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Handling Objections - When the FAULT is YOURS!There are some things that you can do to help handle objections when you have created. If you have made a mistake or have done something that didn't please the company, how are you going to handle that? Here are 5 steps to solve this problem:Honest Awareness - "Hi (account)  This just happened..." Start by telling the account the issue (how it was created and solved.) Before you begin any light chatter, begin by sharing the fault. Get straight to it during this apology/explanation. Take Ownership - "I was going to..." or "it happened because..." Don't take ownership and then try and hide. Don't lose credibility and be accountable.Culpability / Humble Confidence - "I dropped the ball..."  Take accountability but no need to be arrogant about a mistake you made. Also, don't take boastful pride in fixing a mistake you made. Restitution / Reconciliation - "Here are some options to resolve or suggestions to fix..." Don't just highlight the mistake without suggesting ways to repair. Having a way to fix the mistake shows that you are wanting to make it better. Don't feel bad if they don't accept your solution. They can fix it anyway they want.Focused Future - "This mistake will not be repeated because..." If you make this mistake, ensure that you do not repeat that mistake again. You must have a heightened awareness.If you have any stories, experience or different steps to this process, please reach
When you are working remote in sales, working from home or even inside your own organization, there are actions that you can take to connect to corporate. Here are a couple ways to connect when you feel all alone:Take time to connect (personally with individuals) - This helps create an ability to ask for help in the future and pull in some favors.Know you can ask for favors - (You better be willing as well to "do stuff") Prioritize your asks and frequency of those asks. The Sales Island Syndrome is exacerbated when you need help and nobody is making time to help. This is when you need to leverage your good will and ask for a favor.Don't ask for something and then do it yourself - You lose credibility when you send an email or make an ask and then find the answer without allowing sufficient time for a response. It vastly diminishes any future help when you ask that individual.What have you been doing to increase your efficiency working with the home office?
Jaron Erickson creates tech selling ninjas! If you, or someone you know is looking to get into tech sales and doesn't know where to begin... then Jaron will teach you in the Sales Dojo.Jaron's program provides education for people looking to get into the tech sales. His 4 week course has a high placement rate and at the end, you will have the Dojo backing you. Jaron shares his experience and how he began the concept. He also shares what he can create with his students.Reach out to us and join our



When is there too much goodwill? Can you give away too much?ProsProvide a sample of best qualityWilling to pay more for higher qualityEnsure that the fit for everyone is goodConsAppear to be hiding somethingStealing potential paying clients from yourselfTime consuming for actual clientsWould you buy a car before a test drive? When does a test drive become a bad business case?Join in our
When is it time to move away from your clients? While this is a shorter episode, it is critical to know the best way to say goodbye to certain clients. Here are some things to look for:How much time are you spending vs the financial compensation?Are you being productive or is it too much accumulated time?Set time and financial boundaries. If the client/prospect does not meet the standard, then consider moving on.It is very hard to move on from a client or prospect. However, great reps are moving forward and growing. To be able to find time for new, and potentially better opportunities, you might need to pass along some of your business to someone else. This might be getting an assistant, dividing the territory or simply moving on. Be strategicEnsure that upper management is aware of what you are doingEnsure that the lower levels of the work force know why you are doing itEnsure that your clients understand why this is happeningJoin in our conversation and share your
Do you feel like you are lonely in your territory? How does being a relation expert fit into this conversation? You get off your lonely sales island when your clients need you. When you feel needed, this takes away your feeling of loneliness.  Loneliness is a consequence and being alone is a choice. When you choose not to pick up the phone and speak to someone, you are missing out on opportunities. Stay current in the industry (trending articles and be where people in the industry are at) - Use Google Alerts to stay up to date on your industry.Gossip doesn't get you nowhere... but in trouble - stop the gossip! When you get into the accounts or people's lives, you are going to hear things you shouldn't have heard. Keep the confidentiality.Stay consistent - if you feel like what you are doing is not working but it is a proven methodology, keep going!Look at the big picture. How does your product/service help the overall results of the customer/client/prospect? Use these steps above to ensure you are getting the science of being a relation expert.Please reach out to us and let us know your
