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Author: Michael Greenshields

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Travel across Australia and abroad with professional birding guide Michael Greenshields, as he chats to passionate birders, researchers and ornithologists about our incredible birdlife, as well as exploring some of our best birding locations.
51 Episodes
No interview in this very quick chat, just an update on where The Birder's Guide is headed in 2022.
In this episode we chat to Hugh McGregor who has spent most of his career working on the subject of feral cats in Australia.If you'd like to read his PhD thesis mentioned in this podcast it can be found here: of Arid Recovery's work is mentioned in our conversation, their work can be seen here:
In this episode, we chat to Martin Painter about his recently published book 'Birding in the Age of Extinctions',  a book about being a birder in an age of environmental decline.To watch the YouTube video: following link to Martin's book is not sponsored in any way, it's simply the first result that came up on Google:'s personal blog and website:
In this episode we chat to Donna Belder about her personal birding, bird banding and being the youngest Australian woman to see 700 species.
In this episode we chat to Dean Ingwersen about his work with BirdLife Australia trying to save the critically endangered Regent Honeyeater.Available anywhere you get your podcasts or from the following link: watch this conversation on YouTube you can find it at this address: read more about Birdlife's work with Regent Honeyeaters, this is the best place to go: To listen to Guillame's podcast 'Birding Today' it can be found on his Facebook page here:
In this episode we chat to John Young about his obsession with Night Parrots and the night when he famously captured the very first photograph of a live Night Parrot back in 2013.
In this episode, another international special guest, we chat to Noah Stryker who, in 2015, set out to break the record for the most birds seen in a single year around the world.If you'd like to buy any of his books, read his blog, watch the video you can do it at
In this episode  we chat to Grace Lewis about her year trying to break the record for most species seen in Victoria in a calendar year.
In this episode we chat to Peter Harrison about his own incredible personal journey with birds as well as his spectacular new publication 'Seabirds: The New Identification Guide'.This episode is only available as a podcast, not as a YouTube video.To purchase the book directly from Lynx go here: register your interest for the limited edition Conservation Issue go here:
In this video, another of our special international guest episodes, we chat to Josep Del Hoyo about his own birding journey as well as Lynx's new book 'All the Birds of the World'.Want to watch our conversation on YouTube? You can find it here: to buy the book? Get it direct from Lynx at:
Taylor Headland has recently started his PhD looking into the ecology of our most numerous raptor, the Nankeen Kestrel. We chat to him in this episode about his research.
In this episode we chat to Wildlife Ecologist Tom Hunt about his passion for birds, birding and all things nature.This is also the first conversation that I've released on YouTube, viewable here:Tom's Instagram:
In this episode, our second trip report, we chat about a tour I led recently with John and Christine looking for Grasswrens and Chestnut-breasted Whiteface in South Australia.
In this episode we chat to Toby Galligan, the OBP Recovery Program Coordinator about all things Orange-bellied Parrots.
In this episode we chat to Rochelle Steven about her research into avian based tourism as well as birding in general.
In this episode we chat to Adelaide based bird photographer Craig Greer about all thing photography.Craig's information, photos and workshops can be found in the following locations:Facebook - - -
In this episode, our 4th international, we speak to Harry Boorman who is doing a Big Year across New Zealand during 2021.
Something different this week, a trip report from my recent trek up to Innamincka and Cameron Corner. Hope you enjoy it.Sorry everyone! Made a mistake in editing. Audio should now be there for the first 6 and a half minutes.
In this epsiode, we chat to Niki Teunissen about her work with Purple-crowned Fairy-wrens in the Kimberly region of Western Australia.
In this chat we speak to Rohan Clarke about his work as an ecologist, his role in co-authoring 2 of Australia's best known books on birds and his experience of being dropped into an active bushfire zone by Chinook helicopter to save Eastern Bristlebirds. 
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