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Aimed at parents, teachers, support staff and more. The B®ick In The Wall Podcast brings you lighthearted education news and views plus a lot more! With live studio guests and the infamous Confessional, tune in each week to get the latest episodes. New episodes released every Tuesday. Don't forget to follow us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Google Podcasts so you don't miss out!
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The duo are joined by Behaviour and Educational Specialist Adele Bates to discuss approaches to managing challenging behaviour in the classroom and how remote learning may be benefitting children with SEMH concerns. Adele also shares information on her upcoming book, 'Miss, I don't give a sh...!' which is due to hit bookshops in the autumn.Also hear how Adele once made a child dance the Jive before realising that he actually had a broken leg! One Confessional you do not want to miss.Adele BatesBehaviour and Education Specialist“I’ve had juice poured on my head, been whacked by a skateboard – and have taught a year 7 pupil who has experienced severe trauma, how to read their first ever word…”Adele Bates is a Behaviour & Education specialist who helps school leaders, classroom teachers, homeschooling carers, and parents support pupils with behavioural needs and SEMH to thrive with their education. She is the author of "Miss, I Don't Give A Sh*t," forthcoming from Sage & Corwin and a TEDx Speaker 2020. For her tips and resources check out out more about the Behaviour and YOU! Project and contribute here - You can also follow Adele on Twitter @AdeleBatesZSubscribe to the podcast and never miss an episode:Apple: usTwitter: @TheBrickWallPodFacebook: The Brick In The Wall Podcast
Listen as the duo are joined by regular guest, Mark Denny to take a look back at the last year in education and our favourite podcast episodes and guests. Mark also takes the opportunity to launch his attempt at a Christmas No. 1 with All I Want For Christmas Is Guidance from Gavlar!Subscribe to the podcast and never miss an episode:Apple: usTwitter: @TheBrickWallPodFacebook: The Brick In The Wall Podcast
The duo are joined by Chrissie Cox, Project Manager, of the On The Level Project working with Reprezent FM to support the mental health of young people. Reprezent FM is a Youth Radio station based in Brixton in London that started in 2010 with a one-month license, but after its amazing work on gun and knife crime they were awarded a community broadcasting license.Listen as Chrissie shares the work of Reprezent FM and the projects they lead, including virtual assemblies, to support the development and mental health of Young People across London and Essex. Also hear how Stormzy, or Big Mike as he is known, started his career broadcasting with Reprezent. Find out more about Reprezent FM by clicking here.Don't miss Chrissie's hilarious confession as she attempted to drive DI Frost in Granada's, 'A Touch of Frost'............despite never having driven before!Subscribe to the podcast and never miss an episode:Apple: usTwitter: @TheBrickWallPodFacebook: The Brick In The Wall Podcast
The duo are joined by Kev House from the Art of Brilliance to discuss the power of positivity and the importance of gratitude during these trying times. Kev also shares his thoughts on Mood Hoovers and behaviours being values in action. Also, don't miss Kev's alternative happiness Olympic Games and the need for everyone to have a drawer full of Happy Pants! This is a great episode as a thought provoker with staff.Further details on the Art of Brilliance can be found at Subscribe to the podcast and never miss an episode:Apple: usTwitter: @TheBrickWallPodFacebook: The Brick In The Wall Podcast
The duo are once again joined by Mark Denny and take a look at the A-Level and GCSE debacle and latest Bank Holiday guidance drops from the DfE. Don't miss Greg sharing his weekend saga and how he lost his phone. It could only happen to the Bury Bawler!Subscribe to the podcast and never miss an episode:Apple: usTwitter: @TheBrickWallPodFacebook:
The duo are joined by Australian teacher, Sarah Durack, to discuss the impact of lockdown on schools in Australia and the ways in which they have managed remote learning and returning to school for all pupils.We also discuss Government guidance and advice - the difference between the two government's approaches is significant! Also, don't miss the Confessional where we discover one Australian school developed its own brewery all in the name of education! Where do we sign up?Subscribe to the podcast and never miss an episode:Apple: usTwitter: @TheBrickWallPodFacebook:
