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Author: Hayley Rose Dean

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Discuss is a podcast which encourages open and honest conversation around various topics and social issues, hosted by Hayley Rose Dean. Each episode has a different guest to have a discussion around a topic that’s relevant and relatable in the world today.

The podcast covers a variety of themes including relationships, body image, age, careers and more. Aiming to open up conversations about different societal issues, break down stigmas and consider alternative perspectives.

You can also follow @discuss_podcast on Instagram to keep up with the latest guest announcements and continue the discussion further.
11 Episodes
Surprise mini-sode with the lovely Sabrina! [Trigger Warning & Spoiler Alert that we are mostly discussing I May Destroy You]   Sabrina and I met when she approached me to write for Beyond The Western Gaze, a website she founded to write about untold history and diversify education as well as having opinion based pieces with a focus on feminism. I wrote an article on intersectional feminism and since then we’ve stayed in touch and exchanged our opinions on various things.  Something we both strongly aligned on was our thoughts behind Michaela Coel’s ‘I May Destroy You’ series. So I invited Sabrina to come on the podcast for a mini episode where we mostly discuss our thoughts on IMDY and she also recommends something to read and listen to!  Sabrina's Recommendations Read - ‘Girl, Woman Other’ by Bernadine Evaristo Watch - I MAY DESTROY YOU - Michaela Coel’s masterpiece on BBC iplayer Listen - In Our time - BBC Podcast  Places you can find Sabrina Website - ( Instagram - @beyondthewesterngaze ( Instagram @discuss_podcast ( @hayleyrosedean ( Website  (
It's the last episode of series 1 of Discuss!!! So this episode is a bit different to usual, where it's largely me saying THANK YOU for your support and to all my incredible guests. There is DEFINITELY a season 2 coming...dates TBC but mostly likely September and I've got interviews with some MEGA guests lined up for it! There's also a mini interview with The J Spot AKA Jess & Jade who like me are independent podcasters who you should have a listen to and support! Links below to them... My Recommendations Read - 'Women Don't Owe You Pretty' by Florence Given Watch - Disclosure documentary on Netflix Listen - Pride & Joy podcast on BBC Sounds/Apple Jess // Jade Recommendations Read - 'Me & White Supremacy' by Layla Saad // 'Three Women' by Lisa Taddeo Watch - 'Big Mouth' - Netflix // 'When They See Us' - Netflix Listen - Lizzo's latest album // 'Getting Curious' Podcast with Jonathan Van Ness Places you can find The J Spot Instagram - Podcast link - Spotify link ( ( Places to keep the discussion going/where you can find me! Instagram @discuss_podcast ( @hayleyrosedean ( Website  (
On today’s episode I talk to the lovely Pheebs about Fatphobia and Body Acceptance/positivity/neutrality - the movement itself is nuanced and we discuss why that is.  We talk about what it means to identify as a fat woman and the discrimination that comes with that. Pheebs talks really openly about the body shaming and bullying she’s experienced as a result of her size and how much it has impacted her on an emotional level. She wants to tackle the social stigmas and assumptions around fatness including the myth that you can’t be fat and healthy. Thank you to Pheebs for the discussions in this episode! Pheebs' Recommendations Read - 'Sex Money Power' by Sarah Pascoe Watch - I May Destroy You - on BBC iplayer Listen - Her favourite song - 'Selfish' by little sims Places you can find Pheebs Instagram - @pheebsjameo ( Twitter - @FatPheebs ( You can also support and The Speak Up Space on Twitter ( & Instagram ( Places to keep the discussion going - Instagram @discuss_podcast ( @hayleyrosedean ( Website  (
On Today’s episode I talk to climate activist and all round lovely human being Tori Tsui! We talk about Tori’s trajectory into climate activism and her passion for ensuring that her work is intersectional and what that means for her.  We discuss extinction rebellion protests, Tori’s work with Stella McCartney, the different privileges within climate activism and how she uses her platform to cultivate an inclusive movement. Tori also opens up about her mental health journey towards the end of the podcast and speaks honestly about how it’s impacted her role as an activist. Thank you to Tori for the discussions in this episode! Tori's Recommendations Read - 'Minor Feelings' by Cathy Park Hong Watch - POSE - TV series available on Netflix & BBC iplayer Listen - The Yikes Podcast with Mikaela Loach & Jo Becker Places you can find Tori Instagram - @toritsui_ ( Twitter - @toritsui ( Website - Podcast - 'Bad Activist' ( Youtube - Tori Tsui ( Places to keep the discussion going - Instagram @discuss_podcast ( @hayleyrosedean ( Website  (
