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Frontline is a charity developing and building a movement of people who are driving social change to better the life chances of vulnerable children and families.

We’ll be chatting to amazing people and brilliant organisations who share our goal to make a real difference to the lives of those who need it most. You’ll hear their stories, lessons learnt and, we hope, join the conversation as we take action for children and families.
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This week we spoke to the wonderful Kalyani McCarthy from British Red Cross. Kalyani leads on ‘Surviving to Thriving’ – a brilliant project that supports young unaccompanied refugees and asylum seekers. She speaks about how isolation over the past weeks has impacted mental health, which for many is already very fragile due to the past experiences that they have faced. Kalyani also speaks about the importance of involving young people and keeping them at the heart of decision making. Finally, she talks about how the simple things can be the most effective, such as sending care packages, and being creative with online sessions. Visit our website to find out more about the work of the British Red Cross and how you can support them. Enjoy!
This week we spoke to the brilliant Tom Bucher, a former primary school teacher and Frontline employee. Tom now works for two fantastic charities: Grandparents Plus and Kidscape. He speaks about how the crisis has shone a light on kinship carers, who are often disproportionately poorer than average parents, and at the moment are at higher risk due to Covid-19. Tom talks about how crucial it is to provide support and guidance, and connecting kinship carers at this time. He also addresses cyber-bullying and increased screen time, and the impact it’s having on children. Finally, Tom provides insight on how to empower both parents and children now and going forward. Enjoy!
This week, we spoke to the amazing David Thomas, a headteacher of a state secondary school in Norwich. David is part of a group of teachers who set up and launched Oak National Academy – an online school aiming to free up teacher time so that they can better support the most vulnerable children. To say they’ve had great success is somewhat of an understatement! David talks about the importance of routine and structure, and how education can be a way of keeping normality in children’s lives. He talks about the importance of acknowledging how children feel during a crisis, not only adults, and giving children a sense of agency by encouraging them to do something for others. Finally, he share his experience of bringing an idea to life. David says the most important thing is just getting started. Enjoy!
This week I spoke to Aimee Hardaker from Settle. Settle is a wonderful charity that supports young people at risk of homelessness, as they move into their first independent home. Aimee spoke about how, in record time, they have moved their outreach programme to a fully remote service and developed new a new tool to help them better address the needs of their young people; young people who may be living alone during lock down, or finding it difficult to access food, or basic amenities. Finally, Aimee shares her thoughts about how the shift to virtual services may actually open up the number and types of young people that Settle can reach through their programme. Enjoy!
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Tom Smith

Great podcast!

May 11th
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