective intentions in every area of your life.Do you want to reach your potential for 2021? Is there something calling you to step up and make this year unlike any other?Join our Equine CEO Society and connect with like-minded people, get support, and dive into a step by step framework to empower you to keep moving forward! Click Here to learn more and start your free trial now! 
We all want the very best nutrition for our horse... But the truth without realizing we are often feeding our horse's health problems one scoop or bucket at a time day after day. In this week's episode, we dive into how to provide the best nutrition for your horse!Dive into more topics over on the blog -
It's okay to have a heart for God and a passion for horses... Selah Horsemanship is my blog for sharing how God using my horses and horsemanship to deepen my faith and expand my understanding of God's Word and His will for my life.If you enjoyed this episode be sure to check out the blog and sign up for updates specific to the Selah Horsemanship 
With equine laminitis, equine metabolic syndrome, PPID, horse founder, and more all being on the rise, as horse owners we are always seeking new treatment for laminitis in horses and all of the metabolic-related conditions that are like it. This week we dive into promising options for improving your horse's metabolic and endocrine health.Learn more about this week's topic from the links below.Blog Post - A Breakthrough for Equine LaminitisBlog Post - The Hidden Connection to Cushings Syndrome, Laminitis, and More…You can also reach out to Angie via Facebook or click here to send her an email.
The truth is acute kidney problems in horses tend to get underdiagnosed. In this episode, we dive into how to spot imbalances within the kidney and urinary tract much sooner than traditional methods, so you can be empowered to reduce your horse's risk of chronic or debilitating conditions over time. Want to learn more outside the podcast? Head over to
Are you using the biggest four-letter word in horse health? Or worse are you putting this word into action and causing a ripple effect that has the potential to wreak havoc on the results your horse experiences in their health journey...Find out on this episode!Are you ready to improve your horse's health one page at a time? Head over to and grab your copy of the Healthy as a Horse book!
Finally... the science and proof you're looking for is here! Let's explore the exciting science and proof that will change your horse's health for the better or not - you be the judge.Are you ready to improve your horse's health one page at a time?Grab your copy of the Healthy as a Horse book! www.equineessentialwellness.comNext, we'll master your horse's health together inside the Horse Health Hub Community - Click here to join now.
It is possible to enjoy and love the ride and journey of your horse's health and vitality! If you're stressed, confused, or frustrated about the results or lack thereof you see in your horse's health it's time to pick a new path!
Other horse owners have been in your shoes. Some days it's hard if your horse has a chronic health concern. This episode I interview an inspiring horse owner that stuck with her horse and with natural care.Listen in as Barbara shares some insightful tips to get through the tough times and come out on the other side with amazing memories and added years.To learn more about Sage and her journey, click here. 
Have you ever questioned your decisions with your horse? Do you have a habit of seeking other opinions before you make a choice?In this episode, we'll talk about the best decision you can make for your horse...After you check out this week's episode, use the links below to equip yourself even more!Tallgrass Equine Acupressure App - click hereTallgrass Equine Acupressure Spiralbound Book - click hereKnowing your horse's normal blog post - click here
High mycotoxin exposure puts your horse at risk of digestive concerns like colic, issues with their nervous system, and in some cases even death...In this episode discover simple and effective ways to ensure there aren't dangerous mycotoxins lurking within your horse's feed.Join the conversation over in our exclusive Equine Wellness Community on Facebook -
Have you ever read about someone else's success in supporting their horse's health, or thought of trying a natural supplement or therapy and found yourself thinking it won't work for your horse because your horse has "xyz".This the most common myth people come to me with is my horse has "xyz" so that won't work or I tried that and it didn't stop "xyz".When your horse isn't thriving in vitality it's because they have a "health problem". You can choose to focus on the health side of that equation or you can focus on the problem. Choose wisely as whichever you focus on will MAGNIFY...Today we explore this topic further as we answer a member question that was posted inside our Equine Wellness Facebook Group. Learn more about mastering your horse's health at
Horses are often referred to as our mirrors. They reflect lessons and truths into the awareness of those who are open.In this episode, we'll explore the conflict your horse faces and what it sheds light on in our lives.  Enjoy this topic? Dive into more topics and horses and faith at
Do you ever feel stuck or struggle in your horsemanship? You see others achieving goals in their horsemanship. Your horse has already been to the trainer... You've invested time in coaching and lessons, but still aren't where you want to be with your horse.This episode uncovers a simple, yet not commonly discussed solution.Join the conversation inside our private Facebook group and check out the graphic designer to illustrate what we shared today.Click here to join now and search "Hierarchy of Needs" in the group search bar. 
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