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The Best of Sales Skills. Sales Tactics for Todays' Sellers. This podcast is created to provide actionable tactics and strategies that you can use to be more effective in your sales and outreach. Sales Development and Prospecting is hard whether you prospect via social, video or more traditional methods. Here we bring you a broad range of strategies all salespeople can employ to start more conversations with their ideal clients. Designed to help Business Development teams, Account Executives, Sales Enablement Professionals, Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Sales Leaders. Hosted by, Mark McInnes - Author, B2B Sales Trainer.
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Welcome to the BOSS podcast. The Best Of Sales Skills. This short trailer is designed to help you work out if this podcast is going to be a good fit for you. This podcast is perfect for those of us who are in sales and want the best and latest sales skills to help us start more conversations with our buyers and convert more of our sales through to call.It's heavy on tactics and how to techniques. We come at everything from exploring the best calling scripts, designing the latest email or winning business development plays, or even how to use digital selling stuff. We have two types of episodes for you to explore. The first is our regular series, where we hear from an expert in their field.And the other is where we share something even more technical to help you in your day-to-day selling situation. These are called our boss sessions. If you're selling for a living leading a sales team or an entrepreneur at heart, then this podcast is. You might be asking, where do you stop? Why don't try checking out some of the best of series.This is where we highlight some of the best podcasts from our recent conversations. One at start with Gary Hill, the third best Coca-Cola in the world, or how to use Instagram and your B2B sales channel with Charlotte Bowery from Uber eats, or even go of magic 3m strategy for writing effective simultaneous.Of course, the best way to stay abreast of new episodes is free to subscribe via your favorite podcast player. And if you like what you hear, please leave a review. I'm Mark McGuinness. I hope you decided to join us in the boss podcast.
What would you do if your sales director said we are moving most of our Account Execs into SDR roles?It’s a good question. In today's episode, we will find out what happens if you do. ASSA ELDAR is the Head of Sales at Lusha and I'm delighted to have him as a guest.Since our original recording of this episode, Lusha announced an additional $205Mill raise which gave them a market cap of $1.5BillI love it when you get someone who is prepared to take a few risks and it pays off, they make great stories, I love it even more… when it's a business I know and have genuine respect for.If you work in business development you know of Lusha, you’ve even or have tried Lusha. It's one of those staple SaaS products that SDRs, BDMs and anyone doing outbound need in their tool kit. In today's episode, we get a sneak peek behind the curtain to look into what their Product Lead Growth Strategy was, how it needed to change and the risks they took to get the business eventually firing on all cylinders.Assa Elder Lusha Mark McInnes Mark’s Gumroad Mark’s VIP 
*** BONUS AudioBook and NLP Course link below***Chandell Labbozzetta is a master NLP trainer as well as a speaker and author. NLP is Neuro-Linguistic Programming, it is both an art and science on how we use the language of our mind to create results in our lives and behaviour. For example, Humans receive 11Million bits of information every second and yet, we can only process 126bits per second. So, how do we make sense of all that information and what impacts does that have on our selling styles?We have a predominantly unconscious mind (responsible for all behaviour, learning and change) and a conscious mind which is logical and rational. We live 90 % unconsciously and only 10% consciously  The unconscious mind is the domain of emotions, we know, people buy emotionally and justify logically, and yet most salespeople will leave 90% out of the conversation. Chandell Labbozzetta. Confident Closing (Audio) to Effective Communication Quiz McInnes Sales Mailer 
The GREAT RESIGNATION is here and it's wreaking havoc on HR teams everywhere. It's also providing an incredible opportunity for sellers.An opportunity to get more money and also the possibility to ruin careers.It's a once in a decade situation, (maybe more) take advantage now or you'll miss out on the free $$$.But, like all things, there is a YANG to the YING. What goes UP must also come DOWN.What could be the downside to this current shortage?Whilst corporations are screaming for salespeople right now I'm predicting a significant swing the other way with devastating ramifications for sellers, sales leaders and customer experience.Am I right? Am I wrong?Let me knowMark McInnes Sales Mailer 
