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All good things to come to an end hey?Sad to say we're finishing the podcast component of the Surf Coast Creatives. We'll continue celebrating the work of creatives on the Surf Cost in Australia but find out why we don't have the time or resources to commit to the pod right now .HINT: Big couple of months coming up for Ben & Jess!Join us for a chat as we talk stats for the pod, our personal highlights and what it takes to make a great podcast.  Find out why we aren't disappearing altogether though and what we'll do instead. This is Ep.50 of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast. Enjoy.Ben & Jess :) See for privacy and opt-out information.
Been itching to get this guy on the podcast for a chat. He's a landscape photographer based in Torquay and goes by the name, Ash Hughes. Ash hails from Ballarat but moved to the coast a few years ago with his wife. He's now a dad to two kids and works full-time as an accountant. On top of that, he's an in-demand wedding photographer with x32 weddings booked already for the season ahead. And he only started shooting weddings last year! But it's Ash's timeless imagery of the coast that came first. He's grown a legion of loyal fans on Instagram with 12,000 followers (in 3.5 years!) sweating on his next masterpiece. There's so much packed into this episode for young creatives and even older creatives who might be afraid to get going. We chat all things marriage, fatherhood, photography, inspiration and Ash's advice for young photographers and creatives - find out why Ash doesn't like wasting time watching TV and what he does instead. Welcome Ash Hughes to Ep.49 of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast!LINKS Ash Website - ashhughesphotos.comAsh Instagram - @ashhughesphotosAsh Tools - Photo Mechanic See for privacy and opt-out information.
Our guest today is Geelong-born Artist and Photographer, Ferne Millen. Ferne has a passion for telling stories using visual arts and portrait photography as her medium. And she's been doing it for 21 years! Ferne talks about studying at the VCA and then progressing into a career in Melbourne and eventually settling in her home studio in Jan Juc. Ferne’s latest exhibition “Journey on Wadawurrung Country” is being taken outdoors, at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale (running 28 Aug - 24 Oct, 2021). Her work will be featured as part of the Core Outdoor Program. Projections which will showcase Ferne's photographs of Direct Descendants of Wadawurrung and will be projected onto the Ballarat Town Hall.This Surf Coast girl is both candid and down to earth in our chat. If you are interested in what it takes to make a lifelong career in the Arts world then this is the episode for you. Find out what it was like to dive head first into the Arts Industry from a young age and hear about Ferne's battle with mental health issues that she has now learnt to harness. Leave us a rating on iTunes after the show or better yet share the episode with one friend. This is episode #48 of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast. Enjoy! See for privacy and opt-out information.
Our guest today is a talented local Designer, Jodie Hayes. Jodie runs local Torquay denim store, Scout for Vintage.If you’re a fashion lover and want to create a sustainable brand, then you’ll love this episode.Jodie runs her business in the heart of Torquay. She aims to sell vintage garments and gives each garment a second life beyond landfill. Jodie has a creative soul and has had a go at running multiple businesses at a young age. Tune in for an in-depth chat with Jodie about what it was like to dive head first into business at a young age. We talk about much more including Jodie’s passion for the denim industry and where she hopes to take her business in the future.She is super down-to-earth and we loved hearing her story. Leave us a rating on iTunes after the show or better yet share the episode with one friend. This is episode #47 of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast. Enjoy. See for privacy and opt-out information.
Our guest today is one of my favourite podcast hosts Andrew Hellmich. Andrew is the host of a photography business podcast called PhotoBizX.If you’re wanting to build your photography business with a consistent flow of clients then this is the episode for you. Andrew is an entrepreneur, photographer, and author living on the Central Coast in NSW. He talks about the importance of work-life balance. Andrew and his wife have been running their photography business for more than 14 years and Andrew has racked up more than 400 episodes for his podcast. Tune in for an in-depth chat with Andrew about how to get clients using Facebook Ads. We talk about much more including Andrew’s passion for business and his advice for budding photographers and other creatives who rely on having a consistent flow of bookings.It’s an absolute ripper. Andrew is an awesome guy and we can tell you now he has given away the farm on this episode of the podcast.Leave us a rating on iTunes after the show or better yet share the episode with one friend. This is episode #46 of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast. Enjoy.LINKSPhotoBizX - Fb Ads cheat sheet (mentioned by Andrew right at the end of the episode if you want to start putting some of his advice into practice TODAY!) See for privacy and opt-out information.