Return winners of a President's Club understand how all the macro pieces fit together. Being an expert on your product might take you to President's Club one time. Being an expert on the industry and how your product/service fits into the macro view, will make you a return winner.IF YOU ARE NEW... UNDERSTAND MACRO RELATIONSHIPS. You will be able to leverage the back office or bring in other experts to help you provide the full service. Both new reps, old reps and managers must spend time understanding the larger picture and process. If you can understand your prospect/customer's business pains and methodology, then you will be able to offer your product/service and add significant value.People looking to purchase already know specs. What the buyer is needing is the process of the purchase and how everything will work together to drive results.Reach out with your thoughts on this 
Ashton Buswell shares his top two secrets. Ashton is the VP of Sales Acceleration at LGCY Power. Solar sales require different techniques because it is not an enterprise type sale. What are some of the differences and similarities? That is what we discuss on this week's episode. Here are two key tips for sales from Ashton:Ask for free stuff everywhere.Order at a restaurant quickly.These are fun experiments that we have used over the past couple weeks. Excited to see what success you have with them. Please let us know how it
Dylann Ceriani is the Co-founder at Protoshop. She is an amazing engineer and a great saleswoman. How is she successful and what is she doing?In the first part of the interview, Dylann shares that her success is because of the services she is using for lead generation. However, once we get going, we all quickly realize that Dylann's expertise and not time waste attitude helps sell to likeminded individuals. Here are some take-aways from our conversation:Be genuineBe an expert (if you are not, bring in the expert to add value)Don't be boxed into the stereotype in salesBe direct and be bold in your sales processWhat are you doing that might not be driving the sales? After listening to this episode, what are you going to be doing different?We want to hear from
Brian Cappy shares the difficulties of sales and changing careers. There are challenges with changing professions and jobs. We often push ourselves to work harder and do things that are more difficult. We want to push ourselves to be better. The challenge is when that shows up in a new profession and we might not know exactly what we are doing. While this is normal, it still is difficult. In this episode, we we talk about:Imposter syndrome - who are we trying to be and the feeling of "fake it until you make it." How to get out of a rut when you feel that you are not making it.You will find times of frustration and discouragement. Know that you are not alone. Even the great Brian Cappy has felt like this.Have some accountability partners to help you understand where you are at and change.Please join in the
Greg Daines challenges all of our beliefs. Prospects pushing on our pitch, product or service is a good thing. There are some keys for client retention. One of those key drivers is measured result. Here are some other things discussed:The number one factor in customer turn is "the way we sell." Start with the result (the why) before you ever get to the 'what'.Giving a free trial might reduce barrier to entrance but likely has an opposite result on gaining new clients.How are you selling? If you are talking about your or your business, you are doing it wrong. Get the prospect talking about themself. Build a "results story" and not a sales pitch.Focus on the results and allow that to drive the story.Are you qualifying your prospects the right way? Are you asking these prospects if they are willing to change in the way that they need to drive results?Find out more about Greg at Total Customer Strategy.How has Greg's research changed what you will be doing? We want to hear from
Greg Daines rocks our world. Customer satisfaction has NO correlation to customer retention. WHAT?! Greg shares the research that he has done to highlight this fact. This changes so many things that we have thought about. Here are some of the questions we got wrong in this episode:Are people challenging your sales pitch engaged and likely to buy?Are people who are slightly frustrated with your product good for referrals?What is the number one driver for customer retention?Do NPS numbers accurately reflect your business?Part 2 will air next week but this will give a lot of information to think about for the next 7 days. Find out more about Greg at Total Customer Strategy.Tell us how you feel about the importance of customer satisfaction in your
Christopher Cotton shares how to have integrity and honesty when selling. Chris is an Enterprise Account Executive at MX. You might see others and think they are successful but only after time will you truly see the results of ethical selling. Here are points discussed in this weeks episode:When you put clients first, there is not a grey area.It is easy to share the facts of what the product/service is and is not.Enterprise sales are easier to be consistent with the sales process. When it needs to pass through multiple people to close the deal, it is crucial and almost easier to be upfront with features and benefits. One thing to watch out for is:Don't promise something that you believe will come out by the time the purchaser uses the product. Take time to explain and be upfront.A Key Take-Away from the conversation is... WHERE DO YOU PLACE YOUR VALUE? If you placing your value in what you are selling or achieving you will likely be disappointed. When value is placed with a long-term focus, such as father/mother/spouse/person with integrity, then you will have a different focus. With a value that doesn't change with time, you will not be pushed as much to cut corners or make decisions without full integrity.Join in our conversation and share this with
