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Author: Lucas Dourado

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Podcast from large group gatherings of Reformed University Fellowship on the UConn campus. Unless otherwise noted, all sermons are from Rev. Lucas Dourado, RUF campus minister at UConn.
105 Episodes
Jesus gives the bottom line: He is the Solid Rock.
As Jesus begins to wrap up the Sermon on the Mount, He leaves us with two choices.
Jesus teaches on the folly of judging others.
Jesus warns His disciples about putting their trust in treasures on earth and instead urges them to seek first His Kingdom.
Matt 6:1-13 - Prayer

Matt 6:1-13 - Prayer


Jesus teaches His disciples how to pray.
Jesus's most challenging teaching in the sermon on the mount about active love for enemies.
Jesus continue to show the depth of the law by discussing divorce and oaths.
Matt 5:27-30 - Lust

Matt 5:27-30 - Lust


As he continues his discussion about the heart, Jesus addresses the topic of lust.
Jesus explains that He is all about the law, and gives the example of anger and murder to explain what He means.
Jesus tells the disciples' their purpose in living out the life of the Kingdom, that others will come to know God and glorify Him.
The second half of Jesus's countercultural beatitudes.
Jesus begins the Sermon on the Mount with his countercultural beatitudes.
We get a big picture of the Kingdom of God through Jesus's parable of the great banquet.
Paul lays out the implications of the gospel
Paul discusses the main implication of the gospel: unity.
Paul prays that God would strengthen the Ephesians for the mission to which they are called.
Paul lets us in on the surprise of grace that has been revealed to him.
Paul reminds the Ephesians of what God is doing and what their story is.
Paul now explains the story of his audience and how they were saved, to show that they were made for greatness.
Paul prays for the Ephesians and we get a glimpse into where God is taking us.
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