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Podcasts dedicated to promoting tobacco harm reduction via use of personal vaporizers also known as ecigs!
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In an effort to bring the best guests and information we've had Scientists, Writers, Politicians and Harm Reduction Advocates on the show.This week we are pleased to have Charles Courtemanche, PhD on to discuss a paper he has co-authored researching taxes on vaping products and whether they will acheive the goals that those that propose and promote them use as justification.There is a proposed #Vape tax circling congressional offices in DC and it could be the final nail in the coffin for #tobaccoharmreduction.Join us Friday night at 10pm Eastern on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
FDA dealt #vaping a mighty blow yesterday. More MDOs were filed and they released a statement with a lot of words that do not bode well for the future of the most successful #tobaccoharmreduction products on the market.No one was granted Marketing Orders, but a bunch of companies that make products that have been helping people that smoke become people that don't smoke were told to stop making and selling them.FDA didn't come straight out and say anything let alone saying that they are banning flavors but from this end that is what it looks like.This week on #sonoflibertyradio we will discuss this announcement in depth, we will go over it line by line if we have to.In the long term it will result in turning folks that want to save peoples lives into criminals. When are they going to start punishing samaritans who provide CPR to dying people? What about bystanders that jump into a fire to save someone from burning alive? Don't pull that guy away from the edge of the building if he starts to fall, you could get in trouble.Join us Friday night at 10pm Eastern on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to join in the conversation.
This week we welcome Dr. Colin Mendelsohn on to discuss #harmreduction #tobaccoharmreduction, converting people that smoke into people that #vape, #nicotine prescriptions, prohibitionist ideology, #philanthrocolonialism, billionaires using money to push personal agendas on the world stage through the WHO.Join us on Friday night at 10pm Eastern on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
I imagine we will be a little inappropriate tonight as we discuss what the heck "Appropriate For The Protection Of Public Health" actually means.Seems like it is a bit vague and it a moving target so you may not understand any more after the show as you did before.55,000 more PMTAs got knocked off the FDA's Too-Do list.Kevin may or may not be here but I'm sure I can think of things to say.Come join us at 10pm Eastern on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter
There are three types of lies......Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics - Benjamin D'IsraeliWe've been lied to. We've been lied about. We're going to talk about that, and the TRUTH is finally coming out. Is it too little too late? Can we take advantage of this and help ourselves and our friends?Pfizer expands recall on carcinogenic meds to save people from cancer causing cigarettes. prohibitionists got blocked on twitter this week for pointing out a COPD Doctor hates vaping because it gets smokers off of cigarettes? This guy did!How do you get Skip Murray out of her funk? We will show you how.Do flavor bans actually help? Nope. are important, here's some #science. worst study we've seen all year. Blocked by FB. Why?Kevin found a link about "Intended Use". Great Vape Debate Glans Taint Genes and Nicotine called out for their BS ROCKS! to look at.....
I think Kevin and I must smell funny. Our guest cancelled on us, but no worries we will still be here for our Friday night frivolity.
Yes, we are having a show and the Smoke Free Radio Network ain't going nowhere.Plastic Coils? State is $375,000 richer"I sexually harassed a dozen women.....but SO WHAT?" think #nicotine causes cancer speaks the Glans tag teams with Riccardohttps://cataniaconversation.coehar.or...Synthetic nic loophole?'s more but you only get a taste for now.You have to tune in Friday night at 10pm Eastern on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter.
The WHO knows that they are pushing smokers to keep on smoking and they really don't care.This week they released their Report in the Global Tobacco Epidemic 2021 with a one hour propaganda video, a full out assault on social media and with the help of Mikey Bloomberg they plan a two week assault on #vaping.We'll dissect the video and have comments, they won't be kind. is reporting that a woman previously diagnosed with Covid-19 was really suffering from EVALI. Journal of Pediatrics says that kids and parents have a huge impact on whether kids #vape or not. Apparently kids can make decisions and if they have good parents they make good decisions.https://pediatrics.aappublications.or...The Journal of Addiction says that the increase of kids vaping appears to not negatively impact the population burden of nicotine dependence and that it is probably due to the #safernicotine delivery method. Mitt Romney wants vaping companies to pay FDA Tobacco User Fees, and is introducing bicameral legislation to make that a reality. that and Irish Potatoes.Join us Friday Night at 10pm Eastern on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter for #sonoflibertyradio.
Big Politics, Big Tobacco and back door deals. Surgeon Corporal opens his mouth. Cancer Institute and Moffett Cancer says most vapers still smoke, but that vaping could help people quit smoking. points out that Gates Foundation and WHO study calls .8% youth use is a "Teen Vaping Epidemic". says its ok to get cancer from Chantix, it's better than stopping smoking with a non-carcinogenic E-cig. Drone in NZ. Nicotine Superheroes. Mass is the new Alcatraz New Prohibitionists and that is just the beginning. You'll have to join in at 10pm Eastern if you want to see the rest.
