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Author: Jamie Haith

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Conversations about life and love, faith and doubt, failure and resilience, between Reverend Jamie Haith and a broad range of guests.

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I've been off the airwaves for 18 months (I hope you've missed me?!)....and what better way to make a return to podcasting than to talk to the wonderfully inspiring Darleen Santore, known to those she helps as "Coach Dar". Author, speaker and mentor to global leaders, CEOs and athletes, Dar has helped thousands of people across the world with her message of resilience and purpose. Now she has captured her story of bravery and comeback in the book "The Art of Bouncing Back". It's really very good: you should buy it and read it. But first, sit back and enjoy this brand new episode. Here's to bouncing back!
Have you seen the extraordinary post-9/11 image of two almighty searchlight-towers dominating the New York skyline?  The message to the world is clear: the light will ALWAYS break through and defeat the darkness.As "Faith with Haith" returns for a second season, and on this 20th anniversary of 9/11, I interview an amazing woman who was in the White House on that darkest of days, but then responded to the evil by bringing light and hope to thousands worldwide.
In this interview my guests are two of my oldest and dearest friends. You would think that would be a recipe for disaster, but the result is surprisingly interesting and insightful.
John Paul is my favourite Catholic priest of all time. He definitely deserves the description "top bloke". If you've ever wondered such things as why a priest would choose celibacy and what's with the praying to saints, then listen in now.
Have you ever wondered how faith comes alive in the first place, and the difference it makes? In this episode, Jo unpacks her story and how her life now is all about making a big difference in the life of others.
Few people have done more to impact the social justice system around the world than Paul Cowley. He shares with us his unlikely but beautiful life story which has led him to have passion and purpose today, helping men and women find faith in prison and a new life beyond the walls.
Raw is the word for this first ever episode of "Faith with Haith". John was a sharp and successful Metropolitan Police Commander who was tipped for the top. That was until a mental breakdown laid him low. Where is God when it hurts? Tune in to find out.
Leader and lecturer Doug Holladay's life path has taken him from degrees at top universities to Goldman Sachs, then on to the White House and serving at the US State Department as a special ambassador to South Africa. He has met a lot of people and seen a lot of leadership along the way. What he's witnessed is that, all too often, "successful" people end up experiencing emptiness, isolation and depression as the unintended fruits of their very achievements. His new book, and this conversation, focus on how we all might go about "Rethinking Success".
A career in food was always more tempting than school for Camilla Stephens, who left halfway through her A-levels to attend Leith’s School of Food and Wine. She spent the next few years working in catering before joining Good Housekeeping magazine. Next came travel in America where she fell in love with coffee culture: returning to the UK, Camilla then  developed the food range for the Seattle Coffee Company and Starbucks.  In 2003, the newly freelance Camilla set up the Higgidy brand, making handmade pies near her home in West Sussex. Today, the company range is available in most major food retailers. The business may have grown, but Camilla’s home-cooking philosophy and use of kitchen cupboard ingredients remain at the heart of the Higgidy kitchen. Camilla is married to James; they have two teenage children, Kate and Jack and a golden retriever who is very aware of being the most popular member of the family.  
My guest on the "Faith with Haith' podcast this week is Rachel Hughes, the Lead Pastor of Gas Street Church in Birmingham (alongside her husband Tim):  a brilliant communicator who is passionate about seeing young women released into leadership. She has recently pioneered a national ministry alongside her sister, called ‘The Orchard’, with the aim of encouraging and empowering women.  Rachel can also be found inspiring families into fostering & adopting, all whilst also raising five young children; Phoebe, Simeon, Lois, Judah & Summer. 
Next time you get a letter from  a bishop you'll see their signature has a plus-sign by their name: it's symbolic of the blessing of the Cross. But its also perfectly apt that it's a plus-sign, because that person is someone who has dedicated their life to bringing addition and positivity to all the people around them.  None more so than this week's guest on the "Faith with Haith" podcast: +Rob is a man with a  great mind and a kind heart who works tirelessly to make this world a better place. (And I promise I'm not just saying that because he's my boss....)
How does a lad from the suburbs of Stockholm end up negotiating for equitable use of resources in the Middle East? How does a self-confessed sauna addict  advocate for peace and understanding in transboundary water disputes in North Africa? And where does faith fit into all of this, and a busy family life, for this week's guest on "Faith with Haith"? Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you: the mighty viking, and lovely man, Anders Jagerskog.
Terl Bryant is not only one of the kindest men you will ever meet, he is totally cool and insanely talented: he would have to be in order to play for, amongst others, Pete Murphy (Bauhaus), John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) and Peter Gabriel. We became firm friends in the early '90s when I was asked to drive the bus for his band at the time, Iona, on  the Irish leg of their tour. By some miracle we all survived: his drumming ability and my driving licence both remained unscathed. This episode of the "Faith with Haith" podcast is many things, but it is mainly two old friends catching up after many years.
This week's episode of "Faith with Haith" was not supposed to happen. My son was booked in to have a pretty big operation in the world-famous and wonderful Great Ormond Street Hospital which is, rather extraordinarily, in my parish. Suffice it to say I was a nervous wreck. until my old pal Stef put to work the age-old friendship  practice of "just showing up". The more we chatted the more I realised that we should be recording it. So we both fired up our voice memo apps and this was the result...
So here we are at the start of a new year. Perhaps you have made some fresh resolutions to take on some new creative adventure? Perhaps you have decided it's time to turn your back on some unhealthy practices? Perhaps you want to chart a whole new course with your career? I believe that to do any of these things you will need help from God, but you will also need to find a new confidence, fresh faith, in yourself. In this episode of "Faith with Haith" I explore the concept and power of self-belief with two inspiring entrepreneurs. The faith that Nicky and Steven display, both within and beyond themselves, will supercharge your resolve to make a difference this year.
Happy New Year 2022 !