Our guest today is the founder of not one but two awesome brands, Be Franc. Creative, a boutique branding and content agency, and homewares specialist, FrancHome. Her name is Eliza Francombe.If you’re into your DIY experiences then you’ll love listening to Eliza’s story. She is a soon-to-be mum of two kids and runs her studio out of the Ashmore Arts precinct in Torquay.Eliza has recently added in-person workshops to her bow, helping attendees create unique pieces for their homes. She is a modern-day creative weapon with a foundation of skills built working in fashion photography and graphic design. We chat about pregnancy, motherhood, and the ups and downs of running your own creative business. Plus, we talk about Eliza’s passion for art and creativity and her advice for young creatives. It’s a good honest chat and Eliza has some real character so we hope you enjoy it.Leave us a rating on iTunes after the show or better yet share the episode with one friend. This is episode #45 of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast. Enjoy.P.S. Tune in right to the end for an exclusive $50 DISCOUNT CODE for one of Eliza's creative workshops!APPS MENTIONED BY ELIZAToDoist - Organise your dayF.lux - Screen dimmerTrello - Project management See for privacy and opt-out information.
Our guest today is the curator of the world’s biggest Surf Museum, Craig “Gonzo” Baird.If you’re into the history of surfing in Australia then this is the episode for you. Craig tells us some wild tales of surfing before it became a sport. He also explains how he has managed to avoid producing a resume his entire life. He relies on gut intuition and following his passion to get by. Learn how Craig got a job airbrushing t-shirts for Rip Curl which started a 26-year career.He’s now the head curator of the Australian National Surfing Museum where he has been for 27 years. Find out how he stumbled into this role as well and the overlap with his job at Rip Curl.We talk about much more including Craig’s passion for art and creativity and his advice for young creatives.Leave us a rating on iTunes after the show or better yet share the episode with one friend. That would really help us out. Once again I’m your host, Ben Hucker. This is episode #44 of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast. Enjoy.ANSF See for privacy and opt-out information.
We chat with Torquay local Jenna Hutchison about the transition from business owner to a full-time artist in episode #43 of the podcast. In her first two years painting, Jenna sold two commissions. She had a lot to learn. Take two during 2020 and she sold eighty-seven commissions in short thrift. Jenna shares how momentum built as an artist in 2020 has led her on the path to successful collaborations with other creatives. But there’s so more much packed in too. From learning how to make candles at home 8 years ago and making them by chance for a friend’s wedding, Jenna’s candles eventually featured in Vogue. It was the birth of Jenna's first business, Love Ludie.From there, Jenna garnered more attention and was eventually stocked in +50 stores all over Australia and the U.S.There was an epiphany to come though after Jenna went through the traumatic experience of losing her Dad to cancer. Find out how she dealt with this painful period of grief which still impacts her today.In this episode you will learn:How Jenna went from flat broke to 87 commissions in 2020Why 2020 got real busy for Jenna and why she shut her retail store downHow Jenna got featured in Vogue at the start of her journeyHow Jenna dealt with the loss of her Dad to cancer when she was working in the cityOn painting, collaborations, and sponsorship with Microsoft Practical tips for building a HUGE following on InstagramAbout Jenna Hutchison:Jenna Hutchison is a self-taught artist from Torquay, Victoria. She is the talent behind LoveLudie, an artistic brand that creates art, candles and incorporates workshops on yoga and art. Jenna’s works have reached many partners and gained a ton of sponsorship from different brands and events all over Australia and the US. Some of her products have graced the pages of Vogue and have landed in the stores of surf brand Quiksilver. Connect with Jenna Hutchison on:Website:      Catch Surf Coast Creatives on:Website:      episode is brought to you by our new partner Maxted Clothing. Tune into Ep.9 of the podcast to hear more about Maxted’s story and go in the draw to WIN A WEEKEND AWAY at Barwon Heads.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Join us for our chat with professional artists Geoffrey Carran & Rowena Martinich. They talk about artistic risk, the intricate balance of life and art, and the necessary hustle when it comes to the business side of art. Make no bones, for Geoffrey and Rowena, art is a 24/7 thing. Despite their success to date, Geoffrey & Rowena both agree there is always that sense of hesitancy that never goes away as a creative—something that Geoffrey describes as “never-ending stage fright.” There is so much more too. Tune in for their take on work ethic, curiosity, business skills, and the inevitable burnout and how to deal with it. In this episode you will learn:How to keep the ball rolling as an artist and running with momentumWhy it’s important to walk away or take a break from artistic workThe nature of working with different clients and commissionsHaving a firm belief that "your art is your business"The common challenges of doing art full-time and as a partnershipAbout Geoffrey Carran & Rowena Martinich:Melbourne-based artists Rowena Martinich and Geoffrey Carran work both independently and collaboratively to create giant public murals and collectible artworks. Their art has adorned buildings and spaces throughout Australia, as well as prominent international commissions and exhibitions. Their work as individual artists informs and inspires their collaborative projects, marrying their two diverse practices of vibrant Abstract Expressionism and Representational painting. Martinich&Carran's projects often blur the boundaries between art and design with a strong focus on colour.Connect with Geoffrey Carran & Rowena Martinich on:Website:      Catch Surf Coast Creatives on:Website:      episode is brought to you by our NEW SPONSOR Maxted Clothing. Tune into Ep.9 of the podcast to hear more about Maxted’s story. See for privacy and opt-out information.
