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2 intrepid bloggers from 2006, talk drivel while playing games.
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www, This week we talk non-Violent games... Yah know the ones without the whole shooting hookers etc.. The Pokemon expansion, The Isle of Armor, could definitely benefit from the team at thatguys rambling on about it... So for your aural pleasure... Enjoy This time we chat the Racial Equality bundle from, and we have a little go at Mobile games. And FYI the tool we used for searching was: On this episode Cunzy springs a Pokemon relationship compatibility test on Richie. This does not mean relations with Pokemon.... I think... Richie likes fighting games... He is not very good at them, but we talk about them and how they have influenced how we play games, We coin a new phrase UK version of "Basement Kings". And We definitely talk about Soul Calibur III Definitely episode 11!!  For this weeks show we return to and break the cycle of whataya playin'... We discuss Mk11 Aftermath, Snow games, Tomb Raider/Uncharted , Ramble on about WoW and Richie realises he may just be a walking advert for the Epic Store. On this episode Richie and Cunzy delve into Pokemon: Lets Go! the Pokemon spin off game that revisits Kanto for the 19th time and adds Pokemon GO mechanics.  Did anyone ask for this game? Is it the best Pokemon spin off game? Who is the hottest Gym Leader? All there questions and more answered here! Nep nep ¬.¬ This episode we cover playing the Neptunia series, we discuss boobs, fanservice, waifus, and reflect on otaku culture, all done in the best possible taste!!! Finally we bring this whataya playin shenanigans to a kind of close, and on this episode we talk around everyone's favorite genre, Free to play. Love and Aural Hugs  Richie and Cunzy X Your fabulous hosts Cunzy and Richie get stuck-in and in these tough times we tackle the hard hitting issues of... "couch co-op" a dying breed of game? Note: Audio gets out of sync towards the end, blame Cunzy, he does all that stuff... really. More Drivel and Pish from Richie and Cunzy, this time hitting the hot topics of Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mortal Kombat 11, Star Fox Guard and Pokemon Go Well, there you go, yet another episode of what we are playing (whataya playin'), this time we talk driving games, and yet somehow Richie still manages to talk about WoW?! Following on from our last rambling of the games we have been playing we continue, this time chatting about indie titles and blockbusters that we haven't actually played. We talk "walk 'em ups", and having absolutely no authority to talk on the titles we do talk about We talk about the games we have been playing, including Resident Evil 3, Dragon ball Z: Kakarot, and Axiom Verge   No Youtube this week as in a break form tradition we are doing and audio only podcast Audio for Richie is terrible and he has been warned that any future quality issues will be met with swiftly and with the full extend of the upside of his head. Richie and Cunzy play Super Mario World, Richie talks about Super Mario Bros 3 and Cunzy dies a lot, Very little in the way of progress is made. Youtube Link: Audio for Richie is terrible and he has been warned that any future quality issues will be met with swiftly and with the full extend of the upside of his head. The first of our Podcasts, in this episode, Richie persuades Cunzy to Make a WoW character. Also available on our Youtube Channel: Blog post here:
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