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At the time of John the baptist they were still waiting for the promise that we get to cash in on today! The manifest power of God for all manner of supernatural witnessing is available to the believer today. Did you get the baptism of the Spirit at the time you believed and confessed that Jesus is Lord? Let's explore what scripture says!
The enemy hates the supernatural witness of the Holy Spirit! He is working to diminish the manifestation of the Spirit in the life of the believer through doubt and even false teaching. Let us learn from the apostles the truth about the Spiritual power of God in the believer's life!
John the baptist knew that the Lord had appointed him to MAKE WAY for the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world! Let's look at this fulfilled prophecy and be encouraged and amazed by the implications!
Jesus is the REALITY of God's GRACE! There is no Gospel, no message unto salvation that is separated from the grace of God. It IS the message, the TRUTH that has that power of God packed into it!
Let's study the gospel of John! My favorite of the four gospels! Jesus is declared to be the Word, the full expression of God almighty. Wow! Let's
Really? What is the apostle John talking about when he says the one born of God can't sin? Let's take a look at a few passages in God's word today to see what John means! This episode explains what I feel is one of the TOP THREE teachings that are vital for the believer to understand!
There is a sin that leads to death, one that will never be forgiven. Jesus called it the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. This truth has left many with fears and worry that they might commit this sin and be lost forever. Let's uncover what God's word teaches on this topic so that we can fully understand!
How do we ask according to God's will? What kinds of things are God's will? Let's be taught by the apostle John on praying according to the will of God! When we ask according to His will we have the things we have asked!
The Holy Spirit inspired this message today just for you! When I was asking the Lord how to celebrate the 500 episode milestone the Holy Spirit reminded me of this message that I recorded of my grandfather, Pastor Sam Eubanks, preaching to our little church in Casitas Springs, CA. He forgives all our iniquities, and when they are forgiven they are gone! Healing, deliverance and refreshment are bound up in this little message. Be encouraged today!
One of the greatest messages we could ever get is that we have been given ETERNAL LIFE! Feed on this message today!
The love of God grows in us as we learn more about how loved we are by Him. God's love for us even causes us to overcome every wicked and evil thing! Let's learn from the apostle John today!yourdailymeds.orggraceovation.orgemail: info@graceovation.orgFacebook and Instagram: @graceovationTikTok and Instagram: @yourdailymedspodcastInstagram: @vitaministrypodcast
Are you still in fear of Judgment from Almighty God? Do you fear that you might lose your salvation or be rejected by God? Let perfect love cast out your fears! yourdailymeds.orggraceovation.orgemail: info@graceovation.orgFacebook and Instagram: @graceovationInstagram and TikTok: @yourdailymeds.orgInstagram: @vitaministrypodcast
The Apostle John lays it on thick today! Get the truth that you may be able to recognise the Spirit of truth or the spirit of error!yourdailymeds.orggraceovation.orgemail: info@graceovation.orgFacebook and Instagram: @graceovationInstagram and TikTok: @yourdailymedspodcast
Do you feel like storms keep coming against you? This message is for you! What a great word we get from the Apostle John! Also, I share an amazing personal word from the Lord that I was given for understanding the personality and glory of our God. Don't miss!yourdailymeds.orggraceovation.orgemail: info@graceovation.orgFacebook and Instagram: @graceovationInstagram and TikTok: @yourdailymedspodcast
With so many perspectives and messages how can we "test the spirits" to see if they are from God? The apostel John gives us vital information on how to test the message that we are hearing. Let's get into the word today! yourdailymeds.orggraceovation.orgemail: info@graceovation.orgFacebook and Instagram: @graceovationInstagram and TikTok: @yourdailymedspodcast
Seriously? Everything we ask for? How is this possible??? Let's be taught by the words of the apostle John and Jesus Christ Himself! yourdailymeds.orggraceovation.orgEmail: info@graceovation.orgFacebook and Instagram: @graceovationInstagram and Tiktok: @yourdailymedspodcast
Get some PEACE today! Walk into an assurance that builds our confidence before the Lord. He desires to bring us to a place where we can experience the salvation that He bought and paid for us to have! yourdailymeds.orggraceovation.orgemail: info@graceovation.orgFacebook and Instagram: @graceovationInstagram and TikTok: @yourdailymedspodcast
Love in action looks like Jesus. He desires to get ahold of us in our heart and mind so that we can be set free from the sufferings of the flesh-man and be set free in the power of the Spirit!yourdailymeds.orggraceovation.orgemail: info@graceovation.orgFacebook and Instagram: @graceovationInstagram and TikTok: @yourdailymedspodcast
Will you read God's word as Law or as Life? Will you read it for death or for true nourishment? Life is ready to be released in you! Let God's love fill you to the brim!yourdailymeds.orggraceovation.orginfo@graceovation.orgFacebook and Instagram: @graceovationInstagram and TikTok: @yourdailymedspodcast
Does hate for someone else cause us to lose our eternal life in Christ? What does the apostle John mean when he says that the one who hates is a murderer and no murderer has eternal life abiding in them?yourdailymeds.orggraceovation.orgemail: info@graceovation.orgFacebook and Instagram: @graceovationInstagram and TikTok: @yourdailymedspodcast
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