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Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion


In today's episode, we speak with Zippora Marti, owner of a sustainable brand of lingerie - Thoughts of September. Zippora speaks about how she decided to start her own venture in sustainable business after her first-hand experience in the fashion industry. You can find out more about Thoughts of September here -
Why are small incremental behavioural changes difficult to implement when it comes to acting on environmental issues? How are emotions associated with current environmental problems, especially climate change? What are the ways in which we can make small changes to our daily behaviours so that we can make positive changes towards solving climate change? Join us in the fourth episode of Youth Climate Talks guest speaker, Dominique Weber as she talks about these ideas and shares examples from her own personal experiences. 
In this episode, we are going to discuss the ever-present problems of plastic and how indigenous knowledge can provide us with solutions and alternatives to plastic, with our Guest Speaker - Archana Soreng
What is the effect of climate change on biodiversity? How is the extinction of biodiversity going to affect Homo sapiens as a species? Join us in the second episode,  of Youth Climate Talks, on World Turtle Day, along with the guest speaker, Sarita Fernandes.
What is climate change and how does it affect our oceans? Is climate change more than just rising temperatures? These are the questions that Youth Climate Talks host Macson Almeida is discussing with coastal and marine policy researcher, Sarita Fernandes in the very first Youth Climate Talks podcast.
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