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Showcasing the Best Rehabs in the World. Handpicked and vetted on success rate, treatment modality, therapeutic environment, facilities, cost and value. These are The Worlds Best Rehabs. Delivering ultimate personalized treatment, with the goal of complete recovery.
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The first $1 million-plus rehab clinic Physis Recovery® is the most expensive rehab in the World.Physis Recovery is familiar with the pain addiction causes and offers clients the chance to enter rehabilitation for their dependencies. However, Physis Recovery is not a run of the mill rehab center where patients attend meetings and sit in their rooms throughout the day. The clinic is the world’s first $1 million-plus rehab center with locations in four premier destinations. Clients can experience a luxurious stay in Phuket, Marbella, Mallorca, or Antigua, and undergo one of Physis Recovery’s extraordinary treatment packages.Physis Recovery is a Rehab for the Super Rich, and has been conceptualized and created by individuals from this environment. The Physis team are ideally placed to understand and anticipate the unique requirements of UHNW Individuals, their families, and those whose lives are subject to intense media scrutiny.Physis Recovery offers a wide range of progressive and cutting-edge treatments. Clients can undergo treatment for substance abuse, process disorders, co-occurring mental health issues, as well as luxury wellness, anti-ageing and rejuvenation programs. The unique qualities of the center are evident in its Family Program, which allows a client and their family to experience treatment aboard a 125ft luxury yacht which sails in the Andaman Sea. Each treatment program has clinical, medial, and holistic input from experts in the rehabilitation industry. Physis Recovery’s work has been acknowledged by experts in the field and it was recently awarded the honors of the World’s Best and Most Exclusive Rehab 2020 by World’s Best Rehab Magazine.The previous world’s most expensive rehab center was Kusnacht Practice located in Switzerland. Physis Recovery’s $1m price tag offers clients far more than other clinics. Its treatment options, luxury experiences and medical wellness options are equaled by no other rehab facility in the world.The Physis Method® is an in-house personalized treatment model built around the major pillars of Recovery:Medical SupervisionIntense PsychotherapyValue, Determination & Process ApproachBiomolecular RestorationBio-Pharmaceutical TreatmentOrthomolecular medicine360 Degree Holistic methodsAccording to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, an estimated 40 to 60 percent of individuals recovering from addiction relapse. Physis Recovery aims to reduce this number with its one of a kind treatment to end addiction, and ease the abnormally high death rate affecting the creative industries, media, boardroom leaders, Royalty and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals.Best Rehab in the World 2020Physis Recovery is rated Number One in 2020 by Worlds Best Rehab Magazine and is unquestionably the most expensive and luxurious Rehab in the World.Contact:Name: Maxwell Harrington, Chairman – Physis RecoveryEmail: maxwell@physisrecovery.rehabSupport the show (
Art Therapy for AddictionArt therapy for addiction treatment involves the use of creative techniques such as drawing, painting, collages, coloring or shaping to help people express themselves artistically and to examine the psychological and emotional undertones in their art. Under the guidance of a recognized art therapist, clients can “decipher” the non-verbal messages, symbols, and metaphors that are common in these art forms, which should lead to a better understanding of their feelings and behavior so that they can solve deeper problems. Art therapy is an independent discipline that includes creative methods of expression through visual art media. Art therapy as a profession of creative art therapy has its origins in the fields of art and psychotherapy and can vary in its definition. The psychoanalytic approach was one of the earliest forms of art psychotherapy.How Can Art Therapy HelpArt therapy helps children, adolescents and adults explore their emotions, improve self-esteem, manage addiction problems, reduce stress, improve symptoms of anxiety and depression, and deal with a physical illness or disability. Art therapists work with individuals, couples, and groups in a variety of settings, including private counseling, hospitals, wellness centers, prisons, senior centers, and other community organizations. Much like Music Therapy, no artistic talent is required for the success of art therapy, since the therapeutic process is not about the artistic value of the work, but about finding associations between the creative decisions and the inner life of a client. The artwork can be used as a springboard to awaken memories and tell stories that can reveal messages and beliefs of the subconscious.What to expect in Art Therapy for AddictionAs with any form of therapy, your first session is to talk to the therapist about why you want to seek help and to find out what the therapist has to offer. Together, you create a treatment plan that creates a kind of artwork. Once you start creating, the therapist can sometimes simply watch your process as you work without interference or judgment. Art Therapy at the Worlds Best RehabsArt therapy can play an important role in the emotional and spiritual aspects of healing addiction and is offered in several of the Worlds Best Rehab programs. Depending on the program, patients can participate in art therapy once or several times a week. No two clients in treatment present with the exact same condition, which means that treatment plans have to be adapted to individual needs and recovery goals. Art therapy can be used with other forms of holistic treatment such as music therapy, animal therapy, experience therapy, yoga, meditation, acupuncture or massage. Art therapy in addiction treatment provides a productive way to deal with the stress that many experience when they continue to be sober.Support the show (
