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Developer of TowerFall and Celeste Maddy Thorson joins the panel to cover the Treasure of Sierra Madrock, Nephew Tokens, and if double jumps are really necessary.
Media Crossover Expert Topher “Docfuture” Florence sits with the panel to cover fetchy texture and Bare Nuckle. Ash Parrish shares thoughts on the Halo TV series in “Master Chief Does the Covenant.”
Insert Credit Co-founder and legendary game composer Vincent Diamante joins the panel to cover Fighters Megamix romance, Russian Adventure, and the top 5 Sonic games that aren’t the immediately great ones.
The Tarnished Kris Graft takes his spot on the panel to cover bloodwritten OSHA violations, snipers, and syphilitic electrocution revival.
Cool, cute, and Iori Yagami! Patrick Miller hosts Brandon Sheffield, Andrés “nothingxs” Velasco y Coll and Azurelore Korrigan to cover the King of Fighters, the fall of SNK, and Insert Credit’s history with both.
After defeat at the hands of scheduling conflicts, Esper steps in to deliver a few of the best Insert Credit Show moments since October 2020.
While Alex Jaffe is under the weather, Tim Rogers is stepping in to perform something vaguely resembling hosting duties. Ash Parrish joins the panel to relay Activision news, Sonic 2 The Movie thoughts, and spreadsheet olympics.
The panel reassembles once more to Game Now!, share the best soundtrack for walking your dog, and groan over a couple real Jaffeisms.
Insert Credit covers GDC 2022 with Liz Ryerson reporting direct from the expo hall on a quest to achieve corporate heaven, while Brandon Sheffield gets quick hits from some prominent attendees and reflects on GDC itself.
The heroes known as Insert Credit return to do battle with Two Point Eight-A video games, Vectourmaun, and giving yousa unna bongo.
In an eternal battle against time constraints, the panel speedruns tricky topics like shader bananas, unusually serious discussion of bullying, and Badstlevanias
Ep. 226 - That's-a So Nice!

Ep. 226 - That's-a So Nice!


The panel returns complete to confront dudekillers, money laundering, and quick-a time events.
It’s not over yet! Listen to Tim and Brandon mention honorables from last year that didn’t make it on the Insert Credit Top 21 of 2021 list. Plus the essay “isle o tims” by Brandon Sheffield, exploring Balan Wonderworld as a capitalism allegory.
In which our heroes (and you!) are absolved of the sin of piracy by the highest authority in game history, and Ice the Goose reveals arcane knowledge of anthropology.
In which our heroes recount a few of the best video games released in 2021, the most interesting video games released in 2021, and the video games they actually played in 2021.
Video Game History Foundation Co-Director Kelsey Lewin joins Brandon, Tim and Alex in exploring duality, Caroque, and Spider-Man Root Canaling Pregnant Elsa.
Ep. 221 - Popey Fox

Ep. 221 - Popey Fox


Our heroes reunite to tackle the return of Reagen Sheffield, the Turkish Star Wars of Yuzo Koshiro, and Paul Blart Mall Battletoad. They also discuss the Microsoft-Activision-Blizzard-King merger, Tifa in the Italian senate, and the metaverse.
Insert Credit Sells Out! Liz Ryerson returns with a vengeance to help design sixteen games for brands that owe us money now.
You’ve waited long enough, now Insert Credit ranks the greatest video game consoles of all time, and a few others for good measure. publisher Kris Graft joins the panel to cover E3, Square Enix NFTs, what rock and roll really is, and smoking weed at the Sega E3 booth.
Comments (5)

Hal Farley

Great episode, I laughed quite a bit. I loved Laura's vibe, she was a great guest.

Oct 30th

Hal Farley

Heck yeah, this episode was great.

Oct 22nd

Hal Farley

I love that they are back at it!

Oct 14th

Patrick Kernan

This was an awesome, really thoughtful episode on what issues plague the video game industry (especially a lack of diversity) and what can be done to fix it.

Aug 26th

Paul Georghiou

holy shit Bashi Bazook music

Jul 7th
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