On today’s episode I talk to Sophie Whitehead who works for SEXPLAIN, a UK based organisation which aims to provide comprehensive and inclusive sex and relationships education (SRE) to young people. They facilitate workshops on SRE tackling important social issues and stigmas that take place largely in educational settings. Sexplain pride themselves on having a feminist and intersectional approach as well as being advocates for the teaching of LGBTQ+ SRE to young people.  Thank you to Sophie from Sexplain for the discussions in this episode! Sophie's Recommendations Read - 'Heart of the Race' by Beverley Bryan Watch - I May Destroy You - Michaela Coel's new TV series on BBC iplayer Listen - Sinead Burke's episode of Desert Island Discs For more information on SEXPLAIN Instagram - @SexplainUK ( Twitter - @SexplainUK ( Website - Places to keep the discussion going - Instagram @discuss_podcast ( @hayleyrosedean ( Website  (
On this weeks episode I talk to sisters and founders of the Our Streets Now Campaign, Maya & Gemma Tutton. Their campaign is pushing for Public Sexual Harassment (PSH) to become a criminal offence in the UK and focuses on raising awareness of this prolific issue and the long term impact it has on victims.  Thank you to Gemma & Maya for the amazing discussions in this episode! CLICK HERE TO SIGN THE PETITION ( For more information on OUR STREETS NOW Website - Instagram - @ourstreetsnow ( Twitter - @ourstreetsnow ( Gemma & Maya's Recommendations (not mentioned in the episode as we ran out of time!) Read - Feminism Interrupted by Lola Olufemi Watch - Jess Leigh's Ted Talk - click here ( Listen - Savage the Remix Ft Beyonce Places to keep the discussion going - Instagram @discuss_podcast ( @hayleyrosedean ( Twitter @hayleyrosedean ( Website  ( Youtube channel Hayley Rose Dean (
I have a good chat with my lovely friend Jess all about the social stigma of age and why turning 30 feels so daunting, when it really shouldn’t. She talks at length about the pressure to have achieved certain goals and why she’s always felt a need to justify her decision not to throw a big 30th birthday party. Jess reflects on her rollercoaster twenties and we both share our thoughts on why we feel your twenties are such a transitional time.  Thank you to Jess for the discussions in this episode! Jess' Recommendations Read - 'Three Women' by Lisa Taddeo - also 'The Magic' by Rhonda Byrne Watch - HEAL - documentary on Netflix Listen - Spotify playlist titled ' Con Todo El Mundo' by Khruangbin Places to keep the discussion going - Instagram @discuss_podcast ( @hayleyrosedean ( Youtube channel Hayley Rose Dean ( Website  (
Founder of SHOWUPx, Sophie, has an ambitious work ethic and isn’t afraid to follow her gut instincts when it comes to career choices that might seem daunting for most of us. We cover so much ground in this episode, specifically around challenging the societal concepts of career paths, opening up about mental health and the impact of travelling in your twenties.  Thank you to Sophie for the discussions in this episode! Sophie's Recommendations Read - 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' by Robert T Kiyosaki Watch - YouTube - to learn more about anything you are interested in! Listen - Deliciously Ella's Podcast For more information on SHOWUPx Instagram - @showupx ( Website - ( Anti Racism Resources This list was not made or curated by me, but I found it extremely useful and wanted to share so please do have a look and learn about practical ways you can help.  Places to keep the discussion going - Instagram @discuss_podcast ( @hayleyrosedean ( Youtube channel Hayley Rose Dean ( I have a series called Discuss on there where I'll be uploading a new video every Friday. Website  (
Hannah is a PE teacher, Netball Coach and Personal Trainer. She comes on to discuss women in sport and striving for equality in our gendered sports curriculum. We also talk about how to encourage and support girls interested in sports, why exercise is great for your mental health and the empowerment of lifting heavy weights.  Thank you to Hannah for the discussions in this episode! Hannah's Recommendations Read - 'Good Vibes, Good Life' by Vex King (we both forgot to actually mention this in the episode!) Watch - @charliefrancisfitness on Instagram Listen - Fearne Cotton's Happy Place Podcast - available wherever you get your podcasts. Places to keep the discussion going - Instagram @discuss_podcast ( @hayleyrosedean ( Youtube channel Hayley Rose Dean ( I have a series called Discuss over there where I'll be uploading a video every week after the podcast has been released. Website  (
Thank you to Charlotte for the discussions in this episode! Charlotte's Recommendations Read - 'This is going to hurt' by Adam Kay Watch - The Gentlemen, film starring Michelle Dockery & Hugh Grant Listen - Ed Sheeran - she's a big fan of all his work! Places to keep the discussion going - Instagram @discuss_podcast ( @hayleyrosedean ( Youtube channel Hayley Rose Dean ( I have a series called Discuss over there where I'll be uploading a video every Thursday. Website  (
Hello! I'm Hayley and welcome to Discuss! This is just a very brief 'mini-sode' introducing the podcast and telling you a little bit about me. I also needed to thank a few people that have helped me through the process. A full episode will be available next week. Places to keep the discussion going - Instagram @discuss_podcast ( @hayleyrosedean ( Youtube channel Hayley Rose Dean ( Website  ( THANK YOU... Andrew Delong who created the theme music! Andrew is a professional and highly experienced composer with a multitude of musical skills and talent to offer. His website is for any enquiries please contact him directly. Arron who created the Discuss logo - it looks great! Jonny for patiently taking many photos of me!
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