Worlds Best Rehab Magazine: The Michelin Guide to International Luxury RehabWorlds Best Rehab Magazine showcases the Best Clinics in the World. Handpicked and vetted on success rate, treatment modality, therapeutic environment, facilities, cost and value. These are The Worlds Best Clinics. Delivering ultimate personalized treatment, with the goal of complete recovery.We strive to be the best and most trusted place for treatment resources and rehab information. Worlds Best Rehab Clinic Magazine is created and curated by people who care enough to challenge international standards of treatment center care. Our award-winning professionals demand clarity in the rehab space, and our information allows our readers to get to the heart of the information that may shape their recovery.We are boldWe are professionalWe have a competitive spirit that drives us to be first and best resource on the PlanetWe foster trust by operating with integrityWe advocate saving lives that could otherwise be lost to addictionThe Best Clinic or Best Rehab Clinic in the World would have to demonstrate it was exceptional in each and all of the following: Expertise in every departmentHighly qualified clinicians and therapistsRobust ethics policyA standard of environment as well as the facilities and resources to maximise responsiveness to the needs of mind, body and spiritAn exceptional standard of hospitality, especially as it relates to and complements the care of patients in the context of treatment The treatment experience is in every detail and as a whole, memorable for all the right reasonsSubject to independent regulation and inspection – essential safeguards to protect patient and family interestsService delivery that is aligned with the latest research and principles of best practiceSelf-evaluation and readiness to changeSupport the show (
Substance use disorder treatment centers use a variety of therapeutic approaches to help patients reinforce their recovery. One approach that’s been proven effective is psychoeducation for addiction treatment. Psychoeducation provides information, awareness and support, and it’s used together with other group-based and individual therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy.When psychoeducational groups are used as one part of a comprehensive treatment plan, it increases the chances of long-term recovery. Research shows that psychoeducation for addiction treatment does produce positive effects.Psychoeducation allows a client to understand and gain knowledge about their condition through therapy sessions. Achieving a better understanding of the condition allows those who experience symptoms like anxiety, addiction, or depression to fully benefit from therapy sessions. The Worlds Best Rehabs use a combination of various therapeutic approaches to help clients gain and strengthen their sobriety. One approach that has proven effective is psychoeducation for addiction treatment. Psychoeducation provides information, awareness and support, and is used together with other group-based and individual therapies such as cognitive behavior therapy and intense psychotherapy to enhance a clients long term recovery. Psychoeducation refers to the method of educating people who are facing drug abuse disorders, concomitant mental disorders, and dual diagnosis. Support the show (
What is Music Therapy for Addiction TreatmentVarious types of therapeutic approaches have proven useful in alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation programs, but music therapy is one that many clients may not fully understand. After all, the words ‘music therapy’ do tend to conjure images more akin to the New Age tribes than robust and effective treatment. Often clients and their families wonder what exactly is music therapy and is it just a rehab filler activity to keep clients entertained when they’re not in therapy.Music TherapyMusic Therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of musical interventions to achieve individual therapeutic relationship goals by a proven specialist who has completed an approved music therapy program. Musical Therapy in a mental health or substance abuse context is a psychotherapeutic method that uses musical interaction as a means of communication and expression.The goal of musical therapy is to help people suffering from mental illness, substance abuse and process addictions, by building relationships and solving problems that may prevent them from using words. Music Therapy sessions include the use of active music creation, listening to music and discussions. This pioneering therapeutic modality has been proven to aid long term recovery from addiction and provide great relief to those suffering severe mental illness such as Schizophrenia. Additionally, musical therapy can be very successful in a teenage rehab and eating disorder setting, where young adults may find difficulty expressing their feelings with words.When people are actively addicted to drugs, alcohol, or processes, they build defense mechanisms such as rationalization, minimization, denial, and lies to continue their behavior and hide from their emotions. The creative nature of musical therapy contrasts with these fixed mindsets and can help addicts break through their rigid thought patterns. Music has a strong impact on our emotional states and can provide indirect access to different emotions and brainwaves. Therapeutically, listening and discussing music and its lyrics can help people safely explore emotions, and identify a wider range of emotional states.What does Music Therapy TreatMusic therapy offers physical, emotional, social, and cognitive benefits1 in a number of therapeutic situations, and has proven beneficial when used in certain populations that suffer from the following problems: Crisis and trauma Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Substance abuse disorders Mental Health problems  Musical therapy is also often used to treat PTSD in the military, Alzheimer’s patients2, students with special needs, and small children. Contrary to popular belief, clients do not need to have musical talents or skills to benefit from this type of therapy and all types of music have beneficial properties in a therapeutic setting. Treatment may include clients making, listening, moving, and / or singing a musical selection.  The selection of songs is changed according to the preferences and needs of the individual. Support the show (
