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Author: Will Sarni & Tom Freyberg

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An unscripted conversation with guests who reject the status quo with a bias for action, in the world of water and beyond. Co-hosted by Will Sarni and Tom Freyberg.
36 Episodes
This week, Pierandrea Quarta, CEO & Founder of REBO, joins Will Sarni and Tom Freyberg to talk about Pierandrea's decade of experience at the multinational, Procter & Gamble and when overseeing the production of a bottle made entirely from plastics found on beaches, it opened his eyes to the plastic pandemic.He talks about marrying a solution to the plastics challenge with a smart hydration innovation and discusses the experience of raising $250,000 through crowdfunding but how the plastic narrative was not necessarily the key driver that resonated with the first adopters. Plus, the conversation looks at unconventional partnerships, including with US packaging company Aptar in the early stages of the company and most recently, sports giant Adidas.And much, much more! We hope you enjoy! 
This week, Dr. Piers Clark, founder & chairman of Isle Utilities takes Will and Tom on a walk in the woods, his woods we should say! Piers tells us what he plans to do with his 12-acre woodland including regenerating the landscape and an encounter with a mysterious beast...We find out about the evolution of Isle's water platform which now has over 1500 members, 720 organisations from 92 countries. He discusses how it started to share information on Covid-19 but shifted to help water companies and the global supply chain exchange information action to reduce carbon emissions.He talks about the water sectors responsibility when it comes to climate healing. And much, much more! We hope you enjoy the episode!
This week, John Etgen, the CEO of the Project Wet Foundation, and Ricky Arnold, NASA Astronaut and director of STEM  engagement at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science,  join Will Sarni and Tom Freyberg to talk about how they found a connection to water growing up in the Chesapeake Bay. Find out about the fantastic work being done by the Project Wet team to advance water education in over 100 countries, including work with the Singapore Government. Hear about Ricky's time on the International Space Station - Twice! And why water recycling is critical in space. Plus, we talk about the huge challenge known as the silver tsunami that is facing the water sector with an increasing number of skilled engineers on the verge of retiring, leaving a workforce gap and why there is an urgent need role for education to spark careers in STEM-related industries. And much, much more! We hope you enjoy the episode! 
This week, Lisa Hook, senior manager for environmental & product sustainability at GAP Inc. joins Will Sarni and Tom Freyberg to talk about her water origin story and working in Cambodia witnessing a lack of water in communities. Lisa talks about her fantastic session at the World Water Week in Stockholm discussing moving beyond water stewardship to strategy. Plus, we find out more about a water innovation centre in India where new industrial water technologies are being trialled and municipal water is being reused for manufacturing.We also find out what water means to GAP Inc. and how the company has ambitions to make water fun and engage staff on water sustainability. And finally, Lisa tells us about the Women and Water Alliance, a partnership between GAP Inc. and the US Agency for International Development to help improve the health and wellbeing of women in communities. Plus much, much more!We hope you enjoy the episode! 
Ian Olson, the senior director of global sustainability at McDonald’s, joins Will and Tom this week to talk about his background in economics and as the global manager of supply chain sustainability at the Ford Motor Company, the lessons learned and what he brought to the fast-food giant, including learning to accept failure. Plus, Ian talks about a new partnership with WaterStart’s global pilot program to play a role in how emerging water solutions are identified, evaluated and deployed. Also, Ian, Will and Tom talk about the power of accessible brands, with McDonald’s serving 69 million people per day to provide “aha” moments, to democratise awareness on sustainability and water quality issues. Plus much, much more! We hope you enjoy the episode!
This week, Dr Angela MacOscar, Head of Innovation at Northumbrian Water Group (NWG) joins Will Sarni and Tom Freyberg to talk about the Innovation Festival, her inspiration on starting a movement and utility culture change.
This week, Sera Young, Associate Professor, Anthropology & Global Health, Northwestern University joins Will Sarni & Tom Freyberg to talk about the development of the HWISE scales: The why, the who, the what and the where. Sera also sheds light on "honey, do I have a solution for you", and tells us how she went knocking at the door of water multinationals and a partnership with Unilever, including ambitions for India and data.Plus much, much more!  
This week, Frantz Beznik, Senior Director for Sustainable Innovation, Procter & Gamble and founder of the 50L Home Coalition, joins Will and Tom to talk about Frantz's inspiration behind the 50L Home Coalition after he witnessed Day Zero in Cape Town. Frantz also gives an insight into his philosophy of abundance, with his goal of making 50 litres feel like 500, the true impact of reducing water use can have and how he wants to make the sustainable, irresistible. Plus, Will and Tom find out how Frantz drummed up the support of key players, such as the World Economic Forum, in order to get the attention of policymakers, as well as discussing the next stages to create pilot projects, including new builds and retrofitting to existing houses to create the 50 litre home. And much, much more!We hope you enjoy the episode! 
We're back! In this week’s episode, Will and Tom are joined by Ari Kaufman, Founder & CEO of Spout, who talks about his serial entrepreneur’s background of 25 years and why he decided to change track...Kaufman discusses his experience in the 10.10.10 programme – 10 CEOS facing 10 wicked problems to come up with a market solution in 10 days and why he decided to tackle the lead contamination challenge after hearing about the potential impact on children’s IQ. Ari also talks about why getting fired was the best thing to happen to him and how an inscription on a bullet-shaped pen about owning your mistakes has become a personal mantra he now lives by. Plus much much more! We hope you enjoy the episode.
