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So many of us are doing all we can to break the cycles we were raised in and provide a better life and future for the next generation. Through our pain and struggles, we can grow into the person we are meant to be. On the other hand, it is easy to blame our circumstances and choose the “easy” path of making excuses as to why we are not reaching our goals. The key is to choose the hard path first and pave the way for an easier future for ourselves and our children. Today’s guest is an incredibly inspiring example of doing just that, and he encourages us to dig deep to find our core values and filter everything in our lives through them in order to find success.Matt Schneider is the Executive Vice-President & equity owner of a global software (SaaS) company with a target valuation of over $150M. He is also the co-founder of The MDK Project, a leadership development program, and The Squire Program, a development program for young men and their fathers to experience together. Prior to becoming a successful entrepreneur, Matt spent 7 years in Special Operations on SWAT and was a TFO on the United States Marshal’s Office Fugitive Team. Matt has helped 7 and 8-figure companies elevate their profits by focusing on leadership, team cohesion, and problem-solving complex issues that are costing a great deal of time and money.In this episode of Lead Sell Grow - The Human Experience podcast, Matt gets real with us about the fact that too many people in our society bail at the first sign of a struggle or adversity. What we need to do is embrace hard times and use them as an opportunity for growth and development for who we want to become. Regardless of our background or personal circumstances, we all have the ability and obligation to take charge of our life and pivot toward a life of abundance. Matt is open about the mistakes he made in his early business days, and how those mistakes cost him his health, happiness, and a lot of money. By establishing his non-negotiable core values and filtering everything in his life through them, Matt was able to turn his life around and create abundance and success.Key highlights:Matt’s background and childhood and why he wanted to break the cycle he was raised inWhat it was like to be in Special Operations on SWATEmbracing growth in adversityHaving values and non-negotiables for his habits, relationships, and businessMatt’s 4 core values and how they have changed every aspect of his lifeThe problem with cancel culture and why everyone is easily triggeredWhat was going wrong that made Matt create core values?How he helps people realize their potentialHow having ore values has changed his lifeHow Matt measures if he is improvingToo many people lack the discipline to get where they want to goHow to turn your employees into Intrapreneurs and have them fired up about making your company betterWho Matt’s program is for and what people get out of itPeople will do more to avoid pain than to seek pleasureOn the other side of adversity and pain, is where passion is foundHis advice to someone that doesn’t know where to start to reach their goalsConnect with Matt Schneider:Website: ignitionyearcoaching.comInstagram: @mattschneider_officialConnect with Eric:Be sure to connect with me in the Lead Sell Grow - The Human Experience Mastermind Facebook Group: up your copy of B2B Sales Secrets HereLearn more about our services: www.TheGoalGuide.comImprove your sales and stay connected – Free Gifts Here
What if everything you have been taught about how to stop procrastinating, reduce overwhelm, and achieve your goals, has been wrong all along? This is exactly what behavioral change expert Adele Spraggon is saying, and she has a formula that will help you finally ditch the negative patterns that aren’t serving you, and how to keep those patterns away for good. Drawing on the most recent findings in brain research along with inspiring stories of breakthroughs and triumphs from her coaching clients, Adele demonstrates that almost any obstacle can be overcome with the right operating instructions.Adele Spraggon is an award-winning author, a thought leader, an international trainer, and a fearless speaker. In 2020, she was awarded the Woman of Inspiration: Customer Experience Award, and in 2021, she was recognized as the Top Behavioral Expert of the Year by IAOTP: International Association of Top Professionals. Her recent book Shift: 4 Steps to Personal Empowerment has won three awards for its revolutionary message about how to actually set and achieve goals.In this episode, Adele explains that our brain likes to form patterns, and since we are not born with any patterns already formed, they form as we go through life and the ones that work in our early life, stick with us. Sometimes those patterns benefit us by keeping us alive and safe, but what if we have patterns that are holding us back from our potential? Unfortunately, that is the case for so many people. Adele explains how we determine if a pattern is working for us, or if it is something we need to work to change. Changing those deep-rooted patterns might seem like a daunting task, but Adele breaks down how simple it actually is if we learn to take ownership of the patterns we have. By following her 4-step method for subtracting negative patterns, we can better navigate this world and actually achieve any goal.Key highlights:Adele’s mission was born because recognized that a lot of her clients weren't reaching their goals and she wanted to know whyThe difference between your mind and brainHow to know if the patterns in your life are working for youWhat is a pattern and what is it not?How do we identify a pattern? We are taught to try to identify the “why?” but we should really be looking at the “what?”There is nothing in your brain that wants to sabotage youWhen you subtract the pattern that is not working, your brain will create a pattern that worksHow to remove patterns that are not working for youWhat Adele sees in people that are not successful in this method: lack of ownership of their patternPatterns Eric sees in salespeople: imposter syndrome, call reluctance, etc., and what Adele recommends to overcome theseGet out of your mind and get in tune with your body to become more self-awareConnect with Adele Spraggon:Website: adelespraggon.comGet Adele’s book for free, just cover shipping: Shift: 4 Steps to Personal EmpowermentFacebook: Adele SpraggonInstagram: @adelespraggonTwitter: @adelespraggonLinkedIn: Adele SpraggonConnect with Eric:Be sure to connect with me in the Lead Sell Grow - The Human Experience Mastermind Facebook Group: up your copy of B2B Sales Secrets HereLearn more about our services: www.TheGoalGuide.comImprove your sales and stay connected – Free Gifts Here