What is Biochemical Restoration in Recovery?  Biochemical Restoration in recovery has become a buzzword in rehabilitation treatment, and we have received many inquiries from people who are unsure of what biochemical restoration and recovery actually is and how it affects the body.  Biochemical Restoration is a branch of Functional medicine, and is the practice of preventing and treating disease by providing the brain and body with optimal amounts of substances which are natural to the body like amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, macronutrients, and other healthy materials. For our bodies and brains to function optimally, we require optimal amounts of such substances. How does Biochemical Restoration actually work?Lab tests can uncover issues like imbalances of amino acids, nutritional deficiencies, hypoglycemia, inflammation, adrenal fatigue, gut health, hormonal levels and neurotransmitters, while checking for heavy metals and toxicities.Based on the tests, a tailor-made system of dietary plans can be put together to help the client. If you add physical activity and relaxation, the brain’s biochemistry can be restored, and symptoms of craving can be alleviated or even eliminated.A healthy brain and body can significantly enable long term sobriety and improve cognitive skills and physical activity, emotional stability and well being can allow a person to benefit more from their recovery program. There will be less stress, and the person will be more relaxed and can concentrate during therapeutic sessions.Top 3 Rehabs for Biochemical RestorationPhysis RecoveryKusnacht PracticeCenturian HealthcareMany people see addiction primarily as a mental problem, yet in reality there are a lot of physical factors that play a role.For example, have you or someone you know ever “stress eaten?” Have you ever considered that the foods people crave in these situations tend to be processed or fried foods that are loaded with sugar, salt, saturated fats, and/or refined carbohydrates? That’s because this type of food provides a temporary “high.”The problem with these foods is that they destabilize blood sugar, increase inflammation, and deplete the brain of essential neurotransmitters. In other words, they create biochemical deficits. These deficits lead to anxiety, depression, and sleep problems, all of which have been linked to an increased risk of drug use.This is where biochemical restoration treatment comes in. While it does not replace traditional treatment – such as therapy and peer support – it acts as an aid that focuses on improving those biochemical deficits. This ultimately helps in the fight against addiction.Learn more about the Benefits of BioChemical Restoration with our PodcastSupport the show (
Dual diagnosis treatment is a relatively new innovation in the area of ​​addiction recovery.Until the 1990s, people who experienced symptoms of a mental disorder - anxiety, depressive episodes, delusions,  or mood swings - were treated separately from those seeking help with drug or alcohol abuse. Dual diagnosis was developed over 20 years ago as a concept that unfortunately is still not well understood by the medical institution. Dual Diagnosis describes a practice that identifies and treats people who suffer from both an addiction and a psychiatric disorder. In the 21st century, dual diagnosis brings together the most successful aspects of psychosocial care and drug abuse treatment. Every fourth adult with a mental illness is also reported to have a drug abuse disorder. Instead of drawing a hard line between psychiatric health and addiction, these areas are treated as part of a continuum. Clinicians can now receive training and certificates for the treatment of concurrent mental illnesses.Special rehab facilities offer recovery services tailored to customers with dual diagnosis.  However, finding the right rehabilitation program is still a challenge, especially if you are dealing with depression or anxiety, as well as drug abuse.  Best Dual Diagnosis Rehabs in the WorldPhysis RecoveryCenturion HealthcareThe Balance RehabHow many people have Dual Diagnosis?The  Department of Health and Human Services reports that only 12 percent of the 4 million American adults who had a dial diagnosis received treatment for both diseases. If you meet the diagnostic criteria for a mental disorder (depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, personality disorder, etc.) and for an addiction  disorder (alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling addiction, sex addiction, or other behavioral addiction) when you start treatment, you may be classified as a dual diagnosis client.  Dual Diagnosis TreatmentWhen looking to treat dual diagnosis effectively, you need to consider  both your addiction and your mental illness as you go through the recovery process.To increase your chances of a full recovery, your care should include a supportive therapeutic approach that strengthens self-esteem and confidence, instead of confronting clients with negative, aggressive statements, an inclusive treatment strategy includes partners, spouses, children and other household members in the  therapy for individual counseling, group meetings or education.Sequential Treatment & Dual DiagnosisSequential treatment "was the norm before the 1990s, when clinicians believed that there should be a separation between mental treatment and addiction rehabilitation.In the sequential approach, dual diagnosis clients were excluded from one treatment area until they were considered stable in the other. Diagnosing Dual DiagnosisTo receive a dual diagnosis, clients must meet the criteria for a mental disorder defined in the current version of the Guide to Diagnosing and Statistics of Mental Disorders. The DSM, issued by the American Psychiatric Association, is a guide for psychiatrists who diagnose and treat patients in various clinical situations. Support the show (
Horse therapy (also known as equine therapy, horse-assisted therapy and horse-assisted psychotherapy) is a form of experimental  therapy that involves interactions between patients and horses. Equine Therapy includes activities (such as grooming, feeding, holding  and leading a horse) that are supervised by a psychiatric  professional, often with the support of a horse professional.Both during the activity and after finishing work with the horse, the horse  therapist can observe and interact with the patient  to identify behavior patterns and process thoughts and emotions.The goal of equine-assisted therapy is to help the patient develop the necessary skills and attributes such as responsibility, responsibility, self-confidence, problem-solving skills and self-control. Horse therapy also provides an innovative environment in which the therapist and patient can identify and address a range of emotional and behavioral challenges.What are the advantages of horse therapy?  Studies have shown that equine therapy has successfully helped patients show significant improvements in the following areas: Emotional awareness  AnxietyTraumaImpulse control  Problem solving Self-esteem  Social responsibility  Personal relationships Many of the benefits of animal assisted therapy are likely due to the type of animals with which the patient and horse therapist interact. Horses are not judgmental, have no preconceived expectations or motives, and to a large extent reflect the attitudes and behavior of the people with whom they work.  Top Rehabs for Equine TherapyPhysis RecoveryCenturion ClinicCalda ClinicWhile working with horses under the guidance and supervision of a qualified equine therapist, horse therapists have a unique and effective way of noticing their tendency towards self-defeating and otherwise negative thoughts and actions. These findings provide an excellent basis  for discussion and processing both during and after the therapy experience with horses.  What diseases / disorders does horse therapy treat?  Horse  therapy has been successfully integrated into treatment programs for adults and adolescents treated for drug abuse, addiction, behavioral disorders, mood disorders, eating disorders, learning disabilities, ADD / ADHD, autism, grief / loss, trauma, sex, addiction, compulsive gambling, bipolar, depression and related diseases. Support the show (
