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Winning In Asia: A ZoZo Go Podcast

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Learn the secrets to winning in Asian car markets with Michael J. Dunne, an entrepreneur and author with 25 years of success in Asia. A native of Detroit, Dunne has founded companies in China, Thailand and Indonesia. He also speaks and writes Chinese and Thai. For many executives, doing business in Asia is like playing an away game. Everything is different. How to thrive there, to grow your business, to make profits? Dunne's candid conversations with executives who have found a way to win in Asia will open your eyes to what works and what does not work. Listeners learn how to avoid the land mines. And capitalize on the opportunities . For more information, visit
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In The Scientist and The Spy, Mara Hvistendahl recounts the story of how Robert Mo, a Chinese national with two PhDs and a home in Florida, got into trouble with the FBI. Hoping to find a way to earn more income for his young family, Mr Mo takes a job with DBN, a powerhouse seed producer based in Beijing. Before long, he finds himself conducting recon missions in the cornfields of Iowa. The Economist says her compelling account reads "in part like a spy thriller, replete with car chases, phone-tapping and aerial surveillance as agents track the shovel-carrying suspects across America." The larger question Ms Hvistendahl raises: When does economic espionage and intellectual property theft become a matter of national security? And what to do about it? #WinningInAsia / #ZozoGo
In the summer of 2020, Simon Moores delivered a wake-up call to the US Senate: China is building one mega battery factory every week. The United States is building at a pace of just three per year. By the end of the first quarter of 2021, there were a total of 200 mega battery factories in the pipeline globally. Of this total, China accounted for 75%. Europe had 10%, and the US totalled just 5%. In this episode of the Winning in Asia podcast, Simon Moores delivers an expert view of the race for global supremacy in batteries for electric vehicles. Today, China, Korea and Japan utterly dominate battery production and the all-important supply chains that feed into battery making. Asian battery makers - CATL, BYD, LG Chem, SK Innovation, Samsung SDI and Panasonic - are the clear-cut industry leaders. Europe and the US are playing catch up. Is it too late? Or are we still in the early days of the battery revolution?#WinningInAsia / #ZozoGo
Henrik Fisker was born in a small town in Denmark in the 1960s. He loved taking rides on Danish country roads with his father in the family's Saab 96 sedan. One day a Maserati blew past them and Henrik instantly discovered his life's passion: Cool cars. He first went to work for BMW where he designed the Z8 and later was recruited by Aston Martin to develop the DB9 and Vantage. In 2007, Henrik founded Fisker Automotive where he designed and developed the Fisker Karma, an electrified supercar. That company met trouble when its battery supplier, A123 Systems, went bankrupt. Today, Henrik is back, building a new company called Fisker Inc. His first product will be the Fisker Ocean, an all-electric SUV that will start deliveries in Q4 2022. In our Winning in Asia conversation,. Fisker talks about the Ocean SUV, manufacturing partnerships with Magna and Foxconn and what America needs to do to win the global electric vehicle race.#WinningInAsia / #ZozoGo
Anil Paryani has been at the forefront of batteries and battery management systems since the early 1990s. He started at Honda and in 2007 pivoted to join a young startup called Tesla. There he worked on refining battery efficiency for the Model S. Today Anil is founder and CEO of Auto Motive Power (AMP ) a company with deep expertise in batteries and charging solutions.. Anil joins the Winning in Asia podcast to talk about what America must do to catch up with China and Europe in the race for global electric vehicle leadership. In this episode we talk about Anil's early days at Tesla, his inspiration for founding AMP and why having a world-class EV infrastructure is crucial to electric vehicle take-off in America. Anil also gives insights into the dramatic cultural differences between traditional automakers and startups in Silicon Valley.#WinningInAsia / #ZozoGo