Being a savage servant is about being a man of integrity and strength, while also leading with value and serving others. Ray “Cash” Care leads programs that separate the average from the savage. Too many people self-sabotage, but knowing your worth and what you are capable of is key.Ray “Cash” Care is a Navy SEAL veteran with multiple tours, and he is the Founder of CONQUER, a leadership and team building program designed to push you physically, mentally and emotionally for individuals to break through personal barriers. Ray is also the lead instructor for The Squire program, which is a program designed to give young men a right of passage into manhood and go through the experience with their fathers. Recently, Eric and his son Max were able to be a part of this amazing experience. Ray is also the lead instructor for the MDK project. That stands for Modern Day Knight and he dives into what the 75 hour project looks like and what it does for men that finish the challenge. Ray is also a movie star who starred in Captain Philips with Tom Hanks and has been featured in multiple TV shows.In this episode of Lead Sell Grow - The Human Experience podcast, Ray emphasizes the importance of prioritizing your family, fitness, finance, and faith. He shares his words of wisdom to get unstuck and get moving forward toward a life of fulfillment and purpose. Key highlights:Why Ray decided to join the marinesWhat separates the average from the savage?The importance of understanding the need vs. the wantHow Ray landed the opportunity of a life time working with Bedros KeuilianHow Ray sets up his calendar to prioritize what is important to himHow to get unstuck if you know what to do, but not how to startHow to do a self-reflection drillWhy you need to cut negativity out of your lifeWhat work looks like for RayHow Ray molds young men into savage servantsWho is the 75 hour project for?What Ray sees in men that finish the project and those that don’tBe selfish with your “why”Quotes from the episode:“The secret to success is realizing that you’ll never get it right every day.”“You only win or learn. You only lose if you quit.”“If you can lie to yourself, you can lie to anyone on planet earth.”Connect with Ray “Cash” Care:Website: raycashcare.comInstagram: @raycashcareYouTube: Ray “Cash” CareConnect with Eric:Be sure to connect with me in the Lead Sell Grow - The Human Experience Mastermind Facebook Group: up your copy of B2B Sales Secrets HereLearn more about our services: www.TheGoalGuide.comImprove your sales and stay connected – Free Gifts Here
On our journey through life, we travel with both an inner advocate and an inner critic. The problem is that most people let their inner critic take the driver’s seat and lead them through a life of mediocrity instead of down the path of finding significance and a powerful sense of purpose. Today’s guest is an incredibly inspirational example of what it looks like to turn pain and struggle into an extraordinary life of impact for not only himself, but for the world.Bedros Keuilian is an American Entrepreneur and a believer in the American Dream. He and his family are immigrants who escaped communism and came to the United States to find freedom, opportunity, and a better life. Today Bedros is a serial entrepreneur and investor in over a dozen industry leading brands and businesses. He’s the founder of Fit Body Boot Camp, which has hundreds of locations worldwide. Bedros is the author of the Wall Street Journal Best Selling book “Man Up –How To Cut The BS and Dominate In Business and In Life.” His inspiring story of growing up in a very poor refugee family and the hardships they faced, to building the empire he has today, is sure to inspire you to get unstuck and reach your fullest potential.In this episode, Bedros shares what is first days in America were like after he and his family fled Armenia, why he would never trade the hardships they faced, and how it all help mold him into who he is today. Bedros takes us through his transformation and how he used his pain and struggles to propel him forward to ask the right questions and keep pushing forward. Bedros has an important message about masculinity and why he believes it is currently at stake. You won’t want to miss his message to ditch your inner critic and get your inner advocate in the driver’s seat of your life. Key highlights:How Eric and Bedros metWhat is the Squire program?Bedros’ first days in America as an immigrant from ArmeniaHow COVID affected his businessWhat propelled Bedros’ transformation?Why having a mentor is the fastest way to successThe causes Bedros supports and whyThe legacy Bedros hopes to leave behindMasculinity is not toxicNever negotiate with your inner critic and listen to your inner advocateHow to find significance and not let your inner critic winConnect with Bedros Keuilian:Website: bedroskeuilian.comInstagram: @bedroskeuilianConnect with Eric:Be sure to connect with me in the Lead Sell Grow - The Human Experience Mastermind Facebook Group: up your copy of B2B Sales Secrets HereLearn more about our services: www.TheGoalGuide.comImprove your sales and stay connected – Free Gifts Here
There is no denying that understanding various personality types helps reduce and resolve drama in the workplace, and any areas of life for that matter. Understanding how others are wired gives us major clues on how to interact with them and leads to empathy instead of frustration during times of conflict. With there being so many different personality quizzes out there, it can become overwhelming to know which ones to pay attention to, but the DISC framework is very easy to understand, and widely used in the workplace. Today’s guest found a way to make these personality types even more interactive by bringing them to life and teaching others how to better communicate and foster an engaging culture. Merrick Rosenberg reinvented how people learn about themselves through the power of personality. He is the CEO of Take Flight Learning and author of five books about the Eagle, Parrot, Dove, and Owl styles, which you will learn about today. Merrick has worked with more than half of the Fortune 100 companies in the U.S. and around the world. Under Merrick’s leadership as CEO of Take Flight Learning, his company has been selected as the New Jersey