Compulsive Exercise and Eating DisordersHost Alexander Bentley with guest, Ali Silver.I'm here today with Ali Silver, one of the top qualified eating disorder practitioners in Europe and also an intuitive eating coach. Ali speaks regularly at schools in the UK, in Europe about body image. And he's also the founding director of the Bridge Marbella, which is a specialist treatment center in the South of Spain.Exercising can be a great way to boost both your physical and mental health, whether it’s taking a jog around the neighbourhood, going for a swim, or lifting weights in the gym. But even though the benefits of exercise are well known, there is a problem known as exercise addiction that occurs when people become obsessed with working out — often with adverse consequences.Even though exercise is designed to improve your overall wellbeing, exercise addiction can actually produce the opposite effect and increase the risk of hurting your body and mind.Compulsive exercise is not a recognized clinical diagnosis in DSM-5, but many people struggle with symptoms associated with this term. If you are concerned about your or a loved one’s relationship with exercise, it’s advisable to consult with a treatment professional.Our brain has nine areas which body image is processed through. And it's not just about our environment. It's also about our brain chemistry. There's so much in body image which makes it hard to tackle. Body ideals have changed, but it's still a body ideal to look up to and to change ourselves. According to Ali Silver, expert in Eating Disorders and body image “Exercise addiction often doesn’t exist in isolation – it is 4 times more common among people with eating disorders. Compulsive overexercising is seen as another way to purge: compensating for perceived over-eating. Those with body dysmorphic disorder engage with over exercising as a way of exerting control of their body. Having negative body image is a significant risk factor in developing an eating disorder or body dysmorphic disorder; as well as being a primary cause for relapse or delayed recovery.There is very little enjoyment in exercise for those with this addiction: the enjoyment comes from the perceived control it gives them and the ‘high’ – much like bulimic behaviors in eating disorders as well as other addictions.”Support the show (
Castle Craig Hospital has a total of 120 beds on campus where guests share triple rooms for both sexes. There is an extended nursing area with over 100 full-time carers and a long-term care facility with extended nursing facilities. Built over 200 years ago, the castle is surrounded by lush greenery, including trees and manicured gardens. Private rooms are also available, with private rooms for up to four people in a single room. common area consists of matching red walls and large windows covered with ornate curtains. There are antique coffee tables and oriental rugs, and there is a large dining room with an antique table and chairs and a small dining table. The extended care area includes a cottage with a separate dining room, and guests are served three healthy meals and nutritious snacks daily. The continental breakfast includes fresh fruit, eggs, oatmeal and oatmeal. Dinner favorites are chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, pork, fish, chicken and fish supper Fridays.Before treatment, each patient is subjected to a comprehensive evaluation and receives an individual treatment plan. Mobile phones and laptops are checked upon arrival, and telephone privileges and access for home computers are limited. Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), which includes Suboxone and Librium, is available and is used at Castle Craig, where a Minnesota model targeting abstinence is used. Detox periods vary, but are typically between four and ten days, and customers are monitored around the clock. If necessary, they can be re-evaluated and the detox time varies. In the first phase of care, four to five clients are assigned to a team of ten therapists. Each client takes part in a three-day group and the treatment lasts between six and ten weeks. The weekly treatment includes three to four sessions a week, three days a week for three weeks, with weekly follow-up examinations. There is also a women's group dealing with gender issues, and there are also sessions for men and women on topics such as depression, anxiety, depression and anxiety disorders. These issues are the subject of the first phase of care at Castle Craig Hospital and the second phase. Dual diagnosis care is available and residents in need of care are moved to a hut for up to six weeks. There are 34 staff, including nurses, doctors, social workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses and nurses. Treatment at Castle Craig Hospital is considered through evidence-based procedures such as applying a combination of physical and mental health, as well as social and psychological support. Clients can also participate in video conferencing sessions with therapists and follow-up care at locations in London and Amsterdam, Holland. Residents undergo hyperbaric oxygen therapy in an oxygen chamber that looks like a submarine. Clients inhale pure oxygen under pressure, and clients can inhale and exhale into the pressure chamber for up to 30 minutes at a time. Castle Craig FacilitiesOther alternative therapies include art, drum and horse therapy, and there is a gym available, although exercise is also an important part of the program. Castle Craig is a 12 Step FacilitySupport the show (
