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Author: Ray Mota

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The Deep Edge Podcast discusses technologies powering a cloud-native, fully connected world: Virtual and physical compute; virtual and physical networking; orchestration; mobile/wireless, wired; Internet of things; NFV; SDN; routing and switching; optical; cable; and hyper-scalers. We deliver the skills, insights, and materials to help our subscribers master their own transformations.
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Governments worldwide are investing massively in bridging the so-called digital divide. In the US alone, an estimated $100 billion will go to broadband deployment funding. This unprecedented funding is spurring prodigious demand and will result in a generational transformation of the access network.The entities looking to deploy broadband access run the gamut from highly experienced incumbents to utilities, inexperienced new service providers such as municipalities and others. The optimal access network solution for each deployment depends on a variety of factors such as topologies, which vary widely from dense urban areas to remote sparsely populated rugged rural areas, available technologies, deployment and operational flexibilities, and go to market strategies.In this podcast, we explain the forces shaping the access network, the prevalent technologies and deployment considerations, and explain how ACG is planning to address these market inefficiencies along many dimensions in its newly created Broadband Access Transformation practice.#broadband#digitaltransformation#digitaldivide#wireless#rural
Dr. Ray Mota, ACG Research CEO and Principal Analyst, and Ilan Tevet, RAD Marketing and Business Development VP in dialogue about user-centric service assurance tools for CSP customer retention, package upgrades and OpEx savings.___What if CSPs could save millions annually on call center and tech support, while raising satisfaction for enterprises and enterprise users?This is now possible by harnessing EAD/NID traffic data for fault isolation and usage insights.According to a 2021 Survey, only 24% of CSP call center helpdesk ticket root causes originated in the CSP WAN. The remainder were 3rd-party originated, from either the enterprise LAN or Cloud-based application. By attaining end-to-end visibility of the entire service path, CSPs can immediately perform fault isolation, eliminating unnecessary helpdesk tickets.The savings is estimated at $150 per helpdesk ticket – not to mention that customer satisfaction increases due to support speed.In turn, this visibility service can be provided to the CSP enterprise customer as a subscription service. The enterprise can “self-serve” fault isolation, thereby only escalating issues related out of their domain to their CSP. Talk about a time saver.In addition, the traffic insights enable CSPs to offer service upgrades based on actual usage – a win-win for both CSP and user.
As the “new edge” where connectivity, distributed cloud, and customer experiences converge, metro networks face traffic growth of 500 percent by 2027. Expanded security threats, talent shortages, and new ITU standards for reducing carbon emissions are also changing metro requirements.Amid these conditions, operators can’t sustain the current cost per bit of service delivery for long. Juniper Cloud Metro applies cloud principles to metro networks, enabling sustainable business growth with future-proof systems, architecture, and AI-enabled automation as a service.Brendan Gibs, Senior Vice President of Product Management from Juniper Networks join Ray Mota from ACG Research to discuss how Cloud Metro enables sustainable business growth for service providers. 
About RibbonRibbon Communications (Nasdaq: RBBN) delivers communications software, IP and optical networking solutions to service providers, enterprises and critical infrastructure sectors globally. We engage deeply with our customers, helping them modernize their networks for improved competitive positioning and business outcomes in today's smart, always-on and data-hungry world. Our innovative, end-to-end solutions portfolio delivers unparalleled scale, performance, and agility, including core to edge software-centric solutions, cloud-native offers, leading-edge security and analytics tools, along with IP and optical networking solutions for 5G. We maintain a keen focus on our commitments to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) matters, offering an annual Sustainability report to our stakeholders. To learn more about Ribbon, please visit
Cloudification has been significantly affecting metro networking and RAN in the network to deliver differentiated services for improved user experience.The metro can potentially drive new service opportunities for operators and improved experiences for network users. It will become where connectivity + edge hosting, + service experience converge. At the same time, Open RAN provides opportunities to optimize the radio resource and deliver innovations faster to the end users. Julius Francis, Sr. Director of Product Marketing from Juniper Networks, and Jai Thattil, Sr. Director of Product Marketing from Juniper Networks, join our CEO, Ray Mota from ACG Research, to discuss the transformation in Metro networking & ORAN space.