Business of the Year by NJ Biz Magazine and has repeatedly been named as one of the Fastest Growing Companies and Best Places to Work in the Philadelphia area by the Philadelphia Business Journal.In this episode, Merrick explains the idea of the “platinum rule”, which is to treat others how they want to be treated, instead of how you want to be treated. This idea is crucial because not everyone engages the same way, and learning to communicate with others based on their personality helps us to better get our message across and reduce conflict. This idea isn’t just applicable for leaders, but is also a very important concept for relationships in general whether it’s with a partner or our kids. Merrick shares very exciting news about an upcoming project he has been working on, and you don’t want to miss this one. Key highlights:How Merrick got into DISC personality traitsThe importance of communicating according to personality typesThe platinum rule: treat people how they want to be treatedWhy Merrick chose DISC personality type framework instead of others out thereMerrick’s favorite results that he gets from training companiesHow does implementing the birds get rid of drama?The U.S. Presidents and their styles: which personality types win every election?The recent shift in common personality types of CEOsYour style doesn't determine your success but it does determine how you are going to go about being successfulWe need to understand people and their style instead of trying to change themMistakes Eric made before learning about the importance of personality stylesHow do you get in front of and sell to your ideal client?How Merrick landed a Tedx talkQuote from the episode:“Once we have awareness, we can change what we’re doing.” - Merrick RosenbergConnect with Merrick Rosenberg:Website: merrickrosenberg.comTake the assessments: takeflightlearning.comTwitter: @MerrickRInstagram: @merrick_rosenbergFacebook: Merrick RosenbergYouTube: Take Flight LearningConnect with Eric:Be sure to connect with me in the Lead Sell Grow - The Human Experience Mastermind Facebook Group: up your copy of B2B Sales Secrets HereLearn more about our services: www.TheGoalGuide.comImprove your sales and stay connected – Free Gifts Here
There are books dedicated to creating your ideal morning routine, and social media posts talking about the importance of starting your day with intention, but have you also thought about your evening routine? While morning routines are very important to start your day off right, the way you wind down at the end of the day is also crucial. Today’s guest describes your morning and evening as “the bookends of your day,” and he is here to teach you how to win each and every day.Jose Escobar has been a sales professional for over 20 years, many of which included management positions. Currently, Jose is the Sales Director for The Educational Funding Company and he is the proud Founder of The Entrepreneur's Bookshelf. Reading books has always been a passion for Jose along his journey of personal growth, and he reads about 1-2 books a week regularly. He is also in the speaking and coaching business helping others achieve high level business success. His upcoming book, “Winning The Day: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Morning and Evening Routine Mastery” will teach you how to move the needle in both your personal and professional life.In this episode, Jose walks us through how he starts and ends every day, and why he decided to become dedicated to personal and professional development. In his early life, he lacked direction and discipline and knew that he was not on a path where he was going to reach his fullest potential. Jose became a dedicated reader and knows that information without implementation is just head knowledge and not actually doing anything to help you move forward. He turned his life around and launched two successful 6 figure businesses in just 7 months. This episode with Jose will inspire you to have a strong foundation at the beginning and end of your day. Key highlights:How Jose got to where he is today- who was he before?Reflection turns into insight: ask yourself the hard questions about why you aren't where you want to beSpiritual warfare: the steps Jose took to reflect and think about what he can do to be betterHow he launched his own social media marketing agencyPerfectionism can be procrastination in disguiseJose’s daily affirmationsJose’s 3 hour morning routineIf you're not using a calendar, then your day plans youJose’s evening and bedtime routineHow you do anything is how you do everythingThe difference between a course and a programJose’s new book coming out on January 6Connect with Jose Escobar:Website:, winningthedaybook.comInstagram: @jaesco25Other ways to connect with Jose: with Eric:Be sure to connect with me in the Lead Sell Grow - The Human Experience Mastermind Facebook Group: up your copy of B2B Sales Secrets HereLearn more about our services: www.TheGoalGuide.comImprove your sales and stay connected – Free Gifts Here
Many people let fear hold them back from going after their dreams because they worry about failure or what other people think, but in reality, those things don’t matter. What really matters is that we use fear to propel us forward. We should fear not reaching our potential and living a life that is not aligned with who we want to be. In this episode, Eric sits down with Steve Sims, also known as the “Real Life Wizard of Oz.”Steve Sims has worked with Sir Elton John, Elon Musk, and sent people down to see the wreck of the Titanic. He has also closed museums in Florence for a private dinner party, and then had Andrea Bocelli serenade them. Steve is a sought-after coach and Top 30 rated speaker in the US after keynoting at a variety of networks, groups, and associations as well as the Pentagon and Harvard. He is also a best selling author of "BLUEFISHING: The Art of Making Things Happen.”Steve’s newest book “Go For Stupid: The Art of Achieving Ridiculous Goals” is releasing on October 18th and it will teach you how to not care what others think and go for big, stupid, ridiculous goals. In the age of gotcha and cancel culture, people are worried about being ridiculed, but Steve is the opposite and he is here to teach you how to stop overthinking, go after your crazy goals, and live the life you dream about. Key highlights:How Steve got started in the entrepreneur spaceHow COVID affected connection and communicationHow to stand out and brand yourself as different from everyone elseWhy you should set ridiculous goalsWhy Steve wrote his book and what “Go For Stupid Means”Connect with Steve Sims:Website: stevedsims.comLinkedIn: Steve D. SimsFacebook group: An Entrepreneur's Advantage with Steve SimsTwitter: stevedsimsInstagram: @stevedsimsYouTube: Steve D. SimsTikTok: @stevedsimsConnect with Eric:Be sure to connect with me in the Lead Sell Grow - The Human Experience Mastermind Facebook Group: up your copy of B2B Sales Secrets HereLearn more about our services: www.TheGoalGuide.comImprove your sales and stay connected – Free Gifts Here
