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Author: National Association of Business Political Action Committees

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The Facts About PACs Podcast is the #1 PAC podcast in America. The program is produced for the National Association of Business Political Action Committees (NABPAC) and each weekly episode includes a recap of the association's latest activities, actionable intelligence for the PAC community, and an interview with a featured guest. Show host Micaela Isler is the Executive Director of NAPBAC.
54 Episodes
Ep 54 Top 5 Questions

Ep 54 Top 5 Questions


Micaela Isler and Adam Belmar are joined by Amie Adams and David Schild as they break down the top 5 questions ever PAC Manager should be asking right now.
What does the latest political science research tell us about the future of employee-funded and trade association PACs? Amie Adams, President of Dunn Associates, and David Schild, Founder and Managing Partner of Three Rivers Strategies join host Adam Belmar for a bonus episode with Princeton University Political Science Professor Zhao Li.  
A special episode of the #1 PAC podcast in America as Amie Adams, President of Dunn Associates, and David Schild, Founder and Managing Director of Three Rivers Strategies join host Adam Belmar to define and explain the professional powers of PAC Managers. 
In episode 51 of the Facts About PACs Podcast, Micaela Isler and Adam Belmar are joined by Adrienne Marks from VISA.  Adrienne is responsible for managing Visa's Political Action Committee, civic engagement, regulatory compliance at the federal and state level, and corporate diversity & inclusion initiatives.
Princeton University Assistant Professor of Politics and Public Affairs, Zhao Li, Ph.D., explains her research published in the  American Political Science Review, “How Internal Constraints Shape Interest Group Activities: Evidence from PACs.”  In this episode, a fascinating discussion about what evidence exists to account for how a PAC's contribution allocation across politicians from both parties affects employees' willingness to contribute to their employee-funded PAC. 
American Waterways Operators' Director of Political Affairs, Joe Manion, stressed the crucial role of the PAC and how in-person engagement is a cornerstone to AWO's advocacy efforts. 
Is the For The People Act dead or alive or somewhere in between?  Andy Jones from Federal Street Strategies shares the details in this legislative round-up edition of the Facts About PACs podcast.
Trey Hawkins, Deputy Chief Advocacy Officer for Political Action at Credit Union National Association joins the podcast.  CUNA has one of the most dynamic and active political programs around.  Trey has served on the board of directors at NABPAC and you don't want to miss the details of how CULAC, the PAC of Credit Union National Association is approaching the new election cycle. 
Joe Joiner from CTIA - The Wireless Industry joins the podcast to discuss PAC operations during the pandemic and the new election cycle, NABPAC's DE&I Task Force, and advice for young PAC professionals. 
Our conversation with Anthony Fowler, Ph.D., a professor at the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago about the evidence that employee-funded and business trade association PACs do not have a disproportionate influence. 
National Institute for Lobbying and Ethics President Tommy Goodwin on the government affairs mission and how PACs remain a critical tool in working with policymakers on the issues most pressing for business and their employees. 
The narrative around employee-funded and business association PACs is deeply flawed.  We address the ways in which traditional PACs are misunderstood and why they are increasingly under attack with Tim Riordan, President & CEO at BIPAC.
The political debate over what constitutes infrastructure has been joined by both parties.  And the voice of the business community will have a significant impact on where, how, and in what order the coming investments will take place.   Don't miss this conversation with the President and CEO of the Transportation Intermediaries Association, Anne Reinke.
Today we’re joined by a leader with so much experience in the association PAC space.  Bridget Sewell from the American Property Casualty Insurance Association joins the podcast for a candid conversation about how the events of January 6th impacted Insuring America PAC and what they've done to remain on track. 
We're marking our first PODCASTIVERSARY!  The #1 PAC Podcast in America now has 40 episodes under our belt.  It was a bold experiment on April 2, 2020, when we launched Facts About PACs.  The reality of COVID and work from home was an enormous shock to everyone’s way of life and doing business.  This podcast has been our road back to connection.  A way forward for our membership.  A vehicle for learning from each other.  Hear the voices in our community that have proven to be so very prescient.   
Is the pause in business PAC activity over?  How will committees resume and what changes, if any, have been made?  An in-depth conversation about the process undertaken in Q1 2021 and what comes next for employee-funded and business association PACs with NABPAC Help Hotline leader Amie Adams of Dunn Associates. 
What hard evidence exists to demonstrate the positive impacts of PACs?  Our guest, Michael Jay Barber received his Ph.D. in politics from Princeton University in 2014 and is a faculty scholar at the Center for the study of Elections and Democracy at Brigham Young University.  Hear the facts on the political science behind the politically moderating effects of employee-funded and business trade association PACs.
Are employee-funded and business association PACs still relevant?  Hear why Dr. David K Rehr - Professor and Director at The Center for Business Civic Engagement at the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University believes the answer is most certainly, "Yes!"
Campaign Finance Reform in the 117th Congress.  HR. 1 gets its day in the House of Representatives and passes.  What impacts will the legislation have – as currently drafted -- on employee-funded and association PACs?  How will the Senate handle the bill and when? A detailed look at the provisions of HR 1 that directly impact our industry with Andy Jones of Federal Street Strategies.  Plus, Kristin Brackemyer from the Public Affairs Council on the 2021 Virtual National PAC Conference.  
We take a look at the unique challenges facing associations and their PACs at the beginning of a new election cycle and a new Congress.  Our guest today is NABPAC Board member Ashley Jackson – Senior Director of Government Affairs with NAPA -- the National Asphalt Pavement Association. 
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