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The Humming Bird Collective is a platform dedicated to inspiring Humming Hearts across the Globe. A Wellness and Artistry Hub to support people in cherishing the uniqueness of their spirit, to cultivate their connection with the Earth & to Unlock their Pleasure, Power & Passion. Hosted by Hannah Vela, Women's Wisdom Educator, Yoni Mapping Therapist & student of Kinesiology. Join us to share in Heart inspiring conversations with Geniuses in their field and Leaders in the Community, who are impacting the world in a beautiful way sharing what they love.
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This episode is truly uplifting & inspiring.  In this episode with Dr. Marc Cohen we dive into all things water, from drinking to bathing for health & wellbeing, to how water plays a vital part in the evolution of our consciousness.Dr Marc is a Global Integrative Medicine Trailblazer. Western Medical Doctor & has PhDs in Chinese Medicine & Biomedical Engineering.  He is the Founder of the Extreme Wellness Institute & has Published over 100 Peer reviewed journal articles & textbooks.  He is a Member of the Global Thermal Think Tank, a Board Member of the Global Wellness Summit & Co-Founder of the Bathe the World Foundation.This episode is incredibly informative, hope you enjoy. Instagram:@drmarcextremewellness websites:
In today's episode, Founder & director of Wild Seeds & Primal Aspect Tiaan Boni & your host Hannah Vela talk about purpose for supporting our future, vision quests as an initiation, our relationship with fear & our collective & personal connection with the Warrior as an archetype & how the sacred warrior could be the piece that weaves it all together. Photography & Film-Instagram @primalaspect Web- www.primalAspect.comWild SeedsInstagram- @wildseedsregen Web- Personal @tiaanwild
In today's episode we dive into the incredible world of Shibari as an Art form, it's history & how when used with devotion & intention it can be an incredible bridge for the subtitles of communication between giver & receiver.Avalon shares his own journey of initiation with this Art form.Avalon regularly travels to Japan to study Japanese bondage.He is a student of Osada Steve Sensei and has received tutelage from renowned Masters, such as, the late Grand Master Yukimura Haruki Sensei, Nawashi Kanna Sensei.He is now the creator of Avalons Dojo & started Peer Rope Melbourne Group.Peer Rope Melbourne group : Rope Northern Beaches : nolava321@hotmail.comFacebook:
In today's episode Hannah Vela shares her own personal journey with Candida and how it became one of her biggest teachers, catapulting her into the Women's work she now offers.Sharing how to support yourself in coming back into balance through food as well as the key energetic and emotional lessons that are also linked to the causes of candida imbalance.
Part 2- Creator of Attunment Therapy and Regression Therapist Tristan Bray following on from episode 11, dives into Anxiety, Plant Medicine, Gnosticism, Connecting with the magic of our lineage through our DNA & the affect of Bio photons on our well being.Drawing on his background in Psychotherapy, Meditation, Quantum Healing, Cell Biology, Epi-Genetics, Kinesiology, Psychopharmacology, Sexual Health, Diet, Detox, Philosophy, Metaphysics, Taoism, Shamanism, Entheogens, Qi-Gong, Kung Fu and Modern Medical Science.Web: anopportunitytoheal@gmail.comFacebook:
Part I- Creator of Attunment Therapy and Regression Therapist Tristan Bray dives into mental health, addiction, relationships & sex in lock down & erectile dysfunction. Drawing on his background in Psychotherapy, Meditation, Quantum Healing, Cell Biology, Epi-genetics, Kinesiology, Psychopharmacology, Sexual Health, Diet, Detox, Philosophy, Metaphysics, Taoism, Shamanism, Entheogens, Chi Gung, Kung Fu and Modern Medical Science.Web: anopportunitytoheal@gmail.comFacebook:
This episode is part 2, of a continuation from episode 8.Hannah Vela responds to common points raised by individuals this is an exploration into what is in the way of letting go in Sex & relating, in order to access your full expression & pleasure potential.Diving into the core beliefs & fears that stop us from really opening in loving connections & exploring the themes of the Sacral Chakra.For part 1 see episode 8.Instagram
After emerging from the International Temple School of Arts Training, Hannah Vela andHolistic Lifestyle Coach Saya Hayashi dive into a conversation to share their biggest take away's from the training.  Exploring how these themes are so important for supporting all beings within our current global climate and in such uncertain times.