The Cabin Rehab Thailand Those who are looking for geographical orientation when it comes to getting sober will not be disappointed in the Cabin Chiang Mai. The rehab on the banks of the Ping River treats clients from all over the world with a variety of addictions. Although it has only been open since 2009, it has already earned a reputation as one of the most popular rehab centers in Thailand. The Cabin Rehab is a luxurious residential facility specializing in the treatment of men and women who struggle with co-occurring mental illnesses. Over 2,000 clients have been treated in the hut in the last five years, with a total of 1,500 beds available for treatment. Nicknamed "Betty Ford of Asia," Cabin Chiang Mai takes a multi-faceted approach to care that combines evidence-based therapy with a healthy and comprehensive rehabilitation experience. In addition to a psychiatrist on site, medication management is also available for patients who require double diagnostic support in the event of simultaneous disorders. Located in the foothills of northern Thailand, Cabin Chiang Mai offers a luxurious living experience in a remote mountain resort. Located just a few kilometers north of the capital Bangkok, guests can enjoy a quiet atmosphere that is ideal for relaxing on their trip. The campus also features many amenities, including a fully equipped fitness center, a gym and an outdoor swimming pool. Although the rehab has 120 beds, guests enjoy access to a variety of amenities including a swimming pool, spa, sports hall, pool house, gym and spa. The Chiang Mai lodge offers delicious cuisine and guests enjoy three healthy meals a day at the restaurant. Clients treated in Cabin Chiang Mai undergo a comprehensive admission evaluation to help the team design the most effective treatment plan that is tailored to the specific needs and goals of each individual. The treatment in the cabin is based on the 12 steps. Mindfulness, meditation and therapeutic fitness also play a central role and can be treated within the individual treatment plan of each resident. Detox and other medical needs are provided by other doctors commuting out of town. The cabin consultants are trained and accredited in the UK and Australia and deal with a wide range of medical and mental health issues including depression, anxiety, depression and anxiety disorders. The daily routine is very structured and clients usually complete the first three steps before leaving for treatment. Group therapy meets twice a week, therapy takes place twice a week and there are also written assignments. Exercise is more than just an activity in the cabin, it is an integral part of the treatment, and this can include a personal trainer. Individuals also take part in holistic therapy, which includes yoga, meditation, yoga and yoga classes and physiotherapy. Residents are also drawn to the huts for a variety of holistic therapies such as acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture and massage therapy and even acupuncture. The Cabin Chiang Mai is located in a beautiful resort in the north of Thailand and is a luxurious residential treatment experience. There is also an online follow-up program for those who wish to stay longer in Chang Mai, as well as a free three-day program. The Cabin Rehab, Address: A, 296/1 Moo 3 T, Huai Sai, Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai 50180, Thailand The Cabin Rehab, Phone: +66 52 080 720 Support the show (
Addcounsel Rehab Review Situated in London, Addcounsel is a five-star rehab center featuring a four-stage recovery plan. Addcounsel provides treatment for individuals 16-years-old and up. What makes Addcounsel such a highly sought-after rehab center, other than its amazing five-star amenities and fantastic location, is it only admits one client at a time. The one client in-take enables Addcounsel’s staff to fully focus on helping an individual recover from their addictions. Addcounsel provides care for individuals suffering from alcohol and drug addiction, eating disorders, mental health disorders, and behavioral addictions such as gambling. The rehab center is located in the Mayfair area of London, an upscale spot in the English capital not far from Hyde Park. Founded in 2016, Addcounsel is still very new and with its one person at a time occupancy, only a select few clients have experienced its recovery system. The exclusivity of Addcounsel is one of the leading reasons clients seek it out. In addition, the privacy that high-profile individuals receive is unparalleled. Male and female clients are treated at Addcounsel, and the expert staff on-site are capable of working with clients in a variety of languages including English, Arabic, French, Russian, and Mandarin. Treatment at Addcounsel is typically six weeks, however, recovery can last longer. Treatments are overseen by a recovery manager who takes clients from the beginning stages of their stay up to the end. Therapy sessions, fitness classes, and wellness guides are just some of the aspects of treatment clients experience during their six-week stay at Addcounsel. A 24-hour staff is on hand to give clients everything they need from meals to cleaning to laundry services. Support the show (
The Dawn Rehab in Thailand The Dawn is one of the world's leading treatment centers for addiction, mental health and substance abuse. It provides evidence based treatment techniques for people struggling with addiction.The Dawn offers a wide range of treatment options such as psychotherapy, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, acupuncture, massage, yoga, meditation and yoga classes. The Dawn accommodates a maximum of 30 clients at a time and up to 30 of them in luxurious private rooms. Each room has a private bathroom, a private shower and a private toilet with private shower. Mobile phones and laptops are allowed and a daily maid and laundry service is also available. The common area includes a spa, swimming pool and fitness area with pool, sauna, fitness center, gym and gym with private shower. All meals are prepared on site and served in stylish restaurants equipped with servers, bed linen and fine china. Dinner includes appetizers, main course and dessert, and guests can also enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner and lunch in the dining room, as well as lunch and dinner throughout the day. Traditional Thai and Western dishes, as well as locally produced food, are served with each meal. The Dawn stays start with an assessment and an individual treatment plan and end with a visit to the treatment center. The duration of treatment can range from one to three months, depending on the client, and those in need are prescribed medication to relieve withdrawal symptoms. If a detox is necessary, they must be treated until they are physically stable and under medical supervision. They are treated for as long as possible, even if they need to be detoxified. As already mentioned, dual diagnosis support is also offered for people with co-occurring disorders. In addiction therapy, The Dawn Rehab uses the so-called "twin pillars" approach. Essentially, the