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Your Daily Meds

Author: Cassandra Barbato

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Meditating on God's word is true medicine! Get your daily dose here.
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Are you a CHIEF sinner? Do you need MORE grace that most? Step into rest today through Pauls testimony
Just as the apostle Paul had appointments from the Lord, YOU also have special APPOINTMENTS to fulfill!
Those under LAW persecute those under GRACE! Paul's heart is for their SALVATION!
Why does Paul go back to walking according to LAW? Didn't he teach us that we are under GRACE and NOT under LAW?
God is PREPARING you for the next GREAT thing! Did you know that God has good plans for your future? Great things are ahead!
God will NOT be upstaged! He LOVES to GIVE! Paul encourages us to IMITATE our Heavenly Father!
How can we SPOT the WOLVES? Today we read the example of Paul's leadership. He reminds the overseers how to be build up, and keep the flock safe from the wolves.
Stay AWAKE to the GOSPEL that PAUL preached so that you do not FALL from GRACE!
Have NO FEAR in leaving your previous life BEHIND! God have MUCH MORE for you!
The NAME of JESUS is NOT a magical CHARM!
What should we EXPECT to see when God's KINGDOM is NEAR?
The BAPTISM of the SPIRIT brings POWER!
SIN, RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUDGEMENT! What does this mean?!Hebrews 9:26-2, John
How does the SPIRIT of God LEAD us?
Can you alter the NIGHT and DAY?Romans 8:9Genesis 1:16Jeremiah
You have been SET APART for good WORKS!
Paul becomes ALL things to ALL that he might win SOME!
WHAT does it LOOK like to be NOBLE-MINDED?
Let us FOLLOW Christ WHEREVER He might call us!
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