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From the child, refugee escaping genocide in Cambodia to the confused and troubled teenager trying to figure out her place in Australia and now a grown woman working in the best possible company at M4R, RCOA, STARTTS, and other amazing refugee advocacy organizations, Veronica Nou has been an incredible leader in the pharmacy space. She is a pharmacist and proprietor of two Western Sydney pharmacies, is passionate about the welfare of refugees and Australia’s response to them.
Kimber is a Connector and Pharmovator! She helps pharmacists strategically advocate for roles and resources to advance practice and accelerate their careers.We talked about Kimber's experience as an assistant director of pharmacy, health system director, innovator and intrapreneur and entrepreneur. She mentioned the difference between Entrepreneur and Intrapreneur and advice to help pharmacy students and intern pharmacists to create a successful pharmacy career.If you would like to find out more about Kimber please follow her on Facebook, Linkedin and her website
It has been a tough year and a half. Healthcare professionals have been under an enormous amount of pressure both mentally and physically. How can we best help and heal others when we are not well? I spend some time with Dr. Mariam Yanikyan to unpack her healing journey and learnt many tools for my own health healing journey.If you are a healthcare professional or know a healthcare professional, please share with them. This episode will be available on Pharmacy Entrepreneur Podcast via Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts and other major platforms. 
We are very excited to have Jarrod McMaugh on our show. Jarrod is an Australian pharmacist. He has in-depth experience of community pharmacy as well as the broader health sector. He wears many hats across a variety of organisations including Hepatitis Victoria, Harm Reduction Victoria, Chronic Pain Australia and the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia. He was also recently involved with the Pharmacy Board’s discussions around pharmacist prescribing and the implementation of voluntary assisted dying in victoria. Jarrod is particularly passionate about seeing greater collaboration between pharmacists across settings and between pharmacists and other health professions.In 2014 Jarrod was elected to the Victorian Branch Committee of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, and in 2015 he was elected to Vice President. In 2019, Jarrod was voted as one of 14 most influential people in pharmacy. Jarrod represents pharmacists and the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia on a number of professional committees and in advocacy roles with external stakeholders such as RMIT University, Pharmacists’ Support Service, and the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services. In this episode, we discussed the following topics: Jarrod's pharmacy journey as a community pharmacist, an advocate, a pharmacy owner, a project pharmacist and a board member.Jarrod's projects with the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia Jarrod's transition from a community pharmacist to an advocate Jarrod's work with Chronic Pain Australia The stigma and barriers around Medicinal CannabisPharmacy ownership Jarrod's work with FIP The International Pharmaceutical FederationJarrod's vision for pharmacy industry in AustraliaJarrod's advice for aspiring pharmacists Pros and Cons: 1. AHPRA registered health professionals using pharmacy consulting rooms 2. Pharmacists provide paid service online If you like this episode, please subscribe and leave us a review. Thank you for your support. 
Professor Bruce Berger is the president of Berger Consulting, LLC and Emeritus Professor at Auburn University. He has developed comMIt (Comprehensive Motivational Interviewing Training for health care providers) and AU MITI (Auburn University Motivational Interviewing Training Institute). He has taught motivational interviewing in health care and methods for improving treatment adherence for over 30 years.His research interests include health behaviour change and improving treatment adherence.  He has written three books, written or presented over 900 papers (88 peer-reviewed) or seminars (94 peer-reviewed) on these topics.  He has attracted over $3.5 million in funding to support his research.He has been a consultant and trainer for the US Air Force, VA, US Army, Pfizer, Inc., Procter & Gamble, Abbvie, Novartis, Astra-Zeneca, Sanofi-Aventis, GSK, and over 50 health plans, including Humana, Harvard Pilgrim, Tufts Health, ConnectiCare, Medical Mutual of Ohio and numerous BlueCross BlueShield plans.He is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Lyman Award and the first American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy's Award of Excellence for his research.  He is the 2001 recipient of the Jack L. Beal Postbaccalaureate Alumni Award from the Ohio State University.In March of 2004, Bruce was awarded a fellowship by the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) Academy of Pharmaceutical Research and Science for a lifetime of quality research.  Bruce is the 2007 and 2009 winner of the APhA Wierderholt Prize for the best research publication in the social, behavioural, and administrative sciences in pharmacy in the Journal of the APhA.  The first study focused on the impact of motivational interviewing.Bruce is the 2009 recipient of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy’s Robert Chalmers Distinguished Pharmacy Educator Award, one of the Association’s three highest honours.  Bruce is the author of the book, Motivational Interviewing for Health Care Professionals:  A Sensible Approach, APhA, Washington, DC, August 2020, 2nd edition, and the 8 hours accredited Motivational Interviewing E-Learning Program for Health Care Professionals (2015), along with William A. Villaume. Our 8 hour e-learning Complimentary view of Module 1 Our approach to MI
Are you feeling stuck in your current role?Are you frustrated that there are only community and hospital positions in the pharmacy space?Do you want to explore the possibilities in pharmacy but fear of the unknown?Komal has been there. Here is her story.Komal is a former UK national level pharmacist with 15+ years experience turned health & wellbeing coach.Through her lifelong interest in holistic health and wellbeing, she has gone from working for the National Pharmacy Negotiator in the UK to being an entrepreneur in her own right, having started both her own turmeric supplement, health coaching business as well as a life & career coaching business.
