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Visionaries can be a great source of creativity, but they can also clash with more practical-minded folks. How do you lead visionaries effectively? Dream Team Architect Veronica Romney shares her experience in team management and working with visionary clients. When your team visionary starts to brainstorm, don’t bring an umbrella. Take notes instead! With planning and organization, you can transform an overflowing well of ideas into an asset. Be sure to check out Veronica’s Rainmaker Residency! It’s a program that bolsters dynamic duos of visionary founders and strategic marketers to create business growth. 
As society becomes more diverse, hearing from and working with many communities will only become more crucial for businesses. Julye Williams, founder of the Project 2043 Institute, has dedicated her career to promoting a healthy multiracial society. Her work helps businesses and organizations that want to become more inclusive and diverse in their operations. The key to diversity, equity and inclusion is curiosity. By asking questions and listening to multiple perspectives, we can build equitable foundations for businesses.
As a business owner, how do you demonstrate credibility in your industry? That’s Michael DeLon’s area of expertise. As president of Paperback Expert, he helps business owners tell their stories by publishing bestselling books. With a physical book showcasing your unique business journey and knowledge, you instantly leave an impression on prospects. Michael’s credibility marketing strategies have increased conversion rates not just for his business, but his clients’ as well. Learn how Michael came to start his business and visit his website for a free credibility assessment.
How can businesses avoid driving their employees to resign? Artemis Partnership managing partner Bob Wiesner has an answer. Rather than accepting every available opportunity, he recommends focusing on slam dunks. Those projects that highlight your business’s strengths, or clients who match your ideal demographic. By keeping your pipeline focused, your business wins more and your staff feels more motivated. By focusing on what your business does best, you create profits and a stable workforce.
Leslie Hassler, founder of Your Biz Rules, is back to discuss making the tight labor market and how to make your business attractive to candidates. The business-employee relationship is a two-way street. Learn how to sell your business’s value, culture, and future to potential hires. Tell your business’s story by living and breathing your mission and values. Finally, don’t underestimate the benefit of a strong orientation process. Did you know that most employees that have a new hire orientation go on to stay for more than three years? You can also grab a copy of 7 Steps to a Rockstar Team to propel you on in your recruiting process. 
While passion may not pay the bills, it doesn’t have to be at odds with profit. Leslie Hassler joins us on the Nurture Small Business podcast with her unique Scaling Rich™ Method. She teaches us how to strategically manage business growth. Leslie outlines the steps to build sustainable business models and stop money leaks. With smart scaling strategies, the rewards benefit you and your team. Be sure to check out Leslie’s guide, 21 Ways to Quickly Fund Your Business Growth for more strategies.  Tune in next week to hear our discussion with Leslie on building teams in a tight labor market! 
Improv isn’t just for comedy; it can help your business too! Join us and Cassandra Quinn, team development advisor and Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program alum. We dive into Cassandra’s history with improv and theater, and how it has shaped her business journey. Corporate role play can be a useful tool for training and for practicing your sales skills. Learn how to use Cassandra’s methods to take the drama out of client conversations. 
Have you ever walked away from a tough business conversation, and wished you could have handled it better? Today we’re joined by Jerry Fu, professional conflict resolution coach at Adapting Leaders. Jerry used to be very conflict averse himself, until he discovered a path to leadership through his pharmaceutical career.How do you advocate for yourself in a difficult work situation? How do you begin a conversation with an employee who isn’t following procedure? With the right conflict resolution tools, you can maintain your boundaries and your professionalism. Developing assertiveness doesn’t happen overnight, so just remember Jerry’s favorite quote: “If you’re struggling to have courage, use curiosity instead.” 
This week on Nurture Small Business, we’ve got a double feature! We’re joined by Shreya ‘Ninja By Night’ Banerjee and Paul ‘Skittles’ Counts, co-founders of Marketing Counts, to talk organic digital marketing. Learn how to develop a marketing strategy that doesn’t rely on vanity metrics or passing fads. Email lists, multi-platform strategies, and even TikTok videos may have more value than you realize. Take these knockout strategies and start building your business’s online presence. 
In today’s digital landscape, ‘hacking’ isn’t the codebreaking you see in movies. It’s phishing messages, designed to deceive you into handing your passwords over. This week, we’re joined by Ross Feldman, CTO of Better Call IT. We talk about the importance of password managers and two-factor authentication in keeping your accounts safe. As a bonus, we learn about how your business can streamline its technology solutions. Did you know that Microsoft and Google offer software discounts for nonprofits?
If you want your business to succeed, adaptation is key. Bethany Meadows, president of Vertical Solutions Media, talks to us about how to adapt and stay relevant in today’s market landscape. Five year plans are out, and 90 day sprints are in. Bethany shares how she generates leads through low-cost affiliate relationships. As a home business owner and parent, she has insight into finding work-life balance as well. Finally, we reflect on some hard-won lessons in our business journeys. Adjusting to change, asking for help, and sticking to a business strategy can sometimes be easier said than done. Looking for ways to build your community and learn from fellow business owners? Check out VSM’s Time to Thrive membership program for training and resources. 
