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Hello I'm Yoli Chisholm a Marketing Executive, Author and Investor and annual experimenter who has worked with virtually every online business model except gambling and Porn... well I almost worked for the biggest Porn company in the world as a digital marketer but I'll share that story and more one day. I have worked 3 different times for Microsoft each time with a different CEO at the helm... interesting times... I'll talk about that and my time at eBay and all I have learned basically growing up with the world wide web aka the internet the amazing people have worked with and things I have learned about marketing along the way. I have lived in Zambia, Kenya, Botswana, South Africa, Canada and the United States and along the way met some interesting humans ...lets discuss
10 Episodes
In this episode I talk about 5 concepts I learned working for a portal MSN over 20 years ago that still apply today. Portals drove a lot of the innovation and understanding we have today about what makes a site a destination.Support the show (
In this episode I talk about 2 keyword research tools you can use to find the best keywords to use to optimize your blog and video content so that they rank in the 2 biggest search engines in the world.Support the show (
In this episode I talk about advertising costs in traditional and modern digital channels including TV, Radio, OOH, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Podcasts and give you some of the key things you need to consider as you develop your advertising strategy. Keep in mind there are many more channels and Ad types than mentioned my advice is meant to be guidance and not prescriptive for your particular business.Website: http://www.yolichisholm.comPodcast: http://podcast.yolichisholm.comFacebook: the show (
In this episode I talk about how we have a not so surprising industry to thank for the acceleration of many innovations we take for granted today. Support the show (
In this episode I share my Top 5 BtoB Martech Predictions for 2020 and beyond highlights from my article for Martechadvisor I also share some of my favorite predictions from my favorite marketersSupport the show (
In this episode I talk about Google's announcement regarding phasing out support for 3rd party cookies. What are 3rd party cookies? What do Brands need to do to prepare for the changes and what is google proposing as an alternative to 3rd party cookies?Support the show (
In this episode I talk about the basics of B2B Marketing and driving demand generation - mistakes people make with CAC, the hard thing about the Growth + Sales motion, the debate around Brand vs Demand Gen, tactics with the fastest close rates and more. Support the show (
In this episode I talk about the 3 types of social and the connection to direct traffic. For some of you who are new to marketing you might not be aware of this nuance around direct traffic.Podcast: podcast.yolichisholm.comConnect with Yoli: learn more about Yoli Chisholm visit http://www.yolichisholm.comSupport the show (
In this episode I talk about ZMOT and recall the time I was hired to unpack ZMOT for a large Technology company. I share 8 marketing insights I tested and learned specific to ZMOT in digital advertising. Visit to connect with Yoli or www.yolichisholm.comSupport the show (
In this episode take a trip down memory lane with me as  muse about my career in technology having worked at companies like Microsoft, eBay MSN and more. GenX'ers will be nodding their heads and Millenials will probably be thinking "so TF what!?" 20 years in an industry that seems like it's moving so fast I'll share some of my thoughts on what it was like pre-iphone and what I was doing pre-internet.Support the show (
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