The duo are joined by the phenomenal Mary Myatt to discuss her work on the curriculum and her book The Curriculum: Gallimaufry to coherence, as well as the importance of stories across all subjects. Mary also shares the background on her upcoming book due out in September, the aptly named Back On Track, which takes a look at how we can remove some of the unnecessary burdens on teachers and free them up to focus on their pupils and students - marking being one of them!One of our duo also shares how they inadvertently became a fugitive for a week and Mary shares some hilarious stories in The Confessional. One not to be missed!Subscribe to the podcast and never miss an episode:Apple: usTwitter: @TheBrickWallPodFacebook:
The duo are joined again by regular guest, Mark Denny, to discuss the cost of shredding this year's SATs papers and just how high the papers would have reached had they been piled up........all 70 million sheets of them! We also discuss potential plans for additional assessments next year to measure the impact of Covid and we discover that you can't Trust the Bury Bawler with your socks!Subscribe to the podcast and never miss an episode:Apple: usTwitter: @TheBrickWallPodFacebook:
The duo are joined by Secondary Assistant Principal, Richard Moxon, to discuss the challenges faced by secondary schools through lockdown and plans for opening fully to all students in September while keeping bubbles operating. We also discuss the process of GCSEs this year and the potential issues that could be faced by students with Ofqual's announcement that they may have to adjust teacher assessment by up to 12% points for A Levels and 9% points for GCSEs.The duo also discuss the recently announced 3.1% pay award for teachers and the wider implications of this on the sector. The devil is always in the detail!Richard also confesses to Sunday drinking while watching the football and the Dutch courage it gave him to wind up his then Headteacher with a photo of the Chelsea score. He didn't take it too well and until today didn't know who it was! Something tell us that he might now!Subscribe to the podcast and never miss an episode:Apple: usTwitter: @TheBrickWallPodFacebook:
The duo are joined once again by Lincolnshire Headteacher Bill Lord who explains his approach to supporting children in September and shares his tips and thoughts for NQTs starting their first post and those still looking. Bill also shares his essential reading list for the Summer holiday as well as how he managed to cause a blockage in the coal shed pipes with his cigarette butts as a young teacher.Subscribe to the podcast and never miss an episode:Apple: usTwitter: @TheBrickWallPodFacebook:
The duo are joined by the brilliant Jonathan Rice to discuss his experiences in school and the role that the Headteacher associations across the country have played in supporting Heads and Principals by being the communication conduit between DfE, LAs and schools during lockdown.Don't miss the hilarious Confessional where Jonathan shares his habit of killing off Santa and Greg shares how he ended up on Channel 4's The Big Breakfast with just a football to hide behind!Subscribe to the podcast and never miss an episode:Apple: usTwitter: @TheBrickWallPodFacebook:
Series 2, Episode 1. The Duo are joined by Richard Dedicoat, who is headteacher of a primary school in Suffolk, to discuss the mental health support for children returning to school in September and the importance of reflection and high expectations as we prepare for all children to return.Don't miss the Confessional where Richard shares his high pain thresholds and the finger thong that made it into the front page of a Reading newspaper!Subscribe to the podcast and never miss an episode:Apple: usTwitter: @brickinwallpodFacebook:
The duo are joined by Andy Samways, Director of Research at the Unity Research School and Unity Schools Partnership, to discuss the importance of research in schools and how this can improve outcomes for children. Andy also discusses the EAST framework from the Behaviour Insights Team and how this can be used effectively to support school improvement: Easy, Attractive, Social and Timely.Don't miss Andy's confession where we discover being prepared is only one key principle in teaching........having the right classroom also helps!Research links from this Podcast:Quick read blog: Nudging for Change and Impact - Establishing new habits, routines and approaches for school affected by the Covid-19 crisis... which referenced this EEF guide to supporting school planning: a tiered approach to 2020-21 and Behaviour Insights EAST frameworkLonger read blog outlining: Putting evidence to work: 5 EEF resources we’ve been using amid challenging timesLink to Unity Research School website, including communication/training eventssign up to our free monthly e-newsletterFollow Unity on Twitter @UnityResSchEEF guidance report: Putting Evidence to work: a school's guide to implementationEEF guidance report: Metacognition and self-regulated learningSubscribe to the podcast and never miss an episode:Apple: usTwitter: @TheBrickWallPodFacebook: The Brick In The Wall Podcast