The easiest way to grow your business & create sales today, even in the middle of a pandemic is through referrals.Referrals are easier to talk to, easier to convert and are less likely to ask for significant discounts. Yet, we all know we are still not using them to their maximum.Dean Mannix is the master of making difficult things in sales easy to for us to put into action. He is also a sales Trainer extraordinaire and someone I really look up to in relation to sales skills.Dean's been instrumental in framing the way I think about selling and my hope is that some of that Dean Mannix Magic - will rub off on you the audience. Today. I wanted to talk about referrals for a couple of reasons. 1 - Very broadly sellers don't leverage referrals enough.2 - Right now - sellers feel conflicted about whether they should be selling right now or being more empathetic.So lots of conversations sellers are having are with friendly customers, easy people to contact.This being the case, how can they try to derive a benefit from those easy conversations? - referrals.  Dean argues many of us are simply doing the wrong things to get referrals.He shares some great ideas around how you can position yourself to be referred more often without all those negative feelings that are often associated with asking for referrals and then not getting them.Dean Mannix Dean’s website Mark McInnes VIP newsletter 
Have you ever left a client meeting with a handshake deal, thinking it was done and dusted, only to later realize it was only the very start of the process and not the end?I know I certainly have; I also have the mental scars to prove it.So how do you navigate this LAST mile in the sales process when we find ourselves in these situations? Better still how do we avoid them altogether? JD, from Sales Director Central, is a guy who mentors sales leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs who are driving really important sales initiatives inside their organization. He says more and more salespeople are falling over at the last mile than ever before.In this show, JD is going to share with us some really cool things we can do to avoid making these common mistakes.Also, you'll get to hear about how one of our price negotiations involved a guy threatening to drive his Range Rover through our office front door if he couldn't get a $20K discount. JD (John Dean) Sales Director Central Mark McInnes VIP Mailer 
One of the things I love about Phil Gerbyshak is his ability to mix both his digital selling expertise with tactical and simply stated sales tactics. Sales tactics that work well on LinkedIn, Phil is a Socially Savvy sales trainer.Selling today is very different from those old days of sales is a ‘numbers game’ of dial and smile and prospect manipulation. Buyers know it and so do sellers. At the same time, its also true we all need to generate sales to keep the corporate fires burning or to just to make sure we don’t get sacked.Many people find it difficult to balance these two conflicting priorities and end up too far in either direction. Either pitching too hard and too early or having lots of fluffy conversations that result in no commercial outcomes.In this episode Phil shares his very simple 3 x H strategy you can use to make sure you’re connecting with your buyers, having conversations, and leaving your commission breath at the door.This is a great episode on how to have the right sales mindset.Phil and I have been ‘LinkedIn’ buddies for more than 5 years. He has been on the podcast before and I’ve been on his – I invited him back not because I like him, although I do, but because he always provides some easy to execute yet valuable sales skills and he hasn’t let us down in this episode.Phil Gerbyshak Social Selling Essentials (New Book) Mark McInnes Join our VIP Newsletter POW Course information 
Bonus POW💥 Course Content. Virtual & Digital Selling Tutorial. Let’s face it, virtual & digital Selling is here to stay. So why are salespeople so crap at it?After sitting on 1000’s of ZOOM calls, webinars, demos and sales calls that have completely stunk, I’ve decided to share a short action plan to help sellers lift their game when it comes to digital & virtual selling.We’ve all been in those situations when you expect your buyer to turn up and engage and then they turn up don’t have their video on and will barely acknowledge you.  You feel like you’re talking to yourself for the next 45mins?What about when some extra people turn up to your demo that you weren’t expecting?How can you make the most of your time and your sales efforts when selling online?What can we do to try and claw back some of the advantages of rapport and relationship building whilst operating online?Sellers, it’s time to lift your collective virtual sales game.Start here.Mark McInnes  Course info Join our VIP Newsletter. 
