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A podcast for peeps who love pups! Hosted by two dope dogs, Zetty and Indiana, our comedic podcast cover a gamut of topics for our fleshy and furry friends. Topics include: Why We Sniff Butts? Who's At The Door? Cats-- What's The Point? Plus, celebrity guests and celebrity mutts! Each episode is the length of an average dog walk, so grab Fido and tune in! New episodes drop every Monday!
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S4_EP20: Could It Be?

S4_EP20: Could It Be?


Could it be the end of your favorite podcast hosted by two dope dogs? Maybe! Find out on the Season Four finale of The Zetty and Indy Show and be sure to subscribe at to find out if and when they return. Also, please consider becoming a Patreon at for as little as $3 a month. Your support can mean a world of difference and can help us continue our show. Thanks for listening and...Smell Ya Later!
In this week's episode, Moe's got a special surprise for the gang. Plus, two new breeds were added by the AKC, a new "Fitbit" for dogs, and Zetty and Indy finally figure out Google!
S4_EP18:  Adios 2021

S4_EP18: Adios 2021


In this episode, we ask the gang to reminisce about this past season, and what they're looking forward to in the coming year. The truth is, we have no interest in making resolutions because our number one resolution (to only eat delicious fleshy food) is completely out of our control, and never comes true!
In today's episode, we'll talk with Christopher Vane, the owner of the non-profit organization, "Little Bear Sanctuary," where he cares for over 150 animals at any given time. (Most of them pigs!)  You can learn more about him and and his animals and how to support them at
For this holiday season, the gang has decided to recreate "A Christmas Carol," starring Mozart, Indy, Milo, and Zola as the Cratchits, and Zetty as the infamous Ebenezer Scrooge.
In this week’s episode, Zetty, Indy, and Moe recap some more movies and t.v. shows they forgot they watched with their parents (and failed to mention in the last “What We’re Watching Episode.” Also, the gang discusses their “spirit fleshies,” and why humans should pay closer attention to high-frequency noises around dogs. Also, here's a link to what we talk about in today's episode. It's called a Happy Hoodie and you can find it on Amazon.
We always thought that CBD stood for "Chocolate's Bad for Dogs" or "Cool Badass Dogs" (that's us), but apparently it means something else entirely! Today's guest is a CBD expert and his company, Emily Saige, creates organic products for fleshies and dogs alike. He'll explain the difference between THC and CBD, and how CBD might help with your doggos' ailments. (It's helped us!) Dean has also given our listeners a free downloadable .pdf of the first four chapters of his book which can be found at You can also learn more about his products at and click on the "Pets" tab.
In what can only be described as a bold and brazen move, Mozart makes a go at running the show on his own.  With the help of his ex-girl Layla, Mozart shows the world just how great a spin-off show of his own could be.
To celebrate Thanksgiving, Mozart’s invited the whole gang over for a surprise— Layla, Finn, Ivan (now Rakim), Chewy, Lucky, Bobo, Ossie, the adolescents, and even the Witchy Cats come over to feast. Zetty’s in for a bit of a shock when he sees what’s under his terrine. Plus, what it means when your dog has a runny nose, Istanbul’s treatment of homeless animals, and a herding breed of the week!
It’s our seasonal “What We’re Watching” episode and Layla has crashed the party with Mozart, who still seems to be pining after her. Plus, justice for a dog killing fleshy, the breed Zetty’s most jealous of, and what to do when your dog scoots!
S4_EP10_A New Husky

S4_EP10_A New Husky


Ivan found his forever home and his new pawrents changed his name!  Plus, reverse sneezing, the A-Team saves doggos, and a breed that can't swim!
S4_EP9:  Door To Door

S4_EP9: Door To Door


Going door to door to find homeless husky, Ivan, a forever home, requires the help of the whole crew. Plus, a dog who knows how to ride the metro, healing food for arthritic dogs, and cow brain dealers.
This year for Halloween the Witchy Cats have a little wager for the gang, a la Squid Game style.  Plus, a terrier who's not a terrier, vegan diets for dogs, and prosthetic paws!
S4_EP7:  A Helping Paw

S4_EP7: A Helping Paw


Like all good doggos, Zetty's got a plan.  He's on a mission to help Ivan, and well, what do they say?  No good deed goes unpunished!  Plus, new medical advances for doggy (and fleshy) osteoarthritis, a superior soccer league, and kidnapper monkeys! Support the show! instagram:  @thezettyandindyshow fb:
S4_EP6_Farewell Ani

S4_EP6_Farewell Ani


The gang memorializes Anastasia behind the Al Pastor truck, while trying to convince Ivan why a forever home is a good thing.  Plus, dogs getting blessed, and what to do if you think your pup is depressed.
S4_EP5:  Bad News

S4_EP5: Bad News


Ivan returns with some bad news, and Mozart thinks he's turning Korean.  Plus, an update on Lady Gaga and her dog walker, and clones you can cuddle with!
S4_EP4:  The Awakening

S4_EP4: The Awakening


Just as Zetty, Indy, and Mozart are celebrating the successful rescue of Ani, Ivan comes to deliver some updated news.  Plus, a tragic event in Northern California, but separate great news in regards to doggo cancer research.
The gang finally attempts to break out Anastasia from the pen (a.k.a. the animal shelter), by using all their wits and...whiskers.  Plus dog news out of Afghanistan, breed of the week, and why having dogs is soooo much better than having kids!
Indy's just about ready to give the green light to the rescue mission but Zetty's got other plans.  Plus do dogs tell time, and why you should be concerned about ticks!
Welcome to the Season Four Premiere of The Zetty And Indy Show!  After a much-needed break (so we could chillax by the pool and drink Motheritas (a.k.a. H20), we're back to break out Anastasia from the dreaded animal shelter.  Plus our usual segments, Doggo News, Doggo Health, Breed of The Week, and more!
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Grace Rowe

Love this show, I'm a dog lover and it makes me laugh thinking about if my own dogs could talk!

May 31st
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