With SR-MPLS turning ten and SRv6 coming on the scene in 2019, is there a right path for service providers? Where are service providers regarding their decision-making roadmap?  Ciena’s Jahanzeb Baqai joins Ray Mota to discuss a new Segment Routing report from ACG Research®, with insights directly from Service Providers on this and more. Topics:·       SR-MPLS adoption: real or imagined?·       SRv6 plans are starting to take off·       A glimpse at two approaches to Segment Routing·       SR-MPLS vs. SRv6: Is there a right path?·       Interwork or coexist? Segment Routing in existing networks·       Compressed or non-compressed segments for SRv6? That is the questionLinks:Jahanzeb Baqai - LinkedIn:
inseego SVP/GM of Enterprise Networks Ritesh Mukherjee joins Ray Mota from ACG Research to discuss enterprise trends, enterprise 5G, and enterprise wireless use cases.
Arrcus CEO Shekar Ayyar & Co-Founder and CTO Keyur Patel join Ray Mota from ACG Research to discuss trends, challenges, and Arrcus’ ACE vision.Topics:What is Arrcus’ ACE vision and how is it relevant to the telco network transformation?Key architectural requirements and challenges How are telco networks evolving to support 5G and edge computing? What are the new business opportunities that are created with 5G? Why is routing playing an increasingly critical role in telco network infrastructure?Network use cases that the Arrcus ACE platform supports for customers?Key innovations that have helped Arrcus build a strong software-defined transport networking platform? Links:Shekar Ayyar - LinkedIn: Patel - LinkedIn:  #NetworkDifferent #JustRouteIt #PowerofOne #ACE #Edge #EdgeNetworking #EdgeComputing
In this podcast, Ray interviews Ivan on cybersecurity. Ivan leads product marketing for Cloud Workload Protection Platform, at Palo Alto Networks. Passionate about business, marketing, and technology, he focuses on product launches, pre-sales, and product adoption. Previously he held product management and business development roles at Cisco.Topics:How does Prisma Cloud relate to cloud security?Why is it important for SPs to invest in a cloud security solution?Where can Service Providers use Prisma Cloud?What is the typical journey of an organization when they are trying to secure their cloud workloads?The links:1.  The State of Cloud Native Security 2022 report, Prisma Cloud, Link to Ivan's bio --
ACG webinar with CEO Staffan Göjeryd and VP Strategy Johan Ottosson from Arelion - Episode 47In this episode, Ray Mota CEO from ACG Research interviews CEO Staffan Göjeryd and our VP Strategy Johan Ottosson from Arelion about the strategy, vision, and rebrandingTopics Discussed:What has happened since the last time we spoke when the company became Telia Carrier? Visual identity Rebranding to Arelion and motivation and drivers Industry trends Customer experience#ConnectingABrighterFuture
Ray Mota, director ejecutivo de ACG Research, entrevista al arquitecto jefe de soluciones de telecomunicaciones para América, Red Hat, sobre las tendencias, los requisitos, los casos de uso y las oportunidades en el perímetro de las empresas de telecomunicaciones.Spanish Bio:Livio Silva es Chief Telco Solutions Architect para Americas Red Hat. Livio es un profesional senior que cuenta con 22 años de experiencia en el sector de TI y Telecomunicaciones. Se sumó a Red Hat en agosto de 2020 para liderar la arquitectura de soluciones de Telco Solutions para Latinoamérica. Trabajó 14 años en NOKIA antes de ingresar a Red Hat. En NOKIA trabajó en posiciones regionales de desarrollo de negocio, ventas y administración de producto en Radio Access, Telco Cloud Networks, Software Defined Networking, Core Solutions, redes IP y Ópticas. Es un especialista comercial y técnico del mercado Telco que cuenta con vastos conocimientos acerca de los operadores en Latinoamérica. En NOKIA participó en proyectos de relevancia con clientes de primer nivel en el NFVI Network Transformation Journey.  