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Author: Ray Mota

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The Deep Edge Podcast discusses technologies powering a cloud-native, fully connected world: Virtual and physical compute; virtual and physical networking; orchestration; mobile/wireless, wired; Internet of things; NFV; SDN; routing and switching; optical; cable; and hyper-scalers. We deliver the skills, insights, and materials to help our subscribers master their own transformations.
42 Episodes
Ray has a detailed discussion with SD-WAN Experts- Logan Campbell, VP Sales- Geoff Hultin, Chief Revenue Officer
In this podcast, Ray interviews Rami Rahim, CEO Juniper Networks. They discuss strategy, experience-first networking, security, AI, automation & 2021.
In this podcast, Ray interviews  Mike O’Malley, SVP,  SenecaGlobal. They discuss 5 key initiative needed for digital transformationExploit the benefits of cloud-native applicationsLeverage the power of microservicesDon’t compromise software qualityCreate a Cloud Scalability Plan Leverage the power of analytics
In this podcast Ray interviews Andy Schutz, Senior Director, Routing & Automation, Mass Scale Infrastructure Group.In this podcast today, we’re going to deep dive into the Cisco Cloud Native BNG solution and discover how it can be a game-changer for communication service providers to deliver new services, to greatly simplify network architectures, and march towards operational efficiency and excellence.
In this podcast, Ray interviews Chandra Pandey, CEO Seceon. They discuss security requirements for 2021 and beyond.
Three forces - densification, disaggregation, and virtualization - are at work that will greatly increase the operational complexity of the 5G access network, requiring that operations be automated to an unprecedented degree. Today I am discussing the issue with two of my associates at ACG Research, Liliane Offredo-Zreik, who is our cable technology expert, and Mark Mortensen, our software guy who is focusing on network automation. 
Monetizing the telecommunications network edge: Exploring industry use casesEdge applications create new value by delivering services in locations near the end-users and intelligent endpoint devices. Specifically, they:Run with lower latency than applications tied to more central locations, making them essential in fast response servicesUse location awareness to adapt how they perform and trigger necessary actionsComply with data sovereignty and protection requirements and regulationsReduce bandwidth consumption and costs by avoiding the need to send large volumes of information to and from central datacentersIn this podcast, we’ll explore edge computing opportunities related to these use cases:ManufacturingEdge applications are poised to advance innovation in manufacturing across its many segments, such as automotive, aerospace, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, materials production, food processing, and electronics.Video streamingEnhanced video streaming is generating new edge computing revenue for communications service providers (CSPs) as their improved mobile networks meet latency and locality requirements.HealthcareThe value of timely information in delivering quality healthcare services has never been greater. Analyses have shown that simplifying practitioner decision-making, making processes more efficient, and enabling real-time collaboration are critical to improving the quality of care, increasing the probability of positive outcomes.In this Podcast we will: the value of edge computing for delivering new, intelligent servicesExplore edge computing use cases that service providers can monetizeDiscuss the benefits of an open-source approach to edge computingWatch the webinar version at the link below: #edge #5G #monetization #MEC #RedHatTelco #acgresearch #private5g 
In this podcast, Ray Mota, CEO of ACG Research, will be interviewing  Adam Dunstan Co-Founder of  acnodal.ioTopicsWhat are Ingresses & why are they important?  Do public cloud providers have ingresses?What is Envoy?Use cases
In this podcast, Ray interviews Bill Gartner, SVP/GM, Optics & Optical Systems, Mass Scale Infrastructure Group.They discuss silicon, optics, systems, and modern software stack
Market dynamic for wholesale xHaul       (Fronthaul, Midhaul Backhaul) ACG Research analysts Peter Fetterolf, CTO, Rick Talbot, principal analyst, and Mattias Fridström, Telia Carrier, talk about the Market dynamic for wholesale xHaul:·         Mattias Fridström discusses the wholesale market and key trends driving the market.·         Peter Fetterolf talks about the network operator wholesale fronthaul revenue analysis forecast.·         Rick Talbot dissects the xHaul market and trends and requirements needed and how wholesale is a major growth opportunity.  
In this podcast, Ray Mota, CEO, will be interviewing  Ivan Melia Head of Business Development, Cisco Managed Services SoftwareThey will discuss the next wave of managed service requirements MSX Intro and Value propWhat is the fundamental problem that MSX addresses?How MSX solves it?What are the benefits (segue into next podcast)
In this podcast, Ray Mota, CEO, will be interviewing  Sumeet Arora, Chief Development Officer at ThoughtSpo. Joining them will be Keyur Patel, Founder & CTO at Arrcus.They will discuss the modern software powered networking:Why is it needed?What does it mean?How do we build it?
Ray interviews ACG Research Principal Analyst Rick Talbot. They discuss xHaulWhat is xHaul?Why is it important and what value does it bring?xHaul requirements for 5G and future networks? What are the use cases for xHaul?Research ACG is doing in this space.
Ray Mota interviews Ben Baker who is Senior Director of Solutions Marketing. Ben discusses the motivations of the Cloud Economics Assessment Model.Link to the white paper below:
Ray interviews two of ACG's top analysts Dr. Mark Mortensen & Liliane Offredo on the new research work they are doing related to Autonomous Networks and how they will underpin Industry4.0 transformations, along with web-scale compute & storage and ICF generic applications.
Exclusive podcast interview with Telia Carrier’s CEO Staffan Göjeryd, joined and interviewed by Dr. Ray Mota from ACG Research, as they discuss the main learnings from 2020, the most important network innovations, and what’s next for the industry.
Ray interviews two of ACG's top analysts Dr. Mark Mortensen & Paul Parker-Johnson (PJ)  on the new research work they are doing related to DCO - Domain Control Orchestration.
Ray interviews Dave Ward, CEO of Packet Fabric, and Keyur Patel who is Founder and CTO of Arrcus.Topics Discussed:What are the big market trends driving a change in networks/network infrastructure? The fundamental shift in how networking solutions are built and deployed? What are the fundamental architectural tenets that underpin these trends? Arrcus solutions/offerings and use cases.
In this podcast, Ray interviews  Jesper Andersen, CEO, and PresidentTopics discussed:Investments, strategy, and visionThe channel and the opportunity Infoblox's products present for mutual customersCompetitive differentiationOverview of Infoblox strong channel incentives and enablement program
In this episode, Ray interviews Amir Krayden VP R&D Customers for DriveNets.They discuss the following:What is DriveNets approach to this type of architecture? For SPs that select DriveNets - how disruptive is the transition to your architecture?What are the main buying criteria that they use to make a decision?PMO of AT&T and where and how does DriveNetsl fit in the FMO and what are the potential outcomes they plan to gain from deployment?
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