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The Wagon is a podcast about addiction. Presented by actress, Finty Williams and psychotherapist John McKeown, who have both had their own journeys through addiction, each episode is a unique story about what being an addict means, what happens in treatment and what recovery feels like. The series is kindly supported by Ibiza Calm - a residential addictions treatment centre.
13 Episodes
In this final episode for season one, John and Finty are joined by bassist and guitarist from Placebo, Stefan Olsdal, to talk about coming out, dealing with the excesses of rock and roll in front of you and life after seeking help for his addiction. This episode was recorded in Spring 2020.
As we continue to live with the effects of the pandemic, this week Finty and John are joined by counsellor and psychotherapist, Billy Hazelden. Billy is also the clinical manager at Ibiza Calm, a residential treatment centre helping people with with addiction. Lockdown affects everybody, some more than others and is especially difficult for people with addiction or mental health struggles. In this episode we look at what some of the effects can be and also what help is available. This podcast was recorded in June 2020.
From being in prison to managing The Who, Bill Curbishley has seen it all, and joins Finty and John to talk about how facing addiction saved his life. This episode was recorded in March 2020.
This week John and Finty are joined by singer and songwriter, Chris Difford to talk about his journey through addiction and how even at the height of his fame with Squeeze he wanted to be alone and get low instead of high. This episode was recorded before the lockdown.
This week, television producer and comedy writer Jimmy Mulville tells John and Finty his extraordinary story about his addiction to alcohol and drugs, and how he saved himself from himself.
Actor and comedian, Simon Day is the guest in this episode of The Wagon. He tells John and Finty about his battle with gambling, drug and alcohol addiction and how his treatment at Ibiza Calm continues to help his recovery.
In this episode John and Finty are joined by model, actress and presenter, Daisy Lowe, as she talks for the first time about how life after Strictly Come Dancing led to complete burn-out, and how the treatment from Ibiza Calm has subsequently managed to restore her mental health.
In this episode, John and Finty are joined by the legendary West End producer and Chairman of Everton FC, Bill Kenwright CBE. They discuss how he saved Finty's life, what it was like dealing with Gazza's demons when he was signed to Everton and why he has never drunk alcohol.
In this episode John and Finty are joined by journalist and author, Adrian Chiles to talk about how his relationship with alcohol has changed since his incredibly honest documentary 'Drinkers Like Me' and what he thinks about what addiction really means. This podcast was recorded remotely in May 2020.
Matt Willis joins Finty and John to talk about his addiction journey, and how he went from being the guy that everybody wanted at their party to the person that nobody wanted at their party, and explains how getting the right help has made the difference to his life.
Always honest, and never afraid to tell it how it is, Denise Welch joins Finty and John to talk about her battle with alcohol, drugs and depression.
In this series opener, Finty and John talk about how addiction has affected their own lives and why they want to offer an insight into subject that still needs more conversation with this podcast.
1: The Wagon (Trailer)

1: The Wagon (Trailer)


Welcome to The Wagon, a podcast all about addiction, hosted by actress, Finty Williams and psychotherapist, John McKeown. Addiction and mental health issues need an open conversation and each episode is a personal story of addiction, treatment and recovery that is worth of all us listening to. John and Finty are both in recovery themselves.
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