Jack Cheng, co-founder at NIO and now CEO of MIH Alliance Foxconn, reveals how Foxconn will re-write the rules for EV manufacturing. In early 2021, Foxconn sent a tremor through automotive boardrooms across the world when it announced plans to enter the electric vehicle industry. Since then, MIH Alliance Foxconn has established new partnerships with several high profile companies including, Stellantis, Microsoft, Nvidia, Bosch, BYTON, Geely and Fisker. The vision is to create an open-source platform for EVs that will dramatically reduce costs and speed up time to market. The open-source approach also makes it possible for companies with no prior automotive experience to enter the arena. On June 1st, Foxconn announced a new partnership with PTT (Thailand) to build electric vehicles in Southeast Asia. Jack will also talk about his expansive guitar collection and how he came to love American Rock & Roll.#WinningInAsia / #ZozoGo
Michael Moe is intelligent, optimistic and inspiring. You learn something new from him in every conversation. In this episode we discover a lot about the man and the keys to his lifetime of successes, from his days playing football for Lou Holtz at Minnesota to his founding of Global Silicon Valley, a premier venture capital outfit. Michael Moe also shares the meaning and significance of "contemporary capitalism", how he makes investment decisions in Asia and the central messages in his new book, Mission Corporation. We also find out why he believes Asia is still in the early innings of opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs.#WinningInAsia / #ZozoGo
Being a foreign reporter in China used to be a wide-open and exciting adventure. No more. Today, foreign journalists are constantly monitored, their travel is limited and fewer Chinese people feel free to speak with them. CNBC Beijing Bureau Chief Eunice Yoon is one of only a handful of American reporters still operating in Beijing earlier this decade. Many others have had to leave China for reasons of personal security or because their visas were not renewed. Since arriving in China earlier this decade, Ms Yoon has traveled to scores of cities and interviewed hundreds of executives, government officials and ordinary people on the street. In this episode, we find out who was Ms Yoon's single favorite interviewee and why. Ms Yoon also talks about how escalating US-China tensions are impacting foreign media operating in China. We also learn from Eunice what happened when she walked this Shanghai Auto Show in April with two young guns - diehard Tesla owners.#WinningInAsia / #ZozoGo
China aspires to develop world-class capability in the designing, engineering and producing semiconductors. But as Chairman Mao liked to say: "The road ahead is bright but full of twists and turns, setbacks and adversities." Kevin shares the story of what he calls the "Theranos of China's Chip Industry" - how three clever con artists with zero experience in chips crafted a deal that resulted in $2 billion gone sideways. Kevin also talks about how Tesla might contribute to China's chip drive by doing original engineering for autonomous technologies inside China, thereby sidestepping tough US technology export controls. How will that work out?
Xpeng Motors is one of China's most impressive EV startups. The company was founded in 2014 by billionaire He Xiaopeng. Mr. He sensed an opportunity to bring his expertise in technology and software to the automotive arena. In 2018, Mr He Xiaopeng persuaded Brian Gu to leave his prestigious position as Chairman of JP Morgan Asia Pacific and join Xpeng. Mr. Gu quickly got to work preparing Xpeng for an IPO in New York. Xpeng's market listing in August 2020 generated more than $5 billion in new funding. Mr Gu joins Winning in Asia to share his personal journey from his native Shanghai to school at Yale to work at JP Morgan and Xpeng. He also gives us an inside look at Xpeng today and the company's vision for the future, including ambitions to export Xpeng EVs to markets across the world.
Peter Horbury became one of the first high-profile Western designers to work for a Chinese company when Chairman Li Shufu appointed him to lead the Geely design team in 2011. At that time, Geely's design department consisted of "a small handful of people." Today, Geely designers number in the hundreds and operate in several time zones. Geely is not alone. Companies like Xpeng, NIO, BYD and Great Wall are also building up world-class design teams with operations in Europe and the United States. Inside China, several hundred western-trained car designers are working at Chinese private and state-owned enterprises. In this episode, Peter Horbury shares the story of how Geely came to embrace design as a key differentiator. Peter also describes how quickly Chinese firms have narrowed the gap with global companies on design and quality.
