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Author: Paul Jeune

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Former professional skydiver and CrossFit affiliate owner Paul Jeune gives pragmatic actionable steps to help deal with the daily problems faced by many that hold you from achieving your potential.
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In this episode we discuss what are you actually measuring and what things do you need to change to gain the largest amount of traction. We have our usual discussions around the CrossFit open and link CrossFit and skydiving examples to life and business.
An episode recorded in March we discuss events during the CrossFit Open, how things are developing at 0435 and using metric from competition in your everyday assessment of your own performance. 
In this Episode we talk with Phoebe Cowdell Murray. One of Paul's students from 2015 who is now a professional skydiver living in Norway. We discuss her life, Skydiving career and her latest project ColourBlind. An in depth video documentary exploring mental health and depression within skydiving and the effects on everyday people.
In this episode we dive into more detail the book 12 rules for life.
In this episode we review the action from the 2020 CrossFit Games Finals and give our take on the weekends action. Plus Dan did some running.
In this episode we tackle 2 questions from listeners covering finding your mission and when to teach extreme ownership
In this episode we discuss execution on mission statements through the lens of the competitive CrossFit box. We look at Paul's interpretation on the definition of competition and attempt to un blur the lines which are so regularly blurred.
In this episode we take a classic skydiving problem and apply its meaning to life and business.
In this Episode we review the current standings on the CrossFit Games with a look forward to part 2 in 4 weeks time. We discuss the athletes, programming and how the current leadership can take credit for the success of the event during a global pandemic.
In this episode we look at 3 words you should think about eliminating plus we skim through a first look at 12 rules for life by Dr Jordan B Peterson.
In this episode we tackle a listener question centred upon balancing humility and confidence in a leadership role.
In this episode we tackle a listener question which centres around being on the path to improvement but still feeling there is something more. 
In this episode we discuss some of the biggest behaviours to avoid during a period of isolation in order to maximise the opportunities that are presented to you.
In this episode we tackle some listener questions ranging from issues with a micro managing boss to starting a side business and bodyweight problems.
Episode 15. The OODA Loop.

Episode 15. The OODA Loop.


In this episode we dive into the OODA loop. A process of learning that shaped Pauls coaching and a great method to use through any leadership role.
In this episode we discuss moving into a new leadership role, Operating at 30% and some ideas on CrossFit purchases.
In this episode we discuss the traps that are set for teenagers and offer some tactics on how to avoid them, so as to become a stronger human. Plus Dan shares a story of his past business enterprise.
In this episode we discuss the standard operating procedures printed on the wall at CrossFit 0435 and the reasons they are there. We dive into how these have evolved and how they can also be applied to everyday life.
In this episode we are joined by Harrison Caldwell. A professional skydiver in Las Vegas Nevada and former student of Paul's in 2018. We discuss Harrys beginnings in skydiving, his journey to where he is now and how the training shaped his current mentality.
In this episode we discuss how we are capable of sabotaging the long term strategic victory to purely win unimportant meaningless short term battles.
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