Happy New Year 2022 !


I figured you wouldn't be up for anything too high-brow today, so this week's episode of the "Faith with Haith" podcast features the now-annual ridiculous chat with my old pals Lorne and Busky. Yes, they have returned. I only wish I could say it was by popular demand...  
Perhaps you know him from his days making tackles and scoring tries for Harlequins, England and the Lions. Perhaps you know him from his TV and radio commentary or captaincy on the iconic BBC "Question of Sport". Or perhaps your favourite version is the one with some serious rumba rhythm as a contestant on "Strictly Come Dancing". However you know Ugo Monye this is your chance to see more of the heart of the man and come to know and love him even more. Tune into the "Faith with Haith" podcast today. Oh...and...happy Christmas. x
A departure this week on the "Faith with Haith" podcast: apologies that there is both no guest  interview and a lot more input from me! But I think you will love this little Christmas treat: in December 2020 we recorded the stunning Spirituals gospel choir under the glorious dome of London's St Paul's Cathedral. You can see the full video online: this is the 2021 audio edit for your listening pleasure. So pour yourself an egg-nog, crank up the volume on your headphones and get carolling!
You know how there are some people who seem to be able to do loads of different things...and not just do them, but do them BRILLIANTLY?   Dave ("The Doctor") Clifton is one such person: making the planet a richer and more beautiful place with both his deep insights and his broad-ranging creativity.  To be honest, initially I was excited to talk about his lifetime of playing lead guitar for famous performing artists, but the way Dave describes the art of pottery and sculpture opened my eyes and heart in a way I really wasn't expecting.(NB: This episode also features the drinking of holy beers and me playing percussion...for neither of which shall I apologise...)
If you have a creative soul then you will love this week's episode of the "Faith with Haith" podcast. And if you don't have a creative soul, then you are guaranteed to have one by the time you've finished listening to the thoughtful and inspiring Rt Rev'd Andrew Rumsey. He has the most wonderful way of seeing the world, so pull up a chair by the fireside and get to know the world's finest Bard-Bishop.
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