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Free to Be Authentic By Durga Magnetta

Author: Durga Magnetta

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The Free to Be Authentic podcast is designed to help the everyday people as well as spiritual seekers find a greater sense of their own spirituality as well as inner peace.The episodes are designed to educate as well as give tangible experiences to those looking to experience more empowerment and a deeper connection to the spirit side of life.Durga Magnetta is an Intuitive Coach, Empathic Healer, Teacher and Author with 20 years experience.
27 Episodes
Is life driving you crazy with what seems to be an endless stream of annoyances?This is how many people feel. What we don't realize is that we do have control over how we experience these things.In this episode, we will explore different methods to the path to peace. Please share this with anyone you feel may enjoy it!Support the show (
It is human nature to hold our love back and protect our hearts. Is this really the best thing for us?In this episode, we will explore why we do this and work on being more open with the love we have for others.Support the show (
This episode we are defining and exploring the tangible ascention symptoms that are starting to show up in everyday life.Please share with others who may enjoy it!Support the show (
This is topic that should shed some light as far as inaccurate Tarot readings.In this episode we will explore the different reasons for this as well as possible solutions.Please share with others who may enjoy it!Support the show (
Sometimes in life we explore the sometimes muddy line between manipulation and strategy. Especially when it comes to the loves we lose.During this episode we will look at these concepts from a few different angles.Please share with those who may enjoy it.Support the show (
I just love this topic and have used these techniques personally to help transform my life.With al these big shifts and changes wanting to happen, it is important to prepare on every level.I hope you love this as much as I do. Please share with anyone you think could use it.Support the show (
I'm a huge animal lover as I know many of you are as well. On this episode we will be exploring the spiritual depth of animals/pets and the many ways they serve humanity.Please share with anyone you feel may enjoy it!Support the show (
It is so easy to get hurt when facing rejection and judgment until you understand how it serves your greatest good. In this episode we will unpack these concepts and look at them through the eyes of higher perspective.Please share with anyone you feel may enjoy it!Support the show (
In the midst of major shifting, your friendships are bound to be effected. During this episode you will gain a better understanding of why this is happening and how to get yourself through it in a loving and conscious way.Please share with anyone you think would enjoy it.Support the show (
 You want to be remembered in the world as someone people admire and love. You want to leave the world a more loving place than the way you found it. There is a simple and easy formula to making this goal a reality!During this week's episode, we will discover what that is and how to achieve it.Please share this with anyone who may enjoy it!Support the show (
Now that we have created the foundation in part 1, it's time to experience Samadhi!Please make sure that you have tie set aside and are supporting yourself on this inward journey. Enjoy!Please share this with others as you are inspired to. Support the show (
Samadhi is what it means to be fully immersed in the profound state of bliss thatdwells inside of you. This is the state of being that the ancient Yogis gave up their worldlylives to achieve and maintain.During this two part episode you will learn how to overcome the common deterrenceto this practice and the skills you need to achieve this incredible state of being.Please share this with anyone you feel inspired to.Support the show (
Intention it self, has a profound influence on how we experience life. During this episodewe will explore a major key angle that has the power to make today better than yesterday.This is accompanied with a guided meditation to help you refine and set your intentions.Tune in and share with those who could use it.Support the show (
How often do you question the truth and integrity of what others are saying?During this episode, I will teach you a technique that accurately indicates truthfulnessin what others are saying. Support the show (
So many of us restrict our lives because of our fear of pain. This episode unpacks pain and actually takes it off the table of your experience. Tune in to see how ancient practices and new insights help you to take your freedom and empowerment back!Support the show (
Currently, there are so many people experiencing some form of sabotage.This episode ponders the possibility of sabotage being your friend.We will look at sabotage from all angles so you and truly decide for yourselfwhether or not there is such a thing as good sabotage.Support the show (
Are you feeling like life is a cruel joke? Are you devastated that things don't ever seem to go your way? Does happiness seem ever elusive? In this episode, I will teach you why you are having this experience.There is a powerful intention setting guided meditation to help youfeel relief from the pain in your heart.Support the show (
Sometimes it is so hard to decipher the guidance between the ego mind and your heart or intuition. Is my heart or my head telling me this is a bad idea?During this podcast episode, I will show you the difference so you can much moreeasily see for yourself where your internal information is coming from.I will guide you through a short meditation at the end to get better in touch with your own senses.Support the show (
Do you ever feel like you are your own worst enemy?Does it just seems like something deep inside of you is holding you backfrom truly being happy and reaching your goals?It is because of the shadow self.In this episode I will explain the shadow self. Together wewill send it on its way!Support the show (
In this episode, I will teach you simple, yet effective techniques to eliminate stress andincrease your intuition.Using these techniques daily will change your life and help you enjoy it to the fullest.This is the state of consciousness I use to read for my many happy clients.Please share this with anyone you think may enjoy it! Support the show (
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