This week we have the privilege of having Dr. Charles Gardner, CEO or Executive Director(we found two different references with two different titles) of INNCO back to discuss something we have touched on in previous shows, Neurodiversity and how nicotine very well could improve cognitive function and neurological function.We will probably talk about #philanthrocolonialism some more, #vaping in the news, what INNCO is and what it is doing, and other topics that will come up.Join us Friday night at 10pm Eastern on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
#science can not be partisan, it can not be controlled and it will not obey you when you try to twist it to your own ideology. We'll talk about how anti-#vaping zealots are trying silence those that they don't agree with them by #gatekeeping where it can be published.If you think your TFN is safe, we tried to tell you a long time ago they would come for you and it is starting. of the show Dr. Marewa Glover has a new piece out about how the moral panic about #vaping is stealing focus from more serious problems. and future guest Dr. Charles Gardner has words of wisdom about THR's need to focus on the benefits of nicotine.https://cataniaconversation.coehar.or...Kevin is mad at Ruth Malone. kids might get swabbed at school to see if you are a good parent. helps smokers quit smoking and the Journal of Addiction has the proof. that and I finally got banned by Simon Chapman.Join us for this and more for #sonoflibertyradio in all the usual places, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
We are doing our thing on Friday night. Talking about #tobaccoharmreduction, bad politics, bad politicians, bad public health and how corrupt billionaires kill the common man, or woman, or whatever label you use.Join us on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter at 10pm Eastern for the fun.
Nothing in my hands, nothing up my sleeves. FDA Director Woodcock plays a game of misdirection this week while testifying in Congress.Pfizer halts and recalls Chantix because guess what? they found carcinogens in some batches.Youth vaping is down yet there is still an epidemic.The Mayo clinic released a study this week finding no link between vaping at Covid-19.Canada is going after flavors.Lots of stuff to cover.Join us on #sonoflibertyradio at 10pm Eastern on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
We are very excited to bring back one of our favorite humans, Dr. Marewa Glover this Friday on #sonoflibertyradio.With what is going on, proposed menthol bans, pending prohibition of flavors(coming soon to wherever you live) and kids getting tazed for vaping there is no one better to talk with on these topics.Marewa has spent years studying smoking and tobacco in indigenous/black/brown populations and has been a part of tobacco control before she moved away from tobacco control and became a researcher in tobacco harm reduction.Come join us Friday night at 10pm eastern on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and be a part of the conversation.
Yup we are live and we will be filling your earholes with info, jokes and gripes.Come hang out and we will share our misery.Facebook, YouTube and Twitter 10pm Eastern
Are you getting tired of people saying that #vaping is the same as smoking?You fed up with constant misinformation about vaping?You mad that a billionaire with an agenda can buy all the politicians and skew public opinion with his money?So are we. Join us at 10pm Eastern for #sonoflibertyradio on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
Are you active on the Twitters? If not sign up now. Sunday is World Vape Day 2021 and we are drafting everyone to get atwitter and be ready to use your words to act in defiance and at in defense of the disruptive technology that helped you become a non-smoker.This Sunday we will be tweeting and using the hashtag #WVD21 to tell everyone, "We won't be silent." "We are not less because we #vape." "You will not demonize the harm reduction miracle that saved us." "We will get #louder with the #science of #tobaccoharmreduction." "Billionaires can not buy our voices or silence the truth that #vaping can save billions of smokers."Tonight we will hang out and have some fun in preparation for Sunday's event.Join us at 10pm Eastern on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
#sonoflibertyradio will be live tonight at 10pm Eastern to ask "WHO's your Daddy?"What do you do when the people who is supposed to spread science and promote healthy choices refuses?What if they think they are your mummy or daddy and try to send you to bed without dinner?What if they stick their fingers in their ears and scream "LALALALALALA!" when science doesn't say what they want it to?On another note, now that the PACT act may or may not be the law of the land yet but you are doing your best to find solutions for your customers and the option a lot of folks are using turns out to suck and have the worst customer service?Come play with us tonight on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.Kevin promises to be here too.
We've been down for a few weeks and I know you missed us, so tonight we will grace you with our fun and enjoyable company.I'm on crutches and have a torture device on my leg, but we will come on and talk about what I missed during my convalescence.Are you out of business because of a mail ban? Have you moved on? Are you still fighting to save smokers?LoganExhales from CASAA might also drop by to hang for a little while too.Come hang out tonight at 10pm Eastern on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.
If you want to get hit with BIGKNOWLEDGE, you won't want to miss this Friday's #sonoflibertyradio.One of the stars of "You Don't Know Nicotine", a warrior for harm reduction and all around amazing human, Chris "BigKnowledge" Garland has agreed to join us and have a conversation.He's actually threatened to "take over" the show. That means he has a lot to say.We might just let him say it too.So, grab an adult beverage, fill up your tank with your favorite flavored adult vaping product and jump into the chat at 10pm Eastern on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter and be ready to receive the "Big Knowledge".
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