Being a great leader is much more than telling others what to do, leading meetings, and being the person that everything runs through first. Being a great leader is about influencing others to be the best version of themselves and to want to do the best they can in the position they are in. You want to have the ability to build a team that keeps customers coming back because they are truly fulfilled in the job that they have. How do you achieve this? Today’s guest explains just that.Before becoming an executive coach in 2013, Andy Hall had 30 years of operational and senior leadership experience in leading retail and leisure organizations in the UK and the US. Andy has led large-scale commercial teams and he has identified coaching as a critical area of success in his leadership roles for many years. Andy formally qualified as a coach with the International Coaching Federation and since then has been coaching leaders across the globe. He is the founder and Director of Andy Hall Coaching (AHC) specializing in leadership development, customer service, and people-based organizational transformation and behavioral change.In this episode, Andy shares some misconceptions that people have about coaching, and what it looks like to have a coach like him. All great organizations gave coaches, and Andy believes that an influential coach such as himself can empower transformational change, and motivate individuals and whole organizations towards action and high performance, inciting a passion to achieve purpose and deliver outstanding results. As a leader, you don’t have to do it all, so building a team with trust and passion for what they do, will make your job as a leader much easier. Tune in for more!Key highlights:How Andy defines a coachThe misconceptions about coachesBuilding a team that people keep coming back forHow Andy got his team engagedSetting strategic intent for your team to get their performance upYou don't have to do everything as a leaderWhat Andy’s coaching program looks likeAll great organizations have coachesSuccessful businesses have grown in tough timesGood is the enemy of greatHow to work with AndyConnect with Andy Hall:LinkedIn: Andy HallWebsite: andyhallcoaching.comConnect with Eric:Be sure to connect with me in the Lead Sell Grow - The Human Experience Mastermind Facebook Group: up your copy of B2B Sales Secrets HereLearn more about our services: www.TheGoalGuide.comImprove your sales and stay connected – Free Gifts Here
Making our clients happy and meeting their needs is a top priority for business owners, and the guest in this episode is dedicated to making sure her clients have everything they desire for their dream vacation. Stefany Di Manno Ceccato is a Dream Travel Designer and she specializes in designing dream trips for her clients.Stefany believes that travel is the gateway to self-transformation that touches your soul, connects and unites you with different cultures, fills your life with passion, realizes your fairy tale dreams, and gives you a great story to tell. She creates custom-tailored trips for people, and offers her clients exclusive perks and benefits they can’t find themselves. She spent several years traveling the world as a Corporate Flight Attendant, flying CEOs and celebrities, and is very in tune with taking superior care of her clients. Stefany has been to 53 countries, 28 islands and counting, and her access to global partners around the world help to make sure her clients have a trip of a lifetime.  In this episode, Stefany shares how she went from a flight attendant to a travel designer and why her clients keep coming back for her attentive service. Eric shares what it was like to work with Stefany for his trip to Paris, and the unique experience of working with a travel designer that wants to help the best travel experience possible.Key highlights:How Stefany got into her line of work as a travel designerEric’s experience with using Stefany’s servicesThe types of clients Stefany is looking to work withStefany’s process of working with herConnect with Stefany:Website: dmctraveltailor.comemail: stefany@largaytravel.comConnect with Eric:Be sure to connect with me in the Lead Sell Grow - The Human Experience Mastermind Facebook Group: up your copy of B2B Sales Secrets HereLearn more about our services: www.TheGoalGuide.comImprove your sales and stay connected – Free Gifts Here
Business owners might not start their business with the intention of selling it at some point, but in reality, all businesses should be ran as if they will be sold later. You never know if your circumstances will change, or if your goals will change over time, so running a business as if it will be sold later on, is a very smart move. In this episode, Eric talks to Jessica Fialkovich all about what goes into selling a business, and why all businesses need to be “sellable.”Jessica Fialkovich is an exit expert, speaker, small business advocate, and award-winning business owner. She is the founder of Exit Factor, and is also the co-owner of Transworld Business Advisors in Colorado, Dallas, and Las Vegas. Jessica is an entrepreneur at heart and successfully built and sold two startups, along with her husband and business partner, Al. With Transworld, they run the business brokerage firm that does the most M&A transactions annually for small and medium-sized businesses. She is also active in the entrepreneurial community, including Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO). Jessica shares her journey to becoming an entrepreneur and building a business during a recession. She is open about the mistakes she made in the beginning, and how she helps business owners with the expertise she now has. Her advice is to set your business up as if you will sell it, even if you don’t have any plans to do so. She also talks about how you can buy an existing business, and it doesn’t involve having a ton of cash upfront. Tune in for more!Key highlights:Jessica’s journey to becoming an entrepreneur after losing