pillars are traditional methods of a holistic approach, but with a new twist: they focus on two pillars: the physical and the psychological. Clients spend the day in a session based on CBT, where they are assigned a counsellor and participate in group therapy twice a day. AA and NA Meetings are available on site on weekdays, and on weekends AA or NA Meetings are open to all. At the end of the treatment there is a shift to relapse prevention, and the daily routine also includes guided meditation, yoga, meditation classes and other activities. IThe Dawn Rehab employs a full-time team of therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals. The majority of the team is trained abroad and has completed its training in facilities in Europe, the USA and Australia. Each member is licensed in their area of expertise and has a bachelor's degree in mental health, psychology or any other related field. The Dawn's aftercare program offers continuous therapy by recommending trained professionals in the area where the client lives. Aftercare clients can participate in 12-step meetings, pursue new hobbies, participate in charity events and pursue a new hobby. The prize includes a one-year membership in the institution and a free visit to the home of a loved one.The Dawn Rehab, Address: 5/5 Moo 5, Nongtong, Hangdong, Chiang Mai 50340 The Dawn, Phone:+66 063 048 4877Support the show (
 The Meadows Rehab over 40 years, the Meadows has been treating clients and its longevity in the rehab industry proves it is one of the best rehab centers available, for those looking for a certain traditional style of recovery.The Meadows is one of the most prominent luxury rehab centers in the United States. It is a center that has helped thousands of people recover from addiction and set them on a path of living without barriers.Situated in Wickenburg, Arizona, the Meadows covers 14 acres of gorgeous desert real estate. The luxury rehab center makes great use of its desert surroundings and offers a southwest oasis just 50 miles outside of Phoenix.Guests will find a range of treatments aimed at ending their addictions to drugs and alcohol, sex addiction, and eating disorders. The Meadows also offers treatment for anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Treatment plans include equine-assisted therapy, yoga, acupuncture, Tai Chi, and expressive arts therapy. The luxury rehab resort aims to heal the body and mind during a guest’s stay through tough love and plenty of physical fitness.The Meadows has a long history of treating patients. Celebrities and well-known individuals have sought out its expert staff to help treat their addictions. For over 40 years, the Meadows has been treating clients and its longevity in the addiction industry proves it is one of the best rehab centers available.Celebrity ClientsSelena Gomez, singer, actress: Burn outElton John, singer: Substance abuseAlanis Morisette, singer: Substance abuseRonnie Wood, musician: Substance abuseMichael Phelps, Olympic swimmer: Alcohol addictionTiger Woods, professional golfer: Substance abuseJohn Galliano, fashion designer: Alcohol addictionElle Macpherson, model: DepressionKate Moss, model: Substance abuseDonatella Versace, fashion designer: Substance abuseTreatment at The MeadowsThe Meadows treats of a variety of addictions including drug and alcohol, sex, PTSD, depression, and eating disorders. The treatment facility’s expert staff have designed a non-traditional 12-step program that uses other elements including a number of holistic therapies and CBT.The Meadows offers an on-site detox and comprehensive aftercare, and offers a well-coordinated approach to addiction, with an emphasis on Dual Diagnosis and co-occurring mental health disorders.Upon admission and after detox individualized the world class treatment team put together a truly individualized plan based on addressing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs, with the ultimate goal of long term recovery.The Meadows Rehab has the capacity, skills and expertise to deliver a broad range of therapies with a 360 degree treatment view. Clients at The Meadows can expect to benefit from Group Therapy, EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, Equine Therapy, Yoga, Acupuncture, Mindfulness, Meditation, Neurobehavioral TherapyTreatment philosophy and modality is shaped by Senior Fellows from the addiction treatment industry, who are each a World renowned expert pioneer in their own right.The Meadows of Wickenburg,1655 N Tegner St,Wickenburg,Arizona-AZ 85390,Telephone No.+1 877-800-5810Support the show (
Crossroads AntiguaSet on the gorgeous Caribbean island of Antigua, Crossroads is one of the most unique rehab centers available. It was created by legendary musician Eric Clapton after he began spending time on the island during his own recovery.Crossroads Antigua has a unique distinction that separates it from other drug and alcohol rehab centers around the globe. It was founded by legendary rock musician Eric Clapton to provide residents with therapeutic, supportive care in a safe environment. Crossroads is situated on the beautiful island of Antigua. Guests of the five-star luxury rehab center can expect to spend their days in an island paradise while recovering from addiction. founded Crossroads as a non-profit organization in 1998 on Antigua after regularly visiting the island for rest, relaxation, and recuperation. The famed musician realized that spending time on the tropical island improved and inspired him. Crossroads creation was to do the same for others who struggle with addictions to drugs and alcohol.Crossroads is based on a 12-step treatment program. While many luxury rehab centers have moved away from traditional 12-step treatment programs, Crossroads has continued to use it to provide healing for individuals seeking solace. The rehab center doesn’t just rely solely on its 12-step program, however. Crossroads uses evidence-based recovery models and holistic treatment practices to give clients a well-rounded experience.Crossroads Antigua accommodationGuests can wake up every morning with beach views and can reach the sea in just a few minutes. The natural surroundings offer residents the chance to explore the local area and organized activities are provided.The rehab center is similar to a resort in look and feel. Guests will find casita style living quarters with private and shared rooms. Private rooms come furnished with queen sized beds, while shared rooms have double beds. Each room has its own en suite bathroom, a desk and chair, wardrobe, and patio to spend evenings outside upon. Residents will find a swimming pool, communal living room, lounge and outdoor space available.Crossroads Antigua PrivacyGuests will find that the entire facility offers privacy like few other rehab centers. Crossroads sits on 25 acres of pristine Antiguan land. Residents are treated by expert staff and enjoy a well-structured day of activities to put them on the road to recovery.Crossroads Antigua, Willoughby Bay,St. John's,Antigua & Barbuda-00200, Telephone No.+1 268-562-0035Support the show (