In this week’s episode Madeleine Bell,  Head of Strategy and special projects at Desolenator, joins Will Sarni & Tom Freyberg to talk about what drew her to a water start-up and the role of social entrepreneurship. Plus, learn why Madeleine believes there is a need to bring in outsiders, a shared mission and vision with brewery giant Carlsberg, and Madeleine provides an update on a solar technology project that will provide water to 4,000 people in the water-stressed  West Bengal, India.Madeleine also shares her favourite water facts with us, including on rocket launches, and even flips the script on the hosts!
In this week’s episode, Tom Higley, serial entrepreneur and Founder & CEO of X Genesis, joins Will Sarni & Tom Freyberg to talk about why entrepreneurs are the key to solving wicked water problems. Plus, Tom explains the growing importance of catalytic communities and why Tom believes wicked problems can help entrepreneurs find the sweet spot between what they love, what they’re good at, what they can be paid for and what the world needs. And much more!Tom Higley is a musician and former lawyer, the Denver-based entrepreneur who has founded six tech start-ups over the last two decades, including Service Metrics.
In this week’s episode, Alex Crowell, managing director of PureTerra Ventures, joins Will and Tom to talk about the company’s investment team that created a complete dossier on more than 1000 water technology companies globally.Plus, Alex tells us why he's concerned about the current lack of investment in water and why he thinks a grand experiment is needed to force people to value water. Alex also gives us his views on acquisitions and exits in the global water space, including the recent $1 billion digital purchase and a 5 million euro investment into PureTerra from entrepreneur Shawn Harris plus much, much more!We hope you enjoy the episode.PureTerra Ventures is a venture capital firm focused on investing in disruptive water technologies with a positive social impact. 
In this week’s episode, Eleanor Allen, CEO of the charity Water for People, joins Will Sarni & Tom Freyberg to talk about her ultra-cycling bug and latest adventure, Race Across the West, an epic 930-mile journey across desert and mountains in four days to raise awareness on the need for clean water. Plus, Eleanor gives us her origin story from working as an environmental consultant to heading up the global non-profit organisation, the importance of capacity building to help meet SDG 6, and how Water for People has mastered storytelling to drive awareness, plus much much more!We hope you enjoy the episode.Water for People is a charity that has helped millions of people across nine countries get access to clean water.
In this week’s episode, Mark Kaney, the director of asset management at Binnies, joins Will & Tom to talk about his journey as a semi-professional musician and how he reminisces over the human connections from live music experiences. Plus, listen as they discuss the good old fashioned British pub as the centre of communities and how Mark actually digitally twinned a pub for his team to meet and mingle online.Mark, Will and Tom cut through the Digital Twin hype and talk about the lessons learned from other industries when it comes to mitigating risk, and drawing a connection to Formula 1. We hope you enjoy the episode!
In this week’s episode, Fiona Regan, a professor in chemistry at Dublin City University and director of the DCU Water Institute, joins Will & Tom to talk about how Fiona fell in love with water, found her purpose and wants to bring others on her journey.Plus, learn why fishermen & paddleboarders are key to the citizen science movement, the importance of not just more data on water quality, but actionable data, and how scaling up of a water transfer office – lessons learned so far and the need to “get out of the lab”.We hope you enjoy the episode!The DCU Water Institute (WI) is a cross-faculty initiative of research and education on water.
In this week’s episode, Damian Wells, Managing Director of Australian water utility at Coliban Water, joins Will & Tom to talk about how Damian handled the company’s migration to working from home during Covid-19 and the importance of mental wellbeing. Plus, find out why Will & Tom may soon be applying for jobs at Coliban Water, and how a love for adventure got Damian into trouble, including a bad mountain biking accident that left him almost paralysed...We hope you enjoy the episode!Coliban Water provides water and wastewater services to 49 towns across 16,500 sq km in North-Central Victoria. 
Ioana Dobrescu, from Water Footprint Implementation, joins Will and Tom this week on The Stream to talk about how her childhood love for Captain Planet inspired a career in water. Plus, Ioana discusses the current global water footprint and the launch of a new water quality alliance involving Google.
Dr Chris Fisher, Founder and Director of the Earth Archive and Archaeologist, joins Will Sarni and Tom Freyberg to discuss the critical work his company is doing using LiDAR and voxel mapping to create a digital version of our planet. Concerned with how rapidly the Earth is changing, Dr Fisher explains why it is vital we create an open-source copy that could prove to be invaluable in the decades to come.  
Sera Moon, a Professional Rower at Hydrow, kicks off season two of the Stream with Will Sarni and Tom Freyberg to talk about an interactive partnership with Plus, Will gets some rowing tips from Sera and she touches on the critical role Hydrow's online community can play in connecting people to water from their own homes.
Stuart Orr, Practice Lead at Freshwater, WWF, joins Will Sarni and Tom Freyberg from the comfort of his shed for the series finale of The Stream to talk about innovative creative water partnerships around the world. Plus, Stuart shines a light on the WWF rowing partnership, the biodiversity crisis, and why the water sector needs a kick up the backside.  
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