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Want a peek into life as a blogging military spouse? Look no further. Lady Jupiter Podcast updates weekly. New episodes share life updates, blog updates, and various musings.Think of each download as a quick chat while waiting to order bagels. Miss something? No worries, show notes are available at
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The snow melted and life can resume - thank goodness. Today I talk a little bit about what I did when snowed in, and share what I did as soon as I could get out of the house again. This episode's links📌Daily Jupiter📌Public Note; re: vitamin patches📌Rocketbook Fusion📌📌 Support the show (
Hello from my snow-covered home! I try not to talk all about the weather, but I kind of do because Central Arkansas is not built for this much snow. Regardless I manage to share some blog updates (three new posts!), and give a quick shoutout to my worldwide audience - YOU are why I do this at all 💙💙❄︎ Click here for the full transcript ❄︎Links this episode📌Daily Jupiter Pages📌Picks of the Week № 6📌Five Favorites on Steak Night📌 the show (
Few military-life updates, I talk a little bit about the custom Daily Jupiter pages I have been sharing lately on, then I wrap up with a recipe for cabbage & sausage - a surprisingly toddler-friendly dish that was a hit. Mmm, I can't wait to make it again!✖︎ Click here for the full recipe and show notes ✖︎Handy links:📌 Daily Jupiter pages📌 Recipes in the show notes (📌📌 the show (
This episode glosses on an award that I earned for Key Spousing real hard, then I publicly brainstorm about easy-to-upload blog content that isn't as time consuming as traditional posts. Then I talk about menu planning and share how I prefer to do it.❀ Click here for the full transcript ❀Handy links this episode📌 How I Make Menu Planning Easy on📌📌 ladyjupiterpodcast.wordpress.comSupport the show (
Today I talk about how I'm ready to travel again, and generally over this whole pandemic. Then I move on to blog changes we can expect, and wrap it all up with how I broke an 80 hour fast.✣ Click here for the full transcript ✣Handy links mentioned in this episode:📌 (Pending post about Fredericksburg, Texas)📌 Outfits of the Day :: Winter 2020📌 Athletic Greens powder📌 Probiotic cottage cheese📌📌 the show (
Episode 41 is short and sweet. Friends are getting ready to move (both towards us and away from us), I solidified my 21 in 2021 list, then I talk about the fast I am doing right now to get my body back into fat-burning mode.✭ Click here for the full transcript ✭Here are this episode's links:📌 21 in 2021, 0/21 full blog post on📌 Our 2016 model ProForm treadmill📌📌 the show (
This tardy upload is sponsored by my unfocused brain! I revisit last week's idea of quickly sharing five small interesting things - those things this week are organizing with filing tabs, waterproof paper, heart rate variability, audiobook recommendations, and the gift of "room service" to a family with a newborn.✸✸ Click here for the full transcript ✸✸Here are the links I mention in this episode:📌 My daily Rocketbook📌 Post-it filing tabs📌 TerraSlate waterproof paper📌 Laser printer📌 Heart rate variability: A new way to track well-being - Marcelo Campos, MD📌 ...Oura’s Potential to Identify Fevers and Aid in Early Illness Detection of COVID-19...📌 The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung on Audible📌 Feast, Fast, Repeat by Gin Stevens on AudibleSupport the show (
Happy New Year! Today I share a little about Mister's promotion ceremony, then talk about my take on declaring 21 in 2021. No singular obsession lately, so instead I talk about four things that got my attention lately.✧✧ Click here for the full transcript ✧✧Here are the quick links this episode:📌 Picks of the Week №52📌 Outfits of the Day Winter 2020📌 21 in 2021, 0/9📌 Fish & Chip Rankings📌 Spandex joggers on Amazon📌 the show (
Merry December! This episode shares some long awaited promotion news, and our next plans regarding said promotion. The following blog update is sparse, unlike my talk about delicious holiday treats - both outbound and received.I also announce a new upload schedule so we can all have a little something to look forward to each week, regardless of the calendar date.❄︎ Click here for the full transcript ❄︎Handy links this episode:📌 Lady Jupiter Podcast Episode №37📌 Outfits of the Day Autumn 2020📌📌 the show (
In this episode I think back fondly of camping in an empty house, then gush again about grocery delivery and how it's going to help me make the beef pho broth of my dreams. Yum.❍ ❍ Click here for the full transcript and easily sharable page ❍ ❍Quick links from Episode 37:📌 Five Favorites in the BX📌 Five Favorites in Las Vegas, NV (not gambling)📌 Outfits of the Day :: Autumn 2020📌 the show (
