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The definitive resource for all things adult baseball. Covering leagues, tournaments, players and commentary for men and women who still continue to play the game they love.
22 Episodes
We're back to our regularly scheduled programing with breaking down the start of the 2021 season, why even after just a few games everything still hurts as an adult baseball player, and why you need to take it easy on the umpires. Play ball!
This week we sat down with an adult baseball veteran, president of the Greater Philadelphia Men's Adult Baseball League, and owner of We talk all things league leadership, season and tournament play, and the awesomeness of starting a passion baseball project that has turned into a successful business.
We're back and better than ever. At least we think so. We kick things off by discussing the upcoming season, how adult baseball should look at the tail end of a pandemic, and some predictions and expectations across the baseball board.
It's the Season 1 finale episode where we recap our Arizona World Series adventures over the past few weeks, and discuss what Season 2 of the Comebacker podcast looks like.
This week we preview the fall baseball tournaments, how organizations are implementing safe to play guidelines, and what to expect with the upcoming expanded MLB playoffs.
This week we were fortunate to host another roundtable discussion with guests Joe Townsend, Josh Wilder and JD Panalago where we discuss the decline of African Americans in the game of baseball. What's contributed to it, and how the trend can be reversed.For all things adult baseball, be sure to check out 
Many regular seasons have been cancelled, but fall baseball is around the corner and this week we discuss the challenges and fun of building adult baseball tournament teams and what to expect this year.
This week we debate about the unwritten rules of baseball and how the Fernando Tatis Jr. 3-0 swing has sparked conversation around whether it's OK to keep your foot on the gas when up big on your opponent.
The Leftovers Episode

The Leftovers Episode


This week Karl and Jason work with what they have and discuss pandemic baseball, tournament updates, and mildly interesting baseball workout stories that may or may not influence your hitting strategies.
The Debate Episode

The Debate Episode


This week we change things up a bit by trying out a little debate format with some of our local connections including Michael Collier, Joe Townsend and Adrian Brockway. We take on our 3n2 questions around courtesy runners, age exceptions and playoff eligibility.
This week we've put together an episode providing you updates from most of the adult baseball organizations on the status of tournaments, where they stand, and what you can expect with the current pandemic impacting tournament play.
The Buffet Episode

The Buffet Episode


This week we're interview free and catch up on a variety of adult baseball topics such as where things stand with leagues and tournaments, and the upcoming MLB season.
This week we had the pleasure of sitting down with former MLB pro Jose Rijo-Berger who now owns Rijo Athletics, a baseball training academy. We talked all things baseball from his days in the pros to what it's like training the next wave of ballplayers.
This week we sit down with Tom Prendergast, who runs the Kansas City MSBL and also directs numerous MSBL tournaments sharing insights as to what makes tournaments great, and all kinds of adult baseball insights.
This week we sat down with Ty Roberts a member of the Maui Adult Baseball League and talked what baseball is like in the Aloha state as well as his background in physical fitness and training as it pertains to helping adult baseball players stay in game shape.
This week we sit down with Rick Park who has been involved in adult baseball for many years as a player, GM, and umpire who shares a variety of stories he's experienced from all facets of the game.
Roy Hobbs is one of the premier adult baseball organizations in the country and we had the pleasure of sitting down with Tom Giffen and Meg Giffen, President, and Director of Sales and Marketing to discuss all things adult baseball.
This week we sat down with Tom Krause, the long time President of the Seattle based Puget Sound Senior Baseball League to talk adult baseball league leadership, the tactics and strategies in building a 70 team, 1100+ member league and how he's handled league operations with the current pandemic. 
This week is a very special episode as we sat down with Stephanie Davis, VP of National Programs for The Miracle League, an organization that provides baseball to special needs kids and adults.
This week we're joined by Shane Fugita, President of the National Adult Baseball Association (NABA) who shares some incredible stories about the organization, what he's experienced along the way, and what we can expect with league and tournament play in the next few months.
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