her corporate jobHow she came up with her business idea of selling luxury wineBuilding a business in a recessionWhat makes a bottle of wine worth $2,500?How Jessica became an expert in helping companies exitWhy she sold her wine businessMeet your market where they are at instead of forcing them somewhere you are comfortableWhat the process looks like and who is involved in selling a businessDo you need a whole lot of money to buy a business?What does financing look like?Why everyone should run their business like they want to sell itWhat do buyers look for?How she sets up her clients for success to sellWhere she sees the next 3 years going with businesses: seller tsunami is comingHow The Great Resignation has changed the buying and selling gameAbout her upcoming book: “Getting the Most for Selling Your Business”Quote from the episode:“Most people don't sell because they want to, they sell because they have to.” - Jessica FialkovichEpisode resources:Get Jessica’s book: Getting the Most for Selling Your Business: How to Get Top Dollar for the Company You've Nurtured for YearsConnect with Jessica:Website: @exit_factorFacebook: Exit FactorLinkedIn: Exit FactorConnect with Eric:Be sure to connect with me in the Lead Sell Grow - The Human Experience Mastermind Facebook Group: up your copy of B2B Sales Secrets HereLearn more about our services: www.TheGoalGuide.comImprove your sales and stay connected – Free Gifts Here
So many aspiring entrepreneurs get stuck in the mindset that the industry they want to get into is already too crowded, and there is no space for them. The truth is that in most industries, there is space for everyone as long as you become committed to finding the solution to a problem. Maybe that is with a coaching program, a service, or even a physical product just like the guest in this episode. Shea Gerhardt is the CEO and founder of Buderflys Technologies, Inc which she founded because she recognized a problem in the crowded, yet stale $30B earbud industry. On the slopes of Colorado, Shea came to the realization that the constant friction from today’s earbuds design did not deliver the comfortable listening experience that she needed to listen to content for long periods of time, and knew that she was definitely not alone in this complaint. Knowing that discomfort of the traditional earbuds is the top complaint from users in this industry, Shea brought together a team of experts that have spent the past four years solving this problem that no one thought was possible. In this episode, Shea shares her encouraging and inspiring story of perseverance in finding an area that needed desperate improvement, and tirelessly pursuing a solution. This invention has led to a much more improved experience for their users, and she walks us through how she did it, and what is next for her company. Tune in to hear her advice to other entrepreneurs and a great example of the law of attraction at work. Key highlights:Shea’s background and how she got involved in the earbud industryHow dyslexia led to her entrepreneurshipThe process of creating the earbuds and patentFinding a market that needs a change and being passionate about finding the changeShea’s advice to entrepreneursHow her first investor meeting wentWhat is next for her product?A story of when Shea persevered and it paid off tremendouslyEpisode resources:Book: Disciplined Entrepreneurship: 24 Steps to a Successful Startup by Bill AuletConnect with SheaWebsite: buderflys.comConnect with Eric:Be sure to connect with me in the Lead Sell Grow - The Human Experience Mastermind Facebook Group: up your copy of B2B Sales Secrets HereLearn more about our services: www.TheGoalGuide.comImprove your sales and stay connected – Free Gifts Here
Being an influential leader means adapting to the changing times, and realizing the importance of effective and significant communication among team members. We have to learn how to guide our team to discover things on their own, meaning we are ditching the idea of a “command and control” type of leadership and leaning into being someone that empowers others. In this episode, David McGlennen shares his journey into entrepreneurship, and how he helps leaders become more effective and influential.David McGlennen is  a business growth guide who helps leaders build companies that people line up to work with. He shows those leaders how to integrate their desire for high performance, achievement and growth while focusing on the things they value most. As an entrepreneur and family business owner for most of his life, David has learned that growing a company means growing and leading yourself first. He has coached and trained leaders around the world as far north as the Arctic Circle and has shared the stage with John C. Maxwell while training leaders.In this episode, David shares what the best leaders of our time are doing, and how you can learn to be an effective leader without embodying the very outdated command and control style of leadership. Learn to ask questions, listen generously, and speak in an open, honest, and effective manner while being mindful of the effects of your words. Tune in to learn how you can influence change among your team, even if you’re not in a leadership position already!Key highlights:How David got into entrepreneurship and eventually leadershipChasing success vs. significanceWhy “baby boomers” are worried about handing over the reins when they retireWhat it means to listen generously and speak straightThe importance of being in tune with the communication and personality style of your team membersThe type of trainings David offers to organizationsHow can somebody lead that’s not in a leadership role?How David defines leadershipWhat are the best leaders doing to welcome ideas for change?Why is leadership important? Why should anyone care about being a leader?Changing our perspective about where we are right now and viewing it in a positive light to influence the work environmentWhat leadership ideas do we need to let go of?Changing your perspective on your social media performance and audienceThere may be something that you know you need to do, so just go do it and stop making excusesDavid’s morning routineConnect with David McGlennonCEO Symposium invite hereInner Circle groups hereConnect with Eric:Be sure to connect with me in the Lead Sell Grow - The Human Experience Mastermind Facebook Group: up your copy of B2B Sales Secrets HereLearn more about our services: www.TheGoalGuide.comImprove your sales and stay connected – Free Gifts Here