Join your host Ben Hucker with Torquay guest, Claire Summers. Ben speaks to Claire about a cascade of traumatic life events that hit her in 2017. Oprah entered Claire’s life not long after. Claire is the founder of Gratitude Glass Jars which became a viral sensation in 2017 after the ‘Big O’ came across her product.But an unhealthy relationship, the loss of a dearly wanted baby, nursing her father through terminal cancer, a near-death experience with IVF treatment, and being sexually harassed by her new boss meant Claire almost didn’t make it for her first meeting with Oprah.Tune in to hear the rest of that story and learn how Claire set about retraining her mind to tackle life’s lemons with gratitude. In this episode we cover:The Gratitude Glass Jar – one card a day for 365 days a year.How Claire never planned for Gratitude Glass Jars to become a business.How Oprah came across Claire and her Glass Jars.Claire’s former life as a corporate highflyer and technology executive.Claire’s near-death experience with IVF treatment, losing her Dad, dealing with an abusive relationship and sexual harassment in the workplace. About Claire Summers:Claire created Gratitude Glass Jars to help her heal from distressing life events by capturing daily notes of gratitude. These notes enabled her to rebuild herself and her heart. She made them while in her Mum’s care after a lengthy hospital stay. A month later, she had a job opportunity in the US. Despite her fear, Claire took the job, believing it to be her way forward.But only weeks into her new role in a new country, she found herself being sexually harassed by her boss. After all this, Claire was still aware of the power of gratitude. This concept had helped her in the past and could potentially help others. Seeking some light-hearted relief, Claire took her Gratitude Glass Jar to the New York Now Trade Show. It was where her life changed forever.Connect with Claire Summers on:Website:          Catch Surf Coast Creatives on:Website:      is brought to you by our new sponsor Maxted Clothing. Make sure you go in the running to WIN A LUXURY WEEKEND AWAY at Barwon Heads. More details on Maxted's website.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Our guest for this episode of the podcast is the editor and owner of Surfing Life Magazine, Ray Bisschop.Ray has been described as a “visual marketing genius” by some of his peers. He’s also a designer, photographer, loving husband and devoted Dad who started surfing about 35 years ago.In fact, surfing lit the spark for an interest in all things creative. These two elements combined have led Ray on a three-decade journey to become owner and publisher of Surfing Life magazine, But he had his fair share of challenges in between. He spent 30 years dreaming of the day he could for a blue-chip surf mag like Surfing Life. The lesson? Do not give up on your dreams. There is so much wisdom packed into this episode of the podcast along with some ripping yarns. We cover: The definition of a creative and what is an entrepreneur?30 years later, never give up on your dreams.The most sustainable thing you can do when it comes to work…How budding surf photographers and writers can get published in a mag like Surfing Life.The difference between print and digital media – kind like coffee makers and instant coffee!Plus, so much more…About Ray Bisschop:Ray dreamt about working at Surfing Life magazine for the last 30 years. Starting out as a graphic designer who'd always surfed, he thought there could be nothing better than working in the same field as your passion. Thirty years later, Ray is doing precisely that.He’s seen it all in his long career, from working as an analog designer to web, photography, video, and social media, finishing up as a Creative Director before taking on his current role. The one takeaway Ray has from this whole experience is... “never give up on your dreams.”Ray is a firm believer that the more we learn about technology and ourselves, the more we understand how certain things can never be replaced like a mother's warm hug, a cold glass of beer, and the visceral effect a print magazine has on readers. Connect with Ray Bisschop on:Website:                Catch Surf Coast Creatives on:Website:      See for privacy and opt-out information.
