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Learn how audience segmentation can enable marketers to personalize content and create a consistent brand message. Host Sneha Suhas from StackAdapt is joined by Kelly Sarabyn from Hubspot to explore audience segmentation strategies.
Dive into the world of AI and programmatic advertising to learn the advantages of AI-driven platforms. Get an informed look into an exciting future where AI might generate ad content, and redefine KPIs. Host Sneha Suhas joined by AI experts Zeynep Akkalyoncu and Arthur Faisman from StackAdapt.
Learn how the digital landscape is transforming the way entertainment is promoted. Join host Sneha Suhas as she chats with entertainment marketing expert Amanda Au. They uncover the power of analytics, best practices in entertainment marketing, creative approaches that draw audiences, and emerging trends in the world of entertainment marketing.
Learn how to build a full funnel marketing strategy, how non-linear customer journeys work, and how to optimize your marketing funnels across platforms and industries. Host Sneha Suhas is joined by marketing experts Chris Barr and Adam Ansoff from Add3 to discuss.©StackAdapt Inc.2023
Learn how new strategies and technologies are enhancing the world of marketing attribution. Sneha Suhas explores how Jewelry Television shifted their marketing attribution strategy to thrive in the evolving digital landscape. Take away insights on selecting an attribution model that aligns with your business and marketing efforts, with expert input from Ryan Mcclurkin, Chief Analytics Officer at Jewelry Television.©StackAdapt Inc.2023
Sneha Suhas is joined by experts in financial services marketing to unpack the latest trends shaping finance, and to share strategies for marketers in the finance industry. Daniel Allocca, Partner and Head of Digital and Integrated Marketing, Alli Van Spankeren, Vice President, Digital and Integrated Marketing, both from Prosek Partners and Sam Jensen from StackAdapt join Sneha Suhas to discuss actionable insights in the competitive financial marketing landscape.©StackAdapt Inc.2023
Sneha Suhas is joined by industry experts Katey Watkins from Lever Interactive and Carly Foy from StackAdapt to unpack the dynamic world of healthcare marketing. They discuss marketing strategies for healthcare that drive patient acquisition, enhance brand reputation, and foster meaningful patient-provider relationships.©StackAdapt Inc.2023
In this episode, host Sneha Suhas is joined by Julian Lo from StackAdapt and Jillian White, Media Director at MRM to unpack the current B2B landscape. They discuss the latest trends in B2B marketing, and the best strategies for winning B2B campaigns.©StackAdapt Inc.2023
Sneha Suhas and creative expert Rebecca Damiani from StackAdapt explore how personalized ads can drive programmatic advertising success. They discuss what personalization is, how ad creative can be personalized, and how to optimize for personalization.©StackAdapt Inc.2023
Join host Sneha Suhas, Glenn Frates, Regional Vice President at Cision, and Ben Brodie from StackAdapt as they explore how PR has evolved in recent years, unpack the current traditional media landscape, and how that can complement a digital marketing strategy.©StackAdapt Inc.2023
In this season finale, we’re checking the pulse on all things programmatic. Matt Evered chats with experts from StackAdapt, Mark Shannon and Brandon Langevin about the latest digital advertising trends, and explores emerging channels in the programmatic space.©StackAdapt Inc.2023
Matt Evered and Chris Allison from Vistar Media discuss how marketers can leverage digital out-of-home (DOOH) ads to drive programmatic performance. Learn why programmatic DOOH will help you engage your target audience in public spaces, driving brand awareness and engagement. ©StackAdapt Inc.2023
Matt Evered and Kevin Linger from Xero unpack how marketers can leverage programmatic audio advertising to connect with listeners, right in their ears. Learn what programmatic audio is, how it works, and how to leverage audio to reach quality audiences in screen-free moments. ©StackAdapt Inc.2023
Matt Evered and Bobbi Whyte from Big Partnership (UK) discuss how the weather can influence consumer habits and buying behaviour. Learn what weather targeting is, weather targeting strategies, and how you can leverage this tactic to tap into the influence of weather. ©StackAdapt Inc.2023
Matt Evered and programmatic expert Helene Parker unpack the basics of programmatic advertising. Learn how to add programmatic to your marketing mix, how to scale with programmatic, and best practices for programmatic ads. ©StackAdapt Inc.2022
Ever wondered how digital efforts can lead to in-store conversions? In this episode, host Matt Evered discusses how digital efforts can drive traffic to a brick-and-mortar location and what footfall attribution is all about with experts from North Strategic and StackAdapt.©StackAdapt Inc.2022
Matt Evered chats with Mohan Ram and Mike Partin from DigitalOcean to learn tactics for driving B2B marketing performance. Learn how to define a full-funnel strategy, B2B marketing best practices, and programmatic strategies for B2B campaigns. ©StackAdapt Inc. 2022
Matt Evered and creative expert Farzin Ghayour from StackAdapt discuss why creative is king when it comes to digital advertising, and what it takes to build creatives that lead to conversions. ©StackAdapt Inc.2022
Join Matt Evered as he unpacks global marketing and advertising trends with StackAdapt experts from around the globe. Learn insights in agency spending, consumer behaviour in markets around the world, and the buying signals that are forecasting future digital advertising trends. ©StackAdapt Inc.2022
Matt Evered explores how programmatic advertising can drive political campaign performance with guests  Todd Van Etten, Chief Digital Strategist at The Herald Group, and Nathan Saxman, Senior Account Executive at StackAdapt. Learn how a diverse media mix can benefit political messaging, and how programmatic strategies can drive political campaign success. ©StackAdapt Inc.2022
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