Do you have a side hustle or an idea for a business, but can’t seem to find the time to grow it into something that can sustain your lifestyle enough to quit your 9-5? Maybe you’re working all day, and then staying up late into the night to work on your side hustle, but how long can that be sustainable? It can all be overwhelming between your family, taking care of your health, and even just getting sleep. Today’s guest has just the solution for that.Gianna Rahmani wants to help people break free from the golden handcuffs of working for someone else, and build their version of a “honeymoon life”. In this episode, and in her upcoming book DAY HUSTLE: Receive the Benefits of a DAY Job While You Grow Your Side HUSTLE, Gianna explains how it could be possible for you quit your job while receiving a steady paycheck, health insurance, and all the benefits of a regular job, all while you work on building a business that offers you the freedom and dream life you crave.After retiring at 39, Gianna and her husband focused on their businesses and investments, and now are passionate about being “angel employers” and helping others to reach financial freedom. Tune in to the episode to learn if this opportunity is for you!Key highlights:Gianna’s story of coming to this country from the Philippines, her determination to build a successful life, and retire before age 40How Gianna got involved in real estateWhy Gianna wrote her bookWhy working for someone else is not the way to build wealth for the long termHow Gianna got the idea for her businessWhy she decided to retire at age 39Why you should tell people your goals and not keep them to yourselfWhat is an angel employer?How Gianna helps people build their dream business and life and quit their day jobThe application process to work with GiannaWhy living for the weekend isn’t what we are meant forThe tools Gianna provides for people to succeedWhat entrepreneurs will get out of her upcoming bookHow to get a special offer to be a “Day Hustler”What is a “honeymoon life” and how do you get there?Gianna’s favorite F wordsConnect with Gianna Rahmani:Website: Dayhustlebook.comInstagram: @gmrahmaniofficialLinkedInEmail: mediarelations@dayhustlers.comConnect with Eric:Be sure to connect with me in the Lead Sell Grow - The Human Experience Mastermind Facebook Group: up your copy of B2B Sales Secrets HereLearn more about our services: www.TheGoalGuide.comImprove your sales and stay connected – Free Gifts Here
We hear a lot about Intelligence Quotient or our IQ, but what about our Emotional Intelligence, or EQ? We know now that our EQ is a better indicator of our overall success than our IQ, making it incredibly important to understand and work toward. Most people are walking around operating out of fear, giving their energy away, and not following their dreams. What would the world look like if everyone focused on developing their Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and operate out of a place of love instead of fear? Today’s guest imagines a world where people have developed their emotional intelligence, which he believes is essential for the survival of humankind.Phil Johnson is dedicated to the development of emotional intelligence. For the past 21 years Phil has been an executive coach assisting executives and organizations to bet on themselves by developing their emotional intelligence. A UC Berkeley study over 40 years found emotional intelligence is 400% more powerful than intellectual intelligence in predicting success, and Phil is here to share how you can develop your emotional intelligence and why we can’t afford to neglect it.In this episode, Phil shares how you can start to work on your emotional intelligence, effectively lead others to want to work toward a greater good, and reach your goals by tying the emotion you will feel when you reach it, to that goal. Most of us are being driven by fear, and it is making us easier to control and manipulate, so take charge of your life and make the world better by learning how you can improve you emotional intelligence and stop giving your energy away.Key highlights:What is the difference between IQ and EQ?How to define Emotional Intelligence3 primary sources of resistance to changeFear keeps you stuck n your comfort zoneEmotional intelligence doesn't eliminate fear, it takes away the hold it has on usAre there tests to measure EQ?How do leaders help others develop their EQ?What are leaders afraid of?How our challenges can be a gift for change and developing EQHow to reach goals by attaching them to your emotions that aren't fear basedEgo based fear keeps us stuckHumans are failing at leaving this world in good shapePeople have to feel you care about them for them to want to follow you or trust youAll purchasing decisions are made emotionally firstEQ will enable you to surpass your competition and develop deeper more trusted relationships with the people you seek to serveDeveloping your EQ guarantees success in all areas of lifeHow do you start taking action now?How do we nurture the EQ of our kids?If you’re not going after your dreams, you’re giving away your energy to your fearQuote from the episode:“If you need a title to get people to follow you, you’re not a leader. If your actions don't inspire followers, you're not a leader.”Connect with Phil Johnson:Schedule a call with Phil: calendlyEQ Newsletter on LinkedInYouTube: Masters of business leadershipMBL podcastConnect with Eric:Be sure to connect with me in the Lead Sell Grow - The Human Experience Mastermind Facebook Group: up your copy of B2B Sales Secrets HereLearn more about our services: www.TheGoalGuide.comImprove your sales and stay connected – Free Gifts Here
