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A Golf Podcast Presented by OnCore Golf
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A Golf Podcast Presented by OnCore Golf

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Join OnCore Golf Founders as they interview the most fascinating people in golf. Learn insights from top golf professionals on the PGA and LPGA tours, famous course architects, renowned mental performance coaches, and so much more, all with the goal of keeping you entertained and unlocking secrets to help you play your best golf. Additionally, we will explore the newest innovations and the lastest technologies in golf. Let's get to it and Enjoy!

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In this latest podcast, we have the pleasure to interview golf legend Jim McLean, Teacher of PGA & LPGA Tour Champions. McLean is also CEO of the Jim McLean Golf School.On the web:https://www.jimmclean.comJim McLean Golf (@McLeanGolf) · Twitter the show
In this episode, we interview the other Mike Jordan, the one you likely have not heard of…until now.Mike has had an extraordinary career in golf ball design and development. Below you will find a quick bio and our discussion topics on all things golf balls. We cut through a lot of misconceptions about compression, distance, the USGA rules governing golf balls, spin rates, core and cover materials and so much more.Mike has BS degree in Chemistry from Furman University. He Played football at Furman and did undergraduate chemistry research in inorganic chemistry, specifically the photoluminescence properties of organometallic compounds.  - He joined Titleist as a quality engineer in the late 90’s working at their Ball Plant II. This was a great place to start his golf ball journey as he learned every detail on how to make every piece of a golf ball.  He moved into R&D and Titleist about a year later.- In R&D he ended up leading all thermoplastic material and thermoplastic golf ball development, as well as a lot of work on improving the dual core materials and designs.  -He moved on to TaylorMade to lead their golf ball engineering and commercialization in the mid 2000’s.-Mike moved on from TaylorMade in 2009 but has been behind the scenes consulting for many brands you have heard of and production facilities you have not heard of ever since.-To date he is an inventor of 40 patents in the golf ball / golf process world.Support the show
Steve Coulton interviews Bobby Clampett. OnCore Golf: more about Bob: the show
A conversation with Golf Pro Louis Kelly. Support the show
A.J. Ali is a 2022 Joseph R. Biden Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree.A.J. a service-disabled U.S. Air Force Veteran who continues to serve humanity by teaching principles of peace, love, and reconciliation worldwide. He’s an avid golfer who spent two decades producing charity golf events, writing golf articles and two books, and consulting. In 2014, inspired after interviewing Gary Player at the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill, he completed a 50-state golf trip in 101 days to promote a wellness lifestyle and launch Wellness 101. His first meeting with Mr. Player, at the 1991 opening of River Run Golf Course in Berlin, MD, inspired him to pursue a career in golf. During a 20-year span, he helped charities nationwide raise more than $30 million, mostly through golf events and promotions. He is the Director & Producer of “WALKING WHILE BLACK: L.O.V.E. Is The Answer,” an award-winning feature-length documentary film improving relations between police and the communities they serve, and helping people in general to learn how to love each other. He is the author of the book “L.O.V.E. Is The Answer.” People around the world are taking his L.O.V.E. Is The Answer pledge, which goes as follows: "I pledge to LEARN about the people in my community, to unconditionally OPEN my heart to their needs as if they were all immediate family members, to VOLUNTEER to be part of the solution in their life during both good and challenging times, and to EMPOWER everyone I meet to do the same as if our lives depended on each other.” In 2020, he made history by being the focus of a 7-page spread in the “Black History 365” textbook, for his L.O.V.E. Is The Answer work. The textbooks are being used by schools nationwide. He has produced, written and/or appeared in numerous media projects. A.J. and his wife Jane have been joyfully and happily married since 1994. They have a blended family of 3 adult children and 5 grandchildren.Support the show
Join us as OnCore's Cofounder Steve Coulton interviews world famous mental performance coach Rick Sessinghaus. Rick has coached PGA Superstar Colin Morikawa since he was 8 years old. Rick discusses how to improve your mental performance on the golf course and his new training program that puts golfers in a state of flow. Watch to learn more!Support the show
Our very own Co-Founder Bret Blakely joined Golf Shop Radio to talk all things OnCore, VERO X1 performance, the future of the golf ball industry, Buffalo QB Josh Allen and a game-changing announcement coming soon. You can check out Bret’s interview at The Golf Shop Radio Show website - the show
Damon Burrow is the Co-Founder of EQ Software and Golf EQ. Damon is a former college golfer and is currently a PhD student at Duke University where he is developing human health care and performance point-of-service technologies that increase the access to superior services and experiences to everyone, from anywhere.Support the show
Listen as we interview Clayton on his epic journey to play 50 rounds of golf, in 50 states, in 50 days. Clay's a retired Superintendent for California State Parks who loves God, golf, a long road trip, and is really concerned that something as simple as getting clean water is hindering so many people from thriving in a quality life. Access to clean water changes lives today and many subsequent generations thereafter. He currently has an 8 index. He's been married to a brilliant molecular biologist and multi-disiplined artist. Lydia and he have two grown sons.Website - the show
