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Casually Casual Cast: A World Of Warcraft Podcast

Casually Casual Cast: A World Of Warcraft Podcast

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A World of Warcraft Podcast for those who are hardcore about NOT BEING hardcore! Hosted by Rainna SwiftSage!
Come for the Warcraft news, but stay for the RP Forum reading !?!

(This show started 9-21-2012 and went hiatus. It's back in 2020!)

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2 Episodes
Welcome to Casually Casual Cast! I am your host , Rainna SwiftSage! This is Your Warcraft Podcast for those who are Hardcore about NOT BEING hardcore! In Each Episode I cover an Warcraft news in and out of Azeroth, I cruise the Forums and share community feedback! I share some adventures in Azeroth and I finish by taking a trip through Tradechat! I welcome you to join me! IT IS Date: May 19, 2020! Episode:2 Links Shared in the Show: TARGETED CORRUPTIONS AND FASTER CLOAK EMPOWERMENT Warcraft Retail Hotfixes  WowChakra interview with Ion Hazzikostas  VIEWER'S GUIDE: ARENA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2020  WoW Classic Layers Removed WOW Classic  Server population and class distribution  Date range is May-11-2020 to May-18-2020  IronForge Wow Class Server Pop Site   You Tube Video Discussing Classic Server Pops  Why do you get mad if people assumed that you were a female? WHAT STINGS MOST ABOUT BEING KICKED FROM A GROUP "SHOULD WE BE ABLE TO CHOOSE TO RUN LOW LEVEL DUNGEONS WITH AN NPC PARTY INSTEAD OF OTHER PLAYERS?" PVP IS GOING TO BE EVEN WORSE NOW WITH A CORRUPTION VENDOR A New World of Warcraft inspired Board game is on its way! Small World of Warcraft designed by Philippe Keyaerts Reddit ,  Murloc Mondays! The Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza is on for this Sunday, May 24th Survival of the Fittest contest You can follow the show on twitter @ACasualCast and the host @RainnaSwiftSage , Email the show --- Send in a voice message:
Casually Casual Cast Episode 1 Date: 5/10/2020 Episode: #1 By @RainnaSwiftSage @ACasualCast  The “Dish” of the Day! How World of Warcraft Has Evolved With the Internet By CECILIA D'ANASTASIO Battle for Azeroth Aspirant Ensembles Purchased with Marks of Honor in Shadowlands Live blog of the Shadowlands Interview with Ion Hazzikostas and Zoltan  Datamined and shared on WOWhead : Flying Unicorns - Horse Ground Mounts Learn to Fly in Shadowlands  Cruising the Forums THEY SHOULD ALLOW US TO CHARGE PEOPLE TO WHISPER US I’VE CREATED MY OWN GUILD AT LONG LAST WOW WAS BETTER WHEN YOU COULD FINISH YOUR CHARACTER Adventures in Azeroth  Rise of the Horde by Christie Golden Free 30 day Trial of Audible Start your free 30-day trial  Side Quest An Addon I am enjoying : Azeroth AutoPilot is a Speed leveling addon for World of Warcraft - Battle for Azeroth If you plan on getting from 20 to 120 as fast as possible this is the addon for you. 20-100 Paths are balanced around Warmode and Heirlooms! In Game Event/contest Take to the Skies for the Spring Balloon Festival: Micro Holiday May 10-12 Latest Contest!  Warcraft Job Listings --- Send in a voice message:
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