Quitting your job in the middle of a recession sounds like a very risky move to most, but if you know your worth and refuse to give up on yourself, you will find a path to success. Leaning into our skills, knowing what we can offer the world, and how we can help others, is vital so that we are not settling in a space that is holding us back from our true potential. Today’s guest is a great example of knowing your worth and value, and continuing to strive for excellence.Jon Tsourakis is a seasoned leader, marketer and sales expert. He’s the co-owner and President of Oyova, a national marketing and application development agency where he helps the firm identify and capitalize on new opportunities. Jon is passionate about helping others, whether that's individual mentoring or collaborating with top digital agency owners in the Digital Mastermind where he hosts his podcast The Climb.In this episode, Jon shares the story of his journey quitting his job in the middle of the 2008 recession, which eventually led him to building his own business where he helps companies with their digital platforms and presence. It was Jon’s unwavering commitment to himself that kept him from giving up and settling for another unfulfilling job. He believed in the skills he had, and knew that we all have our own magic and ability to make an impact on the world.Key highlights:Leaving his job in the middle of the recessionHow his current business helps companiesWhat mistakes are companies making?Why Jon’s dad fired him from the family businessWhat led Jon to quit his job during the recessionWhy he decided to start his own companySplitting from his business partnerHis thoughts on collaboration over competitionWhat should a company do if they have a small marketing budget?Where is the industry going?What is more important- marketing or sales?Get comfortable with your soft skillsJon’s morning routine and non-negotiablesConnect with Jon:LinkedIn: Jon TsourakisWebsite: oyova.comApply to join Jon’s digital mastermind: digitalmastermind.comConnect with Eric:Be sure to connect with me in the Lead Sell Grow - The Human Experience Mastermind Facebook Group: up your copy of B2B Sales Secrets HereLearn more about our services: www.TheGoalGuide.comImprove your sales and stay connected – Free Gifts Here
There are an ever-growing number of ways you can build your dream life and have the freedom you crave to be able to make your own schedule, travel when and where you want, make more money, and use your unique talents that may not be applicable in a traditional job setting. In this episode, Mike Swigunski introduces us to the idea of being a “digital nomad.”Mike Swigunski is a best selling author, remote work leader, and founder of He is an online business expert who has brokered millions of dollars in digital assets and helped build a nine-figure remote company all while traveling to more than 100+ countries. Mike shares all about his background, how he began his journey as a digital nomad, and how studying abroad ignited his love for traveling, which in turn made him curious in how to build a profitable business that could be run from anywhere in the world. There are so many options for building a flexible life, and Mike shares various ways you can do that, including the type of digital business he would recommend if you are thinking about starting one. He answers the question of how to get started, and how you should set up your business if you want to catch the eye of buyers to potentially acquire your business and give you the financial stability and freedom to put energy into other life goals. Key highlights:Introduction to Mike Swigunski and what he does as an online business brokerWhat it means to be a digital nomadThe 3 categories of digital nomadsHow he got involved in digital nomad workWhy would anyone want to sell a profitable business?What digital company Mike would recommend startingHow to “presell” your ideaHow does seller financing work?How do you know if a business is profitable?What to put in place to build a sellable businessEpisode resources:Mike’s best-selling book: Global CareerBook: Build to Sell by John WarrillowConnect with Mike :Website: GlobalCareerBook.comInstagram: @mikeswigunski
As a leader, it is incredibly important to understand the responsibility you have to set your team up for success. The people you hire to work with you in your company should feel like they have all the tools they need to succeed with your company, because everyone wins in this scenario: your team members, your clients, and also yourself. Today’s guest knows the importance of investing time and energy into her team to prepare them to be successful and also have a yearning for more knowledge and adopt the philosophy of being a life-long learner.Maria Quattrone is an entrepreneur, real estate expert, investor, speaker, visionary, podcast host, and Founder/CEO of Maria Quattrone and Associates of RE/MAX@HOME. Maria is a real estate executive with over 25 years of sales, marketing, and branding experience. In 2005, Maria founded her company, Maria Quattrone & Associates, a hand-picked team of veteran professionals, who provide quality, customer-driven service throughout the Philadelphia area. Under Maria’s leadership, her company has grown into a very successful real estate company in Philadelphia, and the surrounding suburbs as well as New Jersey. Maria and her team have assisted her client's acquisitions and dispositions totaling over $500 million in sales.In today’s episode, Maria shares how she prepares the members of her team, and how they continue to focus and build their personal and professional development each week. As a very successful woman, she delves into the skills and knowledge that has lead her to where she is today. Maria also gives her expert opinion about the current real estate market and what we can expect to see. She also gives very valuable advice to current and aspiring real estate agents to be successful even during challenging times. Tune in to hear more!Key highlights:Introduction to Maria QuattroneHow she was able to succeed in 2008How she prepares the team in her brokerage firmMaria’s tips for successWhat makes a good realtor?What a good morning routine looks likeHonoring your commitments to yourself to build confidenceMaria’s expert opinion on what is happening with the real estate market right now and what to expectAdvice to real estate agents for the current state of the marketWhat fearless means to Maria: Being scared and doing it anywayHow she became the #2 sales person at her job in her 20’sHow her firm has changed in the past yearYou cant be in productive mode and visionary mode at the same timeThe importance of time blocking and being intentionalHow to pick a brokerage firm as a new agentThe benefits of joining a firm Episode resources:The Power of One More by Ed MylettThe Compound Effect by Darwin HardyConnect with Maria Quattrone:Facebook: Maria QuattroneREMAX at Home FacebookRise in Real Estate FacebookLinkedIn: Maria QuattroneYouTube: Maria QuattroneInstagram: @soldbyMQWebsite: MQrealesate.comoffice number: 215- 607-3535Connect with Eric:Be sure to connect with us in our Lead Sell Grow – The Human Experience Tribe Facebook groupPick up your copy of B2B Sales Secrets HereLearn more about our services: www.TheGoalGuide.comImprove your sales and stay connected – Free Gifts Here