Our guest for this episode of the podcast is a hugely talented illustrator by the name of Fabiana Aguilar.Fabi is currently in the process of making the move from Melbourne to the Surf Coast. Born on the Northern beaches of Spain and raised between Senegal, Canada and Spain, Fabi got used to moving from country to country from a young age. As an adult, she has spent long periods of time in France, Ireland, Italy, the Caribbean and for the last 3 years, Australia. Fabi comes from a family of creatives: a portrait painter and pianist grandma, photographer and screenwriter mum and Doctor Dad who loves to surf. Fabi's Dad got a little concerned (in a good way) when Fabi decided to go all-in as an illustrator and designer though. Find out how Fabi dealt with this pressure from Dad (and others).There’s so much packed into this episode of the podcast so we hope you enjoy it! We cover:Travelling solo and finding your passionWhy Fabi became an illustratorHow to build a brand in a foreign country Learning Aussie EnglishSteaking your claim as a young female artistThe apps and tools that Fabi uses to stay on trackThere's no denying that art and illustration is part of Fabi's DNA. Check out her gallery on Instagram when you get a chance and say a big hola!Leave us a rating on iTunes after the episode or better yet share the podcast with ONE friend. That would really help us out.This is episode #39 of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast with your hosts Ben Hucker and Jess Mellington.Explore Your Creativity Join Skillshare to watch, play, learn, make, and discover. See for privacy and opt-out information.
Our guest on this episode of the podcast is freelance photographer and cinematographer, Mike Guest. He’s our first international guest and joins us all the way from Edinburgh in Scotland!Mike includes Patagonia among his list of clientele and is also the co-founder of the Dawn Days movement which went viral in 2020 after coronavirus hit.Lookup #dawndays to see more of Mike and other peoples work from all over the United Kingdom and beyond.We cover a lot today including the important topic of men’s mental health and what it takes to make it as a photographer or videographer and all-round creative in the modern world.And just to give some context, it was 5 am in Scotland and Friday 4 pm on the Surf Coast in Australia!Mike is quite a character so we hope you enjoy today’s episode of the podcast. Sadly no Jess on this episode of the podcast. We wanted this to be a man-to-man chat and Jess also had a prior commitment before we scheduled the episode.Leave us a rating on iTunes after the episode or better yet share the podcast with ONE friend. That would really help us out.This is Episode number 38 of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast.P.S. Check out Mike's brand new short-film (released 15 March 2021) called the Ripple Effect - A film By Mike Guest and John Duncan. Grab a cuppa and watch this one when you have a quiet moment to yourself. It will bring a tear to your eye guaranteed.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
We caught up for a chat with the savvy founder of a hugely successful business in Torquay called Retreat Yourself Box for this episode of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast. Her name is Kate Buchan (nee Williams) who got married at the beginning of 2020 to her loving partner Andrew. Kate had a little bubba too at the end of 2020 so she now juggles life as a busy entrepreneur, Mum to Charlie, loving wife, friend, and the rest! Find out how she juggles it all while running a business with a national footprint and off-tap sales growth due to a renewed focus on health in 2020. There's a whole bunch in this episode including Kate's passion for travel and a brief encounter with the judging panel on Channel 10's Shark Tank program too.In this episode you will learn:Why balance in life requires strong self-disciplineThe journey behind Retreat Yourself and WHY Kate started the businessWhat not getting into Shark Tank taught Kate about business & lifeThe apps and software that help Kate & Retreat Yourself stay on track. The ONE thing Kate needed to change in order for her business to work.She's such a beautiful lady and remains humble to the core despite her success to-date. In fact, Kate believes she is just getting started. We couldn't think of a better follow-on from International Women's Day than having a guest like Kate on the pod. Leave us a rating on iTunes or your favourite platform and let us know what you think of today's episode. About Kate Williams:Kate came up with the idea for Retreat Yourself when she found herself in the corporate world post nine years of working, volunteering, and travelling worldwide. Kate's travelling adventures gave her a different perspective on life and made her aware of major flaws in the health industry and how we’re living day-to-day. She is a founder, daydreamer, and self-confessed accident-prone adventurer!Connect with Kate Williams on:Website:        Catch Surf Coast Creatives on:Website:      See for privacy and opt-out information.
