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Delivering news and updates across the Tezos Ecosystem. Join us for a conversation about Tezos and humanizing the people behind the Tezos Ecosystem
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In this week's episode, we're featuring Cory Anne, a selected artist from The Champ Medici Arts Fund. 
In this week's episode, we're featuring Malachi, a selected artist from The Champ Medici Arts Fund. Malachi, also known as The Wright Artist, hailing from the humble village of Dixmoor just outside Chicago, has emerged as a prominent artist on the global stage. In a community where art is often overlooked, Malachi draws inspiration from his creative family, surrounded by a household bursting with imaginative souls. His artistic journey commenced at an early age, collaborating with his brother to recreate captivating images sourced from movies, the internet, and every source of inspiration they could find.
This week on TezTalks Radio, we sit down with LM Design, a healing multidimensional artist creating immersive experiences that bridge the physical and digital realms on Tezos. Just a heads up though, her energy and spirit is highly infectious! Tezos is home to a wide array of talented, diverse artists.
In this week's episode, we sit down with Cordell Broadus, aka Champ Medici, to discuss the Champ Medici Arts Fund on Tezos. This electric episode gives a day in the life of Cordell also features a surprise guest, Champ's Mentor, Russell Simmons! 
In this week's episode, we sit down with  American writer, producer, and entrepreneur, Jesse Damiani to discuss the future of NFTs
In this week's episode we sit down with Emma Turner, software engineer at TriliTech and just recently demonstrating how Tezos can perform 1 million TPS. Tune in and learn more about the people building on Tezos! 
This week we sit down with the human web3 encylopedia, Richard Entrup. Richard is currently lending his prowess to KPMG US as a Senior Advisor in their Enterprise Innovation group and serving as a Strategic Advisor to cutting-edge startups in spaces such as Generative AI, Web3, and Blockchain. Richard is right at the heart of the technology revolution. If you're intrigued by the burgeoning world of NFTs, you're in for a treat. Richard has his fingers on the pulse of online art & NFT platforms, ready to divulge insights from his unique vantage point.
In this week's episode, we are diving into the Teia DAO, a community powered art platform on the Tezos Blockchain, with one of it's founding members, Ryan Tanaka. 
In this week's episode, we sit down with David Tng, managing director of TZ APAC to discuss building the Tezos community in Asia 
In this week's episode of TezTalks Radio, we sit down with Paul, COO of fx(hash) and discuss the journey of building one of the most popular NFT platforms on Tezos. 
60: Skye Nicolas

60: Skye Nicolas


Tune into our latest TezTalks Radio episode as we dive deep into the world of Skye Nicholas, a creative force to be reckoned with, known to the Twitterverse as @skyenicolas. Skye's captivating storytelling, refreshing perspectives, and thoughtful commentary have made waves in the digital art space. 
We sit down with the Kingpin, Vincent D'Onofrio and Laurence Fuller to discuss NFTs, AI, and Tezos. You don't want to miss this star-studded episode! 
Ana Maria Caballero is a first-generation Colombian-American poet and artist. Her work explores how biology delimits societal and cultural rites, ripping the veil from romanticized motherhood and questioning notions that package a woman’s sacrifice as a virtue. She’s the recipient of the Beverly International Prize, Colombia’s José Manuel Arango National Poetry Prize, the Steel Toe Books Poetry Prize and a Sevens Foundation Grant. Her work has been widely published and exhibited internationally.In this episode, Ana sits down with us to discuss the Web3 revolution in Poetry 
57: Matt Medved | NFT Now

57: Matt Medved | NFT Now


This week, we're super excited to welcome Matt Medved, founder of nft now, to the show! As a pioneering force in the rapidly evolving world of digital art, Matt is ready to share his invaluable insights on the future of NFTs and why the Tezos blockchain is a premier home for artists. 
We are thrilled to welcome a very special guest: Valerie Whitacre, who is at the forefront of scaling the Tezos art ecosystem as part of her work at Trilitech. Valerie will share her extensive knowledge and expertise in the field, and provide valuable insights into how Tezos is being used to create new and exciting opportunities for artists and creators.
In this podcast, we hear the story of Gretchen Andrew, who left her job in Big Tech to pursue her passion for art. Gretchen believes that the art world celebrates individuality and authenticity, something that she felt was lacking in the tech industry. As an artist, she is committed to using her work to explore the impact of changing technology and the demographics of those who benefit from it.The podcast also introduces us to Crypto Mermaids, a female-led NFT collectible project on Tezos that empowers women by funding tech education. 
In this episode, Jason shares his unique perspective on the world of non-fungible tokens, discussing everything from the basics of NFTs to the latest trends and developments in the space. Whether you're a seasoned NFT collector or just getting started, Jason's insights are sure to provide valuable insights and help you stay ahead of the game.But that's not all - in addition to sharing his expertise on all things NFT, Jason also delves into his own fascinating journey, from his early beginnings as an artist to his current role as a leading figure in the world of NFTs. With his deep knowledge and engaging storytelling style, Jason is sure to inspire and entertain listeners of all backgrounds and interests.
Join us for another special episode from Art Basel Paris. This group of experts discuss a new cultural economy propping up thanks to technology like Tezos and Artists joining the digital art evolution. Hosted by Valerie Whitcare of TriliTech
Join Marissa live from Art Basel Paris to discuss the importance of building permanent art collections on the blockchain.
In our next TezTalks Radio episode, we take you to Art Basel Paris where the Tezos ecosystem hosted a wide variety of panels with key contributors. This episode highlights NFT Collectors hosted by TZ Connect
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