Chery Automobile is China's perennial leader in car exports, shipping to more than 70 markets worldwide. Now there are mounting rumors that Chery plans to crack the US market under the VANTAS brand name in 2021. After delivering some background on Chery, Michael Dunne gathers with Ray Bierzynski, Executive Vice President. Chery Automobile to talk about product, manufacturing quality, jumping dinosaurs and what it is like to be one of a handful of Americans living in Wuhu, a city of 4 million. #WinningInAsia / #ZozoGo
Our guest Reilly Brennan is co-founder of Trucks Venture Capital, a highly respected outfit based in San Francisco that invests in future technologies for the transportation industry. Trucks VC investments in autonomous vehicle technologies have proven exceptionally strong, including early round placements in Nutonomy, Nauto, Cruise, DeepScale and May Mobility and others. In this episode, we ask Reilly for his perspective on when robotaxis will become a widespread reality, which companies are leading the industry and why Tesla seems to be zigging when everyone else is zagging.#WinningInAsia / #ZozoGo
Paul French is a British entrepreneur and prolific author of several books on business and crime with 30 years experience in China. In this episode Paul and I talk about how iconic American businessman, Carl Crow, taught us all the lessons we need to know about China business in his book, 400 Million Customers. Crow''s best-seller was published in 1937 but its lessons are more relevant than ever. Paul shares the real experiences of global companies that started out with sky-high expectations but ended in roadside ditches. What went wrong?#WinningInAsia / #ZozoGo
Ken Wilcox, former CEO of the Silicon Valley Bank and current Chairman of the Asia Society of Northern California has written a compelling and highly practical new book called Leading Through Culture: How Real Leaders Create Cultures That Motivate People To Achieve Great Things. Ken puts his book's principles to the test when he finds himself running a 50-50 joint venture bank in China. He discovers that American and Chinese business cultures, communication styles and visions are vastly different. American leaders inspire by painting a picture of the future where the company "wins". Chinese inspire by telling their employees about a path to personal enrichment. Chinese leaders prefer ambiguity and spontaneity. Americans want planning and precision. Enjoy Ken's war stories from the front and the delightful color commentary from Coco Kee who is intimately familiar with both sides of the Pacific (born in Fujian, educated at Peking University and now a New Yorker).#WinningInAsia / #ZozoGo
Hyundai was founded 53 years ago in Seoul, South Korea. Its first product was the Ford Cortina. Today, the Hyundai Group is the 4th largest vehicle manufacturer of the planet, behind only Toyota, Volkswagen and the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. How has Hyundai found a way to compete and win against much larger rivals, like Ford and GM? How has the company learned to build such high quality vehicles after early stumbles? And where does the company's new Chairman, Eui-sun Chung, plan to take the company from here? #WinningInAsia / #ZozoGo
Shanghai has arguably served as the central intersection between China and the West over the past 160 years. So, at a time of heightened tensions between China and the US, Australia, and the UK, what can we learn from Shanghai history? Author James Carter takes us to the Shanghai Race Club in late 1941 for the bi-annual flagship horse race, Champions Day. Carter gives us an up close look at power, money, and business among people from different cultures and conflicting ambitions. Will there be another Champions Day saga in our near future? #WinningInAsia / #ZozoGo
Andee Yoestong is one of the most entrepreneurial and street smart business people in the Indonesian auto market. His company sells and services Japanese, Chinese and American brands across Indonesia, the world's 4th most populous country. Japanese automakers have enjoyed a near monopoly in Indonesia since the 1970's. But today the Chinese and Koreans are planning to shake things up with new investment in electrics. There are also rumors that Ford is coming back. Technology is changing the way Indonesian buy cars, too, and could soon make showrooms a relic of the past. Mr. Yoestong paints a picture of the fast-evolving Indonesian car market as customers start to embrace technology, electrics and non-Japanese brands.#WinningInAsia / #ZozoGo
James McGregor is author of One Billion Customers, the most important and widely read China business book of this generation. In our conversation, Mr McGregor describes why China under Xi Jinping is overreaching politically and economically. How should US companies respond to China's new aggressiveness? Mr McGregor also shares some valuable tips for US companies doing business in China. What are the most obvious landmines to avoid? And what are the new opportunities to capture? Most importantly, Mr McGregor paints a picture of how US companies can leverage their market access in China to strengthen their businesses back home.#WinningInAsia / #ZozoGo
Lucid Motors, a startup luxury EV maker based in Newark, California has ambitions to win luxury car buyers away from Mercedes. Lucid's first product, the Air, delivers best-in-class in terms of efficiency, performance and range, including 500+ miles of range and 1,000 horsepower. The first Lucid Airs will be built in Q1 2021 at a brand new plant in Casa Grande, Arizona. Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO at Lucid, was previously Chief Engineer at Tesla for 7 years and, before that, Chief Engineer at Lotus. Building a world-class, high performance car seems to be his destiny.#WinningInAsia / #ZozoGo
Semiconductors are tiny, hidden powerful machines that power our smart phones and computers. Now, chips are playing a defining role as cars become more autonomous, connected and electrified. Who are the industry's chip leaders? Which agencies are in charge of semiconductor industry standards. And what about China's ambitions to build its own semiconductor industry? Bettina Weiss, Chief of Staff at SEMI, the global semiconductor industry association, delivers a picture of the future.#WinningInAsia / #ZozoGo
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