Today I have sparse updates about life and blog, but I do manage to talk about groceries because my passion for food and eating never end. This episode lightly explores my first Whole Foods home delivery, and why I need to take it easy on the cold pressed juices (that I love!).✻ ✻ Click here for the full transcript ✻ ✻Quick links this episode:📌 Outfits of the Day📌 Instant Pot Pho on📌📌 the show (
This week I have blog updates, and all sorts of diversions - including a recipe for the black eyed peas that we're definitely having on New Years Day. I also think out loud again about Rocketbooks and how I can make this reusable paper system really work for me.✰✰ Click here for recipe and transcript ✰✰Here are the links that you'll encounter while listening:📌 Picks of the Week №28📌 Picks of the Week №44📌 Picks of the Week №49📌 Outfits of the Day (Autumn 2020)📌 “Burnout” on Audible📌📌 Pending post about how I use my letter-size Rocketbook📌 Affiliate link to my letter-size Rocketbook on Amazon📌 Pending Key Spouse Rocketbook post📌📌 www.ladyjupiterpodcast.wordpress.comSupport the show (
I decided to distance myself from my usual content to share how my family is doing Thanksgiving this year, and I list a few things that I am thankful for - such as listeners like you! ✧✧ Click here for the transcript ✧✧Support the show (
This week is a quick chat about an award nomination, then a nice long talk about my new reusable notebooks. Brief blog updates are mentioned - but I'd rather talk about saving trees.✖︎ Click here for the full transcript ✖︎Here are this episode's MANY links:📌 Infusing Vinegar📌 Picks of the Week #42📌 Outfits of the Day📌📌 “Burnout” on Audible📌 8.5” X 11” graph paper journal (with black pen)📌 Mini dot grid journal (with pen)📌 set of three blue ink pens📌 set of five colored pens📌📌📌 LadyJupiter.comSupport the show (
This week I talk about my two new blog posts and three updated posts. Then I go on about stress management and how I'm trying to better myself regarding stress until I can take more college classes...because I want to know everything. Share Lady Jupiter Podcast with a friend! I can be found on your favorite podcatchers like Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Deezer, Spotify, and Overcast.✯✯ Click here for the full transcript ✯✯Quick links for this episode📌 Outfits of the Day📌 Intermittent Fasting Month Eleven📌 Five Favorites When Taking a Hop📌 My Favorite Overnight Breakfast (Rice Pudding)📌 Why I Love Fish Pedicures📌 "Burnout" by E & A Nagoski📌 (pending non-fiction picks post)Support the show (
Another minimal-content episode strikes again! Changes are few, and that's okay.✦✦ Click here for the full transcript ✦✦Here are the links mentioned in this episode📌📌📌 the show (
Welcome back! Today I wanted to share my very first nanny interview, then tease some future content about my recent trip to Fredericksburg, Texas. Otherwise, I gloss over one of my most popular posts this year and give you a brief summary about What I Wish I Knew About the First Trimester. I kept that short for those who aren't interested, and linked below for those who are.✣ Click here to read the full transcript ✣Quick links this episode ⚡️📌 Outfits of the Day📌 What I Wish I Knew About the First Trimester📌 Family Category (on📌 (pending Fredericksburg post)📌 the show (
Welcome back! This week I don't have any significant updates, so I'm going to tell you my vegetable plans for this week. It's fun if you're also trying to get more veggies in your life via meal prepping.⚡️ Click here for the full transcript ⚡️This episode's links:→ Outfits of the Day Autumn 2020→ Plain black high-rise wide-leg cropped yoga pants→ Public Notes (index pending)→ re: storing ginger→ Misfits Market discount code: COOKWME-NJ8YAR→→ ladyjupiter.comI'll be back on the first, talk to you soon!Support the show (
Happy Thursday! This week's episode is short again - thanks to few changes in life and blog, but I sure can talk about kombucha and I did. If my brief ramblings bring you joy, share me with a friend! Lady Jupiter podcast is available on all of the major podcatchers like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Overcast, and my favorite Stitcher.📌 Click here for the full transcript 📌Here are the links mentioned in the show:→ Public Notes→ Picks of the Week→ Kombucha SCOBY→ (Brewing kombucha in real time, 2018)→ the show (
This short episode mentions Mister Jupiter's pending promotion, then I talk about my just-for-fun hobby; writing Amazon reviews just for the ranking.✱ ✱ Click here for the full transcript ✱ ✱Here are the quick links from this episode:📌 Picks of the Week № 40📌 Outfits of the Day :: Autumn 2020📌 Intermittent Fasting, Month Ten📌 Schwinn bike trailer📌 Red & infrared light wrapSupport the show (
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