In today's episode Hannah Vela explores how to support yourself and your female lover to let go in sex so that they can access their full pleasure potential.Diving into the bodies systems to better understand how incredibly complex we are wired as women.She also discusses listening to the yoni's intelligence, blocks around orgasm and a women's connection with orgasm as a bridge to God consciousness.Instagram @_hannahvela_ This episode is sponsored by her upcoming retreat 'Into the Temple of Honey'the 30th of Oct to the 3rd of Nov up in the Byron Bay Hinterland.for more info go to offerings at or email to book.
In today's episode Hannah Vela explores Romantic Relationships from the sphere of attraction right through to letting go.Discussing maintaining how to liberate ourselves from the karmic patterns that bring in the same kind of relationship again and again, how to keep that spark in intimacy, how to know if its worth investing your energy in when things get difficult and also diving into jealousy, forgiveness and letting go.Instagram: @_hannahvela_www.hannahvela.comAlso as promised for support when in an abusive relationship
Andrew Maii, is the founder of Mankind Rising, (Shamangelic) Breath Work Facilitator, Massage Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Sound Healer, Men's work facilitator and Empowerment Coach.In this episode we discuss re defining what masculinity means, how to connect with your purpose and the potent movement of Men's Work offerings guiding men to embrace all that they are.This episode is so wonderful for both men and women, or anyone who is working with creating a deeper relationship with their own inner masculine.Facebook: Page:
In this episode we dive into Gut Health!!For our immune systems, for our physical health, for our mental health and our general well being!We discuss..The misconceptions of Candida, Thyroid Health, fasting, 5 Tips to restore and cultivate good gut health, how our gut can affect our natural evolution towards raising consciousness on the planet. This episode is incredibly insightful, you will want to take notes. After Asher Cloran healed his own chronic illness, mental health issues and weight problems through diet and lifestyle changes, his transformation sparked a deep passion to help others and he became a Kinesiologist, CHEK 1 practitioner, Exercise Coach, Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Author.Asher uses his incredibly in depth and personally cultivated knowledge of chemistry, physiology and nature to help people achieve the life results they desire.He believes that the source of all health comes through connection and a healthy relationship to our own nature and the natural world.He specialises in being able to see challenging health issues with an out of the box perspective, and provide solutions that can be hard to find in the mainstream medical
Chelsea Storm is a Somatic-Psycho therapist, Vocal Freedom Coach and Wilderness Guide. In this episode we discuss vision quests as a return to the earth, the healing power of the voice, the potency of going to your edge in journeying through fear and how to understand and work through your own shut downs around your voice, self expression and @chelsea_storm_music
An inspiring conversation w Dr. Keith Motes PHD, Quantum Physicist and founder of Shaking Medicine.Diving into quantum physics and hygiene for the nervous system through the healing power of shaking medicine.To learn more visit the home of shaking
Vasumi Zjikaa is a Mayan Astrologer of 35 years and esteemed Author in her field, sharing her wisdom at festivals around the world.In this delicious episode with Vasumi Zjikaa we dive into what is Mayan Astrology?We look at the current cycle we are in within the calendar and how this current pandemic with Covid 19 is such an opportunity for deep transformation on a collective scale. This episode truly inspires clarity and inner sense of calm gained from glimpsing the bigger picture on a cosmic scale.To connect with Vasumi:Instagram: @lovevasumiwebsite: Vasumi Zjikaa
Ep.1 w Hannah Vela

Ep.1 w Hannah Vela


The first ever episode of the Humming Bird Collective!Introducing your host Hannah Vela, the intention behind the podcast and it's name the Humming Bird Collective.
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