En su puesto actual en Red Hat lidera la interacción sobre Open RAN con los principales operadores móviles de Latinoamérica y los vendedores RAN rivales. Las áreas en las que se concentra incluyen Open RAN, OpenShift para Telco y casos de uso Telco de Edge Computing.English Bio: Livio Tulio Silva MéndezLivio Silva is Chief Telco Solutions Architect for Americas working in the Red Hat Regional Telco team. Livio is a senior professional with 22 years of experience in the IT and Telecommunications sector. Joined Red Hat August 2020 to lead the solutions architecture of Telco Solutions for Latin America and worked at NOKIA for 14 years before join Red Hat. At Nokia worked in regional positions of business development, sales and product management in Radio Access, Telco Cloud Networks, Software Defined Networking, Core Solutions,  IP and Optical networks. He is a commercial and technical Telco market specialist with a very good knowledge of Communications Service Providers in Latin America. He also worked in Siemens before Nokia. In Nokia he participated of relevant projects in Tier One customers in the NFVI Network Transformation Journey..In his current role in Red Hat is leading all interaction of Red Hat about Open RAN with all principal Latin America mobile operators and RAN challengers vendors. His areas of focus include Open RAN, OpenShift for Telco and Edge Computing Telco use cases.#RedHat #TME #Telco #OpenTelco #5G #Edge #Cloudnative
In this episode, Ray Mota CEO from ACG Research interviews Ivan Melia Cisco's product management group about the economic findings from a business model that he created on the MSX product.Topics Discussed:Outcome-based composite servicesOpportunity cost and benefitsDetails of the TCO/ROIOpportunity cost and substitution analysisMSX vs DIY #MBO #multidomainorchestration #msx #multiserviceaccelerator #campus #sdwan
Ray has a detailed discussion with SD-WAN Experts- Logan Campbell, VP Sales- Geoff Hultin, Chief Revenue Officer
In this podcast, Ray interviews Rami Rahim, CEO Juniper Networks. They discuss strategy, experience-first networking, security, AI, automation & 2021.
In this podcast, Ray interviews  Mike O’Malley, SVP,  SenecaGlobal. They discuss 5 key initiative needed for digital transformationExploit the benefits of cloud-native applicationsLeverage the power of microservicesDon’t compromise software qualityCreate a Cloud Scalability Plan Leverage the power of analytics
In this podcast Ray interviews Andy Schutz, Senior Director, Routing & Automation, Mass Scale Infrastructure Group.In this podcast today, we’re going to deep dive into the Cisco Cloud Native BNG solution and discover how it can be a game-changer for communication service providers to deliver new services, to greatly simplify network architectures, and march towards operational efficiency and excellence.
In this podcast, Ray interviews Chandra Pandey, CEO Seceon. They discuss security requirements for 2021 and beyond.
Three forces - densification, disaggregation, and virtualization - are at work that will greatly increase the operational complexity of the 5G access network, requiring that operations be automated to an unprecedented degree. Today I am discussing the issue with two of my associates at ACG Research, Liliane Offredo-Zreik, who is our cable technology expert, and Mark Mortensen, our software guy who is focusing on network automation. 
Monetizing the telecommunications network edge: Exploring industry use casesEdge applications create new value by delivering services in locations near the end-users and intelligent endpoint devices. Specifically, they:Run with lower latency than applications tied to more central locations, making them essential in fast response servicesUse location awareness to adapt how they perform and trigger necessary actionsComply with data sovereignty and protection requirements and regulationsReduce bandwidth consumption and costs by avoiding the need to send large volumes of information to and from central datacentersIn this podcast, we’ll explore edge computing opportunities related to these use cases:ManufacturingEdge applications are poised to advance innovation in manufacturing across its many segments, such as automotive, aerospace, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, materials production, food processing, and electronics.Video streamingEnhanced video streaming is generating new edge computing revenue for communications service providers (CSPs) as their improved mobile networks meet latency and locality requirements.HealthcareThe value of timely information in delivering quality healthcare services has never been greater. Analyses have shown that simplifying practitioner decision-making, making processes more efficient, and enabling real-time collaboration are critical to improving the quality of care, increasing the probability of positive outcomes.In this Podcast we will: the value of edge computing for delivering new, intelligent servicesExplore edge computing use cases that service providers can monetizeDiscuss the benefits of an open-source approach to edge computingWatch the webinar version at the link below: #edge #5G #monetization #MEC #RedHatTelco #acgresearch #private5g 
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