Are you closing techniques not working? We know why... stop doing them! What is the best single action to increase sales? - Sell to the right person!Studies find that closing techniques erode trust and James shares about neuro-linguistic programming. Stop manipulating people! Either way, pick up his book The Perfect Close because it is so helpful.James Muir highlights the 7 Myths of Sales. Find out more about what he shares at his website  7 Deadly Sins or Myths of Closing:Closing techniques workABC - Always Be ClosingClosing tactics work on large and small dealsClosing gambits show you want the businessCustomers are happy when they make a decisionSale will close itselfSales people are afraid of asking for commitmentDo you not like selling technique? Great! They are not working for specific reasons.Join in the
99% of what you get about closing is REALLY bad. There are ancient tactics that keep circulating and bad practices must be abolished! James Muir shares his expertise on sales. Find out more about what he shares at his website  Are you listening to "practitioners in sales" or intellectuals that are digging up old information that is not relevant or applicable. Selling in today's world when prospect have all the information is different in the information world. 7 Deadly Sins or Myths of Closing:Closing techniques workABC - Always Be ClosingClosing tactics work on large and small dealsClosing gambits show you want the businessCustomers are happy when they make a decisionSale will close itselfSales people are afraid of asking for commitmentGambits work if the sale is a low price sale. The higher the cost, the lower probability of close. What advice are you listening to and who is sharing it with you. Question what you are hearing! In this week, we speak about myths 1-4. Join us next week for 3-7 and more James Muir.Join in the
Damien Cooke finishes the conversation about leadership and management. They are two different things and should be treated as such. A good manager will not make a good leader and visa versa. Here is what we discuss in this week's episode:Great leaders do the following:Recognize different styles of selling and leadership.Redirect learning and conversations in a way that connect with different personalities.Find future leaders that are diverse but who have an ability to care and redirect people toward their potential.How do you build a great team or know that you are on a great team?TRUST - there is nothing that you would hold back from these individuals. This includes secrets, passions, aspirations, weaknesses and challenges. Leaders form teams where trust is overpowering.Kick off people on your team who are not trustworthy.Join the conversation and tell us what you want to hear
Damien Cooke is back with us talking about leadership. What is leadership in sales?Leadership is not doing something for someone that he/she should do for themselves. So how do you define servant leadership?Supporting your team and removing obstaclesPut people in areas to succeed. It is putting your self-interest behind others.There is some natural skill to be a leader because you need a built in desire to:Care for other people (can't be taught)Show you how it can be done (partially taught)Managers are different than Leaders:Leaders have dreams and far off destinations.Managers have the ability to carry out dreams.You must have both on your team to envision and then drive success.Join in the conversation. Reach out to us
Pete Lisicky talks about transferable skills in sales. He has a Wikipedia page!Pete had a successful career playing basketball in Europe and then came back to the States and is a financial advisor. For Scott, Pete has been an awesome colleague at Baird. It is about time we learn what Scott does for a profession and who he works for!In this episode, we learn how Pete was successful in shifting careers and the steps that he took to get there. Join in the
Mike promises that this is not just "fluff" and that there are actionable things to take away.Work to build your own empire. What is the vision that you are trying to build everyday?Are you driven by tasks or pulled to a goal? - How are you living your life and actions everyday?Riding a bike is hard when you are looking at the front wheel. It isn't until you look at the destination that you find your balance.Write your goal and allow it to drive what you do. It is proactive and not reactionary!Print out your goals on who you want to become. It doesn't need to be hidden from anyone!Get input from others to help build your goals and provide encouragement.What are some of the dreams that pull you?Reach out to us and join the
Donald Kelly shares more about his book. He is The Sales Evangelist and his podcast is awesome. If you are looking for more sales podcasts or to improve your skills, reach out to are you utilizing social media? Are you tagging people? If not, why not?Donald shares the ways in which he is effectively using social media to drive his business.The book "Sell It Like a Mango" is out! Click on the link to go pick it up on Amazon. What are the skills you need to stand out? Donald does an amazing job explaining how to drive sales.Reach out to us
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