Join your hosts Ben Hucker and Jess Mellington with the coveted 2020 Nikon Surf Photo of the year winner Ren McGann. Ren talks about the discipline of fine art ocean photography and provides his perspective on some of the challenges facing modern-day photographers. Ren also talks about his unique editing style and why he sees it as a deeply personal matter. For him, it is better to be true to himself than produce the same cookie-cutter shots prevalent on social mediaIn this episode you will learn:How Ren grew up off-grid and took the leap to become a full-time creative.Being at ease surfing on a 12–15-foot wave!What spoils the Photography industry?The experience of developing a safety impact vest for extreme sports.On swimming with underwater wildlife including Tiger Sharks!Finding your personal style when it comes to editing & Ren’s favourite apps for doing so.About Ren McGann:For Ren, being in nature daily is a dream worth living for. When he takes his camera, loads his car, and drives up or down the coast, the trip begins. Nothing brings Ren more peace than being surrounded by giant waves or sitting camouflaged capturing wildlife in the bush. He was awarded the prize of the 2020 Nikon Surf Photo of the year in 2020. The judging panel comprised 10 high-profile judges including X7 World Surf Champion, Stephanie Gilmore. Tune in and let us know what you think! This is our first time opening up the borders on the podcast too so leave a rating on iTunes afterwards if you're tuning in on an Apple device or PC.Connect with Ren McGann on:Website: Surf Coast Creatives on:Website:  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Join your hosts Ben Hucker and Jess Mellington with guest Kayla Houlihan, the founder of Tribe Skincare for Ep.10 Season 3 of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast. We talk about the journey of a former art teacher now running a multi-million-dollar natural skincare business. Kayla gives the background and tips to help her fellow creatives manifest their entrepreneurship goals. Kayla admits at first that their products were exclusively for their skin clinic, but after featuring it online, the attention it received grew non-stop to a throng of thousands of followers today. Tune in and take away a ton of lessons from a successful entrepreneur who has managed to stay humble despite her roaring success to-date.In this episode you will learn:Art teacher before, founder of a skincare brand nowA gap in the market and a lack of products made for sensitive skinOn forming a reliable team and catering to the broader market Outsourcingresources and focusing on your strengthsSome practical three-point advice to remember for entrepreneursTune in right until the end for an EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT on Tribe Skincare products (only available to listeners of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast!)About Kayla Houlihan:A former beauty therapist from Geelong, Kayla founded a vegan-friendly cosmetic brand called Tribe Skincare. Her business has enjoyed a dazzling trajectory and notoriety since its inception, but it has come with a fair share of challenges and setbacks that would have stopped most people in their tracks. Kayla is generous, pragmatic, and has wisdom beyond her years. She is not even 30 yet!With thousands of followers on Instagram, TikTok and a foray into business podcasting, Kayla is not only producing a gorgeous product that women all over the world want but is also helping other entrepreneurs with her knowledge. Connect with Kayla Houlihan on:Website:     Catch Surf Coast Creatives on:Website:      See for privacy and opt-out information.
Join your hosts Ben Hucker and Jess Mellington with guest Ryan Rowell, the co-founder of TORQ F1T. We talk about Ryan's journey from motocross champ to the owner of an elite gym in Torquay. In addition, we assess how important a healthy lifestyle is when it comes to doing your best work as a creative. Ryan shares his experience building a gym in a garage with his partner Erin, transitioning the brand, and managing clients. Ryan took what he and Erin learnt from opening their first gym in California all the way to Torquay. They decided to take a step back and keep things lowkey this time around though. With the challenges from recent lockdowns, he tells us what they do to keep the hype for their brand running. In this episode you will learn: Keep it moving: Your presence, content, clients, and the business.On navigating their business during a severe lockdown a la 2020.Phasing out MotoX after almost ten years of racing.Building a gym out of a garage in Southern California.What helps the management work consistently for TORQ F1T.About Ryan Rowell:Ryan started his journey in fitness through racing motorcycles at a young age in Southern California. As a retired motocross professional, TORQ F1T became his new passion. In 2009, he accomplished the #1 Plate in the AMA 125A class. He is also a podium contender in both motocross and off-road racing.Ryan is an avid cyclist and currently races mountain bikes while training other professional and amateur athletes. He went to Crafton Hills College and had quals in Diet and Fitness and certification for NASM-CPT, TRX®, USAW, CPR, and First Aid.Tune in right to the end to find out how you get 10 FREEE SPIN Classes with Ryan & Erin at TORQ F1T!Enjoy!Connect with Ryan Rowell on:Website:                                         Catch Surf Coast Creatives on:Website: See for privacy and opt-out information.