Francis Catalano, 18, playing the VERO X1, qualifies for the 2021 U.S. Amateur. He had two eagles, seven birdies and just one bogey for a 60 on his morning round to set a new course record at Soule Park Golf Course in Ojai, Calif. He followed his stellar morning round with a 68, to win medalist honors at 12-under 138. Listen as we discuss goals, systems and habits of successful junior golfers. We make a distinction between goals and systems (kudos to James Clear "Atomic Habits") We touch on staying in the moment and the importance of taking things one shot at a time (kudos to David Goggins and the Navy Seal approach) Cold showers anyone? Francis was truly a special guest on our podcast and we hope you enjoy these memorable nuggets of wisdom to playing better golf! Francis Catalano, 18, Camarillo, CAQualified for the US Amateur 2021 shooting 60-68US Open Final Qualifying 2021Cal Am 2021SCGA Am 2021Will be playing golf for UC San Diego this fallSupport the show
George Chmiel is an entrepreneur, endurance athlete, speaker and charity fundraiser. He spent the first 11-years of his career working for Merrill Lynch in wealth management & capital markets, where he ran the northeast division of Merrill’s Structured Investments group, growing the business from $400M to over $1.1B in annual sales. Today, George is the CEO and owner of Oz Sports Group, a diversified holding company with ownership and operations across several businesses in the real estate, entertainment, hospitality, fitness and consumer products industries (Including OnCore Golf).Outside the office, George is an accomplished endurance athlete who possesses a great passion for pushing his body’s physical and mental limits. He has completed over 50 marathons, Ironman Lake Placid, the 4Deserts series and has finished 100+ mile ultramarathons on all seven continents. Two years ago, he completed a solo, 3,006-mile transcontinental Run Across America from San Diego to Manhattan in 93 days to honor the sacrifice of our military heroes. Throughout his twelve-year running career, he has single handedly raised over $500,000 in support of important charitable causes. Try the new Vero X1 - Golf Balls:Award-Winning ELIXR: Compression Avant55: with OnCore Golf:INSTAGRAM: www.oncoregolf.comJoin our growing community for new videos!Support the show
OnCore Professional, Andy Pope, playing the VERO X1 qualifies for 121st United States Open Championship at Torrey Pines Golf Course, San Diego, Calif., June 17-20.Try the new Vero X1 - Golf Balls:Award-Winning ELIXR: Compression Avant55: with OnCore Golf:INSTAGRAM: www.oncoregolf.comJoin our growing community for new videos!Support the show
Professional Golfer Erik Compton shares his incredible story, discusses making the switch to the VERO X1, playing golf on his second heart, his performance at the 2021 PGA Tour Charles Schwab Challenge and much, much more...Try the new Vero X1 - Golf Balls:Award-Winning ELIXR: Compression Avant55: with OnCore Golf:INSTAGRAM: www.oncoregolf.comJoin our growing community for new videos!Support the show
OnCore interviews Valentino Dixon, artist who drew his way out of prison with a picture of Augusta National hole #12...OnCore Co-founder Steve Coulton interviews world-famous golf artist Valentino Dixon. An artist who spent 27 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. In this podcast you will learn Valentino's story, his dreams for change, how OnCore connected with him, how his painting of Augusta National eventually got the attention of Golf Digest writer Max Adler and how a group of undergraduate students at Georgetown University discovered a Brady violation that leads to his exoneration.An amazing story of how golf, art, and persistence can lead to change for the better.EditedSupport the show
BOUT DAVE SHULTZPrior to founding NextLinks, Shultz spent more than two decades as an electrical engineer and operations executive at Bently Nevada Corporation, and subsequently General Electric. As an aviation electronics technician in the United States Navy, Shultz discovered a knack for problem solving on the avionics systems of A-6 and F/A-18 aircrafts. The seasoned technologist was also a key team member on the Boeing 787 development project while at General Electric. Try our award-winning golf ball with OnCore Golf: INSTAGRAM: Join our growing community for new videos!Support the show
Check out this great interview with Jim Venetos a world-renowned golf instructor teaching a unique swing methodology. Listen to Jim and learn how to build a consistent, repeatable swing that will have you scoring lower from day 1! Listeners can see the swing in action on Jim’s YouTube channel  Support the show
Rick Sessinghaus was the swing and mental coach of the 2020 PGA Championship winner Colin Morikawa. Rick Sessinghaus, Psy.D, PGA has been coaching for over 27 years. He holds a Doctor of Applied Sport Psychology and authored the book, Golf: The Ultimate Mind Game. He is the swing and mental coach for PGA Champion Collin Morikawa since Collin was 8 years old. Rick is the mental performance consultant for UCLA Men’s Golf Team. Rick also presents to businesses on the principles of flow to optimally perform under pressure.Support the show
Whether you are a new golfer or a seasoned veteran, listen in as we explore a disruptive method to teaching junior golf and a new initiative aimed at adults who want to learn the game of golf! Support the show
Founders Update

Founders Update


In this edition of our Founders Video Update, Bret and Steve highlight all things going on in the OnCore Universe. From the launch of our new tour ball, The VERO X1, to a famous NFL running back joining Team OnCore, Ezekiel Elliott, to a golf AI (artificial intelligence)  instruction app (Golf Boost), and so much more. Thanks for playing OnCore, tee it high and let it fly 😊Support the show
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