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Do you know what the lifecycle of homeownership is? Are you caught in the cycle of clients selling one house to buy one house? Did you know that there’s a better, more profitable way? Are you advising your clients to become not just real estate owners, but real estate investors? Listen in as Rick shares with his team how to build long term wealth and passive income using real estate. And this advice isn’t just for your clients, it’s to guide you on building your financial future, too!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Traditional Livecycle Of HomeOwnershipFirst Home -> Move Up -> Move Up-> Move Up ->Move Down -> RetirementDon't Sell then  Buy, Sell and Buy TwoDon't Buy Low and Sell High, Buy Low and Trade UpPay off your home and lower your living expenses, pay off your investment properties and produce incomePeople are motivated  to take action because there is a Fear of loss or Hope of gainSupport the show
In our last meeting, Rick shared that the way to generate customers is by building your Core 100 which is your business to business relationships. Today, let’s listen in as Rick guides his team on the scripts to use when connecting with other business owners and how to create reciprocal relationships.------------------------------------------------------------Here are the scripts mentioned in the podcast: 3 Parts:   Introduction, Commitment, Follow-upPart 1 of 3 IntroductionTeam Member:  Hi ___________. This is (Your Name) with the Rick Fuller Team. How has everything been going for you? ….Anyway, I am actually calling today because my business has been growing and lately I have been getting people that could potentially need what you do for a living and it made me think of you. I wanted to see if you were interested in receiving potential clients from me?Potential CORE 100 Member: Of course! Who wouldn’t be?Team Member:   That is what I thought but you never know... I do have a question though. Do you currently have a Realtor that you are committed to meaning if you were going to sell your own home they would be the one you would sell it with?Part 2 of 3 CommitmentPotential CORE 100 Member: Well yeah. I use __________. She has been my family's Realtor for the past 20 years but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to do a good job for your clients. (If someone has a Realtor already, move on. You don’t want to compete for their referrals) ORPotential CORE 100 Member: No, not really. I mean I know a lot of Realtors around town but I can’t say that I am fully committed to anyone yet. Why do you ask?Team Member:  I only ask because I really believe in the power of having and developing reciprocal relationships with other businesses and I just want to make sure that anyone that I make a decision to commit to and send referrals to is just as committed to me and my business as I am to them and their business. I make it a point to search for great referrals and advocate for those that I am aligned with because I really believe in making an effort to contribute to the success of those around me. I mean I think we have all had the experience where we were sending all of our referrals to someone only to find out that they were sending their business to someone else… Potential CORE 100 Member: I know what you mean. Team Member:Exactly! So you know what I mean. Does this sound like something you could commit to then because I would really love to be able to tell my clients that you are the ______ that I recommend on a regular basis and know that you are telling your people the same about me? Potential CORE 100 Member: Definitely! I will definitely keep my eyes and ears open for anyone that I know of that is looking to buy or sell. Part 3 of 3 Follow UpTeam Member:  Perfect! We should plan to grab some coffee soon so I know exactly what kind of people are perfect for you and you know what is right for me. Would that work for you? WOULD YOU LIKE TO VISIT THE RICK FULLER TEAM IN ANTIOCH, CA? LEARN MORE AT MILLIONDOLLARVISIT.COM!Support the show
Welcome to the Rick Fuller Podcast presented by Rick Fuller, the team leader of the Rick Fuller Team which serves the San Francisco Bay Area and the Greater Sacramento Region. Rick and his team have over 1,300 5-star reviews and have been honored as a distinguished small business by the CA State Senate and Assembly. Rick is a community leader, national real estate coach, and real estate investing expert. Do you know what a customer is?What is the solution to your business?  Where can I find them?  What’s one way to generate more customers? By building your Core 100 which means strengthening your business to business connections. Listen in as Rick shares the differences between a lead and a referral and why you need to focus on referral opportunities. Core 100 List Rick mentions in the programSupport the show
What is the one thing that can fuel your business right now? Real estate conversations! What's one way to start them? Through in person or Zoom events! Here are the 8 Real Estate conversations that the Rick Fuller Team is using to communicate to our audience: First Time Buyer Investing 101 How To Sell For Top Dollar Tips For Moving Out Of State Save Taxes With Real Estate Rent To OwnMoving To The Greater Sacramento AreaForeclosures, Short Sales & Auctions Oh my…Be sure to join our Rick Fuller Training Facebook Group for weekly real estate tips and motivation.And did you know that you can visit us in person at our office in Antioch, CA? Visit to learn more. It doesn't cost a million dollars, but the information you'll receive is!Support the show
It’s easy to set New Year’s Resolutions and it’s easy to break them. So let’s throw out resolutions and create measurable, attainable goals. Goals are achievable when you commit to writing them out, creating accountability, and making a perfect week calendar that moves you forward one step at a time. Listen in as Rick shares with his team how to move from goal setting towards goal achieving.Find the Perfect Week calendar here.  Support the show
How to Succeed in 2023