The duo are joined once again by Mark Denny to review Series 1 and the amazing guests that have joined us to share their knowledge and wisdom on the world of education and life in schools during lockdown and subsequent wider opening. Remember, we have never been closed!Subscribe to the podcast and never miss an episode:Apple: usTwitter: @brickinwallpodFacebook: educationteachlearnfunchatnewsviews
The duo are joined by Trust Safeguarding Manager, Louis Donald and CEO of The Safeguarding Alliance, Emily Konstantas to discuss the importance of safeguarding in schools on the road to recovery from lockdown. Emily also shares her concerns regarding the safeguarding vacuum that exists when policy is not reflected in practice and how safeguarding is an international issue that needs to be tackled across countries to protect the global child. Don't miss the confessional where the duo discover that eating cherry pips can be seriously harmful!Subscribe to the podcast:Apple: usTwitter: @brickinwallpodFacebook:
The duo are joined once again by Mark Denny to discuss the latest news and views from the world of education. The duo discuss the £1bn fund for catch-up and tutor programme as well as the need to be careful around the narrative around the length of time children have been absent from school.The Yorkshire Pud is in trouble with Twitter and facing a lengthy spell in Twitter Jail and the Bury Bawler shares why you need to watch your bodily functions when in an online meeting and then sharing it on social media!Subscribe to the podcast:Apple: usTwitter: @brickinwallpodFacebook:
Raj Unsworth joins the duo to discuss the importance of strong governance in education and the impact of Covid. Raj also discusses the work of the Partition Education Group (@partitiongroup) and their campaign to see Partition and South Asian British History on the National Curriculum. The duo also discuss with Raj the need to see the British Empire and our colonial history taught in schools and how we need to understand how people have arrived in Britain as a means to start to fix broken society.Also, check out Filling The Blanks, a group of 16 - 18 year olds who are campaigning to fill the gaps in their education with knowledge about how they came to be in Britain and how their parents arrived here. This is a very important project which every educator should check out and support.Subscribe to the podcast:Apple: usTwitter: @brickinwallpodFacebook:
The duo are joined by Claire Cuthbert, CEO of Evolve Trust, to discuss the importance of culture in education and Claire discloses who her pedagogical crush is. We also discuss the Headteacher Institute for the Headteachers within her trust and Claire also recommends a book for everyone in education to read and that's The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek.Don't miss Claire's Confessional and her baptism of fire as a CEO as one member of staff decides to appear on TV...........just not the sort of show you would expect!PS: The duo are a little bit forgetful as they think this is their 20th's actually the 21st!Subscribe to the podcast:Apple: usTwitter: @brickinwallpodFacebook:
The duo are joined by Anita Kerwin-Nye to discuss the importance of inclusion and how every child has an entitlement to enrichment through a shared responsibility between school, parents and society and how the pandemic gives schools an opportunity to rethink their approach to inclusion. Anita also discusses her Every Child Should campaign, which aims to improve outcomes for all children through access to rich and rounded experiences.Don't miss the Confessional where Anita shares a faux pas in a Sex Ed lesson that led to some embarrassing pictorial outcomes!Subscribe to the podcast:Apple: usTwitter: @brickinwallpodFacebook:
The duo are joined by Sir Steve Lancashire, CEO of Reach2 Multi Academy Trust, to discuss doing what is right for the communities that schools serve and the importance of relationships and investing in the development of every member of the organisation. Steve also discusses the need to re-examine strategic plans and review what our core purpose is in light of changes due to Covid.Don't miss the hilarious Confessional where Sir Steve accidentally gets Boris Johnson drunk!Subscribe to the podcast:Apple: usTwitter: @brickinwallpodFacebook:
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