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Just a bunch of average guys talking about nerdy things.
26 Episodes
Immerse yourself in this Average Nerd world, as they celebrate 25 years of Pokemon! They talk games, cards, toys, and even make up a few Pokemon of their own! Learn their favorite experiences growing up with Pokemon, and where it has taken them today. All that and more on another episode of The Average Nerd! 
What year is it?! For our first episode of 2021, join the Average Nerds as we take a look back at 2020. The good, the bad, and the McRibs.
MMerry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Average Nerds! In this episode, we are joined by our good friend, Fr. Raj, as he host a very special holiday edition of Average Nerdpardy, and this time there's a lot more at stake! Juan finally gets a shot at playing, we take a trip back to past episodes, and Jorge gets super serious about cupcakes. It's an all out holiday war on this episode of The Average Nerd!
The Average Nerds celebrate their 20th episode by answering all of your GTKs! (Getting To Know You Questions).Find out what the nerds first impressions of each other were, what kind of of pop they would make each other into, and who get's left behind while everyone goes to Vegas! #DaveAfterDark. We'll also be picking the winner of our Supah Secret Giveaway. Thank you to everyone for sticking with us for the past 20 episodes. We're hoping there will be plenty more to come!
The average nerds are joined by a very special guest - their good friend, Father Raj, from the Fam and Fed podcast! Join them as they talk about their holiday meal experiences, taste test some holiday goodies, and find out why Av has a newfound loathing for gingerbread men!
Oh, boy! Join The Happiest Nerds on Earth for a special Disney filled episode!  Embark on this magical adventure through podcasting into minds of these Dis-nerds.  If you believe hard enough, your dreams of listening to this episode may come true! ... and by hitting the play button.
The five lions of the Average Nerdtron are finally all back together! Join us as we play another round of Average Nerdpardy, but this time it's the spooky kine  (~';')~
WHAAAAAT'S UP, FUNATICS! (Past and present). In this episode we are joined by Twitch Partner Sully! Learn more about the man behind Nerds Unite as we sneak in a few nods to the Funko Funkast that you won't want to miss! Join us this week for another fun filled episode of The Average Nerd!
Just like the low production count of art toys, this episode runs a limited amount of Average Nerds! Jay, Dave and Jorge discuss quality over quantity and  dissect the industry that is know as Designer Toys. Click fast to check out some of their favorites, and hear a few of their experiences attending Designer Con.
Episode 14: Sporty Ball!

Episode 14: Sporty Ball!


Join the Average Nerds as they run for the end zone! Find out some of their favorite sports, athletes and memorabilia on a new journey down memory lane! *Disclaimer* Beware getting hit with graphic details as they discuss some of their worse injures during organized sports! Learn all this and more on this weeks return to the arena! 
Join the Average Nerds as they discuss their favorite cartoons! Learn which stand out above the rest, and what hidden gems are waiting to be watched! Th-Th-The, Th-Th-The, Th-Th... That's all, folks! ...Well not really, but you get it. TOON in this week, to hear more!
Who is Draymond Green Lantern? Find out as the Average Nerds go live and test their wits on Average Nerdpardy Part II!
The Average Nerds are joined by their good friend, Jerry Golez, of Harygo Toys! Listen as they talk about all the ups and downs of starting your own business revolving around your favorite collectibles! 
The Nerds Unite Virtual Con continues as the Average Nerds are joined by Fr. Raj DeRivera from the Fam and Fed Podcast! Join us as we talk about all things food! Find out our favorite spots to eat in San Diego during ComicCon weekend, who prefers pineapple on their pizza, and why Fr. Raj hates Lucky Charms!
Happy ComicCon week! The Average Nerds have had the pleasure to be a part of the Nerds Unite Virtual Con, and for our first stream of the convention we were graciously joined by the legendary Patricio Ginelsa! Patricio has worked on music videos with the Black Eyed Peas, was the associate producer for The Debut starring Dante Basco, and is the director for Lumpia and Lumpia: With a Vengeance starring Mark Munoz and Danny Trejo. Join us as Patricio talks about his past projects, his love for nerdom, and his long lasting relationship with his BK Buddy, Av!
In this episode, The Average Nerds take a trip down memory lane and revisit the origin of their collecting habits. Learn who collected Pogs, sports cards, sneakers and even.. rocks? Tune in this week and discover how buying just one collectible can eventually lead to owning an entire collection. 
Discover the not-so-secret origins of how this ragtag group of delinquent geeks came together to form, The Average Nerds!
Episode 9: Funko Funatics

Episode 9: Funko Funatics


Whaaaaaat's up, Funatics! In this episode, the Average Nerds discuss the amazing company that weaves them all together, Funko! They share their favorite Funko memories, collectibles on their wishlists, and what it means to be a Funko Funatic! Followed up by a trivia game that throws all the Average Nerds for a loop! Tune in to see how it all, "POPs" off! Pew, pew, pew!
"You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain."In this episode, the Average Nerds take a turn to the dark side and talk about all things Super Villains! Find out who we chose for our Super Villain Mt. Rushmores, who wins our Super Villain Showdown, and who the heck is Rita Rapunzel? All on this week's episode of The Average Nerd!
Episode 7: Nerdstalgia

Episode 7: Nerdstalgia


GREAT SCOTT!!! Have we got a throwback for you! Join the Average Nerds as they take a blast to the past and talk about all their favorite things from the 80's and 90's!
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