This Senate bill may have some unintended consequences for small businesses, according to consultant Andrea Hill. Join us as we take a magnifying glass to S.2992. This bill proposes to level the playing field between large and small businesses. Worryingly for small business owners, it actually contains some serious pitfalls. Chief among them: access to data security, and competition with large online retailers. The broad wording of this bill could allow large companies to continue dominating the marketplace. Want your voice to be heard? Reach out to your local senators and let them know your concerns. Meanwhile, you can find more of Andrea’s thought-provoking work on Forbes. 
Just like a fine wine and cheese pairing, a great business needs a great strategy to go with it. Angela Rakis, founder of Favorite Daughter, LLC, joins us to discuss creating memorable customer experiences in the food and hospitality industries. We talk about the retail distribution process and how a new food product graduates from the home kitchen to grocery store shelves. Tune in to learn about the process of place making; creating a unique space that fits both a brand and a local community. Most importantly, we share some favorite restaurants and hidden gems, like Eileen’s Cheesecake in NYC, Sidebar granola bars from Maine, and Shea Radiance: a shea butter beauty brand that promotes the economic empowerment of women in Nigeria. 
Today’s workforce culture is all about freedom— freedom to work from home, to set boundaries, and to make your voice heard in the workplace. For employers, it can be challenging to hire and retain employees in a labor market that changes just as rapidly as new technology. In this episode, we sit down with Curt Tueffert of DXP Enterprises to talk about how workers’ expectations have shifted in the past few decades, and what employers need to do to hold onto their talent. What makes a workplace culture? How can business owners connect with their employees and make them feel appreciated? How can we expect worldwide working culture to change in the coming years? 
Running a small business is no easy feat, but few industries pose as many challenges as the cannabis industry. Eric Robichaud, CEO of Green Goddess Supply, joins us to talk about his journey from software engineer, to digital marketer, to leader of a cannabis industry enterprise. Learn how Green Goddess Supply began as an Amazon-based experiment and grew into an independent manufacturer and wholesaler. Robichaud also shares some of the ups and downs of his experience working in cannabis, from the revenue to be found in the “green rush”, to the challenges of advertising on social media and finding a credit card processor. 
Your expertise has more value than you may realize. Have you ever considered sharing your hard-won knowledge with up-and-coming peers in the form of a group coaching program? Chris Williams, the founder of Group Coach Nation, has unlocked a whole new market in leading high-ticket Masterminds that can fetch up to $10K per seat. He now teaches business owners to do the same from concept to filling the seats. Learn more about the structure of these masterminds, how Chris generates leads, and how monetizing your expertise can boost your revenue and change your business. Be sure to check out Chris’s YouTube Channel for a sampling of what Group Coach Nation has to offer. 
Jeremy Streten has worked with over 5000 clients throughout his career and documented when they had success and when they faced pitfalls legally. He talks about those from start up to exit strategy with 13 distinct business lifecycles. This is all laid out in his book The Business Legal Lifecycle.  Jeremy shares how some businesses, not wanting to spend legal fees, lose large sums of money well beyond what they would have paid for legal counsel. That inactivity is comparable to the antiquated notion that legal services are a liability rather than an asset. By investing in legal services and advice, the proactiveness protects your business and saves future fees in potential litigation or disputes with things like client or employee agreements.  Listeners have an opportunity to take a 10-minute assessment that identifies where you are in your business lifecycle and your legal risks. This report can be taken to your attorney, and if you don’t have one, you can use the attorney referral tool on his website.
Joseph Wilkins is the founder of As habits shifted from television to online, Joseph discovered that sales videos that create attention-grabbing viral style content entertain viewers into making immediate purchases. He has had two decades of experience with video production, hundreds of millions of TV & online views, and hundreds of millions of dollars in tracked sales. Joseph has developed 8 simple steps any business can follow to boost online sales. Listen to this podcast to learn the 8 steps that you can do to create your own entertaining video or download the 8 Simple to Follow Steps Guide at You will also learn the answer to Can Sales Videos Go Viral?
When it comes to workplace compliance issues, like sexual harassment or discrimination, we need to hear the human side. Listen to our discussion with Tim Mousseau about building a positive company culture. What makes a “toxic” workplace? What are red flags to watch out for? How can workplace leaders contribute to making employees feel comfortable and heard? We’ll also dive into topics like giving and receiving feedback, the drawbacks of an “open door” policy, and conducting exit interviews. Be sure to visit for more information about Tim’s workshops for creating safe workplace cultures. 
Got an amazing new idea that you can’t wait to put out into the world? You might want to slow down and think about how to protect your IP. Do you know the difference between patents, trademarks, and copyrights? Or how to keep from losing your trademark? We cover all these questions and more with Devin Miller, of Miller IP Law. He’ll be giving us three simple tools to protect a business’s IP and tips to avoid common IP mistakes. Take advantage of his free strategy session at 
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