Dr Shane Jerominski - A.K.A The Accidental Pharmacist was raised in that thriving metropolis an hour’s drive north of Philadelphia, known as Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. He’s a veteran of the US Navy where he was trained as a Sonar Technician. Leaving after 4 years with no marketable civilian skills and custody of his infant son (long story) he returned to PA and started college. He was a pre-med major who found pharmacy by “accident.” After graduation, in fact, the night following the ceremony he embarked on a road trip across the country to start his new life and illustrious career with Walgreens in Palm Desert, California. Five years pass, he jumps ship to Target Pharmacy. Three years pass, that ship torpedos to the bottom of the retail pharmacy ocean thanks to the CVS merger. Eventually, Shane makes a life-altering decision, or I should say is forced, to seek employment outside the big chains at a specialty independent pharmacy. Through a series of happy accidents, he now is a partner at this pharmacy location in a remote area of the Southern California desert.       He has five children at last count because his television has been perpetually broken for eight years and his wife can’t keep her hands off him. When he’s not working in his retail pharmacy setting, he works per diem at a local hospital, and in his rather limited spare time, he makes feeble attempts to entertain follow pharmacy enthusiasts on the internet. Oh and occasionally make a small difference in the lives of those people crazy enough to follow his antics.If you are a past, present or future Pharmacist and You want to create a business and life you love. Please join us on Facebook and Instagram @globalpharmacyentrepreneurs 
Dr Stacie is a Pharmacist, Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy, Certified aromatherapist, board-certified pediatric Pharmacy specialist as well as a board-certified patient advocate. Dr Stacie always had a desire to inspire, educate and help everyone around her. It is no surprise that after graduating from pharmacy school she started her career in academia. Being an associate professor allowed Stacie to combine her knowledge as a pediatric clinical pharmacist with her passions for aromatherapy and herbalism. Then when her world was turned upside down from cancer, she made it her life’s mission to support patients and became a patient advocate. Stacie enables people to feel independent and strong enough to make their own health choices when faced with internal struggles from a new diagnosis and external difficulties from the complex healthcare system.If you are a past, present and future pharmacist and you want to create a business and life you love please find us on Facebook & Instagram @globalpharmacyentrepreneurs
We are very excited to have an Australian pharmacist Helen Huynh on our Pharmacy Entrepreneur Podcast. She is a pharmacist and founder of ellé derm has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 14 years and has a strong passion for creating quality and effective products for the general public. Her solution-driven attitude has lead her to develop novel cosmeceutical brand ellé derm.As the founder of ellé derm, her goal is to create beautifully designed products which are clinically proven, simple to use and have multiple benefits to save time and money.Her passion and mission are to help create a healthier world both mentally and physically. Helen strongly believes that “GIVE A MAN a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for his lifetime.” By providing free education to underprivileged children all over the world opens up the opportunity to help themselves as well as their family. It is Elle derm’s mission to provide free education to twenty underprivileged children each year.
Have you met a pharmacist who is also a "Queen" of technology? We are very fortunate to introduce Dr. Shams to you. Dr. Shams was the creator of a global e-learning platform: is an IT/smart systems expert. She has graduated with a degree of Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Jordan in 2016. The idea creator, theme builder, sheets designer, the producer of iSpatula tutorials. She decided in August 2013 to create this website after struggling for a year and a half in finding the best method of cloud storage for each material a pharmacy or PharmD student needs.It is a perfect time to celebrate amazing pharmacists from all over the world for their talents and services. Global Pharmacy Entrepreneur Community was created to support, connect and help pharmacists who want to start their entrepreneur journey. If you are a past, present and future pharmacists & you want to create a business and life you love please join us:
Welcome to Pharmacy Entrepreneur Podcast! If you are a past present and future pharmacist and you want to create a business and life you love, this is the show for you. Today I am very excited to introduce Dr Marina Book to you all.Dr. Book lives in New York, she is a registered Doctor of Pharmacy, Health Coach, Nutritionist, Clinical Herbalist, and lifelong learner of the Healing Arts. She uses her multidisciplinary background to educate and consult patients about the least invasive and most natural methods for healing the spirit-body-mind. When she is not studying, she likes to dance, paint, and tinker with various concoctions such as tea blends, meals and DIY projects. 
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I already know that finding a good pharmacy these days is not easy. Many of them work very slowly, so of course you have to be very careful with such pharmacies and you have to read the reviews of those who have already been there. I recommend therefore to read information about blink health, very much learn, I think. And I, before ordering medicines always read about where I will take, so I already know what to expect.

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