Join your hosts Ben Hucker and Jess Mellington with guest Romy Roache as they chat about the discipline and mindset of an artist running a photography business. Romy explains a specific method of taking pictures and how she defines creativity in this episode. For Romy, images are what they are – natural. As for advice, she believes aspiring artists should work with themselves and from the heart without comparing other people's works. Find out more from what she has to say as you stay tuned to this episode.In this episode you will learn:People and relationships as a part of creativity. Don't get sidetracked – the hustle behind being a full-time artist, photographer.Are you born with creativity, or is it learned?Apps essential for the business and Romy’s take on editing.On finding inspiration from everything and everyone around you.How to respond when somebody says you can't make a living from your passion.About Romy Roache:Romy's love for the ocean stems from her childhood, where she was bred and born in a tiny coastal hideaway called Dutton Way, Portland. No wonder she feels so at home and connected with the sheer beauty of Victoria's dynamic landscapes. Romy is now fortunate enough to be living in Torquay, part of the Surf Coast, a backyard full of iconic surf beaches and rugged, untamed landscapes.Through her photos, Romy wants to tell a story of tides turned, of sun-dried land, and light dancing upon wave tops, combining a love for the ocean and creative imagery.Romy is still that little girl from Dutton Way, excited to see what magic Mother Nature unfolds… She wakes up to her alarm, hearing nothing more than the local cockatoo's, grabbing her camera bag, coffee, and off she goes in search of a location that catches her eye and waits to see what beauty unfolds before her lens.Creating art pieces that not only bring the beach to different homes but encapsulate the delight of texture, colour depth, and feeling.Connect with Romy Roache on:Website:      Catch Surf Coast Creatives on:Website:      See for privacy and opt-out information.
Welcome to the Surf Coast Creatives podcast Anthony or 'Ant' Williams.Before moving to Torquay, Ant was a Sports psychologist for a motoGP team based in the South of France. He worked with boxers, mountaineers, kickboxing fighters, athletes competing in five-day adventure races without sleep, rally car drivers and big wave tow-in surfers.He wanted to experience a dangerous sport for himself though. He searched high and low to find his niche and eventually discovered free-diving at 30 years of age.The rest is history. Here are 3 of his major achievements:Longest breath-hold swim in competition: 223mDeepest dive in competition: 100mLongest breath-hold time: 8 minutes.And on 27 March 2019 Anthony plunged into a frozen fjord in Kirkenes, Norway, achieving an amazing depth of 70.3 m (230.643 ft)—a new World Record!The dive lasted 2 minutes 29 seconds and saw Ant push through the pitch-black abyss on a single breath. Incredible.Tune in and let us know what you think and take a look at Ant's brand new podcast if you want to hear more. Links below:Ant's Bio -->>'s podcast -->> Performance Focused LeadershipAnt's Business -->> See for privacy and opt-out information.
Really excited to sit down for a chat today with the founder of Natural Harry in Barwon Heads, Harriet Birrel. Harriet, or 'Harry,' is the creative dynamo behind 3 best-selling books called Natural Harry, Whole and Home. Her first 2 books were self-published and her final book has been picked up by a publisher along with her 2nd title, Whole by Natural Harry. Learn about Harry's life as a full-time creative and her inspiration for living a humble life on the coast. Harry opens up about her childhood as well and takes us through the transition from fashion designer to recipe designerThis is a great story of following your gut and a primer for those who want to publish their own book someday.She has an infectious energy and was so fun to talk too albeit from Queensland where Harry and her (growing!) family are stuck due to new border restrictions. Tune in right to the end and let us know what you thought of the episode on iTunes. Ben & JessSurf Coast CreativesP.S. Become an official fan of the podcast with our new Patreon page. Check it out! See for privacy and opt-out information.
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