How to Succeed in 2023


If you don’t aim for a goal, you’ll hit it every time. As we close the chapter on 2022 and enter 2023, how will you prepare for personal and professional success? Listen in to a Rick Fuller in person team meeting to learn how to reach your goals and gain some much needed motivation to keep pushing forward."I" Goals - Things to benefit me personally. (Losing weight, # of books you want to read, buying a new car...)"We" Goals - Striving to achieve something with another person like with your spouse, kids, or friends. (Buying a bigger family home, travelling together, building a business...)"Them" Goals - Working toward the greater good. (Contributing a certain amount of your income to charity, donating time to feed the homeless, starting a camp for underprivileged kids....)To access the 2023 Income Pathways Rick mentioned, click here. Support the show
As we end the year, most real estate agents clock out. Don't.What separates Top Agents from Typical Agents and how do you finish 2022 strong? With these invaluable tips that Rick shared with his team.Listen in as Joe Seeley, Director of Expansion for the Rick Fuller Team, opens with how to finish strong and Rick lists practical ways to connect with your clients to fill your pipeline into the New Year.Support the show
Mortgage rates are going up. Warnings of inflation and recession plague news headlines. As we continue to do business in the fourth quarter of 2022, what message should you be conveying to your clients? Listen in as Rick educates his team on the current condition of the market and the conversations you should be having with your buyers and sellers. To see the slides that Rick references, click here. Support the show
We all have scoreboards in our life… but how closely do we update and pay attention to them? Join a Rick Fuller Team Meeting and Learn which three scoreboards Rick recommends that we monitor closely and which behaviors you should track to ensure a healthy business. For Rick's Resources mentioned in this episode, please go to:connectwithrickfuller.comSupport the show
Converting a contact into a closing doesn’t happen with home runs. You need to move your contact to customer, customer to client, client to contract and then contract to closing. Just focus on moving  base to base. Learn the scripts that Rick is using to move his contacts through the bases and how he is setting his agents up for success. Support the show
Scoreboards make all the difference at sporting events. They tell you how much time is left, how hard you have to work to get ahead, and the progress you’ve made in the game. What does the scoreboard look like for your business? Are you tracking lead and lag measures? How many real estate conversations have you had this past week? Learn how knowing numbers will help you know what to do. Here's the link to the video shown at the beginning of the meeting: the show
You’ve probably seen or heard the headlines. We’re in a housing bubble. The market is going to crash. Mortgage rates will continue to skyrocket up. The list goes on and on. But what is fact, what is fiction, and what should you be telling your clients?  Listen in as Rick teaches his team how to address these untrue statements and what agents should be focusing on to create a healthy market. Support the show
While the tide may change, certain fish always bite. Increasing mortgage rates may decrease the number of certain clients, but there are life circumstances and professional relationships that will continue to grow your business regardless of economic conditions. Listen in as Rick teaches his team how to direct their attention to unique opportunities to serve and which professional relationships need to be nurtured to consistently supply your client pipeline.Here are the resources that Rick mentions in this episode:CAR Quick GuideCAR VideoSupport the show
There Is No Good MarketThere Is No Bad MarketThere Are Only Different Markets   …and a different market requires different skills.The market is changing, are you? Learn how Rick is guiding his team to harness the opportunities in a changing market and what you can do, too, to gain your unfair share.Support the show
The Great Distraction

The Great Distraction


What’s distracting you from your goals? Join the Rick Fuller Team meeting as Rick shares how to stay focused to create powerful results in your business. Support the show
What's on Your Plate?

What's on Your Plate?


What’s on your plate? That’s the question that Rick presented to his team at the latest in person meeting. You can fill it with empty calories or you can build your business by doing the right things and filling it with protein and vegetables. Learn what I, We, and Team generated leads are and why real estate agents on a team need all three to maintain a healthy business and to achieve their Wildly Important Goals. So, what’s on your plate?Support the show
How do you achieve big goals? By making your why at the center of your mission and taking the right people on the journey with you.  But watch out! Termites can threaten your success towards your big goals and they can eat away at a healthy company culture.Find out more in this week's episode as Rick shares his goals for 2022 with his team.Support the show
We can identify when a company has a good or bad culture, but we have a difficult time defining what "culture" means exactly. Listen in to a Rick Fuller Team in person meeting and find out where so many companies are going right - and wrong - in defining their culture and how they serve their clients.Support the show
What are your goals and dreams? Get a sneak peek into a Rick Fuller Team meeting as Rick shares about how to move your dreams towards reality with four important steps. Listen in as Rick discusses how you can make 2022 a record breaking year by creating accountability in your life.Support the show
California residents are on the move! Those who live in San Francisco are settling in the East Bay. Bay Area people are transitioning to the Greater Sacramento Area. Californians in general are migrating to Texas, Tennessee, Arizona, Idaho, and other popular states. Here's what you need to know about selling your current home for top dollar and how to relocate out of the area the show
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