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The Lyrical Lawyer

The Lyrical Lawyer


Dr Harry Annison is an Associate Professor in Criminal Law and Criminology by day but a musician by night! Fighting crime during the day makes him somewhat of a conventional superhero in reverse but he's a superhero nonetheless. His research centres primarily upon penal politics and policymaking, analysing the beliefs and practices that inform criminal justice policy. Listen to this podcast to discover how his work has helped numerous people and find out about his musical talent. 
Ever considered how getting your hair done may be effecting the Earth? In this podcast episode, Dr Denise Baden, Professor of Sustainable Business within Southampton Business School, explains how we can make a change starting with our hair. But that's not where Denise's creativity ends! Host, Jo, chats with Denise about the Green Stories Writing Competition and her musical-writing talent. 
The Political Pundit

The Political Pundit


The US election is getting closer and Professor of Political Science and Public Policy, Will Jennings, is no stranger to the sleepless nights and preparation that goes into covering such an event. Host, Jo Fisher, chats with Will about his journey through academia and his work on public opinion. Self-confessed Twitter junkie, Will, has worked with the likes of BBC and SKY on a number of UK and US elections and this year is no different. Listen to this podcast to discover how this year may be different to all the rest!
Black history, garden sheds and dragons. Meet Professor Christer Petley, expert in the history of colonial settlers and slaveholders in the school of humanities at the University of Southampton. His work focuses mainly on slave societies in the British Caribbean and he has published work on the social and cultural history of the Jamaican planter class. Listen to this podcast to delve into black history and to get to know the person behind the research including using his child's toy dragon as a teaching tool! 
We're back! Season 2 concentrates on the incredible research that goes on at the University of Southampton and more importantly, the people behind it. There's something for everyone, from history to movies, politics to law, singing to dinosaurs and musicals to hairdressing. 
Bonus episode! Listen in as Bhupinder Siran, Strategic Business Partner in iSolutions, chats to Jo about getting the University online and his role in the BAME network. They talk about the work that the network does, the importance of continuing the conversation and asking the difficult questions. Keep your eyes peeled for season 2- coming soon! 
Get an insight into the Coronavirus Response Fund and discover how it's helping in the fight against COVID-19. Host, Jo Fisher, catches up with Fundraiser, Jana Browne, over a cuppa. Listen in as Jana reveals how she's been spending those extra hours without the commute during the lock down. 
The Avid Archivist

The Avid Archivist


Are the white gloves and dusty books in the movies really what archives are like? Host, Jo Fisher, does some myth-busting with our Head of Archives, Karen Robson. Listen to discover the depths of the University library and get to know Karen through her love of theatre and crafts. 
He's a serial hobbyist and ex-catcher of thieves. A pilot and protector of our campus- is there anything he can't do? Host, Jo Fisher, catches up with Head of Security, Nick Povey, to find out how he's getting on working from home and fills us in on what variety of things our security service does. 
"We all wear clothes so it affects all of us". Designer and module leader at Winchester School of Art, Delia Crowe, talks about sustainability in fashion and wearing pyjamas to work. Grab a cuppa and listen in as host, Jo Fisher, finds out how to make clothing from a Hazmat Haberdashery. 
What does your kitchen kettle and whales have in common? Listen as host, Jo Fisher, chats to Bubble Acoustic Engineer and Researcher, Nikhil Mistry. Nikhil reveals just how important Acoustic Engineering is every day life, from cancer treatments to climate change. 
The Real Indiana Jones

The Real Indiana Jones


Palaeontologist and Evolutionary Biologist, Neil Gostling, chats to host, Jo Fisher, about how he's adapting to working from home. Neil tells us about his career path from science teacher to university lecturer and from New York State to the back garden. Listen to discover the dinosaur on your windowsill. 
Universi-Tea Trailer

Universi-Tea Trailer


Host and Alumna, Jo Fisher, teases what's to come in this new series of Universi-Tea. Listen as we step inside some of our staff's homes for a virtual cuppa catch up. Palaeontologists, Bubble Acoustic Engineers, Security and Designers give an insight into their careers, share personal stories and reveal the unexpected. Join us as we take off the mortarboards; reveal the people behind the curtain, and settle down with a nice, hot brew.
Census Day is 21st March 2021. Ever wondered why we do a Census? The Census is a survey about all the households in England and Wales and occurs every 10 years. In this podcast, Jo speaks to Professor David Martin, a Professor of Geography at the University of Southampton. David has been heavily involved in the nationwide survey for nearly 40 years and is quite the celebrity within the Census world. Listen as Jo and David discuss how Covid and Brexit will effect this years data as well as how your answers determine what's in your local corner shop. 
Meet Dr Shelley Cobb, Associate Professor of Film at the University of Southampton. Shelley is a feminist film and media studies scholar with a particular interest in women filmmakers. Listen to this podcast to find out what challenges women filmmakers face working in the industry and how Shelley's research is helping to close the gap. They also give recommendations of films to add to the list!
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