What would you do to get a meeting with your perfect buyer? How much would you pay for a sales conversation with your perfect prospect? Shahin Hoda is the Founder & Director of Xgrowth, they're an ABM marketing business- (Account-Based Marketing) and they specialise in landing meetings with very high quality and hard to reach accounts. I challenge you to listen to the strategies and examples, that Shahin, shares and then ask yourself are you really doing everything you can to reach your IDEAL buyer? I hope this episode gives you the latitude and the attitude to think outside the box when it comes to trying to land meetings with your IDEAL buyers.Shahin Hoda Xgrowth McInnes Subscribe to Mark’s VIP 
Life on the other side of 18million dials.  This episode provides you with a window into the mind of a true expert. Gerry Hill is the regional VP of a company called Connect & Sell. If you’re in sales leadership or you’re a close watcher of sales tech you will know the organization is at the very front of calling technology. Gerry does all the talking in this one which is perfect… because I felt SO far out of my depth I was drowning in information. In fact, It’s highly likely you will need to listen to this episode twice. I mean I train people to make calls.. and this guy is three levels above me.This guy walks the walk, he is the only person ever, on this podcast, to give out his mobile number as way to get in contact’ – How’s that for serious?Gerry Hill Connect & Sell Join the VIP Sales mailer Mark McInnes 
Today we are exploring the acceleration of B2B digital buying and what it means for you (and me) as a sales professional today. Do you think you're ready for the NEW reality of B2B selling? Because Adam Thorp says selling in 2022 and beyond will be very different to the B2B selling of 2020 and 2021. Will you be replaced by Amazon’s new B2B platform? Adam is the CEO of a sales strategy company that helps companies to win new business and grow their business. Julian Midwinter & Associates Some of the key points we cover in this chat are… Why B2B is becoming more like B2CWhat skillsets will we need, as sellers, going forward?What will the typical buying journey look like? If you expect to be a viable seller tomorrow, there no doubt you will need to change. Adam's take on the future of B2B selling is intriguing. Adam Thorp Julian Midwinter & Assoc Mark McInnes VIP newsletter.
A super tactical session. Much more than ‘tidy up your profile and post some content’.Learn advanced social selling strategies on how you could reach out and restart conversations with either those you’re connected to but haven’t conversed with yet or those you are wanting to connect with.All without being a SPAMMER.Key strategies here for you are:The follow/ unfollow techniqueHow to leverage referrals super easilyHow to use POLLS to create your own bookHow to tell if your prospects are ‘really’ on LinkedInWhy POLLS might be your answer to creating authorityHow to delight a new connection even if you have zero contentWhy you should slow down your outreach to help speed up the resultJoin Mark’s VIP twice-monthly newsletter: McInnes 
Fred is a senior sales leader with Aircall and in our recent conversation we talked about what does a good comp plan look like and what are the main challenges in rolling out a plan.There were a couple of really interesting pieces in here you’ll love.Firstly, your comp needs to be aligned with your geographical location. Different geographies require a different mix of base and comms.Secondly, that as the business grows, leaders need to be ready to change the plan because, salespeople tend to focus on activities that produce the most commission for them.This is a great way to solve some of your bigger business strategy pieces.Fred also shares the 5 comp plans he’s orchestrated while at Aircall and the impacts of each of those.This is a great episode for both sellers and sales leaders.Fred Viet Aircall Mark McInnes Subscribe to Mark’s VIP 
 A few years ago, Mark made the switch from a career as a procurement professional with Mars Foods to that as a sales consultant, trainer and author of a great book called "The Other Side Of Sales".Now, he coaches sales reps about the strategies professional procurement use in their buying process so we sellers can be better prepared and better armed when we are finally dropped into procurement. Often, we hear experts talking about ‘buyers want this, or they expect this', but do they really know?In this show, we get to hear it from someone who really does know. Mark is an expert in buyer behaviour. In this episode, we cover things like what you should be asking but are not… as well as what negotiation tactics procurement professionals use to get you to lower price or change your offer.What I learnt is that many times, just when you think the deal is done, the negotiation is just starting. Mark Schenkius  The Other Side of Sales Mark’s Mark McInnes  Subscribe to Mark’s VIP 