All Points North RehabThe All Points North Rehab campus is 77,000-square-feet and sits on 30 acres of lush Colorado mountainside. All Points North offers swimming pools, a state-of-the-art gym, and wellness spa. in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, All Points North Rehab is a comprehensive wellness campus that aims to end the addiction issues guests deal with.The luxury rehab center located in Edwards, Colorado opened in 2019 and offers visitors the chance to recover from addiction and behavioral disorders in the in cool mountain air.All Points North Rehab provides four different treatment routes including trauma-integrated addiction treatment, immersive workshops, concierge medicine, and athletic mental health. The lodge provides curated treatment plans to give visitors optimal recovery.According to All Points North, the luxury rehab center is rewriting the rules on recovery programs. Guests can expect to receive comprehensive treatment by a world-class team of medical professionals, mental health clinicians, nutritionists, and fitness trainers. The combination of the four elements allows All Points North Rehab to treat the entire patient rather than just a portion.All Points North Rehab accommodationAll Points North offers an assortment of world-class accommodation. Guests can choose between shared and private rooms. They can also select a private home option that comes complete with a personal staff that waits on guests hand and foot throughout their stay.Guests will enjoy plush comforters and pillows, separate showers, complimentary toiletries, in-room refrigerators, complimentary Wi-Fi, televisions, mountain views, evening turndown service, and room service.Clients can also choose the Executive Suite which gives them the chance to live in the privacy of a home on the campus’ grounds.The private home is owned by All Points North and all temptations are removed from the home allowing guests to recovery in a completely private setting.The owners of All Points North have invested $20 million into the campus to turn it into a world-class wellness and recovery resort like no other.All Points North CostThe luxury comprehensive wellness and personal development campus offers a 28-day stay to guests with options for shared and private accommodation. Clients can also experience the wellness rehab center at an All Points North Rehab owned home.Shared accommodation – $49,000Private accommodation – $69,000Private homes (staffed with personal chefs, dieticians, concierges, chauffeurs, and professional security teams) – $100,000What is it like at All Points North Rehab?A day at All Points North is whatever a guest makes of it. Guests can enjoy breakfast in their rooms or in a communal dining area. After starting the day off with a solid breakfast, guests can enjoy their sessions with the experienced medical team at All Points North.Athletic training session with personal trainers or enjoying a trip to the wellness center’s spa in the afternoon is a great way to continue the recovery process.The luxury rehab center gives clients the chance to enjoy guest speakers through a program known as the Speaker Series. Speakers share a variety of experiences and knowledge to clients staying at All Points North. A variety of outdoor activities are also held throughout the All Points North recovery program. 2205 Cordillera Way, Edwards, Colorado 81632, USSupport the show (
Newport Academy Offering clients the chance to become clean and sober is just part of Newport Academy’s appeal. Residents are able to gain high school credits and prepare for college through classes at the five-star center. Newport Academy was founded in 2009 by Jamison Monroe for teenagers dealing with drug and alcohol addiction. Monroe had dealt with his own addiction issues and founded Newport Academy in his late 20s.The luxury rehab center offers treatment to individuals 12- to 18-years old. Newport Academy treats teens suffering from addiction and other disorders through tailor-made recovery programs. The residential rehab facility treats multiple issues including eating disorders, depression, and suicidal ideation in addition to alcohol and drug addiction. The original Academy facility is situated in Orange, California. The residential treatment center is incredibly unique as teenagers can gain fully transferrable high school credits. It allows fellows to both gain sobriety and improve their chances of graduating from high school.The original facility resides in a Spanish-style home surrounded by lush gardens. A horse stable is located on the grounds allowing residents to experience equine therapy during a stay. Newport Academy hosts a maximum of 12 fellows at one time. The luxury rehab center offers placement for six boys and six girls at a time, and segregates residents by gender to allow gender-specific treatment. Newport Academy’s focus on education makes it unique compared to other teen treatment facilities. The rehab center has a sober high school with a one staff member to three student ratio. Students can attend the sober high school without attending Newport Academy’s residential program. The rehab center’s residents are segregated on different campuses where they receive college prep classes, high school curriculum classes, and GED lessons from fully licensed teachers. Special programming is offered by the academy’s sober high school to keep students from relapsing. Newport Academy hosts 12 residents at one time. Six boys and six girls can stay on the premises and are segregated on the campus with approximately a mile separating them. Upon arrival residents are paired together as roommates. Each pair is put together based on similar ages. Residents can have their rooms upgraded during a stay with twin beds and queen sized available. Residents are provided gourmet meals created by professionally trained chefs. Newport Academy aims to reduce residents sugar intake and monitors the sweet treats offered. Caffeine is limited and coffee is one item that is forbidden at the rehab center. Residents should expect healthy foods 24/7. Newport Academy Specializations Alcohol addiction Cannabis addiction Game addictionDrug addictionSocial media addiction Gambling addiction Prescription drugs Anxiety disorder & Panic attacks Eating disorder Trauma ADHD ADD Conduct disorder (CD) Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) Newport Academcy,Newport Academy,Orange,California-92869,Telephone No.+1 833-979-0378 Support the show (
