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History is too important to be left to the left. The Conservative Historian provides content and opinions on conservative thinking through the prism of history.
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Movies and Rebels

Movies and Rebels


It's movie time so we are having my brother back on.  We ask why those in power think of themselves as outsiders, the best war movies, and why British actors are superior to American ones. 
Memorial Day

Memorial Day


A brief history of Memorial Day with a few stories of those who gave us our freedom at the cost of their "last full measure of devotion." 
We break down the Netflix "documentary" and make suggestions on why the producers of this work made some interesting, and historically inaccurate, choices.  
The left thinks we need more leisure time and is using some spurious history to make their case.  We go from Medieval Europe to Ancient China to see comparisons with workers today.  
We go from Tudor England to WWI Russia and back to modern times to see what happens when we have leadership vacuums.  
We go to the business side on this one to show why Bud Light, and so many other companies, are making seemingly self destructive marketing decisions.  
Regardless how you feel about Trump, the history and politics are clear, he will not win in 2024.  
We go from the Crusades to Agincourt to 1950s Elections in a quest to learn that doing the same thing over again is not a recipe for victory.  
This week we saw the Left act in the Trump indictment. But how will the Right react? Though the Left never seems to anticipate reactions, they always occur.  We look at governance, education, SCOTUS, Nixon, and even stolen elections to see a distinct pattern.  
The Fog of War

The Fog of War


In this podcast we look at the fog of war and move from WWII North Africa to the Euphrates to the Swiss Mountains, and meet a great historian along the way.  
Those who have the label RINOs can still be conservative. And those throwing around that term, are often not. So I am using the new term CINO, a conservative in name only. We look at the history of conservatism to obtain a definition and look at who fits our new label, and who is the real thing.  
Why the Founders fought the revolution, the economics of slavery or the founding of the nation, the 1619 Project gets is wrong, again, and again. Now it is Hulu's turn.  Also here is the link to our first piece on the project from 2020 - 
We explore the history of national anthems and the introduction of an alternative for African Americans.  
It is a movie topic so that means once again my brother Gus joins me to discuss historical movies and the Academy Awards.  
There are many pining for a time before the industrial age because things were so much better.  We contend with that sentiment and note that life for humanity in the 21st Century is better than what came before.  
We provide a conservative antidote to the usual, diseased progressive orthodoxies extolled during Black History Month.  
Unfortunately, tyranny is not brittle or weak, nor is it an aberration.  Liberty and Freedom are what we must constantly maintain.  We explore the threats through using the Star Wars canon, and historical examples to illustrate our points.  
We explore the hard way through Hercules, Gouverneur Morris, and The Who's Pete Townsend.  All of this is not so subtle encouragement for our newly minted House of Representatives.  
Clown House

Clown House


This is a scary podcast. Ghouls, Ghosts and Goblins? No, far more frightening. Santos, McCarthy, Gaetz and Boebert.  We talk about the history of the House of Representatives. Take a listen, if you dare! (cue evil laugh)
Does the US have strong allies?  We look at Ming China and World War I, among others, to learn the  answer.  
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