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Are you worried about your horse's joint health?I've got you covered with this 3 part series on the Inside Hacks to Amazing Joint Health.Want to check out the tools and bonus resources shared in this episode?Be sure to join the free Equine Wellness Group on Facebook - www.horsehealthnaturally.comClick here to grab the Tallgrass Equine Acupressure book and app!
In order for 2022 to be the year of your horse's health transformation, you must hone in on the most critical skill of improving vitality and longevity. In this episode, we talk about how you can start to strengthen and utilize this skill!Join the conversation inside the Horse Health Hub Community- www.horsehealthhub.comand you can hang out on Facebook at
In Part 3 of this series on how to implement natural care for your dog, we dive into tips for an easy and successful transition to a carnivore diet for your dog.   Grab your FREE PDF Guide on Best Kept Secret Resources For Effective Natural Dog  Care -
In Part 2 of this 3 part podcast series on implementing natural care for your dog, we unpack two of the most common myths. Believing these misunderstandings could be blocking the results you want in your dog's health!Did you grab your copy of the Best kept secret Resources for Effective Natural Dog Care? Click here to get your download now.
Many horse owners have dogs as well... which is likely why this series has been highly requested and a long time coming!Dive into Part 1 of this 3 part series, then grab your copy of the FREE PDF guide on the Best Kept Secret Resources For Effective Natural Dog Care - click here now.
Generating the results you desire in your horse's health requires that you select the right remedies. A commonly missed concept or principle is ensuring you're taking advantage of whether a herb, essential oil, or nutritional supplement has warming or cooling tendencies inside your horse's body. Want to dive deeper into more advanced tips and approaches to improving your horse's health?Join us inside the Horse Health Hub Community today - click here to join now.
In this episode, I share how my mustang Marshal reminded me of the importance of choosing faith over fear. A lesson that serves and applies to your day-to-day life decisions; as a parent, spouse, employer, employee, friend, business owner, etc. Furthermore expanding into your horsemanship and even your horse's health care decisions.Join the conversation inside the Equine Wellness Group on Facebook - and when you're ready to transform your horse's health; getting them back to the vitality they desire click here and dive into the Horse Health Hub!
Chronic GI concerns, arthritis, respiratory concerns, and other chronic conditions that you might have been battling with your horse to resolve for years... Could have a link to an overlooked internal fungal overgrowth!In this episode, we unpack the unexplored but commonly present overgrowth of candida in horses. Here are some additional studies and links related to today's topic:Episode 19 - The Best Nutrition for Your Horse Candida and Arthritis - Pub Med Study Search ResultsCandida and Oxidative Stress Resistance - PubMed StudyAloe Vera and Candida - PubMed StudyShort Chain Fatty Acids and Candida - PubMed StudyJoin the Horse Health Hub 
Coming into fall can be a stressful time for those who have a horse that doesn't maintain weight... If you've tried everything to build a healthy weight on your horse and nothing has worked, this is the episode for you!Join the conversation inside our FREE Equine Wellness Facebook Group - www.horsehealthnaturally.comAnd if you're ready for long-term lasting results that generate the vitality your horse deserves, it's time to customize to their specific needs! Check out the Horse Health Hub today and find the tools and resources that unlock your horse's health potential -
Have you ever felt the need to do more? Like what you're currently doing whether, in your horse's care, horsemanship, work, relationships, etc. isn't enough or doesn't seem effective... My horse Lonan recently unpacked a life lesson that may serve you well as it has for me.Join the conversation inside the Equine Wellness Group on Facebook - www.horsehealthnaturally.comJoin the community and movement to improving the quality of life and longevity for horses -
On Wednesday, June 02, 2021, I made the difficult decision to put my mare Pokey down. In this episode, I'll share some of the insights she taught me even through this difficult time and I'll update you on how the herd and I are processing through our loss.
The quality of your horse's health is directly related to the quality of questions you ask about it... Today we discuss what some of those quality questions could be, as we explore what inflammation looks like for your horse.Want to chat about your horse's health and get suggestions on what the next right step for support could be for you and your horse?Head over to Equine Essential Wellness today and use the new chat/Messenger feature on our website - click here now. 
This episode wraps up our 3 part series on maximizing your horse's liver health! If you haven't grabbed your FREE guide to the 6 Most Overlooked Signs Your Horse May Be Suffering from Liver Imbalance - click here and get it sent to your inbox now.Are you ready to flow with the rhythm of horse health? Join us inside the Horse Health Hub today - try it out risk-free for 14 days - click here now and I'll see you inside the Hub Herd!
In part 2 of this 3 part series on liver health and vitality we step into more advanced options to fully maximize your horse's liver health.If you haven't had a chance to check out our new free PDF - The 6 Most Overlooked Signs Your Horse May Be Suffering From Liver Imbalance - click here to download now!Here are the links to support this week's topic - Equine Acupoints App - click here to learn more and download it today!Horse Health Hub - click here to join free for 14 daysHealth Activated Horse - click here to learn more about Nrf2 activation or email
From healthy metabolism to nourishing blood circulation, your horse's liver serves many aspects of your horse's health.This episode kicks off a 3 part podcast series on boosting and maximizing liver health and function for your horse.We also have a great 3 part video series happening inside the Equine Wellness Group on Facebook - join now - www.horsehealthnaturally.comStay tuned for a helpful free PDF guide that will share 6 Overlooked Signs Your Horse May Be Suffering From Liver Imbalance... it will be available for download before our liver health series is over!If you're new to the podcast or want to explore further, what was covered in this Episode... check out Episode 19 and Episode 1!And if you're ready to start your horse on Angie's favorite and go-to gentle herbal blend, click here and head over to Wild Fed Horse and grab their Liver Cleanse product for your horse today.Finally, if you're looking for support, tools, and resources to accelerate the results of your efforts with your horse's health - join our Horse Health Hub Community! Try it free for 14 days - 
What do you do when you've tried everything and you feel nothing has worked and natural health has failed?Join us inside the Equine Wellness Group - www.horsehealthnaturally.comWe would love to see you inside the Horse Health Hub - click here to join now -
Is it really possible to ride and care for your horse pain-free?Our featured guest physical therapist and author, Nikki Robinson is going to share tips with you on how to both reduce the risk of causing your body pain and reducing the pain you might already be experiencing now while riding, doing chorses, and caring for your horse.From hoof picking, to mucking stalls, to uneven stirrups... You can learn more about Nikki Robinson and grab her Pain-Free Horse Riding book today! Visit her Facebook Page - check out her power-packed 3 Part series inside our Horse Health Hub Community and Online Resource - click here and join now.
There's no need to reach for overly processed synthetic nutrition that won't work for your horse and wastes your money...In this episode, we'll talk about one of my favorite go-to natural options that will serve as a nutrient-packed equine supplement.Order your chia seeds today -
The root cause of most health concerns is linking to inflammation...In this week's episode, I'll reveal a major accumulating underlying cause of inflammation in your horse.Join us live for our weekly topics inside the Equine Wellness Group -
If you're spending money on probiotics for your horse, you'll want to check out these 3 reasons it could be a waste...Join the Horse Health Naturally Show Live inside the Equine Wellness Facebook Group -
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