The Banyans Rehab in Brisbane QLD, Is It Worth The Money or Not? 12-Step Rehab in Australia  All treatments are personalized and each client is treated differently than the other guests on-site. The Banyans Rehab ensures there is no one plan to fit all the addictions and mental health issues of its clients. A family-like atmosphere is created thanks to the center’s small community of guests and dedicated staff. What is a day like at the Banyans Rehab?The Banyans is an immaculate facility with a spacious outdoor space allowing guests to lounge around its infinity swimming pool that looks out onto the Brisbane countryside. A gym is situated inside the facility allowing guests to work out during their stay. A cinema room is on-site giving guests the chance to mingle and watch films.Most guests remain at the Banyans for around 28 days. However, the length of stay is determined by the guest. New arrivals are introduced to the rehab center’s daily schedule right away. The daily schedule consists of mealtimes, educational classes and sessions, and individual therapy.Guests will meet with therapists privately which increases the family-like atmosphere former clients have praised. Clients may undergo a variety of treatment techniques including CBT, Motivational Interviewing (MI), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and relapse prevention.The Banyans Rehab SpecializationsMeth AddictionSex AddictionSmoking CessationDepressionAnxietySpending AddictionAnger Heroin AddictionChronic PainLSD AddictionOpiod DependenceChronic RelapseGaming AddictionSelf HarmAlcoholism TreatmentAnger ManagementSchizophreniaAnorexiaBulimiaCocaine AddictionSynthetic Drugs Banyans Rehab FacilitiesFitnessSwimmingSportsAccess to NatureHigh SchoolNutrition12 Step MeetingsHikingMoviesTreatment OptionsPscyhoeducationMeditation & MindfulnessEquine TherapyArt TherapyMusic TherapyCBTNutritionGoal-Oriented TherapyAcupunctureDialectical Behavior TherapyEye Movement Therapy (EMDR)Narrative TherapyRelapse Prevention CounselingTwelve Step FacilitationFamily ProgramNutritionGroup TherapySpiritual CareThe Banyans Rehab AftercareOutpatient TreatmentSupport MeetingsProfessional Re-entry SupportFollow-up Sessions (online)Family Follow-up CounselingFitness SessionsThe Banyans Rehab6/10 Market St,Brisbane City,Australia-QLD 4000,Telephone No.+61 1300 226 926 Support the show (
The Edge specializes in intensive athletic training to engage its fellows. The rehab center’s expert team knows mere words are not enough to help individuals recover from their addictions. Therefore, adding intensive athletic training to the daily routine allows each person to learn to trust themselves and others. challenges head on while pushing themselves to the limits allow individuals to understand their bodies and minds in new ways. It is an approach that goes beyond the typical 12 step program that so many recovery centers base their work around.Clients are matched with a therapist who works with them to understand the root of addiction. Intense therapy sessions allow clients to learn more about their addictions and how to overcome them. Meanwhile, the Edge’s athletic trainers work with each client to compete sports-based activities around the center and in the local Chiang Mai wilderness.The Edge Rehab SpecializationsAlcohol addictionGame addictionDrug addictionGambling addictionADHDADDConduct disorder (CD)Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD)Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD)Self EsteemSelf-HarmingAggressive behaviourThe Edge Rehab FacilitiesSwimmingYogaBoxingAirport TransfersAccess to NatureOutdoor DiningWalking TrailsNutritionOutdoor loungeFitnessHikingMoviesThe Edge Rehab Treatment OptionsMeditation & MindfulnessArt TherapyCBTIndividual therapyGroup therapyNutritionGoal-Oriented TherapyTrauma ProcessingA challenging outdoor programPsychiatric consultationRelapse Prevention CounselingCognitive therapyEffective therapy for addictionFamily coaching & counsellingEmotion/aggression regulatioThe Edge Rehab AftercareOutpatient TreatmentSupport MeetingsProfessional Re-entry SupportFollow-up Sessions (online)Family Follow-up CounselingRecovery CoachSupport the show (
Yes We Can offers a 10-week program with a strong focus on intensive daily sports activities. These activities help teach fellows self-esteem and limits destructive behaviors. Clients can experience the clinic’s positive group dynamics program and have the opportunity for total recovery from destructive behavior and process addiction.Yes You Can Youth Clinics FacilitiesThe clinic’s facility is set on 17 acres and occupies a 13th century castle that has been turned into a luxury rehab getaway. Each day, clients will enjoy the great outdoors and the multiple activities set up around the grounds of the clinic.Situated on the outskirts of Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands, Yes We Can offers activities in the gorgeous Dutch outdoors. Clients can explore the local landscape and get away from their normal surroundings at the clinic.Clients will find 10 luxurious double bedrooms with breath-taking views of the local countryside. Each bedroom comes complete with an en suite bathroom. Fellows are supervised 24/7 at the luxury rehab center.Yes We Can Clinic Treatment SpecializationsAlcohol addictionCannabis addictionGame addictionDrug addictionSocial media addictionGambling addictionPrescription drugsSex addictionAnxietyAnxiety disorder & Panic attacksEating disorderBorderlineTraumaADHDADDConduct disorder (CD)Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD)Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD)Self EsteemSelf-HarmingAggressive behaviourAnti-social behaviourAvoidant behaviourImpulsive behaviourLying and manipulatingYes We Can Clinic FacilitiesTennis CourtSwimmingGardensAirport TransfersAccess to NatureOutdoor DiningWalking TrailsNutritionOutdoor loungeFitnessHikingMoviesYes We Clinic Treatment OptionsPscyhoeducationMeditation & MindfulnessArt TherapyMusic TherapyCBTIndividual therapyGroup therapyNutritionGoal-Oriented TherapyNarrative TherapyTrauma ProcessingA challenging, various sports- and outdoor programmePsychiatric consultationRelapse Prevention CounselingCognitive therapyEffective therapy for addictionFamily coaching & counsellingEmotion/aggression regulationYes We Can Clinics AftercareOutpatient TreatmentSupport MeetingsProfessional Re-entry SupportFollow-up Sessions (online)Family Follow-up CounselingRecovery CoachSupport the show (
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