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 In this conversation, we speak to three artists who have long explored the intersection between physical and digital realms through augmented reality, crypto poetry or human computer interaction (HCI). The discussion covers how blockchain and NFTs have influenced their art, what challenges still stand in their way, and how this new technology will make a lasting impact on the art world, beyond this first wave. Featuring Nancy Baker Cahill,  Founder, 4thWallAppSasha Stiles Author, Technelegy | Co-founder, The VerseVerseDejha Ti Artist & Co-Founder, Operator
Josef O'Connor of Circa Art sits down with renown artist, Marina Abramovic Information of Marina's upcoming NFT Drop
41: Professor Groff

41: Professor Groff


The TezTalks team sits down with Dr Jeff Groff - Physics Professor, Tezos Commons Grantee, and creator of the Tezio Wallet, the new Tezos wallet built using Arduino hardware. If you’re interested in how bees are informing the creation of Tezos-enabled hardware, what part Tezos could play in the internet of things moving forward, or why empowering makers to build technology for the Tezos ecosystem is an important priority in 2022, Dr Groff’s thoughts just might make your day a little more interesting.
The expert panel at Art Basel dives into critical questions of curating art for Web3.Speakers:Sabine Himmelsbach | Director, HEK BaselLinda Dounia | Founder, Cyber BaatRobert Kruschbersky | Strategist. Advisor. Investor - NFT & Web3.0Moderator: Micol Ap | Founder & CEO, Vertical Crypto Art
Explore the world of generative art on Tezos. What exactly is it? How has it evolved and where it is headed? Lorenzo Cortesi - Art Gallerist, Cortesi GalleryEko33 - Generative ArtistIskra - Velitchkova ArtistPaul Schmidt - Growth, fxhashModerator: Anna Wolf - Curator
The TezTalks teams sits down with Tezos Foundation President, Roman Schnider, for a peek behind the curtain at  Tezos Foundation. If you’ve ever been curious about exactly how the Tezos Foundation is moving the Tezos ecosystem forward in 2022, what it’s doing to attract developers and brands to the Tezos chain, or how projects are evaluated during the TF granting process, then Roman’s insights into the Foundation’s role in the Tezos-powered present (and future) are an absolute must-listen.
The TezTalks squad sits down with Lead for NFTs and Digital Licensing at McLaren Racing Max Wolfe for an in-depth chat about how McLaren Racing leveraging Tezos to power its NFT and Web 3.0 offerings, how blockchain offerings are bringing major sports brands closer to their fans, and what McLaren Racing fans have to look forward to in the blockchain space moving forward. Tune in for first details on McLaren Racing's next NFT drop! 
Let’s get market-yThe Teztalks team sits down with Sweet’s VP of NFT and Metaverse Brand Experiences Andrew Klein for an in-depth chat about bringing the world’s biggest brands into the blockchain era, how the line between the real world and the metaverse is already being blurred, and where brands fit in a Web 3.0 - enabled world. If you’ve ever had doubts about Web 3.0’s potential to become an integral part of everyday life in the very near future, a few minutes of Andrew’s inspirational messaging about the exciting days to come will surely quell them. 
In this week's episode of TezTalks Radio, we sit down with new media artist Nancy Baker Cahill and NFT + Art Lawyer, Sarah Conley Odenkirk to discuss the value of NFT ownership. Nancy Baker Hill -- Founder of 4th wall app and new media artist seen in NY TimesSarah Conley Odenkirk -- Co-Chair Art Law + Emerging Tech at Cowan, DeBaets, Abrahams & Sheppard
34: Tezos Ukraine

34: Tezos Ukraine


This week's episode we sit down with Tezos Ukraine's community manager Olya to provide updates on the projects they have been doing, her experience working in Ukraine during the current climate, and the future goals of building a strong Tezos community. 
This week's episode we sit down with Leah Callon-Butler, Director of Emfarsis, a renown CoinDesk columnist, and the writer of the NFT gaming documentary PLAY-TO-EARN. Join us as we discuss the important web3 development happening in emerging markets in Asia and around the globe.PLAY-TO-EARN: http://playtoearn.infoEmfarsis:
This week's episode of TezTalks Radio features Tom Simpson, EVP of AdColony, to discuss the importance of marketing in the metaverse. 
This week's episode features Marigold, a core dev team building upgrades and Layer 2 solutions for the Tezos Blockchain. We sit down with the CEO and Lead Engineer, Gabriel Alfour, to discuss the future of Tezos and how he sees the chain evolving. Marigold along with TriliTech, Nomadic Labs, , Oxhead Alpha, Tarides, DaiLambda, Functori & Tweag are responsible for the latest Tezos upgrade proposal, Ithaca that will feature TenderBake. 
Built on Tezos, is on its way of becoming one of the most popular, widely-used NFT platforms in the world. This week in TezTalks Radio, we interview 'Cabline' the curator of objkt on her thoughts of the NFT space and what the future beholds. 
Built on Tezos, ShuttleOne is a Plug and Play DeFi service that allows any B2B, B2C, B2G to run their native financial arm. ShuttleOne aims to scale cross-chain compatibility, which allows different blockchains to communicate with one another without the help of intermediaries. Public blockchains will be able to communicate with the Tezos blockchain through ShuttleOne. 
This week on TezTalks Radio we sit down with the founder of an exciting gaming project on Tezos, Dogami, the first virtual petaverse.
This week's episode features an avid NFT artist on Tezos and a member of Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda. Mike dives into his story of how be came and NFT artist, why he mints on the Tezos blockchain, and discusses how he sees NFTs evolving in the future. Links:
26: Tezos India

26: Tezos India


This week's episode features Om, head of Tezos India, co-founder of Tezsure and Plenty DeFi.India has been a fast growing region for blockchain adoption with Tezos trailblazing a path in this region.Let's dive into the latest developments with Om
InterPop is building games and entertainment brands using true digital ownership to redefine fandom through digital collectibles and experiences.InterPop has assembled an all-star team that is made up of industry professionals from both the tabletop and digital gaming worlds, Hall of Fame and Championship gamers, comic industry veterans, and talented engineers at the forefront of the NFT space. In this weeks episode, we sit down with President of InterPop, Brian David-Marshall, to discuss the future of gaming for blockchain, Emergents TCG, and Play with Brio. Co hosted by Marissa Trew and Stu Elmes. 
This week's episode features Ruanth and Gabby from Yield Guild Games centered around a discussion of Blockchain gaming. We are trending towards a metaverse consisting of avatars, micro-economies, virtual ownership powered by digital currencies. One example is this new model, termed “play-to-earn,” marks a meaningful evolution in gaming economies. Many players playing Yield Guild Games in the Philippines were earning more than they had at their previous jobs.For builders in the Tezos ecosystem building games and applications, this is a must listen to learn on how blockchain gaming can evolve from where we are today! 
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