There is one habit that helped Eric create his dream future, and that is journaling. He felt he was stuck and unfulfilled at a job he wasn’t happy with, and met with a coach that changed everything for him. This coach suggested journaling to declutter the mind and get everything out on paper, and this habit is what led Eric to be able to get his vision out there and start creating a future that aligned with his purpose.If journaling sounds like a great idea to you, but you don’t know where to start, in this episode Eric walks you through how he first started, and how you can do the same thing in a very easy and actionable way. This process involves gratitude for what you currently have, in an effort to block out any fear that might creep in surrounding venturing out and trying something new. We can’t feel gratitude and fear at the same time, so it’s important to practice gratitude to block out that fear.In this episode, Eric will teach you how to use your memory and the power of visualization to create your ideal future and build a blueprint that will lay out how you are going to get there.Key highlights:Create your dream future by journaling“Anything that exists has been created twice, once in a person’s mind, and then in real life.”Ideas come from us from a higher sourceEric started journaling to declutter his mindOur thoughts cause our feelings and our feelings cause our actionsWhen we are feeling joy and excitement we want to get out and be productiveWe can’t feel gratitude and fear at the same timeIt’s important to practice gratitude to block out fearThe concept of using visualization, memory, and imagination, to create a dream futureWe are not utilizing our memory the right wayIf you really to get out of where you are and get to somewhere better, design what that place looks likeConnect with Eric:Be sure to connect with us in our Lead Sell Grow – The Human Experience Tribe Facebook groupPick up your copy of B2B Sales Secrets HereLearn more about our services: www.TheGoalGuide.comImprove your sales and stay connected – Free Gifts Here
Dealing with failure can be challenging and affect our self-esteem, but it is important to change the lens on how we see failure. Each failure, although sometimes painful, comes with its lessons on how we can improve and do better at our next endeavor. Today’s guest is a great example of doing just that. Anthony Russo is an emcee, performance coach, and motivational speaker that specializes in overcoming failure. He is the founder of #BeTheChange, Awake Not Woke clothing, and Host of The Truth Will Set You Free podcast, and his new show Blunt Force Discussion. Anthony loves the idea of having a conversation and meeting people where they are in life, business, and even politics.In this episode, Anthony is candid about the failures he has overcome in his life, and how he chose to see each one as a lesson and accept that each one was leading him to a greater purpose. His goal is to never make the same mistake twice, so he is committed to continuing to learn and improve.With his new podcast, Blunt Force Discussion, Anthony is having important conversations about what is taking place in our country and accepts various views and opinions. His goal with this podcast is to have meaningful discussions, connect with people regardless of their opinion, and emphasize that we are all humans and we are not against each other. Tune in to hear more!Key highlights:Introduction to AnthonyKnowing how to move past failures and being okay with itHis first big failure and his process of getting past itHow he got involved with sportscastingAnthony’s goal is to never make the same mistake twiceThe different businesses he has triedAnthony’s $30,000 knock-down and the lessons learnedAnthony’s advice to people not sure about somethingThe importance of politicsHis goal with his new podcast, Blunt Force Discussion“Be open to anything and attached to nothing.”A conversation about current politicsQuote from the episode:“You make enough mistakes, you become an educated failure.”Connect with Anthony Russo:Anthony’s podcasts: with Eric:Be sure to connect with us in our Lead Sell Grow – The Human Experience Tribe Facebook groupPick up your copy of B2B Sales Secrets HereLearn more about our services: www.TheGoalGuide.comImprove your sales and stay connected – Free Gifts Here
If you are a sales professional, there is a good chance you could be using sales tactics and strategies that are now outdated and have just been passed along through companies over the years. In this episode, Eric breaks down 5 mistakes that sales professionals make. You might be surprised to hear that some of these are mistakes because they might be advice you have learned from a mentor in the past, but are actually costing you sales. The first mistake is confusing commonality for rapport. You might think that finding something that you share in common with a customer means that you are building rapport and in turn will make them trust you, but the truth is that you could be wasting time that you should be spending explaining how you can help them. As Eric says in the episode, “People want to buy from professionals and experts, not friends.”The second mistake is selling to everyone the exact same way. Each person is unique and requires a different approach. Using an approach that clashes with that person’s personality and decision-making process, might push them away.The third mistake is not having a weekly plan. Not setting your week up with intentionality is costing you time and productivity. Listen in for Eric's tips on how to set your week up for success.The fourth mistake is not having a process for asking questions. In this episode, Eric walks you through his process that helps you learn what you need to know to help the customer solve their problems. You don’t want to “show up and throw up” all kinds of information about how great you are. Learn about the customer with the right questions and then show how you can help.The fifth mistake is not validating what they are looking for. If you don’t do this, you might end up writing a proposal that doesn't even match their needs. Make sure you know what they actually want.Tune in to hear about each of these mistakes in more detail, and how to avoid them. Connect with Eric:Be sure to connect with us in our Lead Sell Grow – The Human Experience Tribe Facebook groupPick up your copy of B2B Sales Secrets HereLearn more about our services: www.TheGoalGuide.comImprove your sales and stay connected – Free Gifts Here
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