What do we need to consider and what should we do so that we have a deeper impact or a deeper relationship with our buyers?Jamie Martin is an award-winning Sales coach, Speaker and Podcaster from the UK, who has some great insights on selling to different personalities.  We all know that all things being equal, people like to work with people who are more like themselves. And that the spoken word only makes up a very small part of the way we absorb communication. Body language, tone, pace etc all play a massive part on the way we perceive those communication signals  People personalities also play a massive part in the way they perceive or process our communication. To be fair, this is something I've found difficult to adopt in my personal selling style. So I was really looking forward to hearing from the expert here. Catch some great ideas about how you can change your selling style to match that of your buyer, regardless of what their personality is.Jamie Martin Mark McInnes Subscribe to Mark’s VIP 
Tom Boston is our guest today; he has just been promoted to the role of ‘Social Sales Evangelist’ for Salesloft. He is a truly funny guy as well as a switched-on and proven sales professional. You’ve probably seen Tom’s antics on LinkedIn, he has a way of creating cool video content that is both educational as well as engaging and hilarious.In this episode, we talk about Tom's recent move into training salespeople on social after several successful years as a high-performing SDR. We get a breakdown of some of the numbers he was able to achieve and just how many of his appointments did his video content created for him. Of course, he also shares some super ideas about what sellers should be doing right now to stand out from the crowd and there are some similar themes but with a twist. One of them was quite different and that was, be honest and upfront with people that you're trying to sell them something.  Toms tips include:Personalization beyond the standardUse video inside your prospectingBe real in your sales interactionsCheck out Twitter for conversation startersSlow down your ask - to speed up the result.Tom Boston: SalesLoft McInnes Subscribe to Mark’s VIP 
Michelle is an expert at LinkedIn company pages as well as a well-respected LinkedIn trainer. In this episode we cover the fallacy of LinkedIn live. It turns out live has a few tricks you need to be aware of to getting it to work for you that might not be as obvious as you might think. Of course, we also dig deep into LinkedIn company pages, including, why should we bother, what do we post on them, when and how often. Everything you need to know so you can get a start on building that all important company page. Michelle J Raymond Good Trading Co LinkedIn Company Page Mark McInnes Mark’s VIP Newsletter
Nathan Clark is a sales enabler, working at the crossroads of tech and capability. Nathan has a long career in helping B2B salespeople to be more effective in their roles.Having worked at LinkedIn, RogenSi as well as running his own side-hustle as a deal coach, Nathan has plenty of experience in what makes a deal more likely to be successful.Nathan shares his 7 "Cs" strategy to more effective selling.  The 7 Sea’s are: ConnectionConsiderationClarityConfidence ConsensusCommercialsCommitmentWe dig deep into these 7 areas as well as sharing some tips to help you make sure you hit these 7 as you move through your deal’s timeline.Nathan Clark - LinkedIn Twitter@nathanClark_ Mark McInnes Website/ 
In this episode we hear from Joe Micallef, Joe is an ex-Aussie banker who now specializes in sales coaching and training for bankers, predominantly in the USA.  Joe and I go way back to the good Ol SalesITV days, where we were working with the legend, Dean Mannix.   So there is a lot of commonality in the way we train and the way we think about sales.   Joe has a couple of really simple ways he coaches and trains his clients and he shares those models with us in this epsiode. They are the 3M Model and the 3 C' Model.  I challenge you to run this simple and effective exercise inside your business you will see a marked improvement in the quality of both your and your team’s prospecting, no matter where you are in your personal sales journey, Joe Micallef Mark McInnes Website/ 
New author, David Dulany, joins us to talk about how to build a sales development team and discusses the very recent release of his new book called The Sales Development Framework.We cover off some of the big things in sales development right now such as what does WFH mean for the make-up of the future typical SDR team?What’s happening with ageism in the sales space? Should you fill your SDR team with all college graduates? Plan your work and then work your plan.  David's 3 big things for building a strong and successful SDR team? People  Process Technology  What Tech-stack should we be running right now and, in particular, what tech is an absolute must have today, it’s probably not what you’re thinking.Grab the book